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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I spent my birthday burning a hole in my hubby's pocket

My hubby brought me to Iggy's for dinner on my actual birthday. As usual, I would always claim the birthday leave given by the company and simply not work on that day.

Flipping through the food section of 8 Days magazine one fine day, I saw that Iggy's rose 17 notches up from last year's 45th spot to reach 28th this year on the S Pellegrino world's 50 best restaurants. This is the highest ever position attained by a Singapore restaurant.

Up on our once-in-a-blue-moon fine dining list are:
1. Iggy's (28th spot in 2010,0 45th spot in 2009)
2. Les Amis (78th spot in 2010, 60th spot in 2009)
3. Jaan par Andre (39th spot in 2010)
4. Tetsuya Japanese Restaurant

Between Iggy's and Les Amis, Kh decided on Iggy's coz that greedy boy saw that the former serves a 9-course dinner priced at $195 per head while the latter, a 4-course dinner for $200.

It was also decided the night before that he would bring me out to shop for my present and watch Shrek 4 before dinner.

[Picture credit: weheartit]

I was pleasantly surprised as he is not one who likes to shop and one who seldom buys me gifts. The words "go shopping for present" are like heavenly harp melody to my ears.

[Picture credit: weheartit]

I don't complain as I seldom buy him gifts too. I think he's making more effort to surprise me in recent times. *smiles foolishly to self* Or it could be because I've started buying him gifts too.

[Picture credit: weheartit]

I spent my whole birthday sleeping in and catching up on all the lost sleep over the weeks that we had no time to shop. I had a slight headache but refused to down any painkillers. We wound up eating instant noodles at home and having tea break at Old Town White Coffee @ Cineleisure before catching Shrek in 3D.

The movie was fine. I didn't exactly like the 3D effect. It was just layers and layers of images. I prefer those kinda 3D effect where objects would pop out or float out from the screen magically.

I love Shrek 1 the most. As much as I like traditional fairy tales, I always have a thing for twisted fairy tales and spoofs of movies. Shrek 2 was good coz of the introduction of Puss in Boots. Shrek 3 was forgettable. Shrek 4 lacked the same comic element and wit as the 1st but it was a perfect ending to wrap up the whole Shrek series. A definite must watch for those who have watched all 3 installments. A can-miss for those who haven't.

After the movie, we had some time before heading to Iggy's at Regent Hotel so we shopped for a while and restrained ourselves from snacking as we were getting a little hungry. My headache persisted throughout the day and I wondered if I would be able to enjoy myself during dinner.

At Iggy's...

[Picture credit: Google]

When we were seated, the menu in the form of a small piece of paper was placed in front of us. Looking at the title, the menu seems to change monthly based on seasonal ingredients. We were asked if we had any allergies or preferences. Not knowing half of the ingredients seen on the menu, we said we were fine with everything.

What's on the gastronomic menu for the month of May

I like my water sparkling.


The appetizer wasn't displayed on the menu. I LOVE the seaweed cracker to bits. The light seaweed taste and the crisp texture left me craving for more. And those are not quite your usual dumplings in the dim sum "basket".

Sashimi -- hamachi, hanahojiso, poultry

Both of us love the sashimi a lot. I'm one who have to douse my sashimi with lots of soya sauce and wasabi. Without wasabi, I wondered if I could handle the sashimi. The wonderful pairing of a little salt and oil give so much flavour to the sashimi. It taste so much better than the pairing of soya sauce and wasabi.

Bread was served together with the first course. The olive oil with Iggy's special blends taste perfect with the bread.

Wagyu -- nanohana, cauliflower, haricot de mer, navet

This has got to be our favourite! The cauliflower shavings together with the mustard and all the other garnishes blended perfectly with the raw wagyu. We were craving for raw wagyu the next few days after the dinner.

Shirako - coriando, konbu, curry

We asked the waiter what exactly shirako was and he replied that it was the reproductive organ of the cod fish. Sounds like a huge turn off right? No, the taste was really unique. Reminds me of when I first ate foie gras.

Scooping and eating foam was a little weird and we wondered if we were supposed to scoop the foam aside or to eat it. The foam had a hint of curry taste so I should think the foam was meant to be eaten, revealing the shirako.

Upon googling "shirako", I realised that what the waiter said was a milder version of what it really was. It is cod milt, in other words the seminal fluid of cod. You say eewww? I would too if I hadn't tried it. You have to try it. It's really good but I would think it may be a dish of acquired taste.

red snapper -- leek, fennel, tarragon

We've always loved sashimi and by this dish, we were well-prepared for Iggy's perfect blending of ingredients which makes their dishes tantalizing to the taste buds.

Lobster -- fennel, tomato, basil, Grand Marnier

From the lobster dish onwards, my description may not be very accurate as by then my headache had gotten worse and I was feeling a little nauseous. I'll include kh's reviews as well.

The lobster claw was sweet and succulent. The portion of pasta was small like all other dishes but due to my slight nausea, I almost could not finish it. Kh thought it was delicious.

chicken --foie gras, spinach, olive, truffle

After the lobster pasta, I took a glance at the menu and saw that there was foie gras. I told kh I could not wait for the next dish and it would probably be my favourite.

How wrong I was. The foie gras was stuffed in the chicken. I am never a fan of bland chicken meat and the foie gras stuffed in it did not have the same springy on the outside, rich and velvety on the inside quality that I always crave for in foie gras. I could not finish the chicken and kh was glad to finish them for me. I did not like the truffle too. I preferred the way the truffle was prepared at Au Petit Salut. I love the spinach though. As much as I'm canivorous, I love my greens too.

Elements of flowers

Upon serving, I asked the waiter what kind of flowers were there in the dish. I could not really catch what he was saying but he said something about how we had to slowly savour the different tastes of the various flowers. After that he sprinkled something which he termed as "candy" onto the dish and advised us to eat it while the candy lasted. The candy reminded us of a childhood "pop pop" candy where it would crackle and sizzle upon contact with moisture.

I like this refreshing sweetness and piquant blends of the various flowers. Who would have thought flowers tasted so good? I thought it was a great way to conclude the dinner. Kh and I wondered why it wasn't placed as the last dish.

Peanut -- Granny Smith, celery

I wasn't looking forward to this dish as I HATE celery. However, I felt I should just give it a try as I thought to myself that celery might just taste yummy in a fine dining restaurant. After picking morsels of the dish, I confirmed that no amount of sweet peanut and tangy granny smith could mask the pungent taste of celery.

Marshmallow cubes with frozen yoghurt shavings

This isn't on the menu. Love the frozen yoghurt shavings! Marshmallows are usually sweet on its own or eaten with sweet toppings such as chocolate fondue or fruits. Hence, the unique blend of sweet marshmallows and refreshing sour yoghurt was a welcoming change.

Birthday cupcake complimentary from Iggy's

This is what I call wining and dining

BTW their Iggy's Pinot Noir is good.

Outside Iggy's

The "hole" in the kh's pocket

I was expecting this to be our most expensive meal to date since we've ordered wine as well. However, The Cliff is still our most expensive meal.

Overall view: ****
The portions for each dish was small and we often wished for more sashimi or wagyu but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All in all, it was a satisfying meal and a truly gastronomc experience. I love the exquisite presentation of each dish. Most of all, I love the unique almagation of tastes and textures which melded perfectly to tantalize the tastebuds.

Food: **** 1/2
I liked all the dishes except the chicken and foie gras as well as the celery and peanut dish. From the lobster dish onwards, I was not really at my optimum eating mode and my headache and nausea could have affected my mood and review. I personally would rank The Cliff as top of my list. Kh however thought that Iggy's was the best fine dining meal we've had so far. He assertd that being able to enjoy the dishes despite my headache and nausea proved that it is the best.

Ambience: *** 1/2
I find the decor on the simple side. We did not sit at the bar but in a room which gave me the feeling of a private room and also the feeling of claustrophobia.

Service: *** 1/2
The service was good. However, it was inclined towards the professional side instead of the warm and affable side which I very much prefer.

Price: ****
You can't really put a price tag for the fine art of merging different flavours to a harmonious effect.


Some shots of us...

He always does silly poses at split seconds of my unflashed and flashed mode.

Outfit of the day

Silk & azlon tube dress from Banana Republic; shoes from nue; LV eva clutch

cutesy princessy earrings and ribbon ring from Green Petals

The Eiffel Tower earrings are part of my birthday gift from viv

ribbon around the finger

Tying a ribbon around one's finger is supposed to serve as a reminder to something... to what?

charmed by Thomas Sabo...

This time I hooked all five charms onto the bracelet. I realised that there's the Eiffel Tower again! I remember Tiff said she would wish for me to sit by those sidewalk cafe in Paris, sip cocktail and enjoy life's every moment. Hence she chose the Eiffel Tower and cocktail charms.

colour illuminate in hazel

A complimentary pair from an old friend as mentioned on a past blog entry. I like how coloured contacts accentuate the iris. This hazel colour is a little too subtle and only visible with flash photography. I would prefer a more distinct brown.

Being my off day the next day, we went shopping in the evening. I still had no idea what I wanted. I could only think of the Tiffany heart tag choker.

We went into Tiffany and I tried that on. I like it quite a lot but kh said it's too similar to the necklace he bought me a few years back.

Me tinks he's blind and me thinks the sales attendant thinks he's blind too. The choker is chunky and is of a different style from the small and dainty necklace. Just when I was about to tell kh this, the SA articulated my thoughts out with a huge grin on his face. Kh reognised the male SA who served us as the same one who attended to him when he bought my proposal ring. Kh had a good impression of him then. I dunno about now. LoLz

"You've already got Tiffany necklace and Tiffany ring, why you still want another Tiffany?"

I also dunno why I want another Tiffany. I just happen to like that choker. With no more ideas on what to get, I suggested to look for a new wallet for kh. It was supposed to be my xmas present to him coz his wallet was in a really bad shape. Its leather skin was peeling off in pieces and it was a sorry sight.

It's already 5 months past xmas and I haven't gotten him any coz he was very picky about wallets. Cannot be too thick and bulky. Cannot have coin compartment. Cannot have extra flap to put more cards. Cannot have overly protruding metal plates or his back pocket would end up with a hole. Cannot be too wide etc. Haiyo... so many restrictions, so difficult to buy for him.

We decided to check out Ferragamo UOB closed door sale and I was so glad that they carried a much wider range of wallets for men. The choices at Prada, LV, Gucci were so limited and kh thought they weren't worth the hefty price tag.

The wallets at Ferragamo were at 30% off and UOB members could get an additional 10% off all mechandise. Kh soon found one which matched all his criteria.

We started looking at other stuff and I almost died from asphyxiation when I saw discounts up to 55% off.

"There's a further 10% off the discounted price when you pay by UOB card!" sang out the SA and that line kept ringing in my head.

"I feel like buying something leh. No, I MUST buy something. The sale is just too good."

Kh didn't even mock faint at my remark, something he usually does whenever he hears the words "buy" and any designer label's names he could recognise. This was a cue that he won't be nagging at me that day for buying labels.

We tried on watches and I tried on shoes and bags. I finally decided on a simple black leather bag which would match a lot of my outfits. Even after discount, it was $985. I knew the amount was too large to ask for my birthday gift. Moreover, kh doesn't believe in paying for my designer labels. To my utmost surprise, he said he would sponsor half the price. After that he changed his mind and told me that he would double this up as an anniversary present as well.

I was so happy that I kept on asking "Really?" for the umpteenth time. I also quizzed him on why he doesnt wanna buy me the Tiffany choker which is about $400 less than the bag and he said, "This one is $985 from $2190 leh!"

[Aside: Not to forget a further 10% off $985.]

Wow! I could almost hear myself in him. Have I changed my frugal and don't-believe-in-splurging-on-designer-labels tailtail? *LoLz*

Signing off,
Jo is a happie happie bimbo gal


Do you like my new template?

I do!

Hope I didnt scare you readers with the changes in templates these few days. I've finally decided on this ligneous template. I love the wide white backround for the posts juxtaposed with faded black ligneous borders and black flower motifs. The pink for the tabs, titles and links on the sidebar complements the whole look. I hope you readers out there like this template coz I reckon my regular readers would see my blog more often than I do and I want something pleasing to the eye.

There are some kinks though. My extreme tracker could not track anymore but it's ok. It's tracking doesn't even tally with my statscounter since I missed the upgrade period. I left it there due to sentimental reasons. It's a sign to get rid of it. That said, I'm a little sad though as it was with me since 2004.

Lastly, thanx to cuzzie nadine for helping me with css with no complaints at all. I owe you a treat! =)

I've got really nice cousins.


  1. haha welcome welcome and no need treat luh (: really more than happy to help and it wasn't as tedious as I'd thought it would be ^^

    wah so many edited photos and texts HOW LONG did it take for you to do this post (including editing photos)?

    one of the reasons why I too lazy to blog coz after slowly choosing and editing photos still need to type long and wordy post I give up lol.

  2. Hi Nadine,

    Haha...coz you're a whizz at such stuff that's why not it isn't tedious for you. I would have taken days and still trying to figure out how to dabble around. ;)

    I took quite a long time... one whole night to get this up, inclusive of editing the photos. I don't edit them much though, only the borders, water marking and tweaking of colour contrast and effects at times. Its actually quite fast. But I tend to be surfing or marking compos in between too. The insensitive keyboard added to a lot more time and effort needed.

    Usually I would edit my photos as and when I'm free and then slowly update in a post. You can see how backdated I am now. Last time I just upload and write and would get all the updates done in a day for the whole week or month. Now, I don't have the time. I'm still tuck at ediing the first event of March 2010 and I haven't even done my NYC trip last December!

    I completely know how you feel about typing long post and giving up! That's why I decided to make blogging a hobby so I could enjoy the process of it all. =D

  3. Wow Jo... you look fabulous. What a sumptuous and fine dining. Your hubby really splurge on you :) Happy belated birthday to you. May your dreams come true.


  4. Hi citrella,

    Just nice I'm online too! LoLz... he seldom does that lor. Usually he can't understand why I splurge every once in a while. I dunno what happened to him now. haha... I will pamper him on his birthday too!

    Thanx babe for your wishes. Oh yes, I voted for you for the FB contest. =D

  5. wow that dinner sounds amazing!
    you look gorgeous too darl. your eyes are beautiful and love that dress!


  6. the food looks delicious! and i laughed a little when I read that sign that said "shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist" haha. happy belated birthday!

  7. I really like your blog, I often visit your blog
    What if you visit my blog please follow my blog

  8. Hi Tiptoe21,

    I laughed at that picture too! As far as it is funny, it is true to a great extent right? Thank you for your wishes and thanx for following! =)

  9. Hi fasha comeback again,

    Thanx! Will drop by your blog for a visit.

  10. Hi Jolene :)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog :) and belated happy bday ^^ you and your bf look so cute together.
    ps. shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist... LOLOLOLOLOL!!

  11. aww, you look so pretty!
    hope you had a good romantic birthday with your lover. ;)

  12. Hi Frances,

    Thanx for dropping by and for your wishes. LoLz... it's the hubby, not bf. =D

  13. Hi Jasmine Lee,

    Thanx for stopping by and for your lovely comment. =) Yep, we had a beautiful evening.

  14. I'm going to be truthful right now... I had to skim through your food photos. I didn't read all the comments you wrote in that section. >.< Sorry! It's just the food pictures are making me even MORE hungry. It's late at night and I don't want to snack.

    O-M-G.. but all the photos of food that I did see made me drool! A 9 course meal sounds divine! What a wonderful boyfriend to take you out to such a lovely dinner and shopping too!

    You looked sooo pretty on your birthday! Loving all your accessories! I want that bow ring. It's too cute!
    Happy belated Birthday Jo!

    My BF is the exact same way when it comes to wallets. He HATES having it bulky. It took me forever to find one for him. He also has the habit of losing things and leaving his wallet behind on the table so I bought him a cheaper brand. =/ If he ever had a Ferragamo it would definitely get stolen. He probably wouldn't notice it was missing either. {*Hehe}

    That's so nice of your bf to sponsor half of your bag! That's such a good deal.

    Loving your new template. It's simple yet elegant. =] I feel like I should change mine up a bit as well. {*eh} maybe when I find the time to I will.

    <3s Serena.

  15. Serena,

    Sweetie... It's alright. I understand. Haha... you're soooo cute with your truthfulness. From your previous comments, I know you do read my words and you're always so sweet and sincere in your words, often sharing with me snippets of your thoughts and life too. I like the 2-way communication.

    Recently, I've got the habit of blog walking during my free time. Instead of merely glossing over posts and photos and leaving surface compliments, I read each blogger's words and sincerely leave my comments coz I'm sure a blogger always gets all warm inside when they read a comment from a random stranger. I really hope to live by one of my mantra-- brighten up people's day by random small little things. =)

    Haha... interesting to find another "troublesome" picky guy. I thoght I was the only one taking forever to find one for the hubby. *High 5* Your description of yor bf not noticing it was missing is so funny. *LoLz* My hubby is like him in a way; he always spoils his things coz of carelessness but luckily they don't go missing.

    Thanx for your wishes and wonderful compliments. Recently, so many people are changing their template. Actually yours look very peaceful. It matches your url name. Nonethless, hope you find the time to change yours too. I'll be looking out for it. =)

  16. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance:

    3 Jun 10, 08:48
    melina: Thanks for visiting my blog! I truly appreciate your wonderful compliment on my jewelry!

    5 Jun 10, 01:21
    Jo to melina: Welcome! I would love to see more of your creations.


    3 Jun 10, 22:29
    Rena: JOLENE! I think I saw you on the mrt just now! Were you wearing a black vest with black pants and reading a magazine? I'm quite sure it's you. Look like how you look in video but slightly different
    3 Jun 10, 22:31
    Rena: From how you look in the photos here. You're so slim and tall. I was with my friend who said it's 90
    3 Jun 10, 22:34
    Rena: sorry I mean who said it's 90% you. She recognized you from the blog you did for Charmaine. So nice to see you. I think I sound like stupid but I felt star-struck especially to see you in person. Hee
    3 Jun 10, 22:42
    Rena: Oh no, I hope I didn't make a complete ass of myself now that I'm reading what I wrote. Anyway good job for everything you've done for Charmaine and tell Cynthia I admire both of you a lot!

    5 Jun 10, 01:24
    Jo to Rena: LoLz. I kept on laughing while reading your tags. Yep, I think that was me alright. It wasn't a vest but I get what you mean. You should have come up to say hi. I would love to meet a new friend!
    5 Jun 10, 01:27
    Jo to Rena: It's such a coincidence as I'm seldom on the MRT at that timing. I'm not really tall. No worries, you didn't make a fool of yourself. "Star struck"? You're so cute la you. Thanx for your kind words!
    5 Jun 10, 01:28
    Jo to Rena: There's no "star" quality about me to admire about. I'm just a normal person leading a normal life. But you're right in admiring cynthia though. She's a GREAT mummy. I'll convey your msg to her.


    4 Jun 10, 22:34
    viva la vida: So pretty you! The food looks delicious and I love your shoes and bejewelled necklace. Where are they from? You did not mention in the post. Sorry for asking, but I'm curious what you work as?

    5 Jun 10, 01:31
    Jo to viva la vida: Thanx for your lovely compliments. Are you a Singaporean? The shoes are from Nue and the necklace from an atas victorian looking shop in Far East Plaza. Yup no worries, I'm in the education line.



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