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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've just found out how to insert video clips onto my blog!!!

Hello frenz!

I've just found out how to insert video clips onto my blog. *hAppiE* So the very first video clip I'll present to you would be my JaseJase shaking his bon bon. He shakes them so well, he puts Ricky Martin to shame.

Click here to watch 'Jase shaking bon bon'

Takes some time to download depending on your compueter speed. It's better to open in a new window.

2nd video clip would be my darling Simba, affectionately known as Baba. She was hiding in the toilet behind the shower screen from my dad who before that, spanked her and was chasing her with a hanger for sleeping in the closet. Ignore the small bald patch at the top of her neck. After switching to Science Diet, her fur is as smooth and luscious as before.

Click here to watch 'Simba-Hiding'

3rd video clip would be a 2 in 1 of evan and me preparing to look good before throwing our tassel hats and after that trying very hard not to look silly throwing.

Click here to watch 'Preparing-to-Throw'

Click here to watch 'Throwing-Our-Tassel-Hats'

And then suddenly the page had an error and so I've to stop uploading video clips for now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I’m desperately lost now

My TV life revolves around Desperate Housewives and Lost.

My life is busy and boring.

This time I’ve not only got no time to blog, I lacked content as well. On top of it all, realization hit me that I’m such an incompetent writer. I marvel at some people’s flare for writing. I read some of my friends’ blogs and felt terribly ashamed of my own writing.

Incompetent writer aside, I tried very hard to make my life more interesting.

Watched Batman Begins yesterday.

Just a week ago, I visited Madagascar.

And two weeks ago, I had the sizzling hot Mr and Mrs Smith for company.

But at the end of it all, it’s the same old boring life.

I sat at my desk in my room trying to do some paperwork (Yay.. finally not materials!) and I realized I really missed sitting at my desk and studying. I miss the feeling of going back to school. I’m beginning to dread the drudgery of work. I actually envy those ah peks, ah mms and aunties when I see them sitting at the void deck doing nothing and losing themselves in time. I wish so much to be in their shoes. To just not do anything for once. To relish in the mundanity of everyday life. I wish and hope and pray to embrace mediocrity!!!

Recently, I got very tired of my job. I thought very hard about what else I could do with my degree besides being an MOE teacher. I couldn’t be anything!

Maybe my friends would have some suggestions. The replies I got back were 70% MOE teacher and 30% SIA stewardess. That’s it! These are the only things I can become. I may as well just go and eat some worms.

Recently I realized that... ...

Sleep is good.

I should never overestimate myself and bring home work only to bring it back undone or incomplete.

People who read my blog (be it my friends or not) read my friends’ blogs more than I read them. They know about my friends’ lives more than I do!

I’m still a procrastinator. And I hate myself for that.

I’m falling sick too often that I’m better off dead.

People are very unhappy.

I really really really hate it when I introduce myself as “Jolene” and the response I get is “Oh Jolin Cai Yilin.” Even worse when they try to draw out the resemblance.

One more “visually challenged person” commented that I look like Fann Wong. Please puke all you want. I can only wish I looked half as gorgeous as her and wish that the person had said it right in my face so that I can correct her immediately.

I'm very shallow. I can watch a show mindlessly just because someone beautiful is starring in it.

I haven't written to my kawaii Japanese pen pal for more than a year. I don't know whose turn is it to write now.

The last class of the week really makes your day. And I truly felt it the Sunday that just passed. The omnipresent good energy in the class from both children and parents every week was further intensified that day. I get to “keep” this class after all thanks to the parents.

Dreams do feel pretty real.


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