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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Eyelash Extensions by The Lash Company

I simply LURVE my eyelash extensions by The Lash Company.

The very first and last time I did eyelash extensions was 10 years ago. While I love the effect of the eyelash extensions, I detested the inconvenience of caring for them and vowed never to do eyelash extensions again.

When my gal pal asked me if I wanted to do it with her before the Chinese New Year, I rejected her after telling her how difficult it was to upkeep my Snuffleupagus-look-alike extensions 10 years ago. In the end I got persuaded to try it again and I did not regret my decision.

The Lash Company totally changed my mind about what I did not like about extensions back then. I now wonder how I would survive without fluttery yet natural-looking enough lashes to wake up to every day. On most days, I don't have make up on except eyelid tapes and I feel like I already have my basic eye make up on.

Before extensions front view
Yeah yeah... I have 1001 freckles so now you know my Instagram selfie shots are all filtered. =P

After extensions front view
I opted for the 2D volume lashes which is much longer and more voluminous than my usual mascara-ed lashes yet natural-looking enough for daily work. 2D volume lashes simply means 2 lash extensions glued onto one natural lash.

After extensions side view
Not that drama mama but drama enough for me to like. 

The eyelash extensions look heavy in this video but the lashes are actually very soft and fan-like when you see them in real life.

This is my daily look after eyelash extensions with no make up except for eyelid tapes, fading eyeline tattoo and lip balm. Oh and 美图秀秀 (Meitu Pic) filter of course! As I mentioned above, I have 1001 freckles. So if you see any selfies of me without freckles, those are all filtered.

I've stopped applying BB Cream on my face ever since I became pregnant because of sheer laziness. I'm constantly tired and I'm too lazy to remove a full face make up. My basic make up routine before the lash extensions were mascara and eyeliner coz I cannot live without enhancing my small eyes and it's a lot easier to remove eye make up than a full face make up.

Now with eyelash extensions, I don't need any eye make up. I love how the extensions cast a shadow on the tail end of my lower lash line at certain angles and make it look as if I have make up on.

I love how fan-like they look from the side.

With eyelash extensions and heavier make up on, it would take more effort to remove my make up especially when I line my eyes with waterproof retractable eyeliner. You're not supposed to use oil cleanser anywhere near the lashes. What I do is to dip cotton buds into my oil cleanser and slowly remove it while using the other clean side to quickly dab away the oil. I do this 2 to 3 times before all traces of eyeliner is removed.

Here is my full bare face before eyelash extensions. Can you see how much smaller my eyes are without any form of eye make up or extensions? Thank God for the invention of mascara, eyeliners and eyelash extensions!

There are also the flip side of all things good and I would be realistic about it. From my very first extensions, I had a few gripes as summarized below (in red), followed by how the extensions from The Lash Company differ (in purple):

Extensions in the past
The lashes felt really full and heavy.
It was as if there was a black curtain covering a quarter of my vision. I felt like Snuffleupagus, that elephant looking creature from Sesame Street. The lashes felt synthetic, glossy black and unnecessarily heavy.
Extensions from The Lash Company
The lashes are dramatic yet soft, light and fluttery.
I felt so pretty and bimbotic fluttering my eyelashes without anything weighing down on my eyelids at all. The lashes felt light and more natural. 

Extensions in the past
Unable to wash face normally.
I was supposed to wash my face while avoiding the whole eye area. It was really difficult to wash my face cleanly in this manner. Just the very next day, I washed my face as per normal, running water against my face from the shower nozzle. My lashes never got back to their fan-like shape again. They got a little tangled and messy. No amount of combing helped.
Extensions from The Lash Company
You could wash your face normally one day after. Lashes still remain curled and beautiful. 
On the day you do your extensions, you would have to wash your face avoiding the extensions and slowly wipe foam and water away with a sponge that is provided. After a day, you could wash your face as per normal. I bought a lash cleanser from them and I really like how clean my lashes feel whenever I used it on my lashes while washing my face with normal facial foam. I could also aim the shower nozzle to wash my face whenever I'm in the shower. After that I would use the spoolie brush that is also provided to comb my lashes into shape. 

Extensions in the past
Lashes went awry and curled downwards within a few days which poked my eyes frequently.

I supposed because the lashes felt more synthetic and heavier, they tend to curl in all directions after a while and many times when they curled downwards and poked my eyes, I ended up with red eyes. I wasn't able to sleep on my side as I tend to tug at them and wake up with a few lashes on my pillow. 

Extensions from The Lash Company
Lashes remain curled upwards and fan like.
There were only one instance when 2 of the lashes curled downwards. I did not experience all the hassle of awry lashes and I could sleep on both sides without much worries. Of course, your extensions would drop together with your natural lashes due to natural dropping of lashes even without extensions so you would still see lashes on your pillow or on your face as time goes by. 

Gripes in general
Extremely troublesome to remove eye make up

I’m those kinda lazy people who wipe off eye make up with cotton pad soaked with eye make up remover. With my new extensions, I’ve to slowly use cotton bud to remove the eyeliner carefully. Removing eyeliner now takes a few minutes per eye instead of the usual few seconds. Fortunately I only did heavy eye make up on 2 occasions thus far and on most days, I just go out without make up.

Collapse of double eyelids crease = ugly eyes
This only happens to me. For some of my single/ hooded eyelid friends, eyelash extensions actually gave them a slight crease. One of my friends even has permanent crease now due to years of extensions. Ok to give some credit, the long lashes would take the attention away from my thin crease. Hence, not so much of ugly eyes.

This photo has nothing to do with eyelash extensions but it happened on that day. This cute little girl bounced out from the nursing room at Orchard ION and waved hello to my gal pal and me. After that, she kept touching my baby bump and once wanted to lift my top to see what was underneath. She also held my hand and hugged me. So super cute! Her mummy allowed me to take a picture with her. I took a few shots but this is my fave shot.

Lash extensions usually lasts for 3 weeks. I'm already into my 5th week. There are some "bald patches" now but overall, I'm still satisfied with how they look without feeling the urge to get them removed immediately. Now I'm wondering if I should do a new set when I next remove them or should I wait till nearer to my delivery date before doing again... because you know la, bimbotic me need to look pretty in the Mummy, Daddy and Baby A shot after delivery.

This is not a sponsored post, just a post from a satisfied client.


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