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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Staycation at W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Loooooooong picture-ful post. Not advisable to view this on your smartphones and other hand held devices on 3G network.

The hubz and I had a staycation at W Singapore Sentosa Cove during the new year's eve over to the next two days of the new year.

Yeah yeah... This is a super late post as usual. If you had read my last post, you would have know that I have been neglecting my blog but getting more sleep and biweekly dose of exercise.

[Image source]

"Escape to where iconic design and contemporary luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences at W Hotels® Worldwide. Retreat to surprising, sensory environments where amplified entertainment, vibrant lounges, modern guestrooms and innovative cocktails and cuisine create more than just a hotel experience, but a luxury lifestyle destination."

What I noticed about W Hotel is that it is all about upbeat music, futuristic design and lots of bold, colourful lightings. I did not snap many pictures of the surroundings so the following two videos would give you a good introduction and visual tour of W Singapore - Sentosa Cove.

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove | Singapore

W Hotels attempt to include the letter W wherever possible - the swimming pool is known as "Wet", the concierge is known as "Whatever Whenever", the laundry bag is known as "Wash". They even had to sneak a W into the cushion!

We booked the Fabulous Room with balcony overlooking the pool on the 6th floor which is the highest level.

There was something so jarring about this artsy creepy hand holding a green feather flower that I like.

I think this was for moustache selfie?

Can I just bring these light balls home?

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
The cupboard was full of goodies
The End

Top: The W-ashroom. I'm trying to slip in the letter W there.
Bottom: I did not feel that the shampoo, conditioner and shower gels felt and smelled luxurious. They had a medicinal bitter lemon scent.

You could soak in the tub and watch TV through the window.

The people on the bed could also see you soaking in the tub through the window.

I preferred spending most of my bathroom time in front of the mirror trying to snap my purple hair than soaking in the bathtub...

... because I endorsed the W purple theme with my purple/faded to pink hair.

The intricate flower motif could change colour with the mood lighting function.

The study table was where I spent lots of time TRYING to piece together my Batman and Raphael Ninja Turtle nanoblocks.

I received this Kate Spade make up pouch from one of my gal friends the previous day and I immediately used it for this staycation. I lurve it and I just had to take a picture of it while fixing my nanoblocks.

I realised that I sucked at piecing nanoblocks and Kh helped me build 95% of Gritty Teeth Batman and Rude  F*** You Ninja Turtle.

Say hello to Rarity the pony. She totally fit into the room's bold purple theme.

Ah, I like this placard.

 Mismatched furniture and fixtures seemed to be the only thing constant in W.

Does anyone know what this golden frog ornament is? Flip it over to be an ashtray? I cannot figure this out.

Our balcony faced the pool and South China Sea.

You could view the video tour of W Singapore Sentosa Cove in my amateur video taken using iPhone 6.

Obligatory mirror wefie.

Obligatory "We are in W Hotel" wefie for Instagram.

By night fall, W was screaming with purple.

Purple at the balcony.

Purple at the pool. I do like the colour purple but the purple lighting in W was too much for me.

Perhaps if purple doesn't come in the form of lightings, I would love them.

We had dinner at Skirt as kh had always wanted to try their steak.

"A trailblazing steakhouse, where prime cuts of meat and fresh sustainably sourced seafood are beautifully prepared on the centrepiece parilla grill, placing us amongst the most favourite Grill Restaurants in the city."

High ceiling with intricate decor was what we saw when we looked up from our seats.

The bread came and the I-cannot-remember-what dip.

For appetizers, we had Tuna ponzu, chive flower slaw and crispy rice.

I believe this is the Petuna ocean trout tartare, avocado purée, rye crips.

The different types of mustard and salt was to go along with the steak.

The bottles with the reddish liquid contained home-made BBQ sauce for the steak.
The bottles with the clear liquid contained a delightfully refreshing palette cleanser which is a concoction of bourbon and apple.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland sipping magical juice from a small bottle of "Drink Me".

The feast on the table.

You know, I cannot remember which steak we ordered. I couldn't tell which steak was which from the online menu and the hubby isn't around to furnish me with details. I'll be editing this portion once I get the details. That's why I'm not a food blogger. =P

The steak don't come with sides so you have to order them separately.
We ordered 3 sides.

Sauteéd medley of mushrooms

Grilled asparagus, blood orange hollandaise with oozing egg.

Orecchiette mac and cheese, albufera sauce
Kh loves Mac and Cheese and he simply had to order it. I knew we would not be able to finish it as my gastrointestinal pain started acting up during dinner.

For sweet endings, we had Trio Palette Crème brûlée -- Milk chocolate and hazelnut,Coconut and lemongrass, Earl Grey tea.

My favourite was the Earl Grey. I'm biased towards any food with a hint of tea.

A zoomed in shot of the centrepiece parilla grill.

I have stumpy legs and I like how this hammock made them look long without any attempt to digitally enhance my legs. Lol. It's all about the angle, babes.

Buffet breakfast the next day was at The Kitchen Table.

I'm never good with table flat lay but I do think this photo is instagram worthy. No?

Better than these right?

When I took these 2 flavoured milk, I kept on going "Chocolate and strawberry" in a weird accent that only 80s and 70s Singaporean babies who remember the 80s Pocky adevertisement would understand. So if you watched that video in the link, there is supposed to be a voiceover saying "chocolate and strawberry" at the end of the ad which is cut in the video.

A smile to end breakfast.

After the rain clouds cleared, we hung out at the pool till night fell.

Dinner was at The Kitchen Table again as I was feeling a little nauseous.

My gastrointestinal pain once again acted up very badly and I could only drink soup.

Kh ate a lot more and I felt I was missing out on the cold dishes with my gastro pain. :(

That night, I suffered one of the worst gastrointestinal plus stomach pain in all the years I've been suffering from gastro pain. I hate it whenever the stomach hurt too coz that pain is more difficult to bear than the tummy area.

I had no appetite for most of the food there but somehow this bowl of laksa calmed me.

The desserts bar.

Breakfast the next day...

Once again, I attempted the flat lay style of coffee cup photo but failed to the max. How do people snap such beautifully curated flat lay shots?

Yay... fruits.

These are one of the best Tea leaf eggs ever! Kh thinks I'm exaggerating but I'm not. The herbal tea taste is awesome. I had 2 during breakfast the previous day and by afternoon, I was craving so much for tea leaf egg that I lamented to kh for not packing some back to the room myself like some ill-bred tourist. So that day, I packed one back to the room and was happily savouring it for afternoon snack.

From my Instagram post:
Saying goodbye to W Singapore Sentosa Cove. It's been a lazy and enjoyable 2 days to replenish all the sleep debt in 2015 and recharge for 2016. After hearing negative feedback from 3 different friends about W Singapore (the recounted incidents were really bad IMO), the hubz and I came here without expecting much and were pleasantly surprised. The service here is tip top! The various staff ranging from the concierge, check-in counters, housekeeping and restaurants were smiley and affable. Our few requests were also acceded smoothly. Save for the fact that the bed and pillows were too soft for our liking, we enjoyed every other aspect of our stay here a lot.

This post has been in draft for almost a month! Maybe I should quit blogging. Anyway, I'm posting this on my birthday (25th May). Those of you who have been reading my blog or who are not my virtual social media friends would know that I dislike my birthday.

I would be flying off in a few hours time to join my hubby for a few days in *undisclosed*. It was a rather last minute decision when I booked the air tickets on Sunday. I really look forward to solo plane rides as they take me back to those younger days of LDR when I would pack my bags to look for my hubz (then bf) for a few days. I hope to get some form of wifi so that I could do my work and perhaps catch up on my blog but I heard from the hubz that the wifi is almost non-existent.

Catch up with you lovely people soon!


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