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Saturday, May 31, 2014

London Throwback: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Our night stroll at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was supposed to be a short post concluding Day 3 of London but it turned out otherwise.

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Day 3: Winter Wonderland (20 December)

We were strolling through a park back to our hotel after a long day at The Tower of London when we caught sight of the dazzling lights of a Ferris Wheel from afar.

The multi-coloured lights from the amusement park beckoned to me. Like a silly bug seduced by insidious bright lights, I simply pulled kh along towards Wonderland.

Wonderland it was. It was only in retrospect did I realize that we were strolling through Hyde Park and had stumbled upon Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

We do not have such huge amusement parks back in Singapore and even if we had those temporary ones, they don't look as fancy as those in America and Europe.

When I saw on TV how beautiful amusement parks in the west look, I dreamed of visiting one at least once in my life. In addition to that, another amusement parks dream would be to visit such places during the cold autumn/ winter season since I have been living in a tropical country my whole life.

Boy was I glad we decided to walk back to our hotel and discovered Winter Wonderland by pure chance.

Merry-go-rounds and carousels always look the best out of all the rides. Um, not this kiddy one.

I had never been to a Christmas market in the night and I was completely overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the market.

The warm orangey glow from these stalls filled the winter cold with soft fuzziness.

Ah, hot chocolate in the cold is one one of the best indulgence ever.

We were greeted by rides after rides as we strolled down the park. There were simply too many rides that we did not quite know where to begin.

I've never seen a roller coaster track glowing in luminous green before. On a separate note, my dear hubz looked strange in his beanie.

The most unique carousel "ride" is actually a bar if you look carefully.

What you would see next is a series of photos of rides which I would not bother to caption coz there are simply too many.

This guy who photobombed looked like he was in an MV.

Rides for the kids would always have the iconic London Bus, perfectly exemplified here...

and here...

This was a haunted house that certainly looked more enchanting than spooky with its splashes colours.

I really love to look at how the machine resurfaces the ice at ice-skating rinks.
Aside: I wanna ice skate but padded like a marshmallow, I guess I would fall with every glide.

Ever got stuck onto a wall before? This ride sounded fun! The only time I imagined anyone stuck onto a wall is when he or she gets lifted up against the wall by a bully or some inexplicable supernatural forces.

We spent quite some time observing this Irrgarten which translates to "maze".

It was funny to see people going through this funny maze and falling. But what attracted me most was an evil Santa at the front of this maze.

This emaciated and evil-looking Santa caught my attention in the most negative way ever. (He can move by the way.) I was stifling my giggles, shooting condescending looks at him and throwing puzzled expression at kh all at once. I noticed many people taking a video of this Santa and having the same confounding expression as me as well.

This is the video. Now tell me, did you have the same confounding reaction too? Oh by the way, if not for the music Let's Groove by Earth, Wind and Fire playing, I would not bother about this evil Santa.

Toys toys toys!

As this post concludes Day 3 of London, Rudolph bids you goodbye.

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What a whirlwind month May was! There is lots to balance to do and I hope June would be a good month with lots of meeting up and pigging out with friends. I've also finally managed to reply to all your comments and am slowly visiting back. Wait for me!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

This is a scheduled post and at this time later, I guess I would be eating takeaway fried rice with the hubz who had been at work till now.

It had been quite a bad birthday week. I knocked off from work without seeing the sun for four days in five and there were times when I just felt like I was no longer my positive self. I came home so tired every day that I could do nothing much at all.

Hoping for better days.

Happy birthday to me.

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Edited to add.

Google really surprised me earlier in the day! The Google Doodle for today had little colourful cakes and I wondered if it was the birthday of somebody famous. Imagine my surprise when I moused over the doodle...

Google certainly made my painful, crampy and gloomy birthday a lot less gloomy and of coz, all the well wishes pouring in from every medium too!

As I got older, I think that birthdays are nothing at all. I mean I spent my last two birthdays at the specialist centre and hospital. I used to think that my birthday is one day in the whole year when I get to behave like a queen. I no longer think that way any more. To me, birthday is just another day. People used to say that I had so many groups of good friends that I had a birth week instead of a birth day. Well, I think it is still pretty much that way! Hahaha... Sometimes the meet ups for belated birthday  meals could stretch right up to June. Though to me, I would just treat these as get-togethers and catching up with friends instead of celebrating my birthday.

If you followed me on Instagram, you would have seen that it wasn't a gloomy birthday after all. Hubby made a dinner reservation at Sky on 57 Marina Bay Sands and said that I could not be cooping myself at home on my birthday.  It was one of the best fine dining experience we ever had!

Hoping for better days ahead!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Instagram Snapshots ~*April 2014*~

It has since become a practice to be a little less than 2 weeks late in my compilation of Instagram photos for the month. Here's April instasummary late by more than 2 weeks.

~3 April 2014~
Throwback Thursday. Think it was 3 years ago when all 4 of us had black hair for the first time in years. Super miss you all la... T_T. When can we have a complete 4 again???

~5 April 2014~
First time playing 5D real life escape game in Singapore. Our group was broken into 2 groups trying out Painter's Murder and Mission Incredible. Both group broke outta the rooms! Yeah! I tried Freeing SG 逃出狮城 with the Vios group today. Can't wait for Break out with the Bimbos group 2 weeks later! 5D Escape games are all the rage in Singapore now!

~6 April 2014~
Latergram -- Gal pals talked about some eateries at Turf City and started on Pasarbella. Reading their messages made me so hungry that I decided to check out Pasarbella. Love that place! It reminds me of those European markets. Hubby hated how disorganized that place was and said that he wouldn't be going back in future but once we ate the pasta from Cicely Kitchen, it was a different story. ~ This is the food display counter. All the food there are served on disposables, just like how those markets do it.

~6 April 2014~
Latergram -- Late lunch of mushroom truffle and tomato pesto pasta with baked brie at Cicely Kitchen, Pasarbella that had food served in disposable containers and with disposable cutlery. Food in disposables had ever tasted quite as good as this. This is the display of the dishes we ordered.

~6 April 2014~
Latergram -- Ended lunch at Pasarbella with a Nutella and banana crepe. Thank you gal pals April and Viv for the recommendation!

~13 April 2014~
Latergram -- Junk food dinner! Who else loves this super unhealthy whipped potato? Their gravy is absolutely divine when eaten piping hot. Ok, the real reason why dinner was KFC-- I saw somebody's KFC zinger burger on Instagram and I've been craving for Zinger burger after that.

~15 April 2014~
Earlier today, my DD was saying that she loved the top part of my dress and asked if she could feel the material. After that she said, "Feels so soft and looks just like a furry little lion cub." Me thinks her description is really... CUTE. 😂😂😂

~15 April 2014~
Guess what's inside this box?

~15 April 2014~
Self-made cupcakes from Little House of Dreams! It was a really different department cohesion! Such hectic at work coz of the short work week but all of us put work aside for that few hours and had so much fun baking and decorating our cupcakes!

~15 April 2014~
An advanced Happy Easter to all of you! The bunny has lots of carrots to eat!

~16 April 2014~
Blessed is coming home to daddy's simple cooking after a long day at work. Corn-potato-carrot soup, clams with garlic and ginger, kailan vege with GASP abalone! I told my dad, "Wah, you think abalone very cheap ah?"

~19 April 2014~
Singaporeans being a tourist in our own country by going on our maiden Singapore River Cruise by Romancing You. This is the iconic MBS with the laser lights.

~25 April 2014~
I've got furry sneakers and running shoes now thanx to @gnahiy 's meow meow.

~27 April 2014~
We broke out of Break Out! Yeah... after 3 hints. Boo... It was so much more difficult than the highest difficulty room of Freeing SG which we played last month. Or maybe coz we are the Bimbos and Himbos group.

~30 April 2014~
Woo Hoo!!! I love finding craft stash in the mess of the art drawer just when I need them the most!

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I feel like I've got lots to catch up on blogosphere. Thank you to those who have constantly been checking back here and leaving me sweet comments. I would get down to replying them soon and also to visit your blogs. This coming week is my birthday week and I reckon I would be quite busy with the number of friends asking me if I have a free slot. I've to spread all the meet ups over the next 2 weeks and as for tomorrow, I would be "fleaing" the whole day. My gal pal got a flea market booth and we are gonna clear the mess in our room by tranpsporting the mess from our rooms to the flea market venue. Our hubbies are so pleased at how much emptier the rooms look now. It was raining the almost the whole day at all parts of Singapore and hence the organizers cancelled the flea market today. I spent most parts of the day tidying more parts of my room and am feeling very accomplished now. 


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