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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How does my blog layout look on your PC?

Dear friends and readers,

As what the title of this post states, I would like to know how my blog layout look like on your screen.

On my laptop, it looks normal, as in with the side bar on the left and the entries on the right. However, when I viewed it on kh's and both my sis's pc, there is a huge blank space under my profile with the latest entry starting below the music player (if I remember correctly). I really hate it to look like this and I hope I'm not the only one who is able to view my blog in the proper layout.

Also, do you see my background as maroonish leaf prints or plain brown?

I would really appreciate your replies, even if you're just a passer-by.

Thank you very much! =)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've got great aspirations to go running today

but it's close to 6am and I've yet to sleep.

I don't want "Ya rite" to happen.


Date: 22102008
Time: 15:26

I can jolly well shelf my running plans. I woke up at such weird timing that I don't even know if I should go back to work as planned.


Date: 22102008
Time: 23:54

Some believe that the next best thing to running, is talking about running.

Well, I RAN!

One of the rare times I did not procrastinate.

Running along,

April’s Wedding 12th October 2008

Before the sun rose, viv and I went to April’s house to prepare the stuff to sabo the groom and his xiong dis.

Before – the raw materials

Just as we were preparing, April’s other jie mei from jc arrived. Her name is Sharon and she wins me hands down in terms of snapping photos. She snapped pictures of every single thing and I told her that I would just chuck my camera aside and get the pictures from her. I think we can so totally click!

Example of what she snapped

In fact, most of the pictures you see here are from her camera.

Initial plan: The brothers were supposed to use their mouths to squeeze the lemon juice into a plastic cup up till a certain marking and the groom would drink it thereafter.
Actual action: However, due to the shortage of time, they used their hands in the end. We thought it wasn’t much of a feat but it turned out that it was quite difficult to squeeze without making a mess.

Oopsy… no individual photo of Ribena neat!

This is easy peasy. The groom merely had to drink a cup of Ribena neat (concentrate).
Actual action: It was quite a feat to down Ribena concentrate at one shot so the brothers helped out.

Initial plan: The groom and the brothers had to finish a piece of bittergourd each. Raw… just bite like that.
Actual action: Once again, to save time, all they needed to do was to finish up a piece altogether. It was tough biting the gourd. Their teeth nearly broke.

Ritz biscuit with chili padi sprinkled on heart-shaped wasabi. Looks real delicious! Our fingers burnt quite a bit handling the chili padi. Viv’s fingers burnt for almost the whole day and mine burnt for a few hours. I wonder about the groom and his brothers’ throats.

Dropping in the symbolic “key to the heart”

Now, the table is all set!

You wouldn’t wanna know what the bananas and disposable undies are for. We did not have time to play that dirty game coz the stupid groom and his brothers wasted so much time walking around the block, trying to “ambush” us and till now I don’t see how they could ambush us with their plan.

While waiting for the groom and his entourage to appear…

After they’ve gotten through the main door round, they had to get through the next round.

The martian (a nickname given by me to the groom) was damn funny la. There were lots of funny moments and times when we wanna strangle him. Meanwhile, the bride inside the room could hear all the commotion and also felt like strangling him. Wahahaha…

While waiting for the groom to cross this round, Sharon had the privilege of snapping loads of photos of April.

April's day gown is very beautiful. It's champagne with brownish-burgandy ribbon and intricate details which cannot be captured too well on photos.


You may kiss the bride

The jie meis

We all like the elegant red roses bouquet

Bye Rowdy Powdy!

Off to the martian’s house for tea ceremony.

While waiting for the bridal car to do some driving-to-and-fro-traditional-practice, we asked the xiong dis snap pictures for us under the block.

I like this pic of us jie meis a lot.

Doesn’t this picture look like a “Welcome to our house” pic?

It is not even the martian’s house lor. It’s his ground floor neighbours’.

It’s so cool that we could all click so well despite being acquainted only in the morning.

In the martian’s house

“Ok now comes this weird moment. I’ve to give all of you your ang pows. Where are my ang pows? Who’s holding on to my ang pows?” – The clueless bride

Big HugZ

Back to bride’s house again for tea ceremony and our very first photo of all the jie meis with the bride.

At Four Seasons Hotel

Love the red roses décor

The ice bar

Pouring the martini onto the ice slide

Some snapshots from the album… See these are the kinda stuff that Sharon snaps and it’s a good thing she did!

I like how Powdy cock his head like an idiot. He looks so idiotically cute and innocent.

I like this photo of April!

We went to her suite to put our stuff and to ka jiao her while she sat as still as a statue.

We both wanna take a pic with the pretty bride

The confetti for the 1st march in

This is such a beautiful picture!

Cake cutting

When viv, joyce and I went up to help April get into her evening gown, we thought that 3 pairs of hands would be too many. We were so wrong. All of us had work to do, what with all the tugging and pulling and more tugging and pulling and tying till we wondered if April could somewhat breathe. That gal would rather not breathe than to have accidental exposure.

And then came the buttons on her evening gown…

While buttoning, we felt like killing the designer of the gown.

Nonetheless, it is a really lovely gown and we learnt something new – the tulip cut! Very flattering to the bosom yet you need a flattering bosom in order for it to be flattering. Ah… it’s a vicious cycle.

April’s colleagues arranged a surprise for her during the 2nd march in and we were roped in to sing on stage as well.

Champagne pouring

A clumsy waitress accidentally spilt champagne over my skirt, right leg and shoe before the toast. It was on stage somemore. The glass toppled on her tray and I was right there. Fortunately, the champagne didn’t really stain my skirt but I was a little upset about the shoe as it was soaking. She was in a daze, shocked and did not know what to do while the banquet manager (I assume) hurriedly whipped out a napkin. Off stage, she came personally to the table to ask if I was alright and if I needed anything. I felt like asking her for another glass of champagne. Ha… It was good.

Cute kids

Viv and I like the little boy a lot. He was playing very near our table, picking up confetti and throwing and he’s so gentle, guai and cute.

Oh, if you noticed something amiss in this blog entry would be photos of food. We were constantly on the go that we missed a few dishes.

In the ladies with all her little flower girls

The martian’s nieces/cousins? are quite well-behaved. I’ve got a very good impression of them since I saw them at his place. Such kids are hard to come by nowadays.

I think this blurred shot made both of us look good but April said it made her look like she’s naked!

Hence, I tried very hard to include her dress in but I turned out ugly.

After changing out, we look so casual next to the bride with tulip cut gown.

[Look at the xiao mei meis hiding behind and being mischievous.]

Since it was a wedding luncheon, we had some time to hang out after the event. We chilled out with the lovely couple J & J for tea. It was the first time seeing John in flesh (in Singapore) and I think I would love to take a step further in suan-ing him more in future. John you watch out! =P

Oh yes, both my hp died, totally switched off on me that day. How to be a handphoneless jie mei, you tell me? It was so inconvenient! The thing is both my hp were on full batt the night before.

I could not put up such crap with my hp anymore and was so determined to buy a hp that day that I met up with my da jie to shop for one. The coral pink Samsung touch screen was too expensive. Had I made use of an offer earlier back, I could get it for only $100+. In the end, the high price turned my determination 180 degrees and I was so determined to survive by charging both hp every day for now. Anyway, I’ve already procrastinated the buying of hp for more than a year by convincing myself that it could still function quite fine. Only until my hp totally give up on itself would I start to buy a new one.

Dinner at Ling Zhi Restaurant on 19th October

We were probably chatting and laughing so loudly like old friends that the waitress asked if we were classmates. We all went, “Erm...” and was silent for a while before saying, “Wo men shi jie mei.”


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