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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006!!!

Back-dated entries for the month of December.


18th December 2006, Monday
Over at my cousin’s wedding dinner

The red roses set up looked very pretty. I never knew red roses could be so beautiful.

Our table was right beside the stage and we could not catch much action from there.

Only caught the cake up close

When my da jie took this photo, I asked, “Who are these two people?”

She gave me a very weird look. It turned out that these are the miniature people on the cake!

No photos taken with the bride and groom on my camera.

The younger cousins…

Remember my very naughty cousin whom I tutored last time? I was so glad he changed for the better. He had an operation to “untangle his tangled intestine” (in his own words) and he felt that he has drawn closer to God. Now he reads the bible faithfully. =) I’m so happy for him and his family!

Dear dia my best cuz

Let’s meet up for gossips soon! Yeah yeah, I know I’m the one who must make time. I’ll try my best ya? *HuGz*

My sisters and cuz gina, the sister of the groom

I recall how we used to stay over at each other’s place and play play play all day long. This batch of cousins always take up one table during wedding dinners and talk cock and eat leftovers from other tables. We used to be called “The Dustbin Table” and we call ourselves “kar ceng” (pun on the hokkien word for buttocks). Now the entire so called same generation cousin have grown up and drifted apart. It’s just not the same anymore.

Dad drove through Orchard to catch a glimpse of the xmas lightings

When we were young, Dad would drive through Orchard Road and we would marvel at the Christmas lightings and get all excited. Is the xmas light up really nothing spectacular as the years go by or are we just getting older and unappreciative?


19th December 2006, Tuesday
Co. Christmas Dinner

After the usual monthly Tuesday meeting, we had a Christmas dinner in the Co. itself. The 2 classrooms which we always have our meeting were combined and transformed to a “restaurant” or so they call it.

There was a candle light dinner.

We were really surprised at the whole set up as we were expecting the normal buffet dinner. Kudos to the group in charge of this event!

The people at my table

These laminated name tags were attached to a plastic wine glass. They were so xi4 xin1!
People at the same table sans 2 members.

Our table won the BINGO game. Actually it was only 2 of my colleagues from the same table who BINGO-ed at the same time but we shared the winnings. Not bad, not bad. I contributed $2 and got $20 back. ;P

Our gift exchange was not like the usual lucky draw kind. Instead, “Santa Claus” gave out stocking attachments via email and we were to fill in 3 choices of gifts with a maximum limit of $20.

My xmas elf, reg, who got me my 1st choice gift.

My very 1st Jordi Labanda stationery

I stated that I wanted Jordi Labanda stationery except notebooks and she got me this pencil case. It is exactly the chio girl I like in this series and it’s pink!

I simply love illustrations by Jordi Labanda.

All my colleagues commented that I looked soooooooooooo different with jet black hair. Nobody could recognise me when I went into the meeting room with my back facing them. There were a lot of mixed reviews but thank god most of them were positive. One of my indirect superior, while conducting the meeting, kept looking at me and finally burst out laughing and said, “I’m very sorry but I just can’t help wondering if YOU are YOU.”

21th December 2006, Thursday
Watched Death Note 2

Yay… No tuition that night so I went to catch Death Note 2 with kh and all his paternal cousins. I think it’s such a comical sight to have an entourage of 14 young adults and teenagers going for a movie excursion. Really envious of kh to have such close-knitted cousins!

While waiting for all his cousins to arrive… We got boh liao.


Bai chi

Xmas tree with pink ornaments!

It was our first time at the new Cathay building. The cinema reminded me of Crazy Horse. All red, velvety and elegant with red curtains and a stage. When the curtains were drawn, kh clapped his hands. Then, our whole row clapped and the next moment, the whole cinema was clapping away.

Death Note 2 was great!

I love the whole thrill of the chase as well as the twist. I think I would enjoy the movie’s plot more than the comic or anime.

I love the ringo-loving (apple-loving) Ryuk so much!!! Before watching the show, I thought that the demon in the poster was really ugly. However, after watching Death Note 1, I like him so much. He is much cuter than the sentimental Rem. There were various hilarious scenes

I like Light and his lined eyes. The righteous turned evil boy. So evil but so cute. However, in Death Note 2, he doesn’t look as good.

I like L. So eccentric but cute.

I like Misa. So foolish but cute.

I like Light’s father. Very righteous.

The plot is good and there are a lot of comic moments and hilarious scenes throughout the whole show. It helped that the audience were quite fun and spontaneous.


24th December 2006, Sunday
Christmas Eve and Falling Sick Eve

I got fooled into seeing “snow” at Mount Faber. Stupid Class95 DJs!

“The machine makes it fall like real snow”

“The way they float in the sky”

“You really should catch it, it’s marvellous”

They mentioned nothing about “foam” and from the way they described it, I truly thought it was real snow that the machines would be generating. You know those kind made of ice?

I also thought we just needed to pay some entrance fee which was less than $10 per pax but I never expected them to come up with a package on xmas eve.

$38 per pax

 Experience snow

 2 free drinks per pax at the bar

 Free entry to the “ballroom” which was transformed to a clubbing venue

 Cable car ride from Mt Faber to mainland to Sentosa and back

It is really a great deal if we are all for the cheong mood but unfortunately yours truly was coming down with sick. Bad throat and cold just don’t go well with booze and party. We both had to forfeit our 2nd drinks and passed the tickets to another couple. Even the dance floor and music didn’t appeal to the very sick me at all.

Trying to capture us with the optic fibre xmas tree without flash but it was too dark.

The optic fibre xmas tree is not photogenic!


Us in the “snow”

Us and the more photogenic xmas tree

First time in Singapore’s cable car. When I was young I used to think it was “table car” and always wondered why that was so.

Failed to capture any good shots from the cable car. It was too shaky.

Vivo City

Lights from other cable cars

I think the blue blue loo is so pretty!

Hanging lamps in the blue blue loo

Fish tank in the blue blue loo

Nice view from the ballroom’s balcony…

The blue blue “rooms” are the ladies and gents.

Colourful cable cars


25th December 2006, Monday
Christmas Day, Sick Day

I spent half the day sleeping and self medicating. What a fine Christmas!


27th December 2006, Wednesday
It’s Another Wedding

I still remember the day I knew the bride. She is evan’s cousin and we met in NUS. She is also that kind very easy-going and nice to chat with person. A little 38 too… Haha…

I will always remember that moment when I asked her to show me her bf’s picture on her hp. When I saw the photo, I was momentarily stunned and asked,” Is his name K** ***?” It was her turn to be momentarily stunned as she almost screamed in excitement, “How you know??!!” It turned out that he is kh’s cousin!

And at that moment, evan surmised, “COOL! My cousin’s boyfriend is your boyfriend’s cousin!”

And then for a minute, we became 3 xiao char bors.

Is it coincidence or is it coincidence?

All of kh’s male cousins plus 1 uncle sans the groom

All younger than me and so very tall!

me, evan, bride and groom

Look like bai ma wang zi and princess with their white and gold.

March in

Evening gown march in

Popping the champagne

Notti kh concocted a drink to sabo the groom

Red wine
Chinese Tea
Soya sauce
Raw egg with unbroken yolk

I don’t know if I missed out any ingredients.

As he was mixing the drinks, all his relatives plus his parents warned him that on his/our wedding we will be dead. Some of them even wished me good luck.

An egg for you sir?

The groom was supposed to crack and down a raw egg before the drink, which already has a raw egg inside too


The drinking session began…

The result?

Seh liao!

What? Another time?

This concoction from another table is almost similar just that it has milk and no egg.

evan and me

With the bride

kh and me

Quan Jia Fu of kh’s paternal side

Each time I see any of his relatives, they would just ask the same question, “When is it your turn?”

Even the younger cousins can also ask the same question.

After the groom, kh is the next oldest male cousin but I don’t know why they didn’t ask the other two older female cousins lor. Always come and ka jiao us.

Really envy kh for having such close-knitted relatives. For one thing, they are all Mandarin-speaking. I must go brush up my Mandarin in order to hold conversation with them. I think their impression of me is the very quiet and gentle type. Wahaha! Kh is so gonna puke. As long as I’m with a Mandarin-speaking crowd, I would always appear as quiet and demure. Hiakz!


29th December 2006, Friday
I can see the results of my insomnia

For everyday after xmas, my colleagues upon seeing my condition would ask me, “Why are you here?”

“Cannot la… got sooooooooooo much work to clear before I go on leave. I cannot not work.”

In the end, I called in sick for work that day.


30th December 2006, Saturday
Sick, Bad Headache and Yet Another Wedding

Still covered by MC, I went back to teach my cute cute classes. My next year going on P1 and P2 classes are just so cute! Feel like hugging them! They are so cute but they always give me a headache. It seems like here is quite different from my ex co. In my ex co, after every term, I would take photos with all the little children. However over here, kids come and go every few months or so. Nobody except cyn (different cyn from my godson’s mum… this cyn and I used to be ex colleagues and now current colleagues) and me would take photos.

After that, headed for cyn’s wedding at Conrad.

The whole set up was in white and gold and very elegant. The food was served to everyone individually. I conclude that I don’t like high class wedding dinner. No opportunity to take more food that I like and not touch those I don’t like. They practically “force” you to eat everything since it’s served individually. Also, the place did not have any screen projector. I was expecting some slides and video to be screened. I love watching all the day time “jie1 xin1 niang2” video and how they sabo the groom.

The ex colleagues!

All of them were/are from SL and TP branch. None from HH.

cyn and me

The march in

Uh oh cannot pass

The task was to carry her back to where they started and walk down the aisle again. Chay! So easy right?

Thebride and groom’s history…

My current colleagues called me a traitor when I sat at the ex colleagues table so I had to keep alternating between the 2 tables.

Ex colleagues

Current colleagues

Me and vv, my next table kaki

Current colleagues took up the centre portion. What was supposed to be very elegant became like this…

*Co's name blotted

We smeared lipsticks and smooched on the paper.

Me and my ex 1-year-old team da jie

Big boss sabo the groom

They sang a song for cyn and she started crying.

After that, some of us went to big boss’s house for mahjong and ktv. Woke up with a start at close to 3pm today. SLEEP! The best thing on earth now.


2006 has been a kind year. No major happenings save for a job switch. It has been fun and meaningful for me with lots of memories here and there. Family has been kind. I made many new friends and re-found many old friends. I work like it isn’t work. Everything has been very smooth-flowing. Sometimes too smooth-flowing that I’m afraid I would meet with a waterfall. Hope there are great things in store for 2007!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! And don’t make resolutions coz you ain’t gonna keep them!



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