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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Entry of 2007!

I will reply to tags and update this space when I get home next year.

I've wanted to finish everything before 2008 arrives but I've gotta run along now.

So sorry for the lack of updates and replies.

Happy 2008 everyone!!!

*pops party poppers* *toots horn* *throws confetti*



Updated on 6th January 2008

EOY JC class gathering
Saturday, 29th December 2007

It was a simple affair of potluck, laughter and lots of leftover food.

I saw some people whom I haven’t seen for years. As I’m typing this, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t take any photo with this good ol classmate of mine the last time we met up as a small group at Dempsey a few weeks back. She has been studying and working in the UK, married an ang mo and hardly comes back to sg. And coz of her, I’m contemplating signing up for Facebook.

Well, I wonder if there would be a time where the gathering would include more than half the class.

Marc did a super lame magic trick.

It was so bad, it was good.

Later in the night, we went to watch jots sing jazz.

Marc requested for her to sing the rjc school song and I didn’t expect her to accede to his song request.

I can’t even remember how the school song goes and there she was singing with such gusto.



Meet up with the kakis
Sunday, 30th December 2007

I dunno why it’s so difficult to take pics with apr. She deemed her face big and planned to hide behind me. Big face means big face ma… What to do? Now my face looks big.

What we ate…

Hope we can continue meeting up like this even if we each go our own ways.

Hamsters at my cousin-tutee place.

So cute!


The Last Day of 2007
Monday, 31st December 2007

It was a half day and so the timing for my 2 Science classes was pushed up.

It really felt like a holiday. The lesson was so informal and relaxing and the students had lots of fun. I wished teaching would always be this enjoyable so I would not grow to detest teaching.

I was wearing this T-shirt with capris.

My girls actually asked if I could stand still so they could draw the image of the girl.

I said, “Of course not.” The next minute all their drawings were confiscated. However, I was secretly happy that they appreciate these kinda drawings like me. I once drew a girl that looked similar to this, intending to print it onto a t shirt. Not long after, I saw Marie Claire (the shoes) having this top for $9.90 with purchase of their shoes. I pleaded with them to sell it to me without the shoes and they did.

I went to town and I’m almost $2k poorer today. Don’t ask.

After that, I went to Prata House to eat dinner-supper with kh.

First time drinking tehcinno.

We had wanted to join ben xia and frenz at zouk. However, kh’s sluggishness influenced me and I was too lazy to get changed to go cheong.

In the end, I ended up marking worksheets on new year’s eve.

My happening parents got party hats from their xmas party. The party hats were just lying innocently on the dining table and kh took to wear it.

There he was looking so bored while I raid my wardrobe to see what to wear to zouk.

I thought he looked very grouchy and cute. So I wore the other one and made him take a photo together.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

A break?

People in other job:
Yay!!! Public holidays… long weekend.

Me in this job:
Oh no! Public holidays again… I hate public holidays. Eat up my working days… Stressed… cannot complete… Must come back on off days to do work.

People in other job:
Yay!!! Time to clear leave lo. Go for long break.

Me in this job:
How to clear leave? Gimme so many days also cannot use all. Allow me to bring forward all my leave to next year? For what? I don’t even have the time to take leave.

I wanna go for a break. I wanna go for a break. Can I go for a break?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December Happenings Till Date

Hi everyone,

How was your Christmas? Mine wasn’t Chrismassy at all. Hope it’s better over at your side.

I know I’ve been lagging over here by the weeks. It has been really really hectic.

I had wanted to go for my solo museum trips on a Wednesday before the year ends. However, Wednesdays after Wednesdays, the rain made me cancel out on myself till I got so sick of it.

Next, when I planned to update my blog on a Wednesday, work would prevent me from doing so till I got so sick of it too.

This would be a very long entry.

Few days worth of photos first coz I know that’s what most of you like. I would slowly input more text when I’m free-er.

Will also continue with the other days’ events soon.


The last time I would see evan in 2007
Wednesday, 5th December 2007

My gosh… this is so backdated! By the time I blog about this today, evan would have been three-quarters-way through her “Amazing Race” in Europe.

Hope you’re right on track and budget babe. It’s so nice of you to tag even with limited internet access.

The day before she flew off, we went to NYDC as we were craving for some cheese and pasta.

It was a nice catch up session with a good ol buddy. I felt like I was suddenly in tuned with my personal and social life… in tune with a friend… away from all work.

We could not resist taking photos of and with all the Xmas light ups and decorations in Orchard. It felt really Chritmassy even though it was only the beginning of December. I guess the light drizzle lent a hand to the cool weather on the otherwise sunny island.

Stars shining bright above me… *sings to the tune*

Outisde Lido Shaw

A harp?

Hansel and Gretel M&M house; Tin Soldiers at the crossroads

Along Wisma

The nutcracker tune rings in my head whenever I see tin soldiers and ballerinas.

The Famous Takashimaya Tree

Doesn’t the tree look the same as last year? No wait, and 2005 and 2004 and…

I love these photos a lot!

It was an idea inspired by Dale from this Chip & Dale cartoon.

After we did this, people actually copied us and started snapping themselves in the tinsels too.

Posing with the tree


Outside CK Tangs

Santa and his reindeer off to deliver their presents to good children

I love such curly whirly lines

Once again, our favourite photo to end off…

*HuGz to evan*


Xmas celebrations at HQ
Tuesday, 11th December 2007

On top of the monthly whole day co meeting, we had a presentation cum brainstorm session with reference to the book “FISH!”.

In a nutshell, it’s all about having fun at work. I think it really set the mood for the xmas celebrations at night.

The table people

Little log cake

The door gift (goodies)

Roses for sale.

Hand-made by one of the colleagues from the group in charge of the xmas party. The proceeds would go to charity. Each flower also holds a lucky draw number.

I chose a sun-set orange rose with the number 8341

Reindeer left and right

My gift from my “Christmas elf” who took half day leave. Could not even thank her personally.

I was really surprised to receive my gift in a paper bag as I’ve requested for vouchers for all my 3 choices.

It turned out that it’s actually a Crabtree & Evelyn voucher wrapped so delicately. It smells heavenly too. I can’t bear to open it.

Other photos for the night


Bimbo sisters and the Sunday Boys at Manhattan Fish Market
Wednesday, 12th December 2007

It was a dinner to sorta celebate a belated birthday for gera and an advanced birthday for xtina.

We just could not get it right

Gera and her fish

This pose reminds me of the same pose at Miss Clarity Café back in September

Before squeezing the lemon


Am I mean or what?

Seafood Platter which I shared with xtina

Xtina had no appetite that night but it was definitely not enough for me lor!!! I must keep snitching on Gera’s fries and other people’s leftovers.

I really hate my worms sometimes. I bet kh hates my worms too coz I would always fan2 him in the middle of the night that I’m hungry and he has to pei2 me go downstairs to eat cereals.

This ah ben like wanna take with everybody…

Got Monday to Saturday girls…

I dun have the whole collection but I’m a Wednesday Girl

Got Sunday Boys


Last train back home…


The only way the 5 of us could squeeze in self taken shots



Santa at Work
Thursday, 13th December 2007

Ignore my untidy work station...

I was so happy that I got this Santa hat for $2.50 at Watson’s and wore it for the rest of the day at work. It was a non teaching day of coz. I can’t imagine wearing that in front of my students.

It was a buy 1 get 1 free so I got a pair at $2.50 thinking that kh and I could wear it for fun.


At El Sheikh with the F4 minus wy
Thursday, 20th December 2007


We’ll definitely be back for Shisha!

I feel delirious thinking about it.

Photos for now…

Will add a review of this place and its food soon.

Basically it’s a thumb up for everything! A unique experience for hs and me.

We ate so much that we thought the waiters could not believe how much we could eat.

Cosy cosy 2nd floor… The Lebanese Divan section… The perfect place for a dose of Shisha.

And a perfect place for snapping and snapping and snapping…

There is a roof top terrace section just to the right side before we enter Lebanese Divan section.

Upstairs isn’t very conducive for stuffing our bellies with glorious food.

Proceeded downstairs for our food…

The photos don’t do justice to the appetizing food


Love their mint tea and minute mugs

Our mains

Here’s the menu…

I don’t remember what we ordered. I think mine was Beef Shish Kebab. Hs had some chicken thingy and ems… I’ve got no idea.

Appetizers: Sheikh Mezze

This consists of a variety of 5 appetizers. Order this if you:
(1) can’t make up your mind
(2) wanna sample the various appetizers
(3) are with a big group (or big eaters)





I like this best!

That’s #1

Snacks and sides…

Erm… Can ems please tell me what this is?

Arayess Kafta

I hate lamb-lamb taste. This one doesn’t have to strong a lamb taste.

That’s #1

Cheese Rolls (Samboussek)

The end of it all…

I was so supposed to treat them to dessert coz I was soooooo late… (Hey! I was making your cards k?)

However in the end, desserts were on the house! Yippee!!! The waiter (or is it management huh?) is really very nice.

Desserts on the house—Baklawa, Mohalabia and ???

The one with the raisins tasted like Anna Sui… Hahaha… The rose kinda taste.

Crooning for charity

They were singing Ronan Keating’s When You Say Nothing At All.

My sister loves this song but I told her it’s a great song to sing by somebody who wants his wife to shut up.

I’m such a cynic at times.

By the way, if any of you are interested, you can check out El Sheikh’s website at their site.

The photos of the food definitely look more appetizing than mine.

I really like this place a lot. It’s good for cosy gatherings. For those with all the time in the world to relax, can also consider Shisha.

Promise we'll do a Shisha the next meet up ok?


Saturday evenings kh-day
Saturday, 22nd December 2007

At Hip Diner USA which is a sister branch of Billy Bombers.

It's not too bad just that they have very small portions of food

We left our indelible mark…


We went to watch National Treasure after that. It was funny and action-packed all the way. Lots of thrilling tunnels and lost cities. The whole show was unbelievable. You'll just marvel at the ludicrousness of all the events unfolding. Such stuff don’t happen in real life but it was all for good fun.


Other days events to be continued…



Continued on 31st December 2007.

I had better get all these done before the new year.

Christmas Eve Eve
Sunday, 23rd December 2007

My da jie is horrible… She kept this present of chocolate liqueurs for ONE WHOLE YEAR before she could bear to eat them. She generously offered me so many “bottles” as she was afraid they would go bad. She even asked me to take photos of them before we ate them all up. So here goes…

Wooh!!! I LURVE alcoholic chocolates!

I’ve PWEETY NAILS now, courtesy of Bimbo gera

You peeps should really ignore my small, stubby and ugly nails and concentrate on the beautiful nail art. Gera reckons my nails are so tiny that she is becoming lao3 hua1 yan3 just by painting them. Me thinks I’m helping her to hone her fine motor skills… Hahaha…

She painted this intricate design for 2 hours, inclusive of drying and everything. She was having a bad tummy ache as she was painting and I felt so bad. Ask you to eat, you keep on saying “later, later”. See la you.

Anyway, I love my nails so much. Gera modified them from the designs I showed her.

It’s really lasting. Till now no chips and peeling even though I use my nails for all sorts of stuff.

Any of you interested in doing nail art, hairstyling, make-up etc etc can go visit her blog here. Her link is located on the left of my blog too.

Oh yes, I did a full pedicure 3 weeks ago.

I like the shimmering nude shade. It’s really lasting! No chips, no peeling up till now. Did this on one of the Wednesdays near my place when I was supposed to go back hq. I thought pampering myself once in a while was more important than slogging at hq. Hehehe…


Christmas Eve
Monday, 24th December 2007

I took leave to attend kh’s squadron’s xmas eve event held at Raffles Marina.

The theme was Pirates of the Carribean but we didn’t bother dressing up.

I could not help taking photos of my nails while waiting for every red light…

I was waiting for red light so we could take a pic!

ben4 xia1 (silly prawn) and his very nice and sweet gf, eug.

eug and I were very amazed by the kids there. All of them belong to the categories of cute, handsome, pretty and cool. Very gorgeous children!

Adorable and chubby Javier

Javier is soooooooo adorable! So chubby and such pretty eyes he has. He was so well-behaved too but mummy said he’s a monster at home. Hahaha… He was sitting opposite me so he kept on bio-ing me and I was also bio-ing him.

Innocent and gentle Leanne

Leanne was so attached to kh. She did not let anyone carry her except kh. Her poor mummy was so upset when she didn’t want mummy anymore. Hahaha… I scolded kh for making Leanne’s mummy so upset.

There was this other boy about the age of 3 or 4 whom I thought was very very cool. He had this awesome hairstyle, great tan and he looked like he would grow up to be a real heart-breaker. I didn’t manage to snap a photo of him as kh doesn’t know his parents.

We had some treasure hunt game and our group came in one of the tops. We had a super ONZ family with super ONZ kids that ran and ran to search for the next clue. We also had super shrewd people like ben xia and kh to “steal clues”.

Our table came in top 2 in another game and so the top 2 groups had to compete in a mystery game.

Representatives had to be sent from both groups before revealing what the game was.

It was a game of dressing up one of the team mate as a pirate with scrap materials!

Ben xia being dressed up as a pirate

We gals should have gone up if we had known it was a dressing up game.

The only useful thing kh could contribute to a dressing up game was to make a sword.

The other group had 3 little boys doing the dressing up. So cute lor. Even though, the person looked more like a terrorist, I thought that it was a pretty good effort from the boys.

Naturally the other group won as duh… kids will always win.

So our group had to do a forfeit and just coz our bfs are up there, eug and I kenna called up on stage too.

So dumb lor… must do lap dance or pole dance. Later, the organizers deemed it as not G-rated and hence unsuitable since there were kids around. Heng ah.. in the end eug and I don’t need to do anything. It became a guy on guy pole dance which I captured on video. But nah… not posting up here.

Leanne with Daddy and Mummy. Her daddy is the sotong face.

I was carrying my favourite baby boy and kh was carrying his favourite baby girl. Ben4 xia1 and the rest just went, “Lai2 pai1 quan2 jia1 fu2!”

Both of them wanted the balloon dog. It belonged to Javier but Leanne “gently snatched” it from him and he nearly cried.

With Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow

The best dressed award

Lunch was buffet style and the salad was great!

We took a walk around the area before leaving.

After the event, we went to cityhall area to find gera at her optical place as my contacts was giving me huge problems. The left side felt as if it was slipping off my eye and I started tearing pus. It didn’t help that my stupid falsies got detached too. My eyes were already feeling so tired from the lack of sleep and all these had to happen.

Some desserts for energy


Spot the funny punny humour

Anybody lost a red croc?

Climbing up the social ladder

It was a really sleepy xmas eve. Kh and I both had very little sleep the past few days. For myself, I averaged about 4 hours sleep a day for that week. We didn’t plan any lavish xmas eve dinner. I slept from the late evening till kh woke me up at 12am asking if I wanna eat dinner. I woke up with a little start, wished him “Merry Christmas” and plonked back to bed.


Christmas Day
Tuesday, 25th December 2007

I woke up feeling like it’s not Christmas at all.

I was rushing my marking like siao. After that, we went to watch xtina peform as Mary in her church.

We parked the car beside a beautiful house.

However, the house is not photogenic.

I like rustic, rocky, wooden panels resort-like kinda design.

Swenson’s dinner with kh’s family.


Boxing Day
Wednesday, 26th December 2007

I went out alone in town on Boxing Day. It was so crowded everywhere. I think I was the only person walking all alone among the happy throngs of people.

Apart from that, I spent my boxing day being very enticed by a buy-one-get-one-free facial package. It would be 20 packages in all inclusive of free eye treatments.



Other random stuff

One Hot Lizard

One night, my da jie took her cough mixture using the plastic spoon in the medicine plastic bag as she normally does.

Well, normally she doesn’t wash the spoon before pouring the medicine in.

That night was like every other night.

And then, she started going, “EEEEEWWWWW….. GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!”

Because she found this little creature in the bag

I hurriedly dashed to my room to grab my camera to capture this rare sight.

Alas! The lizard was lost. I could not find it in the white plastic bag.

Then, I spotted it in the tablet Ziploc!

It was so daring to inch its way INTO THE ZIPLOC BAG.

I went shouting to my sis, “You wouldn’t wanna know where the lizard is now!”

She went “Gross gross gross” again without even looking.

HAHAHA… I’m not a lizard hater and I think it looks really cute…

What happened to the lizard in the end?

My sister threw it outta the window.

She suggested the title of “One Hot Lizard” if I should blog about it. The tablets were for reducing temperature so it had to be very hot to like the tablets so much.


Shopping Loots

Not much shopping recently.

I bought Dior Addict 2 Summer edition and I regretted it.

The bottle is so chio, the fragrance is lovely but it doesn’t last at all.

I bought it at this cheap perfume shop in Chinatown. They were selling the 50ml for $74. Dior Addict 2 does not come in 100ml except for their summer edition and it costs $80 for the 100ml.

Any prudent person would definitely choose the summer edition at 100ml for $6 more right?

That was what I did and now I’m trying so hard to use as much as possible coz the smell only lingers as long as when I step outta my room.

Now, I’m wondering if I should buy another perfume.

Burberry Brit Sheer? Lanvin Eclat? Chanel Chance?

Bought 2 pairs of fake eyelashes when kh wasn’t looking. I wonder how he can like Elva and dislike fake eyelashes at the same time.

So cheap lor!

The one on top produces this effect

The one at the bottom produces this effect

Look at the left side only. The other eye has no falsies on.

My mum prefers the 1st effect. I actually preferred the 2nd one but the more I see, the more I think the 1st one is nice too.

Stupid old one!!!

This is my 2nd pair of falsies I’ve ever used up to date. I’ve only used it twice and it came out on me twice. My very first pair lasted me for so many events. (Ya ya I know not supposed to reuse so many times, but it’s good!)


Being on 8 Days

I was flipping the magazine leisurely when this photo caught my eye.

Can you spot what I’ve spotted?

That’s kh in his Vespa Tee!

We did not even notice it the first time we read the magazine. I thought it was really hilarious. Luckily never take his ugly face chomping on the donuts.


The pets at kh’s house.

xiao bai tu

Its name is “Rabbit”.

Not very creative eh?

It was from the old house.

It just hopped into their backyard one fine day and never wanted to hop back. It even built maze-like burrows! I hope it wouldn’t do this at this current house.


I think she’s really irritating but quite cute. However, kh cannot stand her. She’s really very notti to kh and often sheds fur on and scratches his car. I don’t understand how he can like Simba so much and dislike his own cat.

K la, it’s not his cat. She was picked up by kh’s 2nd bro against the wishes of their mum. His mum is just like my mum… used to be scared of cats but slowly getting used to having cats around.

Well, kh’s dad calls her “Meow”, kh’s mum calls her “mao mi”, I call her “MeowMeow” and kh calls her “Stupid cat”.

She does have a name—Gabby. I heard kh’s bro calling her that once. Nobody else in his family knows her name until I told them it was Gabby.

So terrible right? A rabbit called “Rabbit” and a cat called “Meow”. Don’t even bother to name the pets. Hahaha…

I’m beginning to be more attached to MeowMeow after Simba’s death. She is very manja manja and yang orr to me. Often rolling here and there whenever she sees me and let me sayang her belly.


Last few movies of 2007


The Golden Compass

National Treasure

I am Legend

Enchanted was the BEST!



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