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Friday, April 02, 2010

Wedding Services FAQ Part I


This post is dedicated to all who emailed me, left me private messages on forums or dropped me comments/tags with regards to services engaged for my wedding.

I know I've been saying since last year that I might be doing a one stop post for all to refer to. I recently discovered that my wedding tag link which could be clicked from the side bar doesn't display all the posts which were tagged under "wedding" and hence rather difficult to navigate. So here's part 1 of the post as promised and I hope you would find it useful in your wedding preparation.

If you like what you see on the snippets, click on the hyperlinks to lead you to my past entries. Posts will open in a new window.

Lots of FAQ have already been answered in the comments section but if you have further queries, you can still drop me a comment and I'll try my best to answer them.


~*Bridal Studio -- Whitelink*~

Coordinator: Jimmy
Gowns: Doris
Make Up Artist (MUA): Sammi
Photogapher (PG): Vincent

My reviews of Whitelink spans across a few posts and I'll cosolidate all the posts here.

*Trial make up
You can view more pictures of my trial make up.
You can read write ups on my trial make up and reviews on my MUA Sammi.


*Photoshoot Day... behind the scenes
You can view more pictures of my make up and details on my self-designed evening gown.
You can read write ups on how not to overspend on topping up for photos as well as write ups on the make up and styling.


*Photos for the Whitelink album
You can view pictures of the photos sans layout editing.
You can read write ups on the locations we chose for our ps.


*Whitelink album
You can view all the photos from our wedding album.







The most frequently asked questions would be the locations of the outdoor shoots.

The long tree branch and lallang-like grass is somewhere near Punggol beach which had a forest fire sometime in February 2009. The razed trees and grass gave an autumn feel. But of couse the photo with kh and me on the far ends on the lallang field had been edited for the grass to be orange.

We were fortunate that there was lallang-like grass growing abundantly too for our photographer said they weren’t there when he recced the place a few days before. I know of a few people who feedback saying the lallang weren't there anymore when they went there.

The lallang grass may not always be there but the tree branch definitely will. =)

The dilapidated house is located in Jalan Kayu and that area had since been closed down.

All the jumping and twirling shots were indeed us in action. Nothing's been superimposed.


~*Wedding Bands -- Ling Jewellery*~

*When we first set our eyes on that beautiful pair
You can read write ups on the description of the band and excellent service by Ling.

You can view pictures of the rings.

The roman inspired design goes very well with my tiffany's engagement ring worn on the same finger.


~*Shoes -- Anna Nucci*~

Anna Nucci carries lots of designs with bling bling and it's really affordable. Highest priced shoes there are $100+. All crystals are hand-sewn. I got my pair from the outlet at Far East Paza.

I'm not a heels person at all and most of my shoes can't be more than 2.5 inches or I would suffer from all kinds of feet and back problems.

My pair from Anna Nucci are really comfortable. Even though the heels are quite high (5 inches I think), I managed to walk in them quite comfortably for the whole photoshoot and actual day.


~*Nails-- Nailz Niche/ Nailz Korea*~

My bridal nails are those made-to-order resusable stick ons. Very strong double-sided adhsive is used instead of glue (which would harm the nail bed). The toe nails were painted with nail art included to match the fingernails.

The shop used to be located at:
Blk 744, #01-189,
Yishun Street 72

However, I recently received an sms informing of their relocation to Square 2 (above Novena MRT).

The service there is excellent. They are not pushy in badgering you to sign packages like what most nail salons do. However, I signed anyway coz I liked their service and didn't mind doing my nails there every now and then. A pity they moved. It's no good for me but good for those who don't stay in the north as it's more centralised now.


~*Solemnizer/ Justice of Peace (JP)
-- Dr Phua Tan Tee*~

Dr Phua Tan Tee
National Environment Agency (NEA)
DID: +65 6731-9575
Fax: +65 6731-9585

We had Dr Phua Tan Tee to grace our solemnization. He's by far the best solemnizer ever! I'm saying this not just because he was our JP. At such an age, I've attended quite a number of solemnization and I could tell how wonderful he is in comparison to the rest. While all the other popular JP have got at least a bad review on forums, Dr Phua has got none except maybe for being a little long-winded. However, most of the couples on the forum had no issue with that. Likewise, our family and friends had no problem with that and were deeply entertained by his speech.

Our experience:

Dr Phua was slightly late due to a jam. Kh was frantic at that time as Dr Phua does not give his hp number out and there was no way we could contact him. Reading from the forum about how Dr Phua would never forget to grace an event, I told kh not to worry too much.

When he arrived, he apologised and promptly went through with us certain procedure.

Still nervous even as we were seated, he asked us softly how we were feeling. He calmed us down by telling us not to worry and that he would guide us along the way. He also asked which language we would prefer to conduct the ceremony in.

He really did calm our nerves down with his humorous antics and wit. He's effectively "trilingual" and translated some parts of his speech in teochew and hokkien for our elders. That was really thoughtful of him.

We were actually very nervous as we kept forgetting our vows. Dr Phua had reminded us over email to memorise them.

Upon hearing that we might forget our lines, he assured us not to worry. With that, he took out 2 slips of paper with the vows printed and advised us to read from there should we forget the lines.

Peals of laughter filled the whole function room throughout the process and many came up to us to tell us how wonderful he is.

After the event, Dr Phua told me, "If kh bullies you, remember to call me. I will help you to scold him coz he already promise to take care of you."

That invited more laughter to those around us.

We as well as both sets of parents really like him a lot. I strongly recommend Dr Phua for any interested soon-to-wed couple.

You can read more reviews on Dr Phua on sgbrides forum at these 2 threads:
JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee
Wonderful & 'Bagus' Solemniser

Points to note when looking for a JP:

Everyone of us have our own criteria to look for in a JP and what I seek for may not be what you have in mind.

Gender of JP, looks, language proficiency, religion, solemn or humorous etc are what you should consider while searching. After all, you would want your solemnization to be memorable in the way that you want.

I actually listed down a few which matched what I was looking for and jotted down notes in my little wedding notebook. Putting stars or striking some off along the way.

For me, looks is the most important factor. I was trawling the forum for fatherly or grandfatherly-looking JPs. Reading threads after threads of the various JPs and calling three who matched the fatherly and grandfatherly looked. Alas all of them were occupied.

Dejected, I continued my search when I stumbled onto a photo of Dr Phua with a member asking, "Anyone knows who this JP is?"

When I saw the photo, I knew I wanted this JP.

From there, I read up about Dr Phua, was pleased with what I had read so far and dropped him an email.

The common advice is to contact the JP 3 months prior to your ROM. I was a little late, contacting my JP exactly a month before our wedding as we met up with many glitches during our wedding prep. Hence, I was really not expecting that such a popular JP like Dr Phua would be free to grace our ceremony.

Imagine my joy when I received a positive reply on the very same day I emailed. My hazard guess would be coz our wedding was in July, not a very popular month and on a Friday. He was actually fully booked from October to December weekends at that time I called so you can imagine how many kiasu couples actually call way in advance.

So remember, do your homework early and call or email your JP 3 months in advance.

For Dr Phua, all instructions were given clearly over the email. We need not meet up with him. I know that for some JP, they would arrange to meet the couple prior to the wedding.

A few days prior to the event, remember to remind your JP again. I've heard horrible stories of JP forgetting about the event so you've got to be doubly sure.

On the day itself, remember to give your JP an ang pow after the event and invite him to stay for dinner for formality sake. Most likely, JPs would not stay as they may have other solemnization to conduct especially during the weekends.

[Photos in solemnization section taken by Gideon]


Part 2 coming up... I'll be writing on our banquet hotel, photography, videography... hmm what else? I can't think of any at the moment, if you have any requests, drop me a note.

DISCLAIMER: All Whitelink photos and actual day photos taken by my wedding photographer, Gideon, have not been edited by me in any way (no collages, no watermarking, no borders) except for resizing. Please do not use my photos. THANK YOU! =)


  1. beautiful!!! omg :) so many people my age (23-25) are getting married! it's crazy :)

    i loveeeee the pictures! you made a beautiful bride! your hubby is lucky to have you :)

  2. Amy,

    Aww... thanx for your lovely comments always. You're such a sweetie. I'll make sure the hubby sees your message. *LOL*

    I actually love getting married young and be a young mummy back then. But I'm glad that we took things slowly and now I'm enjoying whatever couplehood right now before a little one comes along. There's still a lot more to do than for a huge commitment. ;)

    How about you? What is your ideal or desired age to get married?

  3. projectvee,

    Thanx for dropping by. =)

    On your recent post, I know vaseline can be used for almost anything but I never expected it to be a MU remover! Was it oily on you?

  4. Thanks hun!
    You are so lucky!
    I wish there was a Sasa store here in Toronto :(

    And omg your wedding pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!
    You are so pretty and you and your husband look very very cute together!!!

  5. im such a sucker for wedding events.. makes me just wanna get married THIS quick !

    i love the makeup very much !

    michelle || glisters and blisters

  6. Thanks for sharing :) My wedding bands are from Ling Jewellery as well.

  7. Ally,

    Probably you can get a group of frenz to spree fom or join some forums sprees. =)

    And thanx for your lovely comments my dear. I'll let my hubby know too. Cya around.

  8. Michelle,

    Thanx for the lovely comment. Haha... I'm a sucker too. I enjoy looking at wedding stuff. Even when my own wedding is over I'm still helping out with friends' and dispensing sound advice.

  9. citrella,

    Really? That's great! Why did you think of gettng from there? Is it through magazines or recommendations or were you drawn by her lovely designs? Do share photos of your rings. I'll snoop around your blog. I hope you find Ling an affable lady too. She's just so sweet.

    BTW, congrats! When's your big day?

  10. hey hey Jolene :)

    I read many good reviews about Ling Jewellery and I went down. My sis's one is from Fairy's Inc but I signed with Ling Jewellery. Hehe.

    I will post more of my wedding stuff later on after my photoshoot which is in May.

    Thanks. My ROM is 4 Nov and AD is 5 Nov 2010.

    Add me at fbook please?

  11. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm getting Vincent as photographer too. How is he like? Does he tell you how to pose etc? Can you share about your experience with him during the photoshoot? I'm not good at posing and I'm worried. Thank you!

  12. citrella,

    Ok I'll be waiting for your post. =D I'm a sucker for weddings. I love looking at wedding photos, love looking at gowns, rings and all things pretty.

    Sure! I'll add you on FB when I log on. Oh no, I just realised I approved your comment. Do you mind your email @ displayed here? If so, I'll remove your comment.

  13. anon,

    It's strange. I can see your comment notification on my email and on the blogger comment page but not on my blog post.

    Congrats on your impending wedding!

    As for Vincent, ok I shall be using lots of singlish to describe him. He's a super funny and a little "kwai lan" kinda "ah beng". He alwiz likes to disturb us in a fren-fren manner. Always suaning us and making us laugh. We also suan him back machiam old frenz.

    He will give us advice on how to pose esp for the indoor shots. But many a times when we were playing with the props, he would capture us candidly or an idea would pop and he'll tell us to replay the scene or modify a little. We had a good mix of posed and candid shots and I like how he always captured our happiness.

    Remember to enjoy yourselves during the photoshoot coz the emotions will show in the photos. The outdoor shoot was really hot and humid and we were perspiring like mad but still, we had fun. Of coz the drips of perspiration and countless mosquitoes were photoshopped away. The WL staff will give you a list of tings to bring and look out for before the PS.

    Hope this helps! =)

  14. Thank you Jolene for your reply. That's very detailed!

  15. I love the pictures.. they are beautiful!

    xoxo, Thn - A Step Into My World

  16. Minnie Mouse??? LOL* oh jo, you are so right. i didnt even think of that until you mentioned it.

    Love your wedding photos! you look beautiful!!! and i love the combination of your rings. i wonder what mine will look like when ...IF i ever get married. =P

  17. anon,

    Hi. No problem. Maybe next time you can leave a pseudonym so that I'll know who are. All the best for your PS. Enjoy yourself! =)

  18. Thu Hien Nguyen,

    Thanx for dropping by and for the comment. =)

  19. misscindee,

    Thanx "Minnie Mouse". *LOL*

    I've this blink 2 seconds thought that you, being so creative, would design your own ring! ;)

  20. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance:

    13 Apr 10, 16:55
    elaine73: Hi hi jo!! Its me sugarsweet heheh congrats on getting married! I'll link u up ok!

    14 Apr 10, 11:17
    Jo to elaine73: Hey elaine! Surprised to see you here. Okie sure no probz. Will also link u up when I dabble with my template.


    16 Apr 10, 21:47
    Jas: Hello babe. I admit I keep coming back here for new updates and can't wait to see the rest of the wedding. I am going to be jie mei soon for my best friend. Will part 2 include the sabo games?
    16 Apr 10, 21:49
    Jas: I will be the main bridemaid. I'm nervous as I haven't done so before. Oh Im the earlier 'Curious' just fyi.

    20 Apr 10, 00:58
    Jo to Jas: Hi Jas, oops sorry for the delay. Part 2 includes write up on the hotel so far fr what I can see in my draft. Had initially wanted to include PG & VG svc too. But I got too caught up with other stuff.
    20 Apr 10, 01:00
    Jo to Jas: Impt thing to note for sabo games would be to discuss w e bride the extent she & hubby is willing to go before planning the games I feel. Great that u left a name!

    23 Apr 10, 22:25
    Jas: Thanks Jo for sharing. I understand you are busy. No problem. Your hotel seems like a really good place to hold a wedding.

    24 Apr 10, 01:27
    Jo to Jas: You're most welcome! Sorry I wasn't of much help.


  21. Hi! I was looking for JP and came across your blog. May I know what is Dr Phua's style? Does the couple just need to say 'I Do', or do they need to read out the phrase?


    1. Hi Anon, I've actually wrote about Dr Phua's style in this post itself.

      "We were actually very nervous as we kept forgetting our vows. Dr Phua had reminded us over email to memorise them. Upon hearing that we might forget our lines, he assured us not to worry. With that, he took out 2 slips of paper with the vows printed and advised us to read from there should we forget the lines."

      So yup, the couple would have to read out the vows on top of saying "I do". Hope this helps. =)


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