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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Night WE Lost MY Camera

It doesn’t matter who was the one who lose it, let’s just say we all lost it together.

I really don’t know how to describe my feelings now. I’m not upset or depressed but I'm feeling very lost and empty, like a part of me is gone. It’s not the camera, it’s the photos! My friends felt the loss too. We were happily painting the town red on Halloween Saturday but by the time we got home, we all fell silent.

On top of that, I came down with major sick: Headache, nauseous, queasy tummy, a lil cough and runny nose. On MC today… Doc said I might be catching the flu bug but me thinks it had to be part of the losing-my-lumix withdrawal symptoms.

Feeling so sian… I hope MOS gets back to us on Wednesday but I doubt there are any honest people in the world. SIGH… Even our photos taken by the photographer there were taken away by other people. I was searching my blog for last year’s Halloween photos to reminisce and damn… I used Putfile to upload my pics and now they are all gone too.

Off to teach my favourite tuitee now. That cute boy really cheers me up even when he’s so mischievous.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Which Background To Choose?

I wanna change my blog background and was experimenting with the different colour combination. I still like the sandy beige as the main body but it’s rather difficult to match that sandy colour with so many background colours which I like. =(

The earthy look, the classic look and the soft and simple look all do not seem to match the sandy beige. Also, my choices are limited as I need a colour dark enough to cover the ugly brown border wrapping the main body.

[Click to enlarge]

The default template -- Original Brown

Soft & Light Maple Leaves

Does the whole combi look very washed out?

Striped Mauve

Mauve doesn’t really go with sand.

Classic Victorian Wallpaper Beige

This alone with white main body and roses surrounding it looked simply fabulous. But it seems to blend into the main body.

Stone Grey

Looks fine, save for the ugly brown border.

Rockstone Deep Purple

Looks royal and dark enough to cover the brown border.

Chocolate Brown with leaves imprints

I finally settled for this. It matches the sand. It camouflages the brown border. It looks the best. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people could tell the difference. URGH!

I'm also trying to increase the width for the main body but try as I might to play around with the html codes, I can't get it. SIGH... It's like so much space being wasted at the sides.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I is proud to be a SINGARPORE lang

Talking Cock in Parliament by Hossan Leong

Must see video! I watch and qio ga peng. Sibei ho qio la!!! Hossan Leong sud sud leh… He neatly summarised Singapore’s history into this song. He hor, make me proud to be a Singaporlian leh. I can really identify myself as a SINGARPORE lang in this song lor.

The ORGINIRAL song is Billy Joel de “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Billy Joel oso damn sud sud leh. He can hor… put 120 well known history like events, people and happenings into this song leh. And he rap till veli the powderfool siah! Wah I remember I primary skool hear this song, find the tune damn nice and catchy but dunno it’s about history.

You wanna know more about this song hor, can go to Wikipedia and type "We Didn't Start the Fire" . Huh? Wikipedia oso dunno meh? Eh, Singapore veli the popular in Wikipedia ok? Dun pray pray ah.

The person who do this video also very sud sud. Must be history major. I leh? Nothing sud sud. Only speak Singlish sud sud.

Aiyah mai tu liao la. Enjoy this video and improve on your history too.

We Didn’t Start the Fire


Long weekend Holiday and Off day 3 days in a row.

On Saturday…
I haven’t like really gone out with my family for quite some time. It’s sad how we only gather on special occasions and I’m talking about my immediate family here. I’m partly to blame too coz of my working schedule and my attitude. Deepavali Saturday was also my er jie’s birthday and the whole family was at home on a not-so-hazy Saturday morning. My mum roused me up from my deep slumber, saying that we could all go for breakfast as a family.

I was actually very snappy and grumpy when I was awoken. Like a petulant child, I griped that I’m insomniac and whenever I have the opportunity to wake up w/o an alarm clock the next day, I would make full use of it. I was also muttering about going ahead without me and buying back some food for me. Needless to say, my mum shot back at me and so the next thing I know, I was at the coffeeshop downstairs with the whole family.

I spent the day watching videos on youtube and cartoons on tv. Then, my er jie treated us to Sakae for dinner as it was her birthday. It was one of the rare times that my parents need not rush through dinner to go for their dance lesson. Each time we have dinner as a family, we would be rushing through the meal as somebody would always be in a hurry to rush off somewhere. This time, we could all eat leisurely and chat merrily. After that, da jie went off for a movie while the rest of us started shopping.

City Chain was having a mega sale.

Er jie was deciding between these 2 seikos at 20% off…

while I was deciding which colour to choose for the Sovil Titus bracelet-watch at 60% off.

In the end, she got a silver Sovil Titus one which looked almost like the silver Seiko one at a much lower price, while I got the purple face one. So cheap!!! Original price was $369 but I got it at $135. Yay… I got new metallic watch liao.

On Monday…
4 different groups of friends sms-ed me on Sunday asking to meet up for dinner. However, when I replied that I can only meet up for supper after work, everybody bo3 hiu4 me! In the end, Ems managed to arrange a ktv session after dinner. Yay!

At Party World, it was an informal Retro night. We were all singing songs which were very popular while we were in Primary school. Jeff Wang Jie, Aaron Kwok with floppy hair, Vivian Chow etc.

Jimmy crack corn

AH? What was this?

Up Up tai2 qi3 tou3

Bie2 wen4 wo3 shi4 shui2

I realise dui ni ai ai ai bu wan is in sd’s cam. Will upload it soon.

Then, I went to find kh and his friends at Kbox.

Sweetie flor and me

I forgot what we were talking about, then flor mentioned about my blog and some entries in a very matter-of-fact tone. I was like so puzzled how she got my blog url. It turned out that the world is so small. We are linked through Justin’s blog.

Me and toot toot hair kh

kh n jeff being touchy feely

Jeff is a damn funny guy. Full of funny actions and words and such a great singer too.

Jeff the natural comedian

hanky panky-ing around

Ménage à trois

The Singapore F4

I got this from Flor... Since she has already uploaded it on youtube, kh can’t scold me for putting it on my blog. =) It’s a little dark but still, the actions are visible.

On Tuesday…
(To be updated with photos)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ichiban Boshi at Wisma with the HH Babes

The gang across the table

The gang on this side

My food

The cold soba wasn’t that delicious. The texture was so wrong. It’s like overcooked soggy soba. Everything else was fine.

hs' food

I don’t know how she always manages to use my cam to snap pictures of her food without my knowledge.

The feast

Guess what? We each paid $2.50 for our meals! Haha nope Ichiban Boshi wasn’t having some kind of promotion. Lalala…

Before we go “Itadakimasu!”

After the satisfying meal

Once again, I feel so much like myself when I’m with this bunch of ex colleagues. I can just speak my mind about anything and I can speak Mandarin without anyone laughing at me. It feels so good to be able to speak without any barrier, be it physical, cultural or linguistic.

Em, hs and I met up for drinks and chat after we bade the rest goodbye. We are all doing relatively well in our current companies and as much as we can’t find colleagues such as those in our previous co, we were still glad that we had left that place. To the rest of you, gambatte ne! "Image" that every term would be better.

The "Three Sisters" as how wy termed us when we left the co together


Packing Photographs

Last week, I burnt a hole in my, I mean, kh’s pocket buying some photo albums. He was late for our movie so I made him pay for my bookshop shopping. =)

I think this is such a nice scrapbook-looking album to house all my buddies’ photos.

The cover page reads “Sisterly friends”. That means that those buddies have to be my gal friends! From now, those good guy friends can jolly well be my jie meis too, so I can stash those photos in as well. =P

I packed my tangible photos so that I would have space to put those digital photos which I’m gonna develop soon from year 2002 till now. I need another drawer manz.



Finally, all classified and labelled painstakingly into the various envelopes. However, I realised I've made a mistake. I classified them according to the different groups of friends. I should have done them chronologically in different phases of my life instead. *SIGHz* must repack again when I’m free.


Princess Hours is the next tsunami from Korea that has swept Asia since Da Chang Jin and My Lovely Samsoon. However, this box has been sitting on the living room table for weeks and nobody in my family has started watching it.

I think the box is really cute and princessy. Maybe I’ll find some time to watch it. People around me have been telling me that it is better than the other 2 dramas.

Some funny pictures from hy...

I love this… *SmirkS*

This reminds me of tiff and her date [inside joke] and so I’m dedicating this picture to you, gal! =)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Forest Burning in Indonesia; Lanterns Burning in Singapore

My first zhong qiu jie with kh in sg and my 1st time at Chinese Garden.

On the eve…  Posted by Picasa

Only a few shots taken before my camera battery died. Such a waste!

On the night and the morning after...

It was a hazy Mid Autumn Festival. We added more to the PSI index.

Yishun bus interchange was blanketed with haze. Can’t seem to capture the haze on camera.  Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

At Nee Soon Park
 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

[Are you all able to see the full length for these 2 photos? The bottoms are severed on my screen and I can’t rectify it.]

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa


Of Headaches and (Ab)normal appetites

Recently, I have been suffering from a bout of headaches and migraines. My head hurt till I wanna puke. I hate that feeling. I also started taking Panadol more often, something which I’ve been curbing for quite some time. Hope to find a natural remedy soon.

On a happier note, MY APPETITE HAS COME BACK TO NORMAL! Ever since I started this new job, I eat at very weird timings and could survive very well with 2 meals a day. People around me started saying that I’m skinny again. Even those people who know me very well and know that I ABSOLUTELY DETEST people saying that I’m skinny, could not help but enquire about my health. So imagine my joy when the worms in my intestines started working their asses off again.

Last Thursday, I ate 2 bowls of rice for lunch. My bowls at home aren’t the size of those petite traditional Chinese bowls.

During tuition, I felt so hungry. Luckily, my tuitee’s grandma came in with sweet potato ginger soup. There were 5 big wedges of sweet potato and I finished them all, thinking that I could survive the next hour till I meet kh.

When I got home, I was so hungry and so yearning for my mum’s home-cooked food that I ate another 2 bowls of rice.

Before I met kh, I thought of going Popular to stock up on some stationeries and waited 45 F***ing minutes for my feeder bus. I was so pissed off when I reached the entrance of Popular at 9.02pm with half the shutters down. I pleaded with the guy there to let me in but he was just as insistent as I was. I was fuming mad about the wasted trip that I stormed into Long John’s to buy their black pepper fish meal.

In the car, I was tucking into the fish like a yao kwee full of rage and hunger. Kh usually do not allow me to eat in his car as I tend to drop pieces of food all over. That night, he let me have my way.

After the Chinese Garden visit, we went for supper, only that I wasn’t the one eating. I wasn’t hungry then. I ordered takeaway zhu chao for my family and when I got home, I ate half the packet of Hokkien mee.

I really have worms in my intestines.  Posted by Picasa


Powerful Vocals

Ignore the title. Jane Zhang hails from China.

I got this from Justin’s blog and for the past few weeks, I’ll open this youtube window just to listen to her sing while I go about doing my own stuff.

Titled “Loving You”, I love this song very much. Original singer is Minnie Rippleton but I feel Jane’s style of delivering this song packs a powerful punch.

Whenever I listen to this song on radio, I would remember this e-card that one of my buddies sent me. It’s called Bugging You. It puts a smile on my face. I hope it puts a smile on yours too. =)


I wanna change my blog template. I can't find any nice ones.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

“Wah… Your life very happening hor?”

Is it? No leh, I don’t think so. Work so hard so must also play very hard and let down my hair once in a while mah.

Of late, when I meet up with different groups of friends virtually and in the flesh, they would remark that my life seems very fun-filled and happening and that my friends are a very cool and fun bunch.

Next, they would ask me why I haven’t been updating for so long.

Being busy is always the first excuse… oops reason. It is tough to even find a common free time for all members of my family to gather and celebrate my dad’s and sister’s birthday which was a week ago. Plans made have to be changed unintentionally. Moreover recently, my trusty pink Lumix had not been by my side for me to go trigger happy. I love carrying my camera everywhere, whipping it out to capture that fleeting moment.

Wedding Fair
Before I continue, let me make it clear first that there would be no wedding bells ringing for me anytime soon.

I forgot to bring my camera for this event, or rather, because I thought this was an exclusive invite to a fashion show and assuming no cameras would be allowed, I left mine at home. I really regret it! Without pictures, I find it very tough to write about an event as my commentaries always revolve around photos. =)

Two Sundays ago, kh and I attended this wedding fair, thinking it was merely an invite to a fashion show showcasing bridal suits and gowns. It was a biannual event and so I don’t care 3 7 21 (bu4 guan3 san1 qi1 er2 shi2 yi1) and went to apply for half day time-off. I was excited, thinking I could add a lot more designs to the gowns I’ve already had in mind. When we reached Grand Copthorne, we were quite surprised that it was a whole wedding fair with the fashion show as only part of it. We were like so blur when people started asking us when our wedding date was, how many guests we were inviting, the places we had in mind to hold our wedding etc. Soon after, quick-thinking us started tackling these questions by replying everyone that we were really clueless (that’s the truth), we have no set dates for everything yet and so we were there to find out more about restaurants, hotels, packages as everything was under one roof. In that way, we wouldn’t look so stumped for words and out of place.

They featured many dresses and gowns: traditional, modern, edgy, cutesy, fun, sophisticated… You name it, they have it. I must reiterate the fact that I really regretted not bringing my camera!

Jiak Liao Bee’s Birthday
Snapshots from Jiak Liao Bee’s birthday…

The 4 of us that night.

Somebody has been absent for so long and is soon to be ousted from the bimbo club liao… Hehe… We better hang out together for Halloween!!!

Us with the birthday boy

Group shot

The number thing again

I think tiff and Jiak Liao Bee’s buddy look very compatible...

geral is in the background trying to zou4 luan3 (Hokkien for create a nuisance) HAHA

See compatible rite?

I don’t watch tv but apparently he had been on some tv program before. Don’t know if anyone recognises him.

The guyz

My Hollister humour top which only my mum and my bimbo sistas bothered trying to read the words on it.


Arabian Nights
One of geral’s friend had this lobang to a private party with the theme Arabian nights. It appeared that her friend used to be my primary 4 classmate too. We wouldn’t even have known save for the fact that geral said he was from the same primary school and I vaguely remembered his name as being one of the jokers in my P4 class. When we met, we could not even recognise each other. Let’s call him by his initials LC.

Before this party, all we could gather from LC was that his classmate, who is an exchange student from Germany was throwing a private party at his place and he was asked to invite some local gals, to quote geral’s words “SPG” (WTF?!). Hence, although gain for fun, we were quite wary of this whole thing. We were thinking that ang mo party must be really wild; full of booze and dope and MO, abbreviated by tiff from the term “mass orgy”. Then, LC told us to check out the website for more info. I was like “Huh? What kinda party is this to even have a website???!!!”

So, we went to check this site out and luckily it seems quite harmless. We decided to try as far as possible to deck ourselves in some Arabian gear just to fit into the mood. I had nothing Arabian in my closet but a pair of Ali Baba pants and cling clang bangles bought eons ago in Little India.

The party really was harmless to the extent that it was a little boring. Luckily, xtina, xtine and I were late. By the time we arrived, it was close to 1am. We were the only Chinese Singaporeans there! It is indeed a godsend that we bimbo sistas are good at amusing ourselves and as long as we hang out together, a venue or an event will never turn out boring.

As we made our way through the different parts of the house, we heard snippets of “How long have you been in Singapore?”, “3 months”, “2 weeks”, “Here on internship”, “Exchange student” etc. Boy, the people there are all temporary migrants! And most of them are younger than us!

The “bar” located in one of the rooms.

Simply VILE but we didn’t really consume much. We were so silly as to not make use of all the free booze, instead, choosing to sip red wine from plastic cups. Whatever we had wanted were all empty too. Tough luck!


I really like talking to Germans. They have a good command of English and their accents are easy on the ears. We had a hard time trying to understand this French. But for a French to speak English like him was really a mean feat. Most French do not or even if they know, dislike speaking English. I shan’t be mean and make fun of anybody. *Looks at sistas and laughs knowingly*

Sit back and enjoy the photos…

Top L: xtina contorting her face.
Top R: We tried our best to save tiff by asking her to join us in the shots but she didn’t know how to save herself.
Bottom L: Max, the host and LC joined in.
Bottom R: A Denmark gal joined in and this time we managed to get tiff and French man (boy) in the shot as well.

We taught the ang mos the number thing, telling them it’s those cutesy kinda Asian pose and they gladly posed.

The first two photos were taken by “zi4 ji3 ren2”. See how well they turned out. All centralised and stuff.
Next two were taken by ang mos. Check out the last one with half of LC’s face cut off. After the last shot was taken, the ang mo was like “OK! Great shot!” and we were greeted by this on the screen.

Let’s learn addition + 1 together…

From the shots, it looks like geral and max were dancing the Tango.

Angled shots are paparazzi’s good friends. They serve to create rumours from false perspective. The following shots were taken by xtina paparazzi.

An illicit love affair.

OOoohhh!!! They kissed.

Ok la on closer inspection, it does not look like anything. But it creates that “For a moment there, I thought I saw…” kinda effect.

The origin of the phrase “had a ball of a time”.

Funny faces

Geral and I say…

“Pay us to advertise for Corona.”

Does anyone remember me saying that I dyed my hair a darker shade? Look how much the colour has faded. It is freaking golden all over again!

We finally found somebody older than us but he refused to admit he is old so he had to act cute.

I am 26 years young.

Daniel is a German too. With no heavy accent, he is a great person to talk to.

He thought he looked ugly with the Arab head gear.

Parting group shots

Oh yes, before the Arabian Nights party, I went to my cousin’s housewarming. And the best part of the house was the soundproof room.

It is viewable through a large glass panel in the living-cum-dining room as a pseudo bar lined itself just along the window. Cool! Seems like it is heaven for my little cousins.

Acknowledgement to my er jie for helping me with the photos last night. She forbade me to download Picasa and all other blogging programs and so I coerced her into teaching me some Photoshop skills. It turned out that she was practically helping me to do all these collage, filmstrip effect and speech bubbles. She could do them so quickly. I would have taken 2 whole days to do them… IF I were to do them. Haha and bless her that she managed to snag that job at Mediacorp. With the huge jump in pay and all, she must have been in a good mood. We scratched each other’s back. I lent her my resume and resignation letter and help her with language and sentence construction while she helped me with all her technical know-how. It’s a win-win situation. =)


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