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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saying Goodbye to 2016

2016 is a year of major ups, many major downs and many little bumps here and there. I have been meaning to write the last blog entry for 2016 here yet as I'm typing this, I still don't have a conceptual idea of what I am comfortable to share here.

A good friend told me she feels that blogging has always been a part of me and that I might feel better being bold enough to write out my feelings. She is one of the only two persons in my life who completely understands and empathizes with whatever downs I've been going through. Looking at the total number of posts written in 2016 as opposed to all the years past, I realized just how much I've been neglecting this space.

It also dawned on me that:

1. I've always been able to remember events of my life well because writing jolts my memory. I feel upset that I've not been able to document on this space the many events and travels that I hold dear memories to. And when I want to recall those events, I don't have anything to read and look back on.

2. I've learned to be thankful and appreciate all the good things that happen to me because I write them down and seal them on virtual space. I could always have something for me to read back on and smile.

3. I keep my sanity because I express myself here. Even if I don't share 100% of what I feel here, it helps a lot in decluttering my mind and cleansing my heart.

The 3 major ups of 2016 to be thankful for are that hubby and I finally moved into our new home, we have gotten a cat and I donated blood for the first time.

While my in-laws are great people to live with, I have always dreamed of having our own home. The room in my in-laws place was getting a little too cluttered. I feel pent up living in that space. Most of the items in the room are mine and I badly need a new space for me declutter my stuff. Hubby can totally vouch that ever since we moved to our new home, my OCD nature sky rocketed that it is quite abnormal for my usually creative and free-spirited self (also read as untidy) to be like this.

On my sweet little cat Miyo, OMG. I really don't know where to start. Anybody who follows me on Facebook and Instagram would know how Miyo is my everything now. She is the happiest thing that happened to me this year. The Hubz isn't a cat person at all so when he finally allowed me to get a cat in our new home, I was ecstatic. Miyo has also crawled her way into his heart and it is really sweet to see how much he loves her.

I also donated blood for the first time. It may seem like something small to frequent blood donors but it is a significant milestone for me as I've always been under the weight limit to donate blood. This year, I've not only reached the weight limit but was over it by a few kgs to actually donate the bigger pack too. That means I grew fat but I could save more life with those extra weight.

As for the major downs and many little bumps, we could say that it is a year of many many medical bills and a few hefty ones too. (Not gonna share everything here.) I also felt like whatever I embarked on doing would always be met with stumbling blocks.

I was on to a healthy lifestyle. I signed up for membership with a yoga studio and also started going to the office gym with colleagues more often. And then I injured my knee when I tore my ACL in a stupid accident. That really put me in an emo state for quite a while. Why did it have to happen just when I was in the highs of wanting and having a more active and healthy lifestyle?

For many periods in the year and last, I was also on certain medications which made me put on weight. Coupled with the lack of exercise, I grew the fattest I ever did in my life. I could not fit into many of my usual tailored work dresses and even burst the seams of 2 of them. I look significantly fatter than my usual in photos that friends who have not seen me for a while would ask if I'm expecting. Even relatives who did not see me for a long time asked me the same questions. They are just harmless words but deep down inside, my heart was bleeding even as I was smiling on the outside and making fat jokes and pregnancy jokes about myself.

I was feeling down in the dumps most of the times and I lost my usual mental capability while at it. It affected the way I functioned and even the way I interacted with people. I am just not that much the person I am. I'm not the good wife, I'm not the good friend. I'm not the good daughter. I'm not the good worker. I'm just not good. I am out of sorts. I lack initiative. I feel really lousy most of the times. I'm also easily upset by minor things and little actions by people.

For some periods of time this year whenever people talk about future events, I would be indifferent because in my mind I would be thinking that I would no longer be in this world.

It is a strange thought really. I don't know how to explain and no normal person would understand this. I don't think about dying. I'm not suicidal. I just feel like I would be dissipating slowly and no longer in existence so there is no part for me to play in future events.

"It's the hormones! It's not you. You are not like this." the same good friend I mentioned in this post assured me. I really wished I could blame everything on the hormones. But I know that I have to control my mind too. Coz you know, the mind is a powerful tool.

I read up a lot on the feelings and symptoms I've been experiencing and they all pointed to depression. Depression? ME???

Hey why not? If you read up on depression, you would discover just how easy it is to be diagnosed as depressed in this modern world.

I watched TED videos and read up on how to cope with depression. It also felt good to know that there are smiley people out there who are also battling depression. You wouldn't have known it if they hadn't shared about it. Being in connection with similar people really helped a lot. However there are times when things I practise would only work for a while and when they no longer work, I allow myself a period of wallowing before I pick myself up again and act normal again. Sometimes the masks keep piling up each time it is time to go onto the stage that I have to keep acting and smiling and entertaining for long periods until the curtains fall and then I peel off the many layers of masks and cry a river.

Just like now...

which kinda makes me feel better.

Friends, random people and little serendipity in life always help to rein me in a little too.

For 2017, I will:

Try very hard to keep my mind in check and let go of what I can't control.

Undergo deep healing of the mind, body and soul.

Cut myself some slack on the many expectations I put upon myself.

Practise yoga and exercise regularly.

Blog more often even if it means documenting events I hold dear to from a few years back just so that I have something to read back on and smile.

Count my blessings.

Fill my heart with love and positivism.

Release things that cause negative attachment.

Let go of poisonous past and live the abundantly beautiful present!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Instagram Snapshots ~*July, August, September 2016*~

The late blogging cycle continues doesn't it? I badly want to blog. I really do. I'm suffering from memory loss of events from when I stopped capturing those memories here on my blog. I am most active on Instagram and Facebook so see all of you there for little spectrum of my life.

Thank you for sharing your experience on Instagram in my last post. I wold get down to replying your comments soon!


~*2 July 2016*~
After 2 days of gastric flu, my ravaged insides are craving all sorts of food now.

My last full meal of the day was on Thursday afternoon with my colleagues.
I had nonya pork chop with rice for mains and we shared the kueh pie tee and steamed otah. The pork chops were the softest and tenderest pork chop I've ever eaten with a light crispy batter that didn't scratch the roof of my mouth. Their kueh pie tee ingredients were fresh with a delectable crisp shell. This is the only kueh pie tee I could put whole into my mouth without choking. It simply crumbles in your mouth bursting with all sorts of spicy, savoury and sweet flavours.
We always term this eatery "the peranakan place" without really knowing what its actual name is. Upon googling, I found out it is called Makko Teck Neo Pineapple Tarts or Teck Neo Nonya Cafe. Located at 35 Telok Blangah Rise, the food is pricey for a cafe under a HDB flat but totally worth going once every few weeks when our craving kicks in.

#nonyafood #peranakanfood #porkchops #kuehpietee #sgfood #eateateat #instafood #yummy #foodie #foodporn #ilovefood

~*6 July 2016*~
I need a cat in my life nao, like right NAO!

Too bad our new home and my old hubby isn't very cat friendly.

This sweetie pie isn't mine. He's Gunnar Scott from @thecatmuseumsg. I love his beautiful stripes on his super soft and smooth semi long fur. I love his innocent little face. So handsome! When we visited The Cat Museum in May, we were told that Gunnar was in the process of being adopted. Awwww... Lucky owners!

#thecatmuseumsg #gunnar #gunnarscott #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #kittensofig #igkitty #stripedcat #meandmycat #iwish #ilovecats #crazycatlady #catcatcat #kittenkindergarten #throwback

~*10 July 2016*~
Happy 7th wedding anniversary my dear hubby! A couple that eats together stays together and grows fat together. May we continue to eat our tummies full till we grow old and fat and check out all the fine dining places on special occasions and burn big holes in your pocket! Wahahahahhaha

#happyanniversary #weddinganniversary #wefie #ilovemyhusband #wakughin #wakughinsingapore #tetsuya #acouplethateatstogetherstaystogether #acouplethateatstogethergetsfattogether #marinabaysands #marinabaysg #mbs

~*16 July 2016*~
It's TGIF so we cheers to Somersby, warm water and girly friendship. 

#somersby #cheers #harrysbar #harrysbarsg #tgif #ilovemyfriends #galpals

~*17 July 2016*~
Look Ma! No wefie stick!

Too many too many longkang fishing photos for today and this is our only group shot. It has been years since we had so much outdoor fun with Cyn and godkids. Gonna miss you all badly. 
@cyngapore @123jaselim 

#ilovemyfamily #myotherfamily #besties #godkids #orto #longkangfishing #wefie

~*17 July 2016*~
Back to the kampong days catching little fishies with small nets and bare hands... In a man-made concrete longkang with fake rocks. Never knew that could be so fun!

#orto #longkangfishing #godkids #ilovemygodkids #ilovemyfamily #kamponglife #manmadenature #fishing

~*17 July 2016*~
Gonna miss you 2 little rascals so much! 

#ilovemyfamily #ilovemygodkids #godkids #cutekids #redandwhite #nationaldaycameearly

~*18 July 2016*~
We went to saga beef heaven with these perfectest beef cubes ever. Ooi Japanese Dining would become one of hubby's favourite Japanese restaurants for omakase.

#ooijapanesedining #japanesecuisine #sagabeef #beefcubes #foodporn #foodie #ilovefood #eateateat #omakase

~*31 July 2016*~
Got myself a new toy after my 5-year-old Canon S95 blur out on me. Back to Panasonic Lumix again. I'm looking forward to more nicely taken photos on my Instagram Coz everything has been iPhone all the way till date. 

#panasoniclumix #panasonicgf7 #iphone6 #sundayfunday #igsg #instamood #instadaily

~*9 August 2016*~
I was on my way to meet my family to watch the National Day Parade together and while waiting at AMK MRT Station just now, I saw that the park in front was full of Pokéstops with lures and it was not within my radius!

So many people are dressed in red and white today. It sure feels like Pokemon Go and National Day is binding the whole Singapore together.

Happy 51st birthday Singapore!

#happybirthdaysingapore #nationalday2016 #ndp2016 #redandwhite #pokemongo #selfie

~*9 August 2016*~
Happy National Day! All of us in red/pink and white from right to left: Yoda, BB8, C3PO, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and Luke Oreo (the cat) blocking R2... Oh, and the humans of course! 

#happybirthdaysingapore #nationalday2016 #ndp2016 #redandwhite #familyportrait

~*10 August 2016*~

Today was the first time I donated blood.

The very first time I attempted to donate blood was when I was 18 years old. I got rejected then as I was below 45 kg. No matter how much I ate, my weight would never go above 43 kg.

It was only from 2 years ago that my weight hit 45 kg and continued skyrocketing upwards. I'm 50 kg today and so what if I've grown so much fatter from before? I could save lives now.
I'm truly amazed at how simple and painless the whole process was. The only pain was during the initial jab and the inserting of needle and that pain was totally negligible. It was akin to any normal prick from blood drawing. I thought that the process of the blood flow and squeezing of the stress ball would cause pain and soreness but nope, nothing at all. I thought that I would feel faint, tired or nauseous after that as I'm pretty prone to such symptoms but nope, nothing at all.
Everything went so smoothly that I'm quite surprised. Do you know that each bag of blood could save 3 lives? After this experience, I know that I would continue to give blood and save lives. How about you?

PS: Isn't the paw print bandage absolutely cute? It's like a mark on the arm to show people "Hey! I've got a cute gaudy paw print bandage because I donated blood." Plus that limited edition army boy stress ball. Good marketing strategy from Health Sciences Authority!

#ProudBloodDonor #HeroBloodDonors #GiveBloodSaveLives #BloodDonation #SingaporeHero #StressBall #GiftOfLife #FirstTime #igsg #sgblogger #pawprint

~*13 August 2016*~

I really like this picture coz when would we ever get to see these four guys all in the same picture proudly holding their Olympic medals?

Today, the whole of Singapore rejoiced (still rejoicing as I'm typing this) because Joseph Schooling has won Singapore our very first gold medal in the Olympics. Yes, this is a mean feat for our tiny little nation. Breaking the Olympic record with a time of 50.39 sec, Joseph beat world champion Chad Le Clos of South Africa, butterfly specialist László Cseh of Hungary and his childhood idol, the legendary Michael Phelps who all tied for silver.

It was indeed a historic sight to see young Joseph standing on the gold podium. It was also a historic moment to witness the 3 legends on the silver podium holding hands like best buddies with wide smiles on their faces.

What really warms the heart is the sportsmanship exhibited throughout the event. Before the medal presentation and after the race, all three swam over to give Joseph congratulatory hugs and hair ruffles like big brothers being truly happy for their little brother. Michael Phelps had nothing but sincere praises for Joseph Schooling and even directed international journalists' attention to the latter. Similarly, Joseph kept emphasizing on how Phelps was his inspiration and that he would never have dreamed of getting this far if not for Phelps.

Just gimme a tissue already, can?
I can't say it better than this post from Mothership which aptly summarizes the Olympic Gold medal ceremony that will live on in Singaporeans' hearts forever:

If you're viewing this on Instagram, clickable link is available on my profile page.

#josephschooling #rio2016 #rioolympics #michaelphelps #sportsmanship #oneteamsg #majulahsingapura #proudtobesingaporean #sg51 #olympics2016 #igsg @josephschooling

~*20 August 2016*~
This is the cutest Scottish Fold boy boy kitten I've ever seen!!! 😍😍😍 His folds are the 2nd degree kind which I personally feel makes him cuter than the usual coveted full fold ones. I don't usually fancy Scottish folds and boy boy cats but OMG, this boy did it! I love his big innocent eyes, his type of grey and his beautiful tabby markings. 
In the background is his sister which is a Scottish straight. She is just as cute too!

#caturday #notmycat #wisheditweremine #scottishfold #scottishfoldcat #tabbycat #greycat #innocentface #ilovecats #catlover #catsofinstagram #igcats

~*27 August 2016*~
This Bún Chả was lovingly prepared by a friend at work for the friends at work. What a yummy Vietnamese lunch with great company on a Saturday. Thanx @bakchormee for inviting us to Kat's Kitchen and for being an awesome host.

#buncha #vietnamesefood #vietnamesecuisine #ilovefood #foodie #foodporn #eateateat #igsg #instagood #instafood

~*13 August 2016*~
Have you been to Singapore's one and only cat museum -- Lion City Kitty The Cat Museum, Muses and Mansion?

It is just the PURRFECT place for cat lovers (and even cat disliker like my hubby). This gem of a place is nestled in a three-floor shophouse space along Purvis Street.

Unlike cat cafes, there are no food and drinks served at Lion City Kitty. Also, instead of paying hefty hourly rate to be in the company of kitties like in cat cafes, you only need to pay $9 for admission fee into the museum (free admission for children under 6 years old). Lion City Kitty is a social enterprise founded by former Gold 90.5FM DJ Jessica Seet as a way to change Singaporeans’ attitude towards the cats we see on our streets as well as to create a genuine interest in them and their kitty heritage. Your $9 would go a long way to helping the kitties there! Indulge in kitty happiness while supporting a good cause.

Read about my experience at The Cat Museum:

#thecatmuseumsg #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #kittensofig #igkitty #ilovecats #crazycatlady #catlover #catcatcat #meow #scrabble #catillustration #sgblogger #igsg

~*31 August 2016*~
Hi humans and kitties, 
I am Miyo the ragamuffin girlgirl. I overheard my human saying she doesn't wanna flood her Instagram account with too many photos of me. So now I haz an Instagram account! Follow me at @miyo_kitty. I will be more famous than my human in a few years' time. As for now, can I haz cheezburger?

#miyokitty #ragamuffin #littlegremlin #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #thedailykitten #catoftheday #catlovers #catsagram #cateye #crazycatlady #catlife #catlove #cutecat #meow #bestmeow #kittycat #catsclub #ilovemycat #catsofig #igsg

~*7 September 2016*~
It's been a month and a week since you all flew off to join Papa. Sealing this memory on social media so Facebook Memories would dig them out next time. 😘 

#ilovemyfamily #myotherfamily #besties #godkids #reminiscing

~*12 September 2016*~
After 2 whole days of neverending unpacking and chores at our new home, this is the first cooked meal of the day by the Hubby. 
We had cheesy garlic butter scrambled eggs, blue cheese, sliced cheese and cherry tomatoes with wholemeal bread. We also had our first coffee with the Nespresso machine.

Hubby said, "Expect chicken thigh pasta for dinner today. Now you wash up while I relak Jack on the sofa and watch TV like what ALL MEN do." 

#firstmealoftheday #firstcookedmealinthenewplace #breakfastonthebalcony #scrambledeggs #bluecheese #yummy

~*13 September 2016*~
It had been a really hectic long weekend of moving. It didn't help when all sorts of pain from gastro, cramps, headache etc came as a package in this hot and humid weather. My only relaxation were the pockets of rest time in between to play with Miyo.
While darling Miyo provided lots of joy and affection, she's an annoying little gremlin too. She meows a lot, like really a lot, constantly seeks attention and loves doing things that she's not supposed to do. Also, she is still not used to her new Pee Wee litter and we were constantly wiping pee and poop off the study room floor and patiently toilet-training her.
Moments like this when she snuggles up to me and purrs in her sleep makes me love her so much.

#miyokitty #ragamuffin #enjoyinglife #zzz #exhausted #sleepycat #acatslife #littlegremlin #pinknose #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #thedailykitten #catoftheday #catlovers #catsagram #crazycatlady #catlife #catlove #cutecat #meow #bestmeow #kittycat #catsclub #ilovemycat #catsofig #igsg @miyo_kitty

~*23 September 2016*~
"We don't realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace."
Wished I could discover that supreme self.

#qotd #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #wisewords #lifelessons #throwback #balilife #tanahlot #tanahlotbali #背影

~*25 September 2016*~
Do you know that when your kitty kneads/massages you, it is a sign of affection? Miyo loves to knead us at times.

There was once when I was lying in bed with headache and tummy pain, she hopped onto the bed to look at me as if knowing I needed her affection. She started to nose me gently like how she always does. Then the sweetest thing was when she used her cute little paws to hold both sides of my face and kissed me by pressing her face onto mine with her mouth touching mine. Finally, she sat down and kneaded my cheeks and forehead with her kitty soft paws till she fell asleep.

Awwwww... I'm so tired with all sorts of tummy pain and all I want is her healing touch right now.

#miyokitty #ragamuffin #catmassage #zzz #readingwithcats #sleepycat #acatslife #littlegremlin #pinknose #pinkpaws #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #thedailykitten #catoftheday #catlovers #catsagram #crazycatlady #catlife #catlove #cutecat #meow #bestmeow #kittycat #catsclub #ilovemycat #catsofig #igsg @miyo_kitty

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Instagram Direct Does Not Protect Recipient of Message

Over the past few years on Instagram, I would either have my Instagram photos reposted and credited by cafes and restaurants or get requests from various Instagram accounts to do shout outs for me.

I don't mind if my photos are posted with credit and would always appreciate the eateries for the kind mention and exposure.

It is the latter that I am more cautious about.

Of course sponsors from hair salon accounts and other beauty-related accounts are more than welcome to approach me. Unfortunately with the introduction of Instagram Direct, I would often see their messages a few months late and lose out on the offers since I do not get notifications from accounts I do not follow.

So which are the accounts I am cautious about? Babe-themed, hot Asian-themed, sexy ladies-themed and the likes are what I'm referring to.

Whenever I post work out selfies, I would have the above mentioned Instagram accounts asking my permission to repost my photo in the comments section.

Just looking at their account names and tapping into their accounts did not give me good vibes.

Sometimes, I would reply them that I do not want to be featured. At other times, I figured that no reply is a form of reply. They would respect me and not post my photos of course.

Some would delete their comments after a while and there would no longer be traceable links to them. For those that I replied before that, you would see that the accounts are not available but at least something I would always have their account names sealed in the comments.

Recently, the administrators of such accounts are reaching out via Instagram Direct. I guess that Instagram Direct is more personalized and professional. However, I soon realized that it is more for the privacy and to cover their digital tracks.

I thought that Instagram Direct works like email whereby whatever that the sender sends would be in my inbox.

I was mistaken.

Instagram Direct protects the sender and not the recipient. Instagram senders CAN DELETE their messages from recipients’ phones.

To quote from the link I've shared, Instagram Direct not only leaves the detonation button in the hands of the sender, but the act of deleting a photo interrupts the recipient’s viewing of the photo. This also means that it leaves the recipient no trace of the contents that the sender sends if a screenshot was not captured before the message is deleted. Even as you are reading the message, it could simply disappear if the sender deletes the message there and then.

I'm sure every one of us would experience the foolishness of accidentally sending an email or message and wishing we could undo it. Actual opportunities to undo a message are uncommon. Also quoting examples from the same link I've shared, Gmail offers a brief “undo” option for sent e-mails, for instance, and certain types of Microsoft Exchange server setups facilitate this. But with Internet messaging, once it is sent, it is out there.

Instagram Direct appeals to senders because they are in control of what they send.

All senders REJOICE!

However as a recipient, I got the short end of the stick.

One of my recent encounter was with a Singapore babe website. I will not be dropping any name but this "number one babes and lifestyle website" used their Instagram account of the same name to send me 3 direct messages over a few months.

It started off with this account following me and liking my photos. It then sent its first message saying that they love my photos and asking if I would like to be featured on their account.

At that time, their account had babes all right. But those babes look kinda unclassy and some shots look sleazy. Many of the girls look like underaged Ah Lians or mollers (local slang for models wannabe). Their answers to the mandatory questions for the photo caption like a short introduction of themselves and the type of men that attract them did not impress me at all.

To be fair, this sg babe account had been polite in their message. However, I did not want to be associated to their babe theme in such a manner and hence did not reply.

This sg babe account continued being my follower and would occasionally like my photos. Then came their second and third messages. It took me some time to realize that I had two unread messages from them, along with many other messages from people whom I'm not following as I do not get notifications for these.

This time I was "invited" to be featured and was given a direct link to a form. As usual, they were polite and wrote some niceties about how much they love my account, my photos, my style etc.

I sensed their sincerity and decided to QC their Instagram account once more. I also noticed that they have a website that looks pretty decent. Scrolling through their account, I found a lot more wholesome babes featured. There was even a pretty mother of two being featured.

I asked my hubby what he thought of this website and IG account, whether it is legit or sleazy and he thought that it looked pretty decent too. I gave him a background to this and made the decision to be featured on their Instagram page.

Upon checking out their feature form, I realised to my horror that the waiting time is 15 months! If they have so many people wanting to be featured on their own accord, why would they still have to reach out to Instagrammers personally? What did it meant to be invited by them?

I noticed the clause (see underlined in screenshot below) about skipping the queue and hence decided to reply their message via Instagram Direct about it. I had already typed out my answers to their mandatory questions for the caption and have decided to send the form once I get their positive reply.
I mean to be invited by them and having a favourable impression of them from their polite messages, wouldn't it be natural to expect a positive reply from them?


Here is my Instagram Direct reply to them:

I knew my message was read as indicated by the "Seen". Shortly after reading my message, I realised that I could no longer scroll up to see all their previous messages to me.

I thought there was an error, consulted Google and found out the truth about missing Instagram Direct messages: they had deleted their messages to me.

As if sparking a chain of reaction, they also deleted their comments on my photos and unfollowed me.

What did all of these mean?

Did one of their administrator make a mistake to feature me? Not once but thrice.

Was there a sudden disagreement among the administrators to reach out to me?

Perhaps they were offended by my message? Even if they were, it doesn't seem quite professional to handle it in such a manner.

Or are they simply trying to erase all digital evidence of them reaching out to me and made it such that I was the one approaching them to be featured?

The most likely deduction would be the last one. You noticed the parts I circled in the 1st screenshot:

Which photo will you choose from my profile for the feature?
Whichever photo we think you look the best in!

By submitting the form, you are giving them access to use any of your photo they deem fit! What they think you look best in may not be the photo which you think you look best in. You don't get to choose at all and yet you are giving them full power to use your photos.

All their actions after my reply to them DISGUSTS me as no credible Singapore's number one babe and lifestyle website and Instagram account would react in such a way. I wonder if they also did  the same thing to the many Instagrammers they had reached out to.

I regretted not taking screenshots of everything before they erased their digital trail and this happened because Instagram Direct does not protect the recipients.

This encounter which I've shared had not harmed me in any way but I'm sure any of you could see the possible dangers that Instagram Direct could pose to unsuspecting people.

What are your thoughts to Instagram Direct or anything Instagram? Have you any interesting encounters to share about unpleasant encounters on social media platforms? Has any Singaporean babe been approached by this account too?

Let's hear what you have to say in the comments section!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Instagram Snapshots ~*April, May, June 2016*~

I mentioned that from 2016 onward, I would post quarterly Instagram Snapshots instead of monthly ones. I thought that 3 months would be a good length of space for Instagram posts in between since I was not writing as many posts as before. I also reckoned it would be easier for me to keep up too. But guess what? I'm still late! -_-|||


~*2 April 2016*~
全家福 minus the hubz who's on overseas detachment at BIL @gnahiy and new SIL's @troodss wedding.
#hangntroods #全家福 #familyphoto #sgwedding

~*3 April 2016*~
Selfie Sunday taken at the end of last night when I'm all hot, sweaty, sticky, oily, with fake eyelash coming off, eyeliner smudging, BB cream melting and unable to cover all zits and freckles (Thank god for iPhone blurry front camera). Not even gonna use photo app to mask all these plus smoothen the swollen right eye that looks like one low hanging eye bag.

A few days ago, I suffered the worst abdominal cramps ever in my life. That's not including any medical procedures I've done with tummy-related issues over the years. Worst as in on a normal day. The cramps were so bad that I could not even sit down.

After the bad cramps came bloatedness, discomfort and churning from the lower tummy all the way to the stomach and heartburn for the next 2 days. My right eye started to swell too. My MIL even said my whole face was swollen and bloated (but I think it's just me getting fatter). The swelling medicine for the eye helped but those for wind and flatulence did not. That was fine coz there was no pain then and I even told the GP not to worry.

I spoke too soon.

For yesterday and the day before, I had on and off intense stomach pain. Those kind where you have to hunch coz if you stand up straight, it feels like something tight inside is gonna burst. It felt like the pain from severe gastric flu though there wasn't any vomiting or diarrhoea.

It was my BIL's wedding yesterday and I made it through the whole day! Vanity is my greatest tool. I simply told myself that there were people looking, there were photographer and videographer snapping and filming and I've to not look sick. It was fortunate that the intense pain slowly dissipated during the dinner reception. I even had two glasses of Macallan on the rocks outta sheer joy that I could consume things normally.
I also made it through a major family event without the hubz around who missed his own brother's wedding and who couldn't be around for his wife whenever needed because our nation is above everything else. Sometimes it really sucks to be a military wife but you just gotta suck it up.

#selfiesunday #militarywives #suckstobeme #suckstobesick #instasg

~*10 April 2016*~
My sister's friend's longhaired dachshund gave birth to a litter of 4 puppies. I love the blackie boy and this sweet golden girl. She's so dozy that she simply fell asleep on me just like that. So cute! But I actually like the mama and papa dog best!
#dachshund #dachshundlove #dachshundsofinstagram #puppy #dogsofinstagram #iloveanimals #igsg

~*12 April 2016*~
Up on my blog:
Bubble Bump Bubble Bummed... Why Bubble Bump Soccer Is Not That Safe As Claimed
Direct clickable link on Instagram profile.

I wrote this because of my own unpleasant experience and I'm in no way holding anyone else responsible for my injury but myself. I hope that anyone intending to play bubble bump would take note of all that they should know which isn't stated on the website and make a well informed decision of whether to go ahead with the game.
#bubblebump #bubblebumpsg #bubblebumpsoccer #igsg #sgblogger #acltear

~*12 April 2016*~
It is food indulgence for me whenever the hubz is back coz I get to eat whatever he craves for.
Just one of the many dishes at Kai Sushi & Robatayaki -- aburi sushi. And I've got a very good reason to take photos of what I eat. Without this photo, I wouldn't have known that the hub ate up the UNI aburi sushi!!!
#aburisushi #kaisushiandrobatayaki #ilovefood #eateateat #instafood #instafood_sg #foodporn #japanesefood

~*15 April 2016*~
More than 2 months after my knee injury, I stepped into the yoga studio for the first time. Just a few minutes before class, the outer knee jerked and locked again slightly while climbing up a mid-calf height step at the bus stop.

It wasn't a core class but I couldn't do all the simple poses that I used to be able to do. Even though I looked like a lousy beginner with stiff legs or some imbecile who couldn't follow instructions, it's ok. Negativity didn't get the better of me this time round.

Then it came to pair work and the negativity crept in a little.

On top of not being able to do more poses with the ropes, I felt like I was a hindrance to the class when the instructor had to pay attention to me. I felt like I was a hindrance to anyone who partnered me. I felt handicapped. Is that how some handicapped individuals feel when they know they are a burden to people?

And then later, we did upside down with the ropes exactly like how Spidey looks in his classic pose only with arms folded above our heads. I had no idea I could hang upside down for so long without feeling a rush of blood to the head. I had no idea I would feel so relaxed and free in this pose. I had no idea how exhilarating it would feel. And then all of a sudden, I felt like going for yoga class today is the best decision I've ever made this week.

I've found something little to be grateful about. What is something that you are grateful for today?

#gratitude #gratitudejournal #gratefulyogi #spiderman #spidermanyoga

~*16 April 2016*~
Had an awesome dinner with @tifducky, @cyngapore and family at @bochinchesg. What an enjoyable evening with great food, great booze and great company. This is the only photo I have coz all photos are on the iPhone 6s and Samsung S7 as iPhone 6 can't fight with them.
Photo credit @tifducky
#bochinche #ilovemyfriends #greatfoodgreatcompany #igsg #sgrestaurant

~*17 April 2016*~
The fake contact lens make up tool in Photowonder app is addictive. I've never used blue lens before as I've always liked subtle greenish greyish lens which match my skin tone. Now I could have blue contact lens with just an app! Huge draw to convert from #meitupic aka #美图秀秀 to #photowonder for selfie editing!
#mypurplehair has become #mypinkhair #unicornhair #mylittleponyhair #circlelens #colouredcontacts #blueeyes #mylifeisalie #igsg #instasg

~*23 April 2016*~
I was lamenting to @tifducky about how fat and unhealthy I've become. My weight hit 50kg for the first time in my life and my body age has changed drastically from 22 years old to 31 years old within a span of 2 years.

And so to shut me up, we went to @sinpopobrand to eat harjeongkai (prawn paste chicken) burger and maling luncheon meat crisps. All so fried and oily but so so so so yummy. So what was I lamenting about again?

#sinpopo #harjeongkai #harjeongkaiburger #fatdieme #eateateat #yummy #burgerlove #sgfoodies #ilovefood #besties #galpals

~*23 April 2016*~
After my very first physiotherapy session today, I went on to attend 3 yoga/pilates classes despite feeling very tired. I've never stretched and challenged myself that much for the past 2.5 months and it feels really good to be back on track. It's oxymoronic. I feel energized despite the exhaustion.

No actually the truth is... I was too devastated by that machine reading from yesterday which showed me 1) hitting 50kg for the first time in my life, 2) an increase of body age from 22 to 31 years old and 3) a body fat percentage of 30+% (which is overweight) from 25% within 2 years. Gotta work those fats off!

But first... DINNER! 😍🍴

#受打击 #healthylifestyle #feelingpositive #backontrack #instasg

~*24 April 2016*~
Good friends say, "Don't worry. You cannot run never mind. I'll walk with you all the way to the finishing line." With @tifducky and our silly beagle nose at the #snoopyrun2016.
#snoopyrun #snoopyrunsg #ilovesnoopy #beaglenose #healthylifestyle #instasg #igsg #ilovemyfriends #besties #friendsforlife

~*28 April 2016*~
Nobody watches movie at 9:30am!
But when you have a pair of GV Gold Class vouchers that:
1) expires on 30 April and
2) the only show that is screening on Gold Class is Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (other than The Jungle Book which I've already watched) and
3) with all the seats for every other timing snapped up every minute...
You have no choice but to rush down to Vivocity during lunch time just to chope the 2nd row seats for the 9:30am show on Saturday.
@tifducky let's enjoy ourselves!

#civilwar #marvelscivilwar #gvgoldclass #goldenvillage #bestfriendsforlife

~*30 April 2016*~
Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America.
Whose team are you on?
#civilwar #captainamericacivilwar #ironman #teamironman #teamcaptainamerica #gvgoldclass #bestfriendsforlife #besties #galpals @tifducky

~*2 May 2016*~
I'm completely in love with this neorococo armchair with a dark gothic twist! Even as the store calls this a neorococo armchair, there is none of those gold accents and rich opulence reminiscent of the traditional rococo or neorococo style. How I wished I could have this chair in our new place even if it sticks out like a sore thumb in our modern contemporary theme home.
#neoroccoco #rococo #black #gothic #gothicfurniture #blackfurniture #morbid #armchair #inspirational #iloveblack

~*5 May 2016*~
Mother's Day dinner at Lao Beijing. All the dishes were great! 大家吃得好开心!
#mothersday #全家福 #ilovemyfamily

~*11 May 2016*~
Dear Passport,
We haven't seen each other for more than a year and I'm always glad to have you by my side.

#shortgetaway #impromptutrip #singaporepassport ##sgpassportholder #restandrelax #igsg

~*12 May 2016*~
After a super long sweltering hot day at Seminyak, we stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant called Urchin Grill & Raw Bar @urchin_bali for dinner.
We were wowed just from their Tuna Tartare Corn Puff which is the 1st course of a 6-course tasting menu.

No actually, we were wowed even before that by their sour dough bread with seaweed butter. And I always say, you could tell a lot about a restaurant just from the bread it serves.

410.000 IDR (approx SGD42)
830.000 IDR with wine pairing (approx SGD86)
All prices subject to 10% govt charge and 6% service charge.

Fine dining style at such a great price with impeccable service and knowledgeable staff! Hubz says he wants to dine here again. Lol.

#urchingrillandrawbar #balieats #instafood #foodporn #eateateat #ilovefood #foodie #tunatartare

~*13 May 2016*~
The hardest thing to find in life is balance. I'm striving very hard to find balance in life, both physically and mentally. Yoga has helped in some ways.

This may look like an easy pose for many but it is more challenging for me. I'm one of those who can never balance even on two legs. I topple on the MRT train, stumble into walls and trip over furniture legs. I get toe and foot cramps and pull my hamstrings easily. I injured my left knee recently and also found out I'm flat footed with a weak right ankle.

Ever since taking up yoga, I see a difference in myself. I've become stronger physically and mentally.

My yoga journey continues...

#findingbalance #yogaeverywhere #yogabali #beachyoga #silhouette #sunsetbeach #tanahlot #bali #balilife

~*14 May 2016*~
At Ku De Ta enjoying a lychee lava and the sun set.
#kudeta #bali #balilife #lifeisabeach #sunsetbeach @kudetabali

~*14 May 2016*~
Meal with a view at Ku De Ta.
On the table is a very unique dish of yellow fin fish and chips. I love the original battered fish and chips but I kinda love this too coz I love fish tartare anything.
@kudetabali #kudeta #kudetabali #balilife #lifeisabeach #fishandchips

~*15 May 2016*~
Trying to blow smoke rings like the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland but fail max.
#aliceinwonderland #hookahsmokingcaterpillar #hookah #shisha #vapeclouds #smokerings #balilife

~*21 May 2016*~
Last night, hubz said, "Let's eat good food tomorrow."
And I was like, "Why? It's not any special occasion." Oh yes... advanced birthday celebration before he flies off again.
Feeling adrift with the great food and service at @adriftbydavidmyers.
#adrift #adriftbydavidmyers #omakase #birthday2016 #ilovemyhubby

~*24 May 2016*~
In my sis @jas__loh words:
"Early birthday dinner for the piggy! 😏"
Where's the pig?! 😱
#birthday2016 #全家福 #店小二 #dianxiaoer #ilovemyfamily

~*25 May 2016*~
Nom Nom Nom before my solo flight. 5 years ago, the same solo flight to the same place happened too. Wonder if it would be the same 5 years later.
#soba #japanesefood #goingsolo

~*27 May 2016*~
Smile Coz it's Friday! It is also Eat With Your Family Day in Singapore for many participating organizations. Happy eating with your family and TGIF! 😄
Smiley face mini pancake from The Kitchen Table, W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Finally blogged about our W hotel stay. Clickable link in IG profile. Yup, all my updates always come in the form of outdates a few months and even years later.
#smileyface #smilebecauseyoucan #smile #pancake #tgif #eatwithyourfamilyday #igsg #sgfood

~*28 May 2016*~
I can drink Teh-C Peng Special every single day here. Teh-C Special is a delicious three-layer tea consisting of Gula Melaka right at the bottom, evaporated milk in the middle and red or black tea on top. You're supposed to mix the concoction before drinking of course. In some places, Gula Melaka could be replaced with wheat grass. I would always opt for the wheat grass version as it is less sweet with all the full bodied flavour of Teh-C Special.
#tehcspecial #icedtea #icedmilktea #tealover #instadrink #drinksporn

~*29 May 2016*~
One of my favorite childhood ice lolly on a sweltering hot day. Refreshing lime on the outside, creamy vanilla on the inside.
#icelolly #popsicle #limecrime #limelightsundays #childhoodmemory #refreshing #igsg #instagood #hotsummerday

~*30 May 2016*~
Quote of the day from today's yoga instructor:
You don't have to experience things to know things. Sometimes you just know.
#quoteoftheday #mondaymotivation #mondaymantra #yogareflections #igsg #instamood

~*3 June 2016*~
An impromptu lunch over tea and letters. Tea and letters? En route to becoming British already!
Just because we didn't post Monster curry photo doesn't mean we didn't eat monster curry like an Asian. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
After everything, let's compile all the letters and display them somewhere for posterity's sake and laugh over them when we are old grannies.
#ilovemyfriends #friendsforlife #galpals #impromptumeetup #wefie

~*3 June 2016*~
Latergram -- Our Monster Curry lunch at Vivocity yesterday.
We all chose different dishes and different levels of spiciness. One couldn't finish rice. One couldn't finish curry and one couldn't finish the raw veg.
#monstercurry #japanesecurryrice #igsg #sgfood #instafood #ilovefood #nomnom #spicy

~*5 June 2016*~
Hello, Princeton. I miss you soooooooooo much! I miss your cutie face. I miss your playful antics. I miss your silky fur. The last one doesn't mean I'm Cruella de Vil but I really miss your silky fur.
#daschund #longhaireddachshund #daschundsofinstagram #sausagedog #puppy #puppyeyes #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #doglover #innocentface #princeton

~*6 June 2016*~
After so many months of attending yoga classes at the same yoga studio, we finally did a class together! So nice to finally not attend classes alone... just for one day.
#yogalove #yogalife #platinumyoga #wefie #excolleaguesturnfriends #igsg #instagood

~*7 June 2016*~
My cat crazy colleague who collects Neko Astume figurines gave this to me.
I was like, "Awwwwwwww. Thank you. So sweet of you. Why did you give this to me?" And she was like, "Oh, I have 3 of these." And I was like, "Ok. Point taken but that's still very nice of you." Thank you @bakchormee. 😘💕
#nekoatsume #nekoastume #kittycollector #catlover #catinthebox #littlethingsmakemehappy #handwrittennote #igsg #instagood #instamood

~*11 June 2016*~
We came to @thetiramisuhero for the quirky cat mascot but everything we ordered was awesome!
This is the hub's Truffle Salmon Cold Pasta which is al dente angelhair pasta tossed in olive oil, topped with ebiko and smoked salmon. Wooh! Slurpicious!
#thetiramisuhero #trufflepasta #angelhairpasta #smokedsalmon #sgfood #eateateat #ilovefood #foodporn #fatdieme #instagood #instamood #igsg

~*11 June 2016*~
We came to @thetiramisuhero for the quirky cat mascot but everything we ordered was awesome!
My BIL and I ordered the Salted Egg Pasta. Not bad. But then again salted egg anything is NICEEEEEEE!
#thetiramisuhero #saltedegg #angelhairpasta #sgfood #eateateat #ilovefood #foodporn #fatdieme #instagood #instamood #igsg

~*11 June 2016*~
We came to @thetiramisuhero for the quirky cat mascot and how could we not order their tiramisu?
#thetiramisuhero #tiramisu #cutejar #ilovecats #quirkyart #eateateat #ilovefood #foodporn #fatdieme #instagood #instamood #igsg

~*13 June 2016*~
Super belated birthday lunch with the branch babes at @souprestaurantsg. We are all legit full from the feast. Thank you, babes!
#souprestaurant #sanzhongliangjian #samsuichicken #whatafeast #birthday2016 #countingmyblessings #三盅两件

~*13 June 2016*~
She was a genius of sadness, immersing herself in it, separating its numerous strands, appreciating its subtle nuances. She was a prism through which sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum. - Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated
Illustration by Alex (Alexandria M. Lomuntad)
#beautyinmelancholy #cryinggirl #emo #emogirl #sadness #sadnessquote #melancholy #darkart #illustrationoftheday #alexandrialomuntad #mood

~*18 June 2016*~
Thanx for the infectious laughter, the good company and the great night out, babes!
#TGIF #harrysbar #colorsinmylife #fishskin #saltedeggchips #cocktails #mocktails #chocomintini #blueblue #ilovemyfriends #galpals

~*19 June 2016*~
Did the crazy thing of doing 3 yoga classes in a day yesterday and woke up with the best kinda pain ever-- muscle ache! Neck, shoulders, arms, chest, lower back, waist, abdominal, glutes and back of thighs all feel so achey and super shiok!

Discovering yoga is one of the best thing that has happened to me. Sometimes I wished I could practise yoga every damned day. It keeps me strong physically and mentally. It keeps me calm and uplifted when I'm feeling down and in the dumps. And most importantly, I feel most at peace with myself while practising yoga.

#yogalife #yogalove #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #yogawear #yogabeginner #feelingpositive #lululemon #ihaveuglybackfats #ihavefatarms

~*20 June 2016*~
Today, my yoga instructor talked about yoga ego and was surprised when some people did not know what yoga ego was.

I smiled to myself for I know very well what that is-- what my buddy and I often term as "yoga bitch". He continued explaining in a sing song manner while imitating the fluid actions of what a person with yoga ego would do.

They are so flexible that you could never reach the point they could stretch to and you could only talk to them if you could reach that point.

They are all about the poses and doing their full split, their this, their that, so perfectly with their eyes closed and nose up in the air while you're fumbling around and looking silly.

They do those effortless poses at some nice background, by the water, by the sun rise, by the sun set, by the rocky cliff... And you just wonder why they don't fall off the cliff.

They dress in their Lululemon, their Adidas, their Nike and whatever brand that looks good. Lululemon, Adidas, Nike won't make you stretch any better or do the pose better, you know? You can wear ugly T-shirt and shorts like me and still do yoga.

Remember... Yoga is not about poses and how well you can do them. Yoga is not only about what you practise in this class but also outside. Yoga is about being aware of yourself, your mind, your body, your breathing. Yoga is different for everyone on their mat and it's important that you feel comfortable on your mat.

I so like this instructor. Talk too much but I like.

So here's a photo of a yoga bitch wannabe by the beach coz I don't have any other yoga bitch shots to support this caption.

#yogalove #yogabeginner #yogalessons #yogareflections #beachbitch #yogabitch #yogaego #mondaymantra #feelingpositive #silhouette #silhueta #balilife #kudeta #TheBaliGuru

~*23 June 2016*~
OEDians are dressed in blue or stripes today to board RSS Tenacious at Vivocity!
#singaporenavy #navyatvivo #ilovesg #ilovesingapore #sonsanddaughtersofthesea #ijustbetrayedrsaf #igsg #instasg #vivocity #rss #rsstenacious #frigate #ilovemycolleagues

~*24 June 2016*~
Feeling the magic at The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot with @tifducky. 2 ladies ate all of these and more. Button bursting! The soup is so full of flavour and the ingredients so fresh. Thank you for the yummilicious belated dinner. 😘😘😘 #chongqinghotpot #whatsonthetable #feastagram #hotpot #foodporn #foodie #instafood #eateateat #fatdieme #hotpot #flatlay #sgfoodie #igsg

~*25 June 2016*~
Yippee! I've gotten back on track blogging about my Taipei throwback! Clickable link on Instagram profile.

When in Jiufen (九份), one must never miss sipping tea in a traditional teahouse. We chose Ah Mei Tea House (阿妹茶楼) as it is well-known to be the inspiration behind the building of Yubaba in Spirited Away, an animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki. It is such a charming place. In fact, the whole of Jiufen is. Jiufen simply emanates history and culture. It is definitely one of my favourite place in the whole Taipei trip.

The impetus for continuing my Taipei Throwback posts is strong especially when I see daily hits from Google search on various attractions in Taipei and get emails and comments on whether I would continue to update on them. Strangers actually do read my sad life throwbacks. 😱

#台湾 #台北 #九份 #阿妹茶樓 #阿妹茶楼 #taipei #jiufen #teahouse #ahmeiteahouse #tealover #instatravel #wanderlust #igtw #igsg #sgblogger


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