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Monday, January 31, 2005

For the whole of today, I led a pig’s life.

Isn't the above title a deja vu? History is repeating itself. I was even more sick than I was last Wednesday. Sore throat revisited, coupled with a terrible cold, cough, and a slight fever. Like History, I slept the whole day, only waking up to eat. My shopping for Chinese New Year’s clothes plan is ruined. I haven’t springcleaned my room yet. All I did today was eat and sleep. When will I be able to find the time to shop for my cny stuff?

And I took 1 hour to type the above paragraph coz I was on the phone with kh. What started off as a concerned call to a sick gf ended with gf feeling very irritated. Probably I’m more irritable when I’m sick and I find everybody irritating. I suspect I’m likewise very annoying to others too, with my bad moods and incessant demands. I get away with leaving my plates on the table and not washing them. I get away with the flooded bathroom after I bathed. I get away without making my bed. I get away with anything and I get everything my way just because I’m sick.

The prata supper on Wednesday was good. Laughed loads. My bunch of friends are damn funny. We should do this more often. But wait, I’m always the one who can’t make it. *sheepish look*

While waiting for “Desperate Housewives” to come on, I went through friends’ blogs again. I was touched by one of my friend’s latest entry. This friend used to be my very close friend in primary 5 and 6. If I’m not wrong, in autograph books, we used to regard each other as best friends. However, we drifted apart after we went to secondary school and drifted even further as time passes, only meeting up to cheong every now and then or as a group. I have no idea if we are still considered good friends so I was quite moved when she referred me as one. Perhaps that term was just mentioned casually in that entry, but I indeed felt something stirring in my heart. I know you will be reading this. I had initially wanted to leave a comment but I can’t do so as I’m not a multiply member. Eh, but you are still a bitch as before lor… haha… fancy you stealing my pictures without my consent.

I know the last sentence was an anti-climax la. But I dun wanna sound all so soppy you see.

TV time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I’m coming down with sick so I took half the day off and ended up in front of the comp...

Throat is hurting very badly now. Drinking herbal tea doesn’t help. Neither does honey, nor water. They only make me visit the loo more often. After my breakfast of zai mi fen with those fried crispy stuff, my throat got slightly better. That’s why I believe in yi3 du2 gong1 du2 and indulge in them at times.

My nose is runny too. I’m coughing every now and then. My muscles ache. I suppose I really sound perpetually sick on my blog. SIGH…

And I had the time to peruse some important documents (read: read some blogs) and was very well informed of the outside world (read: world outside my world).

I was reading Tammy’s blog when my mum walked in, stood beside me and looked at the screen. I absolutely hate it when people look at my screen. But that’s not the point.

She asked, “Poem huh?”

“No.” came the monosyllabic reply.

“Very beautiful picture.”


I don’t know how Tammy does it, but her pictures are always so dreamy, so whimsical. Soft lighting… faded edges… angled shots... Even pictures of people look like they were drawn out from long time ago, or from some dreamland.

I think I’m not very good at expressing myself.

I’ve not read the great copywriter’s blog for some time too and was greeted with a scatologic entry. Shit returns to the scene of grime everytime. Why do we always end up talking about shit? And I didn’t know you finally got yourself a “high-tech phallus” (read: iPod). I would expect to hear you bragging about it.

iWant… iDream… iYearn… and finally iHave…iPod…

He claims that all the women will love him now and asked if he suddenly seem more attractive... with his 20GB phallus. *rolls eyes*

One of my friend snipped her hair off. I don’t know if I can mention her name here. And oh.. please don’t do your Dove girl imitation. I think right now all I can say is “My hair is like sand, like coarse sugar.” (imitates irritating dove gal’s tone) Behold! Before Chinese New Year, I would go and do my hair and can proudly say “I just have to go like this and like that and it falls in place easily.” (imitates irritating pioneer dove gal’s tone).

Feeling very drowsy now but I’ve gotta head for work soon. Prata supper with some primary school friends later and I don’t know if I should practise my yi du gong du trick later.

Friday, January 21, 2005

After 3 whole weekends of uploading and arranging, my NZ trip albums are up and running at imagestation.

Now if any of you are looking for great online photo hosts, look no more. Imagestation is the best!

-->It offers UNLIMITED storage.
That means you can take 700 crazy photos and post them up. It also means uploading your mega-sized photos straight without having to resize them. Isn’t that like a timesaver?

-->It offers 15 minutes worth of video uploads too.
Just that I haven’t found the option to do that. Damn!

-->The layout and presentation is great!
Simple classy black is good. I like the effect of the slideshow too.

-->The photos do not take shit time to load and to view.
So friends would be very happy viewing your albums. And you would be happy if friends are happy.

But of course it has glitches too.

-->It stupidly arranges your photos in no particular order after each upload.
Try as I might, I could never get the photos to be arranged according to the dates and time although there is an option like that. So most of the times, I would have to arrange them all over again, drag and drop etc. It’s really tiring and a waste of time but I simply cannot stand jumbled photos. It also reminds me that amidst my neatness I'm actually a very disorganized peson. I cringe whenever I think of the huge photo drawer in my room with photos from JC times still not packed into albums. I wonder how I can be so overly neat when it comes to soft copies.

>You can’t manage the photos into folders.
As a result, the albums have to act as the folders and so I have to allocate different albums to different days of my trip. Leading to… yes… 12 invites to those friends whom I invited to view the albums. I know, I know… don’t kill me!!!

>A lot of time wasted to amend the above.
Now you all know why I take such a long time to get all the photos up.

But hey, I can’t really complain. The unlimited storage outweighs all the other drawbacks.

Now I am going to reply to the emails of some favourite people.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Two funny incidents happened to me on Saturday night.

One of my 1 plus year old students “called” me a tortoise, you know, like an “wu1 gui1”. We were doing some matching of animals IQ game where you match the same animals together. I was playing with one of the students so I bent down with my face quite near theirs. Then one of them put the picture of a tortoise next to my face and go “Wo wo wo wo wo…..”

I turned and saw the tortoise next to me and screamed, “[Child’s name]! Are you calling Teacher a tortoise?!”

All the mummies looked up and upon realizing what the said child had done, bursted into laughter.

Said child looked at me with big, innocent, dewy eyes. I felt like hugging him coz he looked soooo cute.

So right now, I am Jolene the Tortoise.

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Another funny incident happened that night too, only that I didn’t think it was funny. The showerhead came crashing into my forehead while I was showering, leaving me with a huge purple bruise. I had to use my hair to cover the ugly mark.

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When I showed my family members the bruise, they all looked pretty amused at that funny thing on my forehead. And after recounting the showerhead incident, they all chortled like I wasn’t in pain.

Only my Mum went “Aiyoh!! So poor thing!” while the rest of the unfeeling bunch were still cackling away.

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Me making materials and day dreaming last night. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Are we slaves to the internet?

If I were to make a New Year resolution for 2005, it would be to have plenty of rest and to sleep earlier.

It's a good thing no New Year resolution was made. I've long figured that resolutions are useless as nobody ever keeps to them. So 4 years ago, I made the final resolution, that is not to make any resolutions.

Trying to get to sleep early isn't possible again.

I thought I would be able to upload all my NZ photos by tonight but the internet connection had to go down tonight of all nights. URGH!!!! For some indiscernible reason, I kept getting logged out of MSN, my half-uploaded photos had a cross and could not be displayed on Imagestation, all my internet browser windows had pages which could not be displayed when i clicked on the next action. I kept getting illegal operations and having all my windows shut down. I thought it may be my wireless connection but the signal was strong. I tried tapping into other available network, only to work for a while. Probably Starhub cable was experiencing some glitches again. I checked if my sis's modem was accidentally switched off, alas she was happily using the Internet on her pc with no trouble. By then, i was super irritated as I can't figure out the problem. And my stupid sis had to say it is USER PROBLEM.

I HATE THE DARN INTERNET! After scanning my pc for like 1 hour, I'm finally able to come online again, taking care not to do any USER PROBLEM actions which may threaten the closure of any windows.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

As if the gathering just now wasn't sufficient, we had to continue our conversation on MSN

There was this primary class gathering just now. It has been exactly a year since the last one... 7th January 2004... wouldn't have known this if Jianfang hadn't highlighted it. It's pretty scary how time whizzes past just like that...

The turn out was more disappointing than the last one but it was a fun night nonetheless. The atmosphere and table arrangement at Marches wasn’t very conducive for chatting so we ended up at the same coffee shop in Yishun a year ago, yakking away like old uncles and aunties reminiscing about the past.

Everyone had mega memories. Remembering the full names of all 45 of us with accordance to our register numbers and our seating arrangement back in Primary 6 was indeed a tremendous feat. Kudos to Jamie!

Can't imagine how we remember so many silly things we did back then. We are so much fun then and now.

And of course, an entry of a gathering warrants the need for photos so here goes.

The pretty flowers…  Posted by Hello

And the grass…  Posted by Hello

All of us! Posted by Hello

Guiting & me. After 12 years of friendship, I finally see her sporting a spunky hairstyle and I luv it!  Posted by Hello

Chris, Guiting & me. Posted by Hello

Me & Yingsi, my favourite teacher's daughter. I just had to take a photo with her! Posted by Hello

Yizhen & me. We used to go home together everyday in Pri 5 and 6.  Posted by Hello

Ok now let’s turn the clock back to 7 January 2004.

We had the first ever MEGA class gathering with much effort by Jamie. I do keep up with different groups of primary school mates every now and then, but that day, I saw so many people I’ve not seen for ten years. The turn out was good with 20 plus of us and with the few who joined us later, think the attendance was close to 30.

The gals.  Posted by Hello

The guyz Posted by Hello

All of us Posted by Hello

I think what’s really cool is that everyone is friends with everyone. Conflicts back in primary school vanished. Enemies became friends. Classmates became friends. Good friends back in primary school became good friends again for that few minutes in your life. There wasn’t a moment of awkward silence.

Gatherings are such fun!

Signing off nostalgically,

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

After Holiday Thoughts

It was a pleasant surprise to see my whole family at the airport last night. I caught sight of all of them through the glass door. It was really heart-warming.

And then, when I walked out happily pulling my trolley bag and swinging a big bag of DFS alcoholic drinks, I was greeted with…

“Wah! What happened to your face?”

That was from my da jie.

“Your arms are fat you know? From far I thought you were so muscular. Now I see all the fats. You should tone up your triceps.”

That was my 2nd sis.

“How come you look so toot with your specs now?”

That was my mum.

I have this humongous pimple on my face, the size of a mosquito bite... to add on to my already bad complexion. My arms indeed grew fatter but thanks for thinking initially that I was muscular. I wore my specs so I could spot all of you immediately and not walking past blindly. You all know how blur I can get.

So long for the warm, fuzzy feeling. Haha.. but that’s the way we are. And although I’ve already had 2 meals on board, we went ahead to Changi Village for dinner, good old family dinner which we haven’t had for months coz everyone had been busy working.


After leading such a lazy life in NZ, I am beginning to feel all the stress when I returned.

1st cause of stress- Not being able to adapt to the lifestyle in Singapore

I practically eat, sleep and shit my time in NZ. I'm so lazy that I'm not sure if i would be able to revert back to my old lifestyle.

2nd cause of stress- Tuition.

On New Year’s Day, C’s mum sms me to ask if I’m back and when will I be able to teach C. Last night when my plane just touched down and I just switched on my hp, kh’s bro sms me an URGENT message to call him back immediately. So I was wondering what was so urgent and called back instantly. “When are you gonna give me my next tuition?” came the reply. Then my mum told me that both my aunts called on new year’s day to ask if I was back and when would I be able to start teaching.

I haven’t even settled down yet!

3rd cause of stress- Work

I still had unfinished materials but I’ve finished them this afternoon. The new term is starting and I feel that I’m not ready yet.

4th cause of stress- Parents’ health

After not seeing them for 2 weeks, I noticed their health seem to be declining even more. Such difference isn't really noticeable when I see them everyday.

5th cause of stress- Money Woes

Don’t really feel like elaborating.

6th cause of stress- Online sales to settle and massive amount of mails to clear.

7th cause of stress- Tight schedule. Lack of time to do things.
And other nitty gritty stuff all combined into one can indeed be stressful.



I’ve gotta rush to meet frenz now. Will or MIGHT update on my NZ trip with photos. In the meantime, please keep all affected by the tsunami in prayer.



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