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Thursday, May 29, 2008


12 May 08, 10:40
passer-by: Hi your information about eyelash extension is very useful. Very good. One more thing.. is the process painful or uncomfortable? Thanks.
Hi there, the process is neither painful nor uncomfortable. It can get quite long though so I had to keep criss crossing my legs as I’m those who can’t keep still for long.

13 May 08, 21:13
jus: wah wahh wahhh...splurging mode!!! ^^"
Haha.. but but but if you notice, I haven’t had a shopping post for a looooong time, so it’s time to splurge.

14 May 08, 19:12
canny: phew! finially read thru & view ur many many nice pics. but i'm so tried now (its 4.11am now!) I go zzZ liao.. leave u a comment another time! =) Cheers!
24 May 08, 17:08
canny: happy birthday Jolene babe!! Hope you have a lovely dovey celebration on ur special day!! May happiness be with u always!!~ *muackz*
I’ve read all your long long comments liao. Thanx… I hope to reply all soon. I also wanna leave you comments on your lovely trip. Oh and thank you so much for your birthday wishes. *Big HuGZ*

18 May 08, 12:11
gerra: i alr linked u but its on my personal blog which not pple pple know about cos its personal
18 May 08, 12:11
gerra: muhaha i divided in to 2 blogs personal one is gera-room minus the magic get it?
Ok sure! Yeah, I didn’t realise you have another blog till like a month ago.

23 May 08, 12:45
Shoplette: Invitation to join Shoplette Beta for Jolene and her friends. Pls check out
I’d wanted to say no advertising allowed but your site is something unique.

25 May 08, 17:12
Missy T: Jolene update pls! Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!
I also wanna update leh. But no time. Got tooooooo many stuff to update. Oh and thanks for your birthday wishes.

Replies to comments coming up after I finish watching my Central Affairs II or maybe not...

Edited to add: Comments replied! Do check back. =)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inspired to start my inspiration board

Ever since I joined this company, I've been wanting to decorate my work station with an inspiration or photo board.

Nevertheless, the thought that I would leave anytime soon hindered me from ever starting one.

However, days passed... months rolled into a year and soon two years is almost approaching.

I am still here.

My board is still undone.

My wall is still almost empty.

The lack of time and the sheer laziness when time permits are more excuses I give to myself.

While sourcing for inspirations, I wonder if i should go for the...

sweet romaticised look

rustic look

naturalistic look

The bold, contrasting look such as

black and white MOD prints

psychedelic prints of purple, blue and black

The list goes on...

I don't think I'll ever go about making my inspiration board. I'm just so lazy.

Since I can't present my own inspiration board, I hereby present my fave...

It's literally a cork board!

Now, where are all the corks at home?

~photo credits: flickr~


Monday, May 12, 2008

Got these in my possession... like finally

After much much much procrastination...

I got the neverfull pm coz only the smallest one look good on me.

I've been procrastinating as I used to think the neverfull range wasn't really worth getting. It was only after I casually slung the pm on my shoulder one fine day and April squealed, "It's so you!" that my heart began itching for it.

I was determined not to let PASSION rule over REASON. My prudent mind fought against my materialistic heart till now and I realised that I still WANT the pm very much. I kept giving myself excuses not to buy it whenever the WANT crept in. However, each time I saw people carrying the pm, I would get so jealous wishing it were mine that I knew I NEED it.

Neverfull pm is making Jolene a happy gal now.

I got a black gucci messenger bag too.

I can't find a picture of it on the internet and can't capture a nice shot of it since it's so black.

It wasn't meant for me but I don't care. Hehehe... My sisters are both eyeing my bag now. I dunno when I'll get the chance to sling a messenger bag with my unsuitable work dressing but I'm so loving it.

Ooh my da jie got us chio umbrellas from Taiwan.

For mummy, er jie and me.

She knows it's my type of illustrations. For once, she bought the rite stuff home from overseas. Haha... usually I would decline her souvenirs and gifts but this one is really pretty.

She got a new flavour to add to the vodka collection.

I wonder how it tastes like.

Should we???

I feel that it has understated class. I love the simplistic elegance of this range of weddding bands with the cursive "Cartier" font across.

It was my dream wedding band 2 years ago. I still remember how he gagged and vehemently said, "No!" when I showed him the catalogue. However 2 years forward, he just casually asked, "So how? Wedding band from Cartier want?"

My turn to gag... outta surprise.

I don't want it as much as 2 years ago as I feel that it is too much to pay for such simplicity. We could perhaps spend lesser money on wedding bands and more on others like photography and travels.

More updates with loads of photos coming up but first, let me overcome the bz-ness at work for this coming week.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Team Building Afterthoughts

It felt so good to let the tears run free when so many people were doing the same.

Not afraid to hide anything.

Not afraid to show my crying face.

Not afraid of my image.

I really have a love-hate relationship with this company.

It's times like this that makes me feel I should stay on with so many lovely people there.

I feel really touched and happy today and I'm glad I didn't restrain my heart from doing things I wouldn't otherwise do.


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