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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I am sick again

Yeah yeah... *yawnz* Boring, repetitive entry. How many times have I been sick? I used to be so healthy in the past… till I started this job.

Have been feeling all the symptoms on Tuesday. But no choice, gotta burn midnight oil the past few nights trying to finish my materials so I can spend my weekend with kh. I even brought home the laminating machine from my workplace and engaged my dad to help me with the cutting but the work was neverending!

The cold could not be cured despite taking my leftover medicine from the last time I was sick (which was not too long ago). The throat got even worse! Pepsi with salt is but temporary. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of tablets. Maybe they contain no drugs at all. They are merely tools to make you drink more water.

Slept the entire morning and afternoon away just now. I would have continued sleeping till night falls if not for the constant reminders by my mum and kh to see a doc. Mum was so pissed with me when I chose sleep over her company to see my family doc in the morning. I was simply too sleepy and lazy for although my family doc is located in Yishun, we had to take 2 buses there. Which person in the sick frame of mind would want to take 2 buses just to see a doc?! As a punishment for being lazy, I had to drag myself to the nearby doc all by myself just now. Spent one whole hour sleeping there, with no comforting shoulder to lean on but the cold hard wall. And here I am, blogging about mundane things while waiting for 6pm to come so I can tape my mum’s Korean show and go off to sleep again

I dread the thought of having to make up the lessons I missed today. But what to do? Really feeling very sick. The doctor gave me mc for tomorrow too and said I ought to sleep the whole day tomorrow too for speedy recovery. I told her that I don’t wish to make up another day’s worth of lessons and she said, “Then I’ll have to see you every month.”

Oh ya and did I mention how scary it is to fall asleep? As I slept, I kept dreaming that I was conducting lesson. All my students came despite being informed that classes were cancelled. Then I awoke to realize it was a dream, so I went back to sleep and I was conducting lesson again.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

geral + jf + jo + xtina + zann - clubbing – alcohol = still so crazy

An impromptu meet up last Wednesday turned out to be a laughter-filled night. Such a great de-stress! Met up with my primary school good frenz for dinner and spontaneous shopping.

We went to this la1 mian4 place opposite parco bugis, which kh brought me the other time, as I thought the food was really good. It was their 1st time there and they likewise thought that the food is good. Forgot the name of the place though. *heh*

We settled on ordering different la mian each so as to savour all the different flavours.

Jf (better known as Tiffany by people other than her primary school mates) and her Suan1 La4 Ramen.
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“I’m dying of hunger… please faster take that damn photo and let me eat!”
You can see that from her expression. -_-"

Xtina and her Wan Ton Ramen.

Hosted by
So nice and sweet.

Zann and her Za2 Jiang1 Ramen.
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She really hates vegetables and was acting like a petulant child who refused to eat her vege.

Me and my Niu2 Rou4 (beef) Ramen. OISHII!!!
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Geral without any Ramen.
She joined us much later while we were devouring after-meal snacks.
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By the time we realised we haven’t taken a group shot, we were already in the mrt station on our way home. It was silly to get people to help us take a photo in the mrt station, especially when we aren’t tourists, but the courageous jf approached these two very amused gals. They were so amused that they didn’t know they did not press the shutter hard enough and so the photo didn’t turn out.

By that time, the train had already arrived, we had no choice but to take a pic in the mrt. Now, that’s even sillier, and hence, we refused to get somebody else to take for us. The 5 of us attempted to “do a neoprint”, squeezing ourselves silly in this imaginary square and snapping. Of course we also had to decide which one of us has the longest and most steady arm. There were a lot of failed shots. At last, xtina decided to be hero and got outta the picture to snap.


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A nice pic but too bad no xtina!

Did I mention that a lot of people were staring at us in bewilderment? Which sane person wouldn’t?

Then we continued our who-has-the-longest-and-most-steady-arm stint that the gal opposite us got so tired of our nonsense and offered to help.

Resulting in this…
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After that night, Gera was so on about meeting up the next Wednesday (which is today) to go shopping and clubbing. However I had too much work to do, am blowing my nose off and downing pepsi with salt to soothe my extremely sore throat. Hope I’ll get well soon. The perils of this job. Forever falling sick and can't recover fully as we can't really take leave or mc. SIGH!!!

When I got home that night, my da jie was very excited as her pet lobster (which I'm waiting patiently for it to grow up so I can eat it) has tuo1 ke2 for the 1st time. Now, I've never seen a lobster moult before and expected the shell to be in pieces. I was really amazed when she showed me the moulted shell.

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That is the shell and not the lobster! So intricate eh? With all the legs and feelers intact! Erm... ok... I hope I didn't sound suaku, but I tought it's very amazing as I really didn't expect the shell to be one whole lobster look-alike.

Another thing got my da jie very excited. She barged in carrying an ntuc plastic bag filled with baba.
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That silly cat loves to pop her head into bags and boxes. But I don't know why she jumped into that plastic bag.

Silly cat!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Deardear's birthday

Poor kh could not take leave on his birthday as they were short of manpower. Could only managed to celebrate with dinner at Dan Ryan’s. By that time, he was already so tired and sleepy from the long day and lack of sleep the previous night. He looked sleepy in every photo but still managed to pull off 1 act cool pose.

The birthday boy acting cool.
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It was our 1st time at Dan Ryan's and when we stepped in, both of us thought it reminded us of Hog's Breath in Australia... dark cosy ambience with rustic charm... woody and saloon-like. It's very popular among foreigners. Only a few Singaporens dotted the place, one of whom was an SPG.

Had ribs and fisherman’s platter. The food photo didn’t turn out nice so I shan’t post them up. But their oyster shooter is a die-die-must-try.

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It’s award-winning. Need I say more?

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Us again. After the waiter saw us taking so many photos of ourselves by ourselves, he finally decided to step forward and help.
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Then, they had a surprise for kh. A bunch of crew came over with a slice of what looked like chocolate mud pie cake and sang him a birthday song. I was surprised too as I didn’t expect anything when they asked for the occasion and the birthday boy’s name when I called in to book.

They were very sweet. They took a picture for us on their camera and sent it to kh’s email today.

Hosted by

So sweet and efficient!!!

They even minus off the cost of the cake.. haha.. but that's only natural right? Oh ya that small slice cost ten bucks and we could not finish it as we were too full. Wasted! It was quite good.

Thumbs up for the good service.

Thank you Charlene for recommending this place.

Beautiful lava lamps to end off this post...
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Feels funny to be free

It feels kinda weird when I don’t bring home any work to do on my weekends. I feel too free. So besides giving tuition, all I did was sleep, shop, sing and surf (online of course) these 2 days. Simple pleasures in life are hard to come by yet I feel ill at ease to enjoy them. Not bringing anything home to do means that the week ahead would be a busy week.

Kh took his long deserved leave yesterday (Monday) and we planned to go to the beach. We haven’t done so for a loooooooong time. If you have been reading my blog, you would know that each time the sun shines happily, I would be bogged down by work and each time I plan to go to the beach, it would rain on me. Why does it always rain on me? *Sings to the tune*

So instead of heading for Sentosa, we headed for some K session. Kh is like so into K-ing nowadays and he really got me interested in Chinese songs. I’m someone who seldom listens to Chinese pop so I could not really sing many songs at K box. But I like the songs he sang and realized that Chinese songs are good stuff too. So we just sang and sang and sang till it was time to go for tuition.

Desperate Housewives finally came to an end and I can’t wait for season 2.

Was trying out the “Which housewife are you?” quiz but I got stumped at question 2:

Our wedding was:
a) A society event
b) A mistake
c) Spur of the moment in Vegas
d) Something we are still paying off
e) Not gonna happen until the pre-nup was signed

Dammit! How to continue the quiz???

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hectic day, busy bodies, stressful minds, 5-minute lunch and no time for the loo.

Today was HECTIC! In CAPZ and in BOLD.

We didn’t even have to time to eat even though we were all sooooo hungry.

At last, hs offered to buy lunch and even set them up so neatly in her room for all of us so we can tuck in quickly and get back to work.

 Posted by Picasa

So sweet!!! I would never have thought of setting the table like that for my colleagues if I were to da bao food for them.

The gal behind the food (no pun intended). Posted by Picasa

Lian has been sending me many interesting and funny links for ads on MSN. Even as I’m typing this, she is still sending. That ad addict! But it’s a good way to unwind after the stressful day.

I lurve this!!! This is dedicated to my fellow colleagues. All of us had a very BUSY Wednesday today. Here’s something for all of you to laugh. Don’t be so stressed up. Also, check this out if you are a sucker for Japanese chio bus (pretty gals).

And international award winning ads…

Of which, this Volkswagen one is good. As in funny-good.

This hp one is WOAH! I cant even find an adjective to describe it. Way smooth! You all should watch this.

Shaking hands spreads more germs than kissing. This gives one an excuse to kiss that cute guy or gal when you introduce yourself.

I love adidas!

And in case, you need more ads to cheer you up, this is the homepage.

I haven’t checked out the rest of them yet.

Still feeling a bit stressed about tomorrow. Have to go to work much earlier to prepare myself.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My MSN nickname is “Jo only knows what work is”.

Last week was the kids’ term break. While some of my colleagues took leave for the whole week to “rest” at home (I suspect they have gotta be doing work at home too), three others zipped off to Bangkok with their separate groups of friends. How did all of you manage to finish your work????

Em, hs and me took leave too but on Sunday night, we called to cancel our leave on Wednesday and went back to work. At the end of Wednesday, we still had so much work to do that we called and cancelled our leave on Thursday. At the end of Thursday, we still had so much work to do that we called and cancelled our leave on Friday. But after much thought, we decided to take a half day or we would really have no life. Then while em and hs rested on Saturday, I came back for my make up lesson. As I was on MC for one of the Saturdays, I had to do a make up for the kids. Then on Sunday (yesterday), everybody had to come back for make up lessons too, including me of course...

*Jo continues yakking away*

So to cut a long story short, my term break is like no break.

I felt bad when my students run to me and ask me where their work are. As in I promised to put up some of their work and they were so eager to see them on the wall the following week but I don't have the time to do so.

Maybe I really have bad time management.

And right now, I still have all the reports to do but I shall just relax, watch Desperate Housewives and surf.

Photos again....

Hs and me tried to make work more interesting these past few days. Instead of bending over our short “children table”, we pushed the table against the window and used the ledge as our table and the table itself as the chair. So this is our view…

Dirty green pond Posted by Picasa

Cool blue swimming pool… So inviting! Posted by Picasa

Decided to treat ourselves with cheap and good Pizza Hut lunch on Wednesday. Posted by Picasa

With the half-day leave on Friday, hs and me decided to pamper ourselves with manicure and pedicure. This is the first time I did manicure and pedicure as my nails are really short and stubby and hopeless and really not worth the money. But in the end, I decided to try it out in case my short and stubby and hopeless nails could be saved by manicure.

hs nails Posted by Picasa

My nails…
I have nicer nails now but hands are still quite ugly. My hands, like my nails, are short and stubby and I absolutely hate them. Now I love my nails! Posted by Picasa

Look at the cute flowers! Posted by Picasa

Then we shopped and shopped and our feet were aching like siao and what do we see? An empty OSIM iSQUEEZ!!!!!

PS has iSQUEEZ at every level with people on them so an empty one is a rare sight. We decided to give our aching calfs some TLC.

me n iSQUEEZ Posted by Picasa

hs and iSQUEEZ Posted by Picasa

Giving the thumbs up for iSQUEEZ… as well as trying to flaunt our new nails.
Posted by Picasa

Met evan on Saturday during my lunch break. We haven’t seen each other since the last time I saw her photo on my blog. We used to see each other everyday.

We had Jap food. I lurve Jap food!!!

My lunch... Pork don (rice) with side salad and watermelon, chawamushii and miso soup (which can't be seen in this picture).
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Posted by Picasa

Ok.. I was trying unsuccessfully to do those sounds you hear in karate movies. I don’t know when did evan snap that but I was merely picking up my chopsticks and spoon.

Me and my food proper.
Posted by Picasa

Evan and her 6 delicious sushi.
Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

This morning I woke up with a start at 7am and thought I had work. I always wake up with a start when I forget to set my hp alarm clock. But this time, there was also another reason why I woke up with a start but I shan’t say it here.

So since I could not get back to sleep, I decided to continue writing my progress report. My hands with beautifully manicured nails got so tired that I decided to flip through my trusty notebook.

Drawings in my notebook from JC… that is like 5-6 years ago! And I’m still using the same notebook.

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Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

I know the shading is really ugly but hey I’m no artist.

I'm Jo the mediocre writer.
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This is how I make my mediocre life “un-mediocre”. By writing about mediocre stuff as if they are very exciting. =P


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