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Monday, July 04, 2005

My MSN nickname is “Jo only knows what work is”.

Last week was the kids’ term break. While some of my colleagues took leave for the whole week to “rest” at home (I suspect they have gotta be doing work at home too), three others zipped off to Bangkok with their separate groups of friends. How did all of you manage to finish your work????

Em, hs and me took leave too but on Sunday night, we called to cancel our leave on Wednesday and went back to work. At the end of Wednesday, we still had so much work to do that we called and cancelled our leave on Thursday. At the end of Thursday, we still had so much work to do that we called and cancelled our leave on Friday. But after much thought, we decided to take a half day or we would really have no life. Then while em and hs rested on Saturday, I came back for my make up lesson. As I was on MC for one of the Saturdays, I had to do a make up for the kids. Then on Sunday (yesterday), everybody had to come back for make up lessons too, including me of course...

*Jo continues yakking away*

So to cut a long story short, my term break is like no break.

I felt bad when my students run to me and ask me where their work are. As in I promised to put up some of their work and they were so eager to see them on the wall the following week but I don't have the time to do so.

Maybe I really have bad time management.

And right now, I still have all the reports to do but I shall just relax, watch Desperate Housewives and surf.

Photos again....

Hs and me tried to make work more interesting these past few days. Instead of bending over our short “children table”, we pushed the table against the window and used the ledge as our table and the table itself as the chair. So this is our view…

Dirty green pond Posted by Picasa

Cool blue swimming pool… So inviting! Posted by Picasa

Decided to treat ourselves with cheap and good Pizza Hut lunch on Wednesday. Posted by Picasa

With the half-day leave on Friday, hs and me decided to pamper ourselves with manicure and pedicure. This is the first time I did manicure and pedicure as my nails are really short and stubby and hopeless and really not worth the money. But in the end, I decided to try it out in case my short and stubby and hopeless nails could be saved by manicure.

hs nails Posted by Picasa

My nails…
I have nicer nails now but hands are still quite ugly. My hands, like my nails, are short and stubby and I absolutely hate them. Now I love my nails! Posted by Picasa

Look at the cute flowers! Posted by Picasa

Then we shopped and shopped and our feet were aching like siao and what do we see? An empty OSIM iSQUEEZ!!!!!

PS has iSQUEEZ at every level with people on them so an empty one is a rare sight. We decided to give our aching calfs some TLC.

me n iSQUEEZ Posted by Picasa

hs and iSQUEEZ Posted by Picasa

Giving the thumbs up for iSQUEEZ… as well as trying to flaunt our new nails.
Posted by Picasa

Met evan on Saturday during my lunch break. We haven’t seen each other since the last time I saw her photo on my blog. We used to see each other everyday.

We had Jap food. I lurve Jap food!!!

My lunch... Pork don (rice) with side salad and watermelon, chawamushii and miso soup (which can't be seen in this picture).
Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Ok.. I was trying unsuccessfully to do those sounds you hear in karate movies. I don’t know when did evan snap that but I was merely picking up my chopsticks and spoon.

Me and my food proper.
Posted by Picasa

Evan and her 6 delicious sushi.
Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

This morning I woke up with a start at 7am and thought I had work. I always wake up with a start when I forget to set my hp alarm clock. But this time, there was also another reason why I woke up with a start but I shan’t say it here.

So since I could not get back to sleep, I decided to continue writing my progress report. My hands with beautifully manicured nails got so tired that I decided to flip through my trusty notebook.

Drawings in my notebook from JC… that is like 5-6 years ago! And I’m still using the same notebook.

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

I know the shading is really ugly but hey I’m no artist.

I'm Jo the mediocre writer.
Posted by Picasa

This is how I make my mediocre life “un-mediocre”. By writing about mediocre stuff as if they are very exciting. =P


  1. u cut your fringe? so cute. look so innocent and jap now. i saw ur video too. ur godson is really cute. innocent looking. u n ur fren so funny when u all throw the hat.

    keep blogging...

  2. Hi chris,

    How is the window view over at your side? Where do you reside btw?

    I don't have the mood to do sketches nowadays. The mood just comes and go anytime. Right now too busy to draw. My only form of relaxation is surfing around online and watching my 2 most favourite drama serial.

    Hi paperleaf,

    Haven't seen you for quite some time. Yeah I cut my fringe. Shorter and more now. Nice huh? I think I look toot.

    Jase is indeed cute eh? And ya we did laugh ourselves silly when we threw the hats.

  3. no offence but you are one big fiona xie! arte you wearing push ups?

  4. Glad to see you are still blogging.

    Very nice drawing. I used to draw a fair bit, those cute stuffs to cheer my wife last time.

  5. I agree with anon above that you are one big fiona xie... hee.. no offence too.. In fact i envy slim and well endowed people like fiona xie.. and u of cos! ^_^

    Continue blogging with photos... They are great!

  6. No push ups! And I'm not 1 big fiona xie!!!

    And from now on, I'll make a mental note never to reply to anonymous and "comments with adult reference".


  7. You went for French manicure or clear? Looks pretty ok to me. Not short and stubby.

  8. Pretty nice drawings you have in your notebook. Are you into manga and all things jap? I like the way you write your posts with photos like a story. Very fresh concept. Keep blogging!

  9. Hi starz,
    Sorry for this late reply. Nope it isn't french. Chose light pink which tuned out clear.

    Hi lil gal,
    I'm not really into jap and manga but that's the impression people have of me. =)

  10. Nice effect on the chopstick stunt..
    Luv the motion like captured.
    Potrait shot seem abit blur.
    Try with a smaller aperture like F8 at least.
    It should get everything sharp and focus. Try not to move too much, camera with self timer.

  11. Hi Jolene,

    Thanks for your reply. Usually those light cream colour would turn out transparent. So if you are looking for those cream colour polish remember to choose a few shades darker.


  12. To bwilly,
    The chopsticks "stunt" was actually just me picking up the chopsticks. Look like stunt right? Which is the portrait one? Anyway, I'm quite the opposite. I like blurred shots.

    To starz,
    Yup point taken but there were no few shades darker polish available for express manicure. Quite limited options.


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