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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Spent my 2 off days sleeping

I hate myself for falling sick so often. Just when I've recovered from the headache and dreadful cough, which seems almost chronic to me, the flu bug decided it would bug me for the umpteenth time. It’s not called a flu bug for no reason.

I popped drowsy flu pills, slept almost the whole day yesterday and half the day away today. I had to wake up and go and do my hair or there won’t be any time left before Chinese New Year. I dyed a much darker tone for once, almost to the extent of being black. My mum would nag at me for sure. She loves me in highlights and blondes and light browns. She is one funny mama. No photos of my new darker hair though as it is quite difficult to capture its darker shade.

The stylist who did my hair knew I was sick, as I looked completely groggy. He even said I had a fever, something I did not know about if he hadn’t told me. After my trip to the salon, I decided to thread my eyebrows near my place, as they were getting quite messy. As I was on my way to the interchange, this Indian lady waved to me. It was the lady who threads my eyebrows. She has just opened a new shop there and I thought it was such a coincidence. But from now on, threading eyebrows won’t be as accessible as before. =(

I’m simply hooked to Love Concierge right now. I wonder how can anyone be so scheming and ruthless as to hurt her own sister given that their sisterly relationship was excellent to begin with. The older couples (Love triangle among Nancy Sit, Chen Shucheng and Zhu Houren) bring about comic relief to the whole show, while the rest of the couples were appropriately matched. The eye candies, good dress sense and great hairstyle of the stars glued me further.

My sister sent me this spoof of Memoirs of a Geisha. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Since Friday, I have been... ...

Suffering from severe headache…


Gulping down medicine with antibiotic that taste like nail polish…

Sleeping the whole day…

With no appetite at all… eating only for the sake of taking medicine…

And ending up as skinny as a stick.

To those reading this, it is quite common to suffer from severe headaches to the extent of vomiting right?

I’ve been getting this (minus the vomiting) for quite some time and people around me have been advising (read: scolding and nagging) me to go for a full body check up.

Is it just me or is it common?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Annual Primary School Class Gathering on 7th January

To be updated...

Haha I have to put this dummy entry here as a few of you have already sms me that you have checked my blog but there is no updates on that day.

Not many photos this time...

I'll update when I come back.

Tata Ü


Joa and I were really late. We missed the dinner somewhere in Chinatown and reached Party World at 9+.

To Joa, such a pleasant coincidence that we were both at TPY. It was really nice meeting up with you first and going there together. I had a nice chat with you. =). You make me feel like trying out for SIA.

When we arrived at party world, the guys and the gals were segregated into two gangs. This always happens every year.

The boys

The gals

I still can’t shake off the thinking that we are still boys and gals… After all, we knew each other when we were mere kids.

C*******g hao3 you3 man3 tian1 xia4! It’s good that they changed their tagline. I used to amend their tagline to “Probably the best beer in the world… Probably not!” A world of friends has so much more meaning than a tagline which screams I’m not telling the truth.

The KTV session was more of a talking/ chatting session for me. I don’t know many Chinese songs and even if I’ve heard them somewhere before, I don’t know how to sing. Everyone was so into serious singing. I started inserting all the duets that I remembered how to sing as well as those fast and loud songs that everyone could sing together. That’s what KTV session is all about.

Then somebody chose Emil Chau’s “peng2 you3” and although cliché, it was a good choice. That is one song that everyone could sing.

And then when a lot of them had gone home, leaving with only a few of us, things got wild and fun. When I was outside with jf, yh called me and asked us to hurry coz zz was singing all my songs away and was torturing their ears.

Imagine our surprise when we flung the door open, only to see zz dancing on the couch and tormenting them with his singing while the rest of the guys were grooving away on the floor.
And I reiterate… that’s what I call K session!

So we joined in the fun. We danced, we grooved, we followed the moves and gestures on the mtv. We screamed, we shouted, we hollered at the top of our voices. Of course we did sing too… In fact, we sang our lungs out.

Hey yh, you are not supposed to pose here. You are supposed to act crazy like that crazy gal behind. (BTW this 2 friends have been in the same class with me from pri 1 to 6, which means we have known each other for 17 years!)

After the shouting session, we squeezed into zz’s car and headed for supper at Yishun. That was the first time I squeezed into a car of 7 grown kids… 5 boys 2 gals.

We ate and chatted till 3+am. Then we really had to go as I had work the next day and jf had tuition in the morning.

To sum up the night’s happening…. It was FUN! We should have more of these gathering. Although I do meet up with the different groups of close primary school friends every now and then, we ought to have more large scale meet ups often. Why wait til 7th January 2007? Quick! Somebody go organize another one this year.

Don’t look at me.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Hangover 2006!

Regretted not bringing my camera. Damn!

And a more light-hearted and catchy tune to usher in the brand new year. I don't wanna wish to be free... I WANT to be free... in a simple kind of lovely. =)


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