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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mode... Switched

My mode has been switched from dependence to independence once more.

Kh has flown off again. But this time it is only for three weeks. Yay!


Met up with the hh babes on Sunday evening.

4 teachers from hh are leaving this term. Welcome to the alumni club. We'll continue to meet up ya?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Toast to New Friendship

Just now I attended a wedding dinner of someone whom I don’t really know. The very first and last time I saw her was in 1998 (Wow… 8 years) at the AJ (Anderson Junior College) band workshop. It was also the same workshop where I met kh. We were all clarinetists. Hence, the bride and me know of each other, but don’t know each other. I only know her as that clarinetist from this certain school and she only knows me as that clarinetist who is kh’s gf and so I got invited to the dinner. =)

Even though kh knows 2 of her friends as they were his jc friends, we sat a different table from them as they were her “jie mei-s” from secondary school.

Our table comprised of the bride’s miscellaneous friends. And in a table of 10, only 5 of us turned up. Initially it was awkward. After introducing ourselves and getting acquainted with the other 3 at the same table, kh and me settled down to talk between ourselves. We soon found out that the other 3 do not know each other too. Efforts of making small talks were excruciating. The only topic that we engaged in at the beginning was that the 5 of us had to eat the share of 10 people and we had better try our best.

Gradually, we started warming up and could even suan each other. In the next minute, we were toasting to new friendship, exchanging email addresses and handphone numbers, laughing like old friends and arranging to meet for prata sessions since the majority of us stay close to each other. One of the guys stays just opposite my block and was happy to find another khaki for badminton (even though I suck at it).

Hearing the laughter coming from our table, kh’s jc friends were astounded and wondered if we knew each other before this. Even the bride herself was quite surprised that friends of hers who were strangers to one another had crossed paths to become friends. Although kh and I are sociable people by nature, we were also quite amazed at the extent of our gregarious nature that night.

Us and kh's jc frenz

The bride, the groom and the new found friends.

5 of us

Cheers to new friendship!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It’s another deardear’s day out

This time the excuse to spend a bomb on dinner was that the dinner was meant as a very belated birthday celebration for me. We went to Dan Ryan last night coz he felt like eating the oyster shooters.

A series of unfortunate-looking photos ensue….

All smiles…

Then I told kh not to smile with teeth as I love his cheeky no teeth smile.

He ended up looking like that…

“Can you please smile???” I pleaded.

He remembered that he should not show his teeth when he smile so he did this…

I give up! And all along I was smiling the same idiotic smile in all 3 photos without much change in expression.

My mum walked in and saw the photos. I explained to her that I was teaching kh how to look good in photos, resulting in these unfortunate-looking shots. She begged me not to make him “gek4 sai4” and let him go au natural.

Ok…. Food time! These photos don’t do justice to the yummy food! The place was quite dark and so the food shots look really horrendous with flash.

Appetizer: Clam chowder in bread bowl

Appetizer: Oyster shooters

Main course: Deardear’s yummylicious steak… it was sooooo juicy!

Main course: My ribs… Not mine… the cow’s.

Dessert: Sinful chocolate cake

Deardear called it the cake of lust.

Peek a…


We ate till our tummies were so bloated. Usually by suppertime, I would get all hungry again but last night, the food took the whole night and morning to digest.

Books Books Books

I need to buy books again coz I’ve finished The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and for the past few days, I had nothing to read on the mrt. I tried very hard not to buy 8 Days coz that’s like $2.00 x 4 = $8.00 every month. Huge investment.

20% off for Kinokuniya privilege card members is ending on 24th June. For the rest of the week, I’ll be working till night. Hence, I had to squeeze some time from my off day to drop by for a visit.

As the age-old adage goes: Never judge a book by its cover.

That is like so untrue! I totally throw that saying out of the window.

Without any recommendations or reviews, book covers are what attract me to buy a book.

At the fiction shelves, an array of beautifully illustrated book covers greeted me, those kinds of illustrations that I like. Simple illustration, cute illustration, quirky illustration, bold colours, sweet water colours, butterflies and flowers.

I was like a little girl in a candy shop.

Heck, even their penguin classics are no longer the kind we have for Literature. They have pulled out those black-spine-portrait-painting versions. Damn! I wanted all my books to look the same.

Jane Austen novels have revolutionized from classic to pop culture and so have their covers.

They resemble those How to Kill your Husband books.

I hope I’ll never have to read that.

A cover splashed with bold colours and dotted with butterflies.

And finally the book that I bought… Just a Little Disco on an Open-Top bus.

Don’t ask me what this book is about. I was attracted to the bold colours and quirky undies illustration. It belongs to the range of humour-fiction and I think I need a good laugh after being disappointed with Dorian Gray (the character, not the book) for the past weeks. I feel like doing a review on the book (Dorian Gray, not Just a Little Disco). Will do so when I’ve got the time.


Mum bought a humongous mango the size of a Hawaiian papaya.

When she related to us the size of a mango which she ate at a friend’s house few days ago, nobody believed her. Now that she has bought those mangoes, we must admit that seeing is believing. The 8 Days shows the mango’s size in relativity. And damn, I bought 8 Days yesterday, as I didn’t have a book to read on the mrt.

Simba is such a brat at times. She cat-walked stealthily into my 2nd sis’s room and did this while she was reading the newspaper. How rude!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Deadear's day out

I love it when my off days and kh's off days coincide. It is great that both of us have weird working days and hours at times and an offday out isn’t a crowded Sunday.

We went to IKEA on Wednesday. Haven’t been there for 3 years. It was CROWDED. The only thing I bought were some heart shaped ice cube trays.

Haven’t eaten these swedish meatballs for 3 years too.

After that we went to watch Cars. Do remember to stay on till the end credits. It was funny but not as great as Toy Story, Monster Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles... ...

End of the day kh looks like he was either tired or trying to look idiotic.

World cup season... ... 4 years ago I was betting together with my OCBC Ah Lian colleague and asking my friend to help me bet from other sources too. In the end after the whole season ended and after all the debit and credit calculations, I only won like a few dollars? I even got chided by a friend for spoiling the beauty of the game by betting and watching for the sake of seeing where my money went. This year, no itchy fingers. Even kh has given up on mj for awhile. No gambling this time.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy days ahead

Dear good people,

I have started working and my hours are very odd. I work from afternoon till night and for the month of June, I try to give tuition in the morning since the kids are having holidays. Therefore, my days are quite busy. My confirmed off day is Wednesday and 1 weekend. The only time I can meet up with frenz would be those unearthly hours and what else are opened at that time, but pubs and clubs and supper joints.

I have also no time to use the internet during the weekdays so I won't be blogging as much as now.

And for those of you who ask, I'm still in the education line. Alot of multi tasking but my main job scope is planning curriculum for primary English gifted program and teaching.


Wednesday Night = SUBA night

On Wednesday night, we gathered at Suba for a second time. This time some st nicks classmates were there too. I haven’t seen most of them for at least 2 years.

All looked really cosmopolitan except me. Hehe.. I was decked in t-shirt and shorts as it was my off day.

A conversation that went on between me and 1 of my st nicks fren:

SN fren: Hey I heard that you are teaching… some special teaching.

Me: Yeah what you heard was old news. But I’m still in the education line.

Sn fren: Oh really? [Eyeing my golden hair and nodding uncertainly] Are you an English teacher?

Me: Sort of… hey… how do you know??!

SN fren: Because you corrected my English just now. You told me it was wasabi peas and not nuts.

[Both laugh hysterically]

Me: How about you?

SN fren: Oh I catch criminals [puffing heavily on a cigarette with a glass of beer and 3 cigarette boxes in front of her]


We saw Tiff with her colleagues there too. What a coincidence. She was really eager to join the Bimbo club. She thought the ring-watch was like the coolest thing on the planet. The status of her membership is still pending as she has to buy the ring. In the meantime, she had ditched her colleagues for us as she said she wanna hang out with the cool group. Bimbo = Cool?

She is really worthy to be in the club. We were trying out the Jappy-Taiwanese cutesy gals number pose when she demonstrated the whole thing to us in the most bimbotic manner.

And so we had fun doing those numbers...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Most of the st nicks people had left by that time, leaving only pinky and her colleague who sportingly joined in the bimbo shots to increase the number.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Vincent stood in front of us and enquired if he should get the whole pub to join us so we can make up till a hundred. We asked him to join in the shot. But he protested, “Don’t want. I don’t like to act cute like you all.”

He had to eat his words!

Jeremy, the bartender, wanted to join in with a manly pose. So, we gave him MAN. We gave him James Bond 007.

Geral was so high on wasabi. She was laughing like a hyena even before she started drinking a lot.

I forgot what drinks these are.

Blurred but pretty shot of 2 gals who were each other's 1st friend in primary 1.

After brightening this image, it is my new favourite shot of us. And that's geral's finger.

Very tall shot glasses

We were supposed to stick out our tongues but zanne spoilt it.

Get us away from the freak at the back!

Trigger happy…

Sticking out our tongues…

Acting pathetic…

Never knew that geral and my arms are long enough to fit 5 of us in the frame.

“Own pose. Own pose.” Geral and me got mo qi and acted sweet, while tiff, xtina and zanne went for the dao look.

Jeremy joined in for the Hip hop pose.

Vincent: You all not hop enough.
Me: But we are hip enough.

Jeremy folded roses for us coz we teased him last week when he only folded for zanne.

xtina hua chi

geral hua chi

jo hua chi

tiff is the most hua chi

drink drank drunk

Ok give her credit. She is not that drunk la. Drunk enough to keep reiterating the fact that she has a conference call from New York at 7am that morning.

5 human flowers

Special bouquet for zanne.

Read more of the night's happenings in geral's voice.


On Saturday night, I attended my cousin’s wedding.

My cousin is the groom.

Best cosin, Lydia, the sis of the groom.

Together with another of their brother, we used to hang out alot when we were kids. I loved staying over at their place. Their house is like a haven for kids as they owned all the latest toys. (Although they had all the latest toys, they weren't spoilt brats. They were fortunate to have uncles and aunts from the other side who doted on them.) I've never had a Barbie doll and my 1st and only barbie was given to me by Lydia. The boys used to be very notti little kids. We had so much fun fighting with the bullies at the playground. Sand throwing, paper bullets with rubber band... When we got home, the boys were caned by their dad for setting a bad example while the gals got away scot-free.

Those memories...

Grandma and the couple

I taught Grandma how to do the cutesy number pose and she did #5. Too bad that photo isn’t in my camera.

To take off the ribbon décor, we had to go round the table like 10 times. All my little cousins were laughing at us while da jie snapped a shot as she thought we looked very cute going round and round…

And I repeat, soooo many weddings and birthdays in June.


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