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Monday, November 30, 2015

Bestie Tiffany's Birthday Dinner At Mitzo

Tiff and I have been friends for over 20 years. It all started when a cute little girl came forward to make friends with me on the first day of Primary One. You could say that she's the oldest and dearest friend I have.

For Tiff's birthday 2 weeks back, we decided that we should go semi-atas. After reading favourable reviews of Mitzo, we looked forward excitedly to this dinner meet up the whole week.

We (or I, rather) were so drawn to the beautiful, sexy interior decor of Mitzo. With hues of rainbow reflecting from the sea of blue and green glass, I've fallen completely in love with the elegant and contemporary design.

[image Source]

I could see how this restaurant transforms into a bar at night. A lounge-like feel permeates the air as we walked through panels of glass and mirror while being shown to our seats.

[image source]

The ceiling was made up of large panels of mirrors. We decided to have a mirror wefie in the most unusual fashion.

"Mitzo breaks the mould of Chinese dining by combining a contemporary take on Cantonese cuisine with an artisanal cocktail programme." -

I initially chose Mitzo coz of the 20% discount with my staff pass in November. However upon reservation, the cordial lady over the phone informed me of 2 different one-for-one promotional set dinner to consider.

Tiff: "Wah... I'm so touched that you're treating me at such an atas place!"

Jo: "Ya... don't be so touched. It's one-for-one!"

We chose the 6-course Mitzo Signatures Premium set at $128++ per pax. The dishes in this more expensive set include their signature bbq pork and roast pork belly, abalone, cod fish and wagyu beef and is definitely more value for money than the other set. The total bill after the one-for-one promo, together with a pot of pu'er tea, came up to $162.43. $81 per pax is a really reasonable price to pay for semi fine-dining cuisine with such a lovely ambience.

This wasn't quite the usual nuts served at the start of the meal. Anything dusted with seaweed powder would get the thumbs up from me.

~*Double-boiled abalone soup with cordyceps flower, chicken and king oyster mushroom*~
I love almost all clear Asian soup and this nourishing soup was delicious.

~*Roast platter Mitzo special barbecued pork*~
I do not usually fancy barbecued pork (better known locally as char siew) but I could see why this is their signature dish. The tender pork was coated with a crispy later of sweet caramelized sugar (or honey, I reckon) that's charred to perfection. One thick piece of pork per person tasted heavenly for sure, though I'm not very sure if I would have diminishing marginal utility when given a larger serving.

~*Roast platter crispy roast pork belly*~
I love crispy roast pork belly (better known locally as siu yuk) in general and I love this for the right amount of crisp crackling skin, juicy tender meat, and delicate melt-in-your-mouth fats. Crispy roast pork belly is one of my favourite unhealthy Chinese food ever and the ones here at Mitzo sure didn't taste unhealthy to me. Not to mention, I always feel that such roast meat has a refined atas air when dipped with mustard sauce.

When Tiff asked for chilli without specifying what type of chilli she wanted, the wait staff came with red chilli, green chilli and chilli padi. That's called going beyond customer's satisfaction.

~*Steamed cod fish with minced ginger in soya sauce*~
Cod fish is one of my favourite fish and I would always love any cod fish dish especially Chinese style with soya sauce. Likewise, I enjoyed this cod fish. However, I didn't quite like it with minced ginger and I felt that there could be more soya sauce.

~*Stir-fried wagyu beef with asparagus in osmanthus sauce*~
Tiff found the wagyu beef tough; I felt it was tender and pretty good. However, one undisputed view from both of us was that this dish was a little too sweet for our liking after having eaten more than 3 pieces of beef. The asparagus was a welcoming balance to the dish. Overall, I liked this dish.

~*Fried rice with ginger, shrimp and tobiko*~
This dish tried to be many things all at once and the amalgamation of ingredients made us really confused as to what should the unique selling point of this dish be. That aside, we Asians always need our rice to complement the whole meal!

Tiffy was really happy with the dinner, the ambience and the company so far!

Then came our dessert. I took a video of this where Tiff was acting silly, pretending that she was conjuring some sort of magic. The silly video is for private viewing. =P

Ya, I had no magical smoke coz I'm not the birthday gal. But I got to eat my dessert faster! Hehehehe...

The fumes from the dry ice finally settled down and it was time for a proper human and dessert shot.

~*Chilled cream of mango with sago and pomelo topped with ice cream*~
We could finally see the dessert after all the "smoke" dissipated. The mango cream was flavourful without being cloyingly sweet. The tangy pomelo sacs were refreshing and another thing I remembered about this dish was Tiff asking if the flower petals could be eaten. -_-|||

While other restaurants serve cake on birthdays, Mitzo serves longevity buns! I think that Chinese character there is 寿 which means longevity.

The staff at Mitzo sang Tiff a birthday song after presenting her with her "cake". It was a pleasant surprise for the both of us. The elderly lady at the table next to us went over to hug Tiff saying that it was her birthday as well! So sweet! The Mitzo staff then mentioned that she was going to get the same treatment too. Lol! We assumed it could not be kept under wraps since we were just beside them. When it was the old lady's turn, we also sang the birthday song together and for that brief moment we felt like we were family.

I wish for all your dreams to come true. You deserve only the best! xoxo

The buns were really delicious! The lotus paste was smooth with the right amount of sweetness. It was awesome! It reminded us of mooncakes with silky smooth lotus paste.

We were both really happy gals with such good food in our bellies.

It was a bestie telepathy that we were dressed in blue that evening!

And somebody just wanna have a wefie with the snowman... *rolls eyes* Ok, birthday gal would get whatever she wanted. As I'm doing up this post, I realised that I've completely forgotten to blog about my birthday dinner with Tiff. And then I realised that we've got so many other photos together that I've decided to do it all in the same post next time.

All photos taken using iPhone 6

Announcement of Firmoo Giveaway Winner

If you've taken part in the Firmoo glasses giveaway and have read up to here, good for you!

As per past giveaways I've held, I used a random number generator to pick my winner after sequencing the participants in running serial numbers.

And the winner is...

Rari Moon!

Congratulations Rari! I could already imagine how the choice glasses would fit you. You would be receiving an email from me soon.

To all other participants, thank you so much for taking part. I hope we could forge a bloggie friendship and that you would continue to drop by my blog for more giveaways and promotions.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway

Winner would be announced in my next post. 

It wasn't that long ago that glasses were uncool. You only wore them when you absolutely had to. These days, glasses that are 100% functional are almost like a fashion accessory to fit your face for the whole day until it is time to go to bed.

Although you don't really see it on my blog and other social media platforms, I'm most of the time a specky gal at work and have at least 3 different prescription glasses-- on my room desk, on the bedside table and one that is almost always on my face.

Specky girl needn't be uncool especially when you have trendy glasses.

I was thrilled when Firmoo reached out to me about a giveaway collaboration. I've read so many great reviews on Firmoo and also know of a couple of trustworthy blog friends who gave the thumbs up for Firmoo.

If you haven't already heard, Firmoo is a global online optical store which offers affordable yet high-quality prescription glasses and sunglasses. Their eye wear ranges from classic to trendy and you would definitely find one that suits your taste.

For those skeptical about ordering eye wear online, cast your worries aside. Firmoo includes detailed measurements on their website so you could compare the frame size with your current eye wear. Other information such as frame style, material, weight etc are also clearly stated on each product page. You could also use the "Try On" feature to see how these frames would look on you. Simply upload your photo and then click to see the resulting look.

Today, I'm delighted to share the joy of my very first Firmoo collaboration with one lucky blog reader.

Your prize

You would win a pair of Firmoo glasses with free shipping from the Collection for Bloggers. Glasses include the frames, standard 1.50 index single vision lenses. Upgraded lenses and add-ons will be charged for an extra fee.

How to win? 

Minimum requirement
  1. Click the Collection for Bloggers link and leave a comment on this post with the link and the code name of the glasses you would like to win.
  2. Leave your email address.
  3. Follow Jo's Jumbled Jardinière on GFC publicly. State your GFC profile name. I must be able to see your profile on the GFC widget on the right side bar. OR
  4. Follow Jo's Jumbled Jardinière on bloglovin. State your bloglovin' profile name.

The above are the mandatory entry requirements. You MUST provide your email for me to contact you. For more chances of winning, collect additional points as well. See below.

Collecting additional points for more chances
  1. Follow me on Instagram. State your Instagram profile name. (+10 chances)
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For standardization and to enter this giveaway, copy and paste the following portion highlighted in pink onto my comments section and edit parts in [brackets] accordingly:

Minimum requirement

  1. [Link and the code name of the glasses you would like to win ]
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Collecting additional points for more chances

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This giveaway will run for a week and will end on 27 November 2015 11:59 pm Singapore time.
International readers are welcome to take part.
The winner will be contacted via email so please remember to leave your email adress.
I will pick another winner if there is no reply within 72 hours of my email.
All the best!


Show our love

For those of you who do not want to join my giveaway but wish to show your support by following and liking, please feel free to do so and let me know. I would love to check out your pages too!

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