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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jo's 100 Followers Giveaway

Updated as of: 1 October 2012

Thank you for your participation. 


Extension of Giveaway till 30th September

As mentioned in this post, I have decided to extend the deadline for this giveaway as I'm really too tied up with many issues on hand. I hope all of you existing participants would understand.


I would like to thank all my dearest readers (old and new alike) and followers for taking the time to linger around this little virtual nook of mine and leaving me some heartfelt comments every now and then.

I feel like I have made the right choice in opening up myself on the internet realm and enjoying the warmth in the blogging world. It is great to connect with people from all over the world and I’m glad to have forged so many firm friendships with you readers.

As mentioned before, I would be hosting my 100 Followers Giveaway. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY to bloggers and non-bloggers alike!

I have 3 different sets of gifts for you to choose from --CUTE, CHARMING and CLASSY-- and hence there would be a total of THREE different winners. I apologise to my male readers as the gifts are catered to the fairer sex. Nonetheless, you are still welcome to take part if you want to win them for your significant other, your favourite sister or that cute girl who sits across your desk.

~* Gift Set 1: CUTE *~


1. Monster Hunter and Hello Kitty Thermal Mug

Who could resist the cuteness of the cat with no mouth? This is such a cute tumbler to drink from. There is also a slide closure to prevent spillage.



2. Rilakkuma (リラックマ) Compact Recycle Tote Bag

People who know me well enough would know how much I am into saving our Earth and conserving resources. I hope to motivate my readers to put environmental protection into action in your daily lives. Let's not take any more plastic bags from retailers to put our shopping purchases. Instead, slip this compact Rilakkuma tote bag into your bag and unfold it whenever you need to use an extra bag. Look cute and save the environment! It's a win-win situation.


3. Girl Notebook (printed on recycled material)

Need I say more about saving the environment?


4. My Melody Lock and Key

Original from Sanrio, this My Melody lock and key is just too adorable to resist. I have to throw this into the Cute bundle even though I very much love to keep it for myself.


5. Nivea Angel Star Body Soft Souffle

Nivea Angel Star Body Soft Soufflé is described as having a light yoghurt cream texture and it smells deliciously of raspberries. Now, how cute is that?


6. Pussy Cat DIY Rubber Stamps

I have one of these for myself too coz I really love cats. I bought a few boxes and have since given them to my cat-lover friends. I hope whoever wins this is a cat lover too.

Check out how animated the silhouette of the cats could look upon stamping. Whenever I show the photos depicting the outcome of the stamping, most of the cat-lover bunch would go "Awwwwww... so cute..."

This is a DIY stamp kit and you have to paste the rubber parts to the foam blocks provided. Refer to the pictures which I've sieved out from the Internet.


[Image taken from the internet]

[Image taken from the internet]

7. Rainbow e-Candle

This e-Candle works on battery and radiates rainbow colours. I did not snap an actual photograph of this e-Candle. From the main CUTE photograph of the gift bundle, you would see it as the little present wrapped with a purple ribbon. If you remember me gushing about the lovely wrapping from this post, I got this from Little Little Gifts as part of my presents haul for friends and I haven't unwrapped this. For more description of the e-Candle, click here.

[Image taken from the internet]

8. Peach Pink Bow with Pearls Hair Clip

9. Satin Contrasting Two-Tone Hair Clip in Pink

10. Korean Pink Dawn Like A Rose Ring

This bundle of sweet pink themed hair clips and ring is from fleurfaerie.

Exude a sweet girlish charm with this pink bow lined with pearls in the middle alligator hair clip. Change your style with the French barrette clip is lovingly hand-made with a contrasting two-tone rose pink and black. Complete your dressing with the Korean style oversized pink rose ring made of fabric and gauze which exudes an ethereal feel. The ring would suit any finger as it is adjustable. I can imagine a really cute girlish look styled from these accessories.


~* Gift Set 2: CHARMING *~


1. The Puffy Pony

Jazz up your simple pony tail with this hair tool. Now, that's what I call a chic and charming hairdo.


2. Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Ash Brown

I've used this colour before and I love the immediate effect of the colour on my hair. I also like how it is so easy to DIY dye my hair with this bubble hair dye. I bought another box as I wanted to share my favourite hair colour with my readers.


As seen from the picture collage below, the colour appears as a dark shade of brown (top right) but under the light, it is exactly the kind of brown which I like.


3. Love Always Magnetic Closure Organizer

A charming lady should never be disorganized. Organize your life with this Love Always organizer. I like how the dates aren't filled in for the calendar portion so that you could do so yourself. Don't you dread those organizers which are limited by the years and you can't really find a use for them once that year has past? Lined pages for note-taking are included.



4. Xotic Fake Lashes

The glitters lining the lashes allows you to skip the step of applying eye shadow. What a charm!


5. Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes

Allow your eyes to sparkle like jewels with this palette. This series of colours look absolutely princessy. I love the colours and glitters a lot.


6. Fairy DIY Rubber Stamps

Don't these little fairies look absolutely divine? They remind me so much of Tinklebell. Like the Pussy Cat stamps, I also kept a set of Fairy stamps for myself. This is a DIY stamp kit and you have to paste the rubber parts to the foam blocks provided. Refer to the pictures which I've sieved out from the Internet.


[Image taken from the internet]

[Image taken from the internet]

7. The Body Shop Nail Buffer

A charming lady never leaves the house with her nails undone. Even if your nails are bare from polish, buff them up for an instant sheen.


8. Forever Friends Magnet

A charming lady never forgets her friends. Give this to that gal pal of yours and thank her for being such a fabulous friend.


9. Korean Style Pearls and Ribbon Necklace

10. Pearl and Ribbon Hair Clip in Sweet Pink

What could be more feminine than pearls and ribbons? Bring out the sweet girlish charm in you with these pearl-themed necklace and hair clip. Once again, these charming items are brought to you by fleurfaerie.


~* Gift Set 3: CLASSY *~


1. Kenassy Hair Removal Puff

Unsightly hair on arms and legs is definitely a no-no for classy ladies. Be classy with this hair removal puff. I have come across a few Japanese magazines featuring this egg shaped puff quite a few times and decided to include this in the classy gift set. Highly advertised by Japanese models for smoother skin and finer regrowth.


2. Gorgeous Hair Styler

This set of two self gripping leave-in volumizing hair inserts give you instant volume which creates a very classy look.


3. Franc Franc Butterfly Mirror

This mirror was given to me by my good friend. I love anything butterfly and Tiffany blue so it adds up to how much I love this mirror. However, I have two existing mirrors in my room and I figured I should not add another one. Now, I wonder who is the lucky one to win this mirror.


4. Crystal-Clear Collagen Mask

I purchase a set of Crystal-Clear collagen masks from my facial salon and I really love what it does to my skin. This giveaway is for one mask with an estimated price of SGD$20 per mask. It comes with a separate upper and lower portion such that you could align the mask to fit your face more snugly. Put on the mask and lie down for about 15-20 minutes. Take note that as this is a collagen mask and is a little heavy; lying down helps the goodness sink into your skin more effectively. You wouldn't want to be in an upright position and allowing gravity to work by pulling your skin down right? Also, do not leave mask on for longer than 20 minutes of reverse osmosis would take place. This isn't a wet mask and you needn't wash your face after using. Be awed by how smooth, bouncy and moisturized your skin feels with just one application.


5. P.S I Love You Fragrance Mist

Don't you just love the handwriting font of this range of fragrance from Bath and Body Works? I know I do. This scent is described as musky rose with transition to sandalwood blend. I personally feel that the scent is a little masculine due to the musk and wood scent but musk and wood is always associated with classy right?


6. Sasa False Lashes

The effect of these lashes is a naturally lush look and nothing too dramatic. Definitely very classy and elegant.


7. Love's Domino Effect Playing Cards

This was given as a wedding favour and I like the swirls motif against the elegant purple box. This is not a deck of poker cards and instructions are stated on the box. Instead of playing strip poker, exhibit a new level of class while playing dominoes.


8. Vintage Pink Shell Cameo Earrings

9. Silk Chiffon Flower Hair Tie

10. Vintage Flower Hair Clip

Fleurfaerie presents a set of classy and vintage-like accessories.

The pair of pink shell cameo earrings set in vintage roped gold frame and pink gems hails from Korea.

The elastic band hair tie is made up of two flowers, one on each side. Made of silk chiffon, the sheer and floaty fabric creates an ethereal feel with a single pearl buried in the heart of each flower.

In muted tones of pink and green with a touch of gold, the flower hair clip radiates a vintage charm.

Together, these accessories complement the whole classy look



How to Enter

Minimum requirement

  • To enter, you need to follow Jo's Jumbled Jardinière ( publicly via Goggle Friend Connect (GFC)
  • State your GFC profile name and that you would wish to enter. (+1 point)
  • Let me know which is your preferred gift set (Cute, Charming, Classy)

Collecting additional points
Whether or not you are a blogger, you can maximise your chances of winning by collecting additional points.

  1. Follow Jo's Jumbled Jardinière via bloglovin at (+ 1 point)
  2. Place a link of this 100 Followers Giveaway on the side bar of your home page. (+1 point)
  3. Blog about this 100 Followers Giveaway on your blog (+ 2 point)
  4. Like FleurFaerie’s facebook page at (+1 point)
  5. Follow me on Pinterest (+1 point)
  6. Tell me why you enjoy reading my blog (+ 3 points)

In total, the maximum points you could collect is 10 (inclusive of the minimum requirement point).

The more points you collect, the better the chances of winning. To ensure that you bank in those additional points, please let me know which are the ones you have done and:

For 1), state your bloglovin ID.
For 2) and 3), provide links if necessary.
For 4), provide me with your Facebook profile name.
For 5), provide me with your Pinterst profile name.
For 6), tell me in the comments section.

Giveaway ends 
31 August 2012 at 12:01 AM SGT
30 September 2012 at 12:01 AM SGT
30 September 2012 at 23:59 PM SGT (Sunday night)

A winner will be chosen by which I would announce on my blog after all the collating has been done.

Please leave me your name and e-mail address so that I could contact you should you win. Also, if you do not have a blogger ID, leave me your name in the comments section instead of “Anonymous”.

Winners will have 72 hours to reply to my email before another winner is selected.

Using My Pictures

To use my pictures for your blog posts and side bar, I have enabled all pictures to be publicly available on my photobucket giveaway album at this direct link.

All the best!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

100 Followers Giveaway Coming Up

Hey lovelies,

I know I've been saying this since I hit a 100 followers a while back that I would be hosting a giveaway on my blog. Business (as in busy-ness) got the better of me and I'll be hosting the giveaway as soon as I have settled all my pending errands for the week.

I wish everyone well and continue watching this space.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My 2 sisters are making a BALD statement this weekend

More than 2500 shavees will be making A BALD STATEMENT @ Hair for Hope 2012 main event this weekend and my two sisters are among these shavees.

Into its 10th consecutive year, Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is organising Hair for Hope (HfH) on 28 and 29 July 2012, from 11am to 7pm (Saturday) and 11am to 6pm (Sunday) at VivoCity.

Through this symbolic gesture of shaving bald, CCF aims to:

1. Create awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore

2. Show children with cancer and their families that they are not alone in their fight against cancer

3. Tell children with cancer that it is OK to be bald

4. Raise funds to help children with cancer and their families

5. Build a community of support for children with cancer and their families

Hair for Hope is the only head-shaving event in Singapore that serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer. Every shaven head represents an understanding by an individual of the ordeals that a child with cancer is subjected to.

All funds raised will contribute to the $4.5 million needed annually to fund critical programmes and services for CCF’s beneficiaries.


It was totally spontaneous that both my sisters would be going for this. They did not even discuss beforehand and the next moment, both signed up for it.

Here are the links to their individual shavee page.

Besides donating to the CCF via my sisters in person like what most of us family and friends did, you could also support them by donating to the CCF online or leaving words of encouragement for them.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 3rd and the 11th

The numbers up there represent our wedding anniversary and the number-of-years-as-a-couple anniversary.

~*3rd Wedding anniversary*~

A few days back, the hubby and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Time really flies and it still feels as if we have just been married.

Kh took leave on the day itself but we were really clueless as to what to do and where to dine at. The night before, we decided to take a walk at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands as well as to check out Singapore's latest attraction -- Gardens by the Bay.

"Gardens by the Bay brings to life NParks' vision of creating a City in a Garden. The Gardens captures the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work - making Singapore a leading global city of the 21st century."

Instead of checking out some fine dining restaurants as of other anniversaries or birthday celebrations, we decided to satisfy his craving for Chinese dumplings at Din Tai Fung. For a whole week, he had been sick (still is as I'm typing this and has since spread to me as well) and he had been having craving for Chinese dumplings every single night.

The Din Tai Fung branch at MBS exudes a totally atas feel, quite unlike its humble counterparts all over the country. It is evident from the decor of the place.


Quite unlike Nokia's slogan (Nokia connecting people), Apple disconnects people. While waiting for the dishes to arrive, we engaged ourselves with our iPad and iPhone. We do connect by sharing about things we see on our screens though.


I love Chinese comfort food.


Kh sure satisfied his dumpling craving all right! He ordered two bamboo steamer baskets of xiao long bao and pork and vegetables dumplings.


We had wanted to head out to the gardens but it was drizzling the whole day. We only managed a shot with the iconic Louis Vuitton Island Maison before the raindrops became bigger and heavier.

"The Louis Vuitton Island Maison is one of the two stand-alone glass and steel crystal pavilions designed by architect Moshe Safdie as part of his overall design for the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort in Singapore."


The above photo was taken using my phone's front camera and hence the grainy quality.

We had no where else to go but to stroll in The Shoppes till the rain stopped. After a while, we realised that we had walked past the same few shops and boutiques at least thrice and decided to sit down for some tea and desserts at TWG.


The joke of the day was when for the sake of my hubby, I asked the TWG wait staff if they actually served coffee there. What did  you think the answer was? Fortunately, the wait staff did not label me a bimbo.

Kh is a coffee person and the long list of tea available at TWG simply stumped him. He had to browse through the tea book in order to make a well-informed decision. Alas, it only made him more confused.


I finally settled for Magic Charm Tea and he, Tribal Tea based on how they sounded.

"At the first signs of spring, flowers bloom on the mossy forest floor, and this light TWG green tea is blended with the most fragrant of these wild blossoms. An enchanting, rose-coloured cup with a tart and flowery flavour, this tea is a cup of pure magic."

Could you see how I was totally sold by the description?

"This audacious blend, made of rich contrast of green tea, China blue tea and black tea, is inundated with flowery notes of orange blossoms, orchard fruits and rare wild mints."

He felt this tea suited him too as it sounded very confusing.

Besides tea, we had tea-infused macarons which were absolutely delectable. The macarons brought out the fragrance of each tea wonderfully. I really like them for the hint of tea which wasn't too overpowering or cloyingly sweet though the outer shell is a little too crumbly.


We also ordered Foie Gras Terrine
“A well-known delicacy, homemade pan-seared foie gras served on a tender spinach shoot salad accompanied by caramelised apples and carrots drizzled with a Chocolate Tea infused vinaigrette.”


Crème brûlée
"A refreshing return to the traditional French confection, these two miniature crème brûlées are delightfully infused with two of our exclusive TWG Teas, Phuguri Darjeeling and Vanilla Bourbon Tea."


Flavours of macarons clockwise from top:

Dark Brown - Camelot Tea and Praline
Dark Pink - 1837 Black Tea and Blackcurrant
White - Moroccan Mint Tea
Brown - Earl Grey Fortune and  Chocolate
Yellow - Lemon Bush Tea

The unrelenting drizzle and torrents of rain finally ceased when the sky grew dark. It was a blessing in disguise to have the rain stop only then for we would not have been able to savour the beautiful gardens by night should we have visited the garden in the day and headed home thereafter.




The OCBC Skyway was closed by the time we were there. In fact, the whole garden isn't fully ready yet as there were many areas of the garden with work still under progress.


It was extremely difficult to capture a shot of us with the colourful lights in the background without the use of flash. Such photography requires a steady hand and this was the best we could manage.


Marina Bay Sands


Singapore Flyer


Experimenting with the shutter speed on the bridge



~*11th anniversary*~

Our number-of-years-as-a-couple anniversary falls on Valentine's Day so as usual, this portion here is a backdated entry from February.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we went to Au Petit Salut to beat the Valentine's Day crowd. The last time we went there was for his birthday 3 years ago.


The place was still rather empty in the evening but was buzzing with patrons when night fell.





Kh love munching on bread so much that I often have to remind him to save some stomach space for proper food.


Here are us with our mains.


200g US “Greater Omaha” corn fed prime grade beef tenderloin served with ‘Pommes Mousseline’ sautéed wild mushrooms and red wine sauce


“Le Cassoulet"
Duck leg confit, pork sausage, bacon and lamb shoulder served in a white bean stew


My mains was served in a huge saucepan which left us staring at it in puzzlement. The wait staff then asked if I would like her to portion the food for me. Slowly, my empty plate was filled with unknown slabs and globs of food.


Crème Brulée infused with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans


I can't remember what my dessert was and I can't find it on their online menu anymore.


Kh loves to wonder about the number of rings I could put on my fingers during special occasions.


He wanted to experience how it felt like to have one's fingers adorned with so many rings.


Outfit of the day:
♥ Siander blue dress
♥ Prada Tessuto Gaufre Tote in Pomice
♥ No label ribbon hair band
♥ Chanel necklace
♥ Assortment of rings
♥ Spinel cork shoes


Kh doesn't like me with curls. It seems to me as if most guys do not like their partners in curls. Surprisingly, he liked my look that day but commented that I was sporting those Taiwanese overly sweet idol look which I absolutely dislike. He also deemed my hairband too act-sweet.

I, on the other hand, do not think I'm acting sweet. Wahaha... Ok, you may beg to differ.


On Valentine's Day itself, it was an obstacle course throughout the whole of Orchard. The only place without a one-hour queue was Crystal Jade Home Recipe (翡翠家常) at Shaw House. By the time we found this queue-less eatery and sat down, it was already 9pm and we almost died of famine.

It sure didn't look like I was dying from famine here. The Hello Kitty glasses made everything bearable.


Kh looked really cute with the Hello Kitty glasses but as he knew I was going to snap a picture of him, he refused to put it on.


Little did he know that I have this photo of him. There are a few others of him acting really sissy with the specs which I shall not show here. Maybe one day if he pisses me off, I shall threaten him with those photos. This mock-sleeping one would suffice for now.


Comfort food


Refreshing desserts



Wishing the both of us many more anniversaries to come!


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