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Sunday, September 28, 2008

dog tired...

Balancing work and tuition everyday.

Tutee is having his PSLE.

I'm more stressed for him than he is for himself.

I wish to have more sleep.

After everything, I will try to take a short break to simply sleep my time away.

I hope.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I had a fruitful off day

Yes! I did not do a single piece of work during my off day today.

I went back to ex co to have a good chat with wy as well as to pay a visit to the hh babes. It was term break for them so they were all quite relaxed.

I was really lucky to meet up with fellow ex staff. It was such a sweet coincidence that one was back from Japan and another had taken leave and dropped by.

At times, I really miss those big and sometimes long lunch sessions of the past.

Wy and I have got so much to catch up that we didn’t quite realise that time wasn’t on our side. In a flash, the hands on the clock depicted a time which was way past her knock off time.

She was so sweet to bring her “secret manual” (秘密 was what she termed it as) just for me. It is actually a log book of all her wedding prep. It was indeed useful! I could never be as organised as her in my thoughts and planning.

We talked a lot about wedding prep. So em and hs, you didn’t miss out a lot in your absence. Hehe… for if you two were present, you would have been bored to tears.

Sweet sweet wy! As I’m typing this, I saw my email that she had sent me a template of her actual day wedding schedule. Normally, she is just like me—a great big procrastinator.

We also talked a lot about work. I’m really thankful for this “F4” (em, hs, wy, me) group of buddies. The four of us knew each other in ex co but up till now even though we are all in very different fields, we could really understand and relate to each other’s situation very well.

I’m so happy for her that she’s finally leaving ex co and that she has gotten another job, related to her field of studies, so quickly. After harbouring thoughts of leaving for so long, this is it finally.
I also shared with her my dilemma about reconsidering leaving my current co.

There were new updates which affected my decision and I’ve to give an answer soon. I was drawing out all the pros and cons to wy and she advised me to stay on.

em and hs, I wanna share this with you gals too but I dunno when’s the next time we are able to meet. Anyway, I would be quite sure both of you would advise me to stay on too.

Well, if that’s the case, I’ve to commit 1.5 more years.

[picture credit: Chrissie White]

Life is always full of decisions. Sometimes, you know what is best for you and go all out for it. At other times, you know what is right for you, yet you waver, unsure if it is truly the best. On some occasions, you have to take a longer time to figure out and slowly experience the process of your decision in order to know if you’ve made a right choice.

I do know what I want for my future -- family-wise. However, career-wise, I’m not sure if I could give a definite answer. My dream has remained the same but the journey to get there has been a little more unpredictable.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Crossing over from August to September

Hi people,

No, I’m not dead yet. Dear reg was telling me that some pple on my blog were asking if I’m dead.

Doesn’t mean I don’t blog means I’m dead mah. Doesn’t mean I ended off with an emo post means I’m dead mah.

[Aside: Oh man this is the first time I used the word “emo”.]

My reply to her went something like this:

“I will be arisen from the dead… just like J****.”

Damn blasphemous can?

Ok, please don’t hurl stones at me or burn me at the stake.

I've been really really busy that I don't even have the time to type out my drafts but do rest assured that I'll be back to blog... and to reply to all tags and comments.

Watch this space.


Updated: 21st September 2008

D & D at AquaMarine
Wednesday, 27th August 2008

I know I sounded very emo on that day but I’ve figured that since I’ve taken some photos, I might as well post them up emo or not. More importantly, I wanna write a short review on Aquamarine’s buffet.

We had an ocean theme that evening with some colleagues dressed up as ocean mascots.

Our lucky draw number tags.

This is the first year I did not win anything. In 2006, even though I was a new staff, I was eligible for a small draw and still won a $20 Takashimaya voucher. Last year, I won $100 Best Denki voucher. Sob sob… I’m really down on my luck recently.

Look at shir and her wad of notes.

This char bor won $700+ in the Deal or No Deal (DOND) round lor. Envious manz.

Look at viv and her lame awards (in her own words)

Stealing the DOND luggage…

I also wanted a share of it!

Too bad never take a photo with joyce. Fancy her leaving us and then coming back to work part time again before she’ll leave us again for the States once more. NEHmind, we got a lot of chances to take more pix.

Photo review for AquaMarine

All things jap.

--> The rice for the sushi tasted quite awful. It’s a tad too sweet for my liking. The rest were fine.

All things raw and cold.

--> I’m quite surprised that this hotel buffet which specialises in seafood doesn’t even serve sashimi (or probably you have to request for the chef to slice them for you??)The raw salmon you see above is smoked. I miss my sashimis!!!
--> The oyster was good as I didn’t feel the compeling need to wash it down my throat quickly.
--> The prawn salad in the cylindrical glass was good. Love the tangy taste.

Shark’s fin soup

--> I don’t know if it’s mock shark’s fin soup. I seriously don’t mind it being mock as I’m not a sucker for fins of the poor sharks. I’ve tasted good mock shark’s fin soups with lip-smacking broth but this was not one of them.


--> Desserts were so not desirable.


--> Just like any other tempura.

Herbal drunken prawn soup

--> I heard from some colleagues that this was good. Hence, a colleague and I rushed to try it before the “last order”. I love the herbal wine taste of the soup but the prawns just weren’t right. Firstly, it was the texture of the prawns. It was similar to those prawns you find in the fried rice of Crystal Jade. It has a very artificial springy texture and no herbal taste at all. As for the taste, you know how drunken prawns taste like right? Sweet and juicy with rich wine taste. This prawns tasted just like well… the prawns you find in the fried rice of Crystal Jade. I suspect that they ran outta prawns and took them from other dishes to throw them into the soup.


Last Day with my P1 class
Friday, 29th August 2008

I was supposed to give up a class due to the marking workload. Few months ago, I decided on this class. I waited very long before they finally found a teacher to take over.

They’re always so cute before and after the lesson. They are cute as long as they are out of the context of classroom. Many of them are actually very bright too. A majority of them are studying in MY primary school (that explains why they’re so bright.. hahaha).

Some of them have been with me since K1. There were some struggles whether to give them up or not but I put my foot down as I had to think for myself.

I always say that Fridays are my “warring days”. With one less class, it would be a lot better.


Mum’s Birthday at Sushi Tei
Sunday, 31st August 2008

We’re a family of gluttons, that’s inclusive of kh. The table had to be cleared twice and what you see isn’t all the food that we ate.

Did you notice the coin near the shishamo? We were so used to the battered shishamo from the yong tau hu stall near my place that when the shishamo arrived, we all went, “HUH? So small???”

My sisters asked me pose with the fish to show how small they are. My head is the biggest of them all so I would be able to emphasise the smallness of the fish.

Separated at birth…

When I saw these pictures on play mode, I exclaimed, “I look like a bloody fat zhao cai mao lor!”

By the way, while searching for pictures of zhao cai mao, I found this…

This cat got real lucky!

“Eh, come take me eating.”

Time to clear the table for desserts

We bought a diamond pendant from Lee Hwa for mum. It was the first time mum never nag at us to give her a present and so we very very shuang kuai de bought the pendant. Wahahaha… It was a surprise that we could give her a surprise. However, she killed the surprise a little as well la. I shan’t elaborate here.

Forgot to take a family photo!

Back at home…

Enjoying water from a wooden box?

Nope it’s sake.

I don’t really appreciate drinking sake from such wooden cups. I think the wood makes the sake taste woody.

Mum bought these cakes for her dance teacher for Teacher’s Day.

They are actually towels! Look quite like the real deal right? Dad actually got fooled by Mum.

Mum: I qia4 you eat cake. (shows dad the cake)
Dad: Aiyo dowan la, so full.

My er jie bought a pretty pink laptop from the comex exhibition and we were testing the in-built camera.

I don’t like the camera coz it magnified my crooked teeth and made my face look like a pig. Nevertheless, I do love all these shots coz we look like a happy family! =)

I had wanted to secretly change to video mode to record down the funny moments and go, “Hahaha… it’s a video!” However, I didn’t get to do so as I could not reach to click that function.


Happy Teachers’ Day
Monday, 1st September 2008

I wonder how long I would take to unwrap my presents this year…

From HQ classes…

From KT classes…

I’ve got only 2 classes at HQ and 5 at KT but look at the difference in the number of gifts.

As I always tell my colleagues and my other teacher friends, I really dread receiving Teachers’ Day gifts.

That short-lived happiness when students shower gifts upon me and telling me things from the bottom of their hearts feels really good. Apart from genuinely being touched, it gave me bragging rights as well. Hahaha… When I walked out of the classroom with my bagful of gifts, the other students who were using the classroom after that all went, “Wah! This teacher got so many presents.” That night, I went to brag to kh and my family members.

The prettily wrapped gifts look really gorgeous as well. However, I can’t imagine unwrapping them and wondering what to do with all those items. Last year, I opened my gifts only when Children’s Day was approaching. I think this year would be worse.

No time to even blog, how to open presents?


A Date with Myself to the Art Museum
Wednesday, 3rd September 2008

I really love dates with myself. I enjoy random retreats into my own little bubble at times.

I was so eager to be LOST in the world of ART. However, before I even got lost in the Singapore Art Museum, I got LOST outside of it. =P *bleah*

It wasn’t not my fault… I knew where the SAM was but I got misdirected by people along the way.

No camera was allowed at the SAM. Initially, I didn’t know that and went trigger happy. After I realised it, I felt really bad at that time.

Fast forward to now, I don’t feel bad anymore. If these art pieces are not going to be on sale, I don’t see the harm in taking photos of them. I don’t know how people feel about artists’ integrity but I feel it is fine to share about things which I appreciate. Till date, nobody I know has so far shown interest in visiting the art museum. Who knows, the photos may actually provoke people’s interest in visiting the art museum?

Disclaimer: Author would remove photographs in this post should any museum authorities happen to stumble here and make a polite request to remove any pictures.

I was rather intrigued by this explicit piece.

What comes to your mind when you see this???

In the artist’s words…

[Click to enlarge]

Well, everything delineated in the second paragraph came to my mind. There was actually an element of sexual innuendo in my mind before I read the description.

I admit that I am no aficionado of art. Hence, when I manage to analyse and interpret art works correctly, I feel a sense of pride.

Sometimes, I am captivated by certain art but I do not really understand and appreciate them very well.

At other times, certain art work seems disengaging or evokes a revolting ugliness to it but after reading the artist’s words, I make sense of it all and learn to appreciate it.

Take this piece for example, I could not figure out its representation and even thought that it was not very appealing to the eye.

However, everything fell into place after reading the artist’s words.

In the artist’s words…

[Click to enlarge]

Having spoken to the parents of many kids, I do find it saddening that many children have been neglected due to busy work schedules of their parents. At times, these parents make up to their children through materialistic means like buying them expensive handphones, PSP and other electronic toys and gadgets to the extent that such objects are no longer seen as “wants” but as “needs” for children.

Hey this food cover looks like what I always see in my ah ma’s house.

Care to figure out its representations?

In the artist’s words…

[Click to enlarge]

So far, I’ve analysed this work quite accurately. With its title, it’s hard not to miss the crux. Nevertheless, I went totally off the track deciphering what the objects under the dish cover mean.

Quoted from the artist:
“Beneath the dish cover is a mirror with two pieces of red objects put together to resemble a pair of lips.”

Sorry, I just could not “see” the “lips”. All I “saw” was vagina.

I thought that the dishcover had double meanings. Firstly, it is to symbolise the status of some women who are relegated to being in the kitchen. These women are the submissive ones who belong to the domestic sphere. On the other hand, it may also symbolise the empowerment of women. With the food cover being likened a barrier to a woman’s temple, it symbolises that a woman do have control over her body.

As I’m typing this, it suddenly dawn on me that “lips” has got double meanings too.

La… La… La… BIA!

Totally wicked!

Freudian complex engulf me whenever I try to unravel art pieces. Maybe I should just stop trying to analyse and understand but to soak in the experience instead. After all, every art need not be analysed in order to be appreciated.

To quote somebody who is better left nameless:

“I tried to get into art, but everything just looked like vaginas.”

I had the exact sentiments with “She and the Dishcover”.

Crocs other than those gaudy, holey ones on your feet

It’s significance…

“insatiable greed of humankind for leather products”

I’m guilty in spirit whenever I yearn for the Chanel classic flap.

Next, I stepped into a gallery which features the sketchbooks of various local artists. I didn’t like most of the contents except for one of them. I totally dig his simple illustrations using black pen.

It reminds me of the morbid kind of illustrations found in The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other stories”.

“Well-written gallery text should always draw your eye back to the artwork.”

This holds true for one of my favourite pieces.

I could not take a picture of it so let words paint the picture this time.

Imagine a pair of hanging scroll portrait painting—one with a man seated a patriach pose, the other with a lady seated a matriarch pose. However, the portrait is not painted with soft brush strokes which are often the style of Chinese paintings. Instead, bold splashes of colours were used. It is this clash of style which first drew me to the paintings. As I looked at the paintings longer, I found many blending of traditional and modernity in them.

The gallery text went somewhat like this:
The artist playfully combines the traditional with the contemporary in the double portrait of himself and his girlfriend. The hanging scroll format of this painting is traditional but their bright colours are contemporary. Bright and bold colours are heavily drawn from the visual language of advertising and Pop Art.

The artist and his girlfriend sit enthroned on old-fashioned carved wooden chairs that brings Chinese ancestral portraits to mind. However, both figures are surrounded by beguiling mix of symbols and motifs drawn from traditional as well as present-day mass culture. Under the thin wash of bold splashes, used for the figures, a collage of advertisements proclaiming the most desirable luxury brand names like Chanel, Burberry etc is visible. The arsenal of beauty products lined behind the artist’s girlfriend further reinforces modern-day consumerism.

Is it brilliant or is it brilliant?

Another favourite was by Chinese artist Miao Xiao Chun’s “Microcosmo”.

This was the best picture I could find on the net. You really have to see the actual work to be wowed by it.

I wonder which museum would be my next stop?

Asian Civilisation museum anyone?

Sponsored Health Check Up

Before the museum trip, I met up with viv for our free health check up sponsored by the company.

Since there would be blood test, we had to fast. Mum cooked fried rice and packed them for me in a nice smiley face bag to be eaten after the check up.

Lunch packed with love from mum.

When I opened the lunchbox, I was surprised by the presentation.

Mum even sprinkled pork floss on top to make it look like those pineapple fried rice.

Viv and I shared this with two MOS burger meals. How delightful!

My happiest moment of the day was when the medical personnel told me that my height was 162cm. Haha… such a lame happiest moment but you have to understand that for many years, I’ve shrunk to 161—160cm. Thus, when I heard that I was 162cm again, I asked the lady in disbelief if the machine was in good working order. She thought I was quite funny.

I wish that my X-ray result would reveal something. Then at least I wouldn't have to wonder why I’m still coughing and having phlegmy voice till now. I really can’t control my coughing and I can never speak softly without first being muted by my own phlegm.

Well, fingers crossed.


Black and Pink Theme Wedding
Saturday, 6th September 2008

The theme was black and pink

The venue was One Rochester.

The bride is kh’s cousin.

The groom is uber romantic.

The ambience was lovely.

It was such a simple affair yet totally meaningful for the couple.

It was the first time I’ve ever attended such a small scale wedding. It was really personal, warm and cozy. Isn’t it so sweet to share your big day with only your immediate relatives and close friends instead of going round tables and tables of people you don’t quite know?

If only weddings could be such simple affairs, Singaporeans need not go broke holding their customary weddings.

[Photo credit: kh’s cuz’s Facebook]

That evening, I had some emotions stirring in me. Somehow, I feel like I’m still not totally myself whenever I’m with his family and relatives. They are nice people, but why can’t I be more comfortable with myself when I’m around them?

I’m not the quiet, demure type. I love to have fun. I love to laugh loudly. I love to suan people. I love to joke. I love to rattle on about favourite topics. I just love to be me. However, I find that I’m everything that is not me whenever I’m with them.

I’m really not very good at recognising people and I’m really quite blind at times, it’s just me and I cannot help it. Despite seeing his relatives countless number of times, I still cannot get everybody right and I’m afraid of addressing the older generation wrongly w/o kh around. I’m so afraid of being labeled as “dao” or “rude”. Sometimes, I just smile idiotically so as not to appear aloof but I wonder if I actually appear stupid. I hate it when I feel inadequate socially.

I cannot really click like friends with his cousins. They are of course nice people, but I dunno leh… maybe it’s just me being inadequate? Fortunately, I’ve got someone who is a dear friend of my dear friend and whom I knew as a friend before she married his cousin and I’m always so thankful that she is in the family.

Probably, I should start to brush up my PR skills.


Replies to tags

22 Aug 08, 23:48
viv: let us win all the big prizes next wed D&D! To increase our prize money, we need to perform - how how how?
Replied on tag box
23 Aug 08, 00:01
Jo to viv: Wahaha... I haven't replied immediately for a looong time. Guess what I'm doing? Checkin co's mail coz g said got something urgent to discuss with me. Anyway.. u sound SUPER LAME! But I like! Hahaha..
23 Aug 08, 00:03
Jo to viv: Oh I've got no talent wan. My family members think tt being able to brush teeth while lying down for a few min w/o dripping is my talent. Haha.. No.. I'm not gonna perform THAT!

24 Aug 08, 01:15
viv: that's a rare talent! wahaha...if u, me or joyce get a prize we must help each other to increase its value leh! can we sing a duet? my talent will be singing the male part and doing harmonising, haaaa
24 Aug 08, 01:17
viv: oh yes, i think the judge who chose you was chaneve! hor..u call her stupid....
Bah!!! 1 mth later 1 mth later. What a difference a month makes. =)

27 Aug 08, 10:56
Kathy: Hi. I'm just curious. Is that your boyfren in the nerd glasses? I know the first one is you.
No, it’s my nerdy cousin’s beau and my nerdy cousin. Wahahaha…

28 Aug 08, 21:27
reg: hey babe, sorry im currently in japan so i didn't reply your sms!! I'm using philips 10 in 1 styler..something like that. Can be bought from watsons.O but I stopped using cos I just permed my hair
It’s ok babe! Figured you were outta town. Thanx for the sms-es! =)

1 Sep 08, 14:27
I wonder why am I replying to an ad tag but I wanna scream out that YOUR MODELS ARE SO DARN HOT AND CHIO! With that, I hope it would entice my friends/ readers to click on your link. =P

1 Sep 08, 16:02
Canny: "Happy Teachers Day!!!" =p
I’m replying this when Children’s Day is just round the corenr. Hahaha… Thanx! You’re my only non-teacher friend who wished me.

11 Sep 08, 23:08
Celeste: Glad cha doin GREAT. I'm juz a recent follower to your interesting blog. Fantastic write up on Tao restaurant. Aniwae, I think your fiance is in ntu now? Correct me if I'm wrong.
11 Sep 08, 23:11
Celeste: to continue, why don't you be an editor for magazine? You can write pretty good reviews. Can consider a career switch. Will alwyas be coming here even if I don't leave a mark.
Hi, are you from NTU? You’re right but I asked him if he knows any Celeste and the Celestes he knows are not from NTU. Are you referring to my food/restaurant reviews? Well, I don’t always write particularly good reviews unless I’ve got the mood and time. If I were to write reviews for a magazine, I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadlines. I did consider being an editor for a magazine, especially when 8 Days was advertising for the position. However in the end… Im still here.


Replies to comments

“D&D 27th August 2008 @ Aquamarine”

-- anonymous said...
Morning dear Jolene. ARe you ok? I read all your happy and funny posts and wanted to leave a longer comment when I'm free. I hope you are fine. Is everything very stressful at work? I know you always have a way to cope with everything all in the end so i wish you all the best and can handle everything slowly now.
Jia You!


Thank you. I know everything will straighten out in the end. I only wish I could fast forward to the end result and skip all the gruelling process.

-- anonymous said...
You are not dead, are you?

-- anonymous said...
Jolene seriously you are not dead right?

Good day to both anonymouses! This line from my latest post if for you:
Doesn’t mean I don’t blog means I’m dead mah. Doesn’t mean I ended off with an emo post means I’m dead mah.

-- canny said…
Big *Hug* & Jiayou!! Take good care alrite gal!

Thanx gal!


“Adding Colours to my life"

ReG said…
hey gal, this is the link where you can view the wedding themes offered by Swissotel. I think you can change the colour combinations and stuff. :)

Thanx gal!


“Revenge of the NERDS”

-- Anonymous said...

You still look ok for a nerd. What is you kh doing? Wait that is kh right?


Nope, it’s my cousin and her bf. Wahaha..


“星光大道... NOT!”

-- Anonymous said...
Sui Generis?

Anyway, nice work with your own poster. You really look like you are going to eat the lizard but it looks a better poster than the original.

Did you choose the pictures yourself to put in the poster? As i can see that there are nicer indiviual shots of you. The group poster is nice. You look just like a star there.

I always like how you match your clothes and I remember that boots as I asked you before. You really stand out in the group photo!

I'm just wondering who is the one who you pk with?


I didn’t choose the photos myself to put in the poster. It was done by the marketingg dept. I thought that the photos chosen were quite ugly. But then again, I didn’t look too good in all my individual shots either. =P

Oh the one that I PK with is the 2nd top left lady. She’s a really humourous person in real life.

-- Anonymous said...
Hi there, I just wanna ask you if your lashes are real? They don't look long enough to be fake lashes but they look too long to be mascara. If you do choose to reply and if you are using mascara, can you also let loose on what mascara you using? Thanks.

Are you referring to my lashes as seen on this post only? They are not fake. They’re merely coated with good mascara. I’m using a brand called Lelan Vital Extreme Lash from Cosway (if you ever heard of it before).


“Sick and Disgruntled”

-- anonymous said...
You can quit and slowly look for job. I'm sure you would be able to find many jobs since you have a degree. As for me, I'm studying part time. It's xin ku but I must improve myself.

After you quit, you can have more time to think and slowly look for the jobs you like. You would have the time to go for any interview which calls you up. You will feel more refresh. You can also use the time to do things that You've always wanted to do.

Jia you babe!


Thank you, babe!



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