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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prattling, Rattling

Co Team Building 17th, 18th April

More to be updated. Loads of photos from everyone's camera to come soon. I wonder how long I'll take to blog about this event.

Meanwhile these are 2 photos I really like a lot...

The same room kakis bullying "skater boy"

Click click click

No new updates for now. However, I've finally gotten the photos taken on new year's eve. Ripped them off kh's bro's blog. If you find that you have just wasted your click on my blog with no new updates, check out the entry dated 10th January 2007. It's somewhere right at the bottom of this page. =)

I want my laptop

I long to have my own lap top, surf the net during my own free time without to wait for my sis to be out, download whatever I want without getting scolded and blog at my own pace.

I can't wait to use my temporary compaq laptop from kh. It's supposed to be for his bro who isn't in sg right now so I'm gonna use it 1st till he comes home and hopefully I would have personalised it so much that he would not wanna get it back from me. *MuaHaHaHa*

Kh is such a darling to cheat that laptop for me. He's also such a darling to help me transfer my few hundred contacts from hp to sim to hp. Now, if anyone contacts me on my mainline, I don't have to apologise for asking who the person is. However, my sms line is devoid of contacts. The lazy ass me will add all your contacts soon. =P

♥New love♥

Remember I mentioned that I wasn't too happy with the quality of my Abercrombie Casey Fur Bomber Jacket?

The nice seller informed me that she could not do an exchange as that was the last piece but could at most refund me 10 buckeroos. Instead, I surfed her site again and decided to top up $10 in exchange for this...

I'm so loving my Nadia Fur now!!!

And I really miss shopping! Like you know, tangible one? Not e-shopping. I haven't been to town for weeks. May kh's exams end soo so we can go gaigai.

Fannatic over Fann's Crowning Glory

Not too long ago, a random reader asked me about one of my outfits saying it resembles what Fann Wong wore in Beautiful Illusions <<镜中人>>.

The bimbo in me was elated coz that was exactly the outfit which had caught my eye in the show and I had never expected anyone to link my outfit to what she wore.

I really really liked Fann Wong's style in <<镜中人>> as the "evil twin". Her dressing, her hairstyle, her lined eyes. I remember searching all over the net for pictures of her in the show but it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. I forgot the title of the show and googling "Fann Wong" under image search would warrant millions of pictures of her.

Thanx to you eternal! Now I have photos of her chio chio style. Taken from Mediacorp

After getting so used to my no longer curled yet utterly unstraight hair, looking at these pictures make me wanna rebond my hair and cut bangs. Should I?

Nice hair!

Now if only I have a face like that to boot.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Little Kid Little Gesture

Last week, one gal from my favourite cute cute P2 class was cutting some papers in class. I gently warned her to put all the craft aside. The next moment, she walked up to me and said that these papers were for me.

Only a few days later did I realise that she wrote something on them.

I could have strangled her for all her spelling and punctuation mistakes, but I was really touched by her little gesture. I've yet to reply her coz if I do, I would most certainly chide her for the mistakes.

This same little girl wrote a poem for me a few weeks back when all the kids were asked to write a short note about their tutors. This was what she wrote at the back of the note:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
But not as sweet as Ms Loh you


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bad days

Cramps… pile of work… loads of marking… unfinished SA2 revision test papers to churn out in such short time… tutees having SA2 soon… lack of sleep…

I spent the morning of Good Friday at Mt Vernon absorbing smoke in my hair, clothes and lungs and the rest of the day rehearsing for our dance item for the co’s team building camp.

I can’t stand all the inconsiderate people who despite huge signs warning people that burning incense paper inside the columbarium is strictly prohibited, they continue to do so. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the deceased and their families, but burning joss sticks and incense paper indoor is really overboard. It was as if they were fumigating us like roaches in a chute. I almost smothered to death. My family members kept tearing and sniffing coz of the smoke too.

Rehearsing for the team building dance was really fun but time consuming. Together with another colleague of mine, we spent the whole afternoon and night on our Wednesday off choreographing the steps and neglected all other work.

Guess what genre of dance my group got? CHINESE DANCE! Other genres included retro, hip hop and tribal. We thought we could never shine with Chinese dance as compared to the other so-called more cool dances. However, after all the planning and stuff and the fabulously lame storyline incorporated into the dance, we were all quite determined to do our best. Anyway, Chinese dance is quite beautiful, a pity not many people could appreciate it.

Yes, so back to the topic on bad days. These few days, things are really looking very bad. As if I’m already not in enough pain (cramps) and dragging my feet from exhaustion, somebody had to add more pain and make me drag my feet more. Look what happened to my toe on Friday.

(Not for the faint-hearted so please do not scroll if you can’t stand the sight of blood)

This little boy stepped on me without even saying sorry. The bitchy Jolene in me wanted to grab him and make him apologise to me, the natural Jolene in me wanted to inform the grandma of her grandson’s insolence, whereas the well-mannered but stupid Jolene did not even utter a single “Ouch” but writhe silently in agony. One of the MacDonald’s staff saw me and his eyes almost popped out of his socket when he looked down. I did not even realise the state of my toe until I complained to my colleague about this rude boy and she went “Oh my god!” when she looked down.

I know my nails are ugly la but damn pain can? The nail broke in the middle and with every step I take, it seems like the broken inner part of the nail plate is pressing into the flesh. Yucks!

By the time I got home, I was so exhausted that I could only mark a little bit before I start making mistakes.

Today was hectic. I could have rejected but once again the very STUPID me helped to relief two classes and taught four classes for 8 hours straight from 10am til 6pm. I did not even have the time to pee till after 6pm and neither did I have my lunch till dinner time. Whenever I teach, I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel like I need to pee that much and I feel very energetic. However, once it all ends, the hunger sets in, the tide rises and the exhaustion replaces the high energy all at once.

At the end of the day just now, I slumped at my desk, overwhelmed with hunger, fatigue and pain. I looked at the scene in front of me: piles and piles of worksheets and books sitting on what used to be a desk. I looked and looked and I nearly cried.

The whole of April will be very hectic. Putting all other work aside, I wonder if I can even finish writing and proofreading the revision papers in time.

I know I will always mange to do it eventually but I really hope I could do a CLICK like Adam Sandler and fast forward the whole grueling process till the results.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

♥♪♪♥My recent online shopping loots♥♪♪♥

It's the time of the year when I suddenly unleash my spendthrift nature after saving so hard.

My latest splurge… a pink Gucci tote bag!

The snooty brand conscious people would say “Oh that’s so last season” but I don’t care. It is the limited edition pink range from last year. I still remember walking into the Gucci boutique and admiring all the pink range… lemming for a small shoulder one but refusing to spend $800+ on a bag. Now I’ve got a big one for a good deal. The boutique was selling the big one at $1080 last year.

And then in the background, kh would go “What??!! $XXX for a bag?”

I don’t care coz it makes me happy.

Besides $XXX for an authentic Gucci tote is real cheap!

I was talking to evan on msn the other day and raving to her about my new buy. Upon ending the conversation, she went, "Gucci night!" Haha...

This gorgeous jacket just arrived at my doorstep yesterday…

Abercrombie Casey Fur Bomber Jacket

Isn’t this jacket simply lovely? I love it to bits… the design, cutting, the fit.

“It’s nice but why do you keep buying jackets and boots when Singapore is so hot?” my mother wondered.

“It’s nice, it makes me happy and now I have a winter jacket,” I answered.

“But there is no winter here.”

I got it for a steal of $90 inclusive of postage. The original price is $178. However, although it is authentic, the jacket came directly from the factory and I spent lots of time cutting the loose threads. That’s what you get for buying things at a steal. As Abercrombie is well-known for their quality, I was a little upset by the workmanship especially the furring of stitches of the moose logo. I hope the seller gets back to me.

On the topic of Abercrombie, I got this humour tee a few months back…

Abercrombie cute and classy humour tee

Initially, I thought the humour was in the irony that one cannot be cute and classy at the same time. Everybody else who saw me in that tee thought the same too.

"Are you sure you are cute and classy?"

Before you read on, use your blink 2 seconds judgement and try to spot the intended humour...

One fine day, I was just lying on my bed, staring at this tee hanging on my door and it suddenly dawned on me that the words ‘cute ass’ is in a darker shade than the other words!

That the humour dawned on me only recently really left me speechless. I was stunned at my foolishness in realising it so late. I just lay there dumbfounded, with my stupidity as a consolation and encouragement to all stupid people in the world. Yes that includes all those who saw my tee. We are stupid people.

xmas present from my 2nd sister...

Papillio Zebra brown Arizona

Ya I know xmas is so 4 months ago. Anyway, I forced this xmas present out from her. We were ordering from her friend and when the goods arrived, I acted like a brat and simply refused to pay her, saying that I’ll treat it as my xmas present. So she tried to swindle a pair of addidas sneakers out from me and we ended up buying shoes for each other. Nope, we are not supertitious about buying shoes and running away.

By the way, she deems my taste very bad. She says nobody else would choose this obiang zebra pattern. I, on the other hand, think it’s cute, quirky and unique! I’ve seen so many people wearing the same Whisper White as me, I’m sure nobody would wear a Zebra Brown.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saturday nights...

Two Saturdays ago...
Met up with em, hs and wy… the fateful day I was forbidden to eat raw food, spicy food and milky food. I was such a good girl. I ate my dinner at home so that I would not be tempted to eat any sashimis.

I love to meet up with this group of people! We used to see each other everyday. Now, it’s so difficult to find a day to meet.

em brought us goodies all the way from Japan. She even wrapped them up in a sweet pink checkered plastic bag. How thoughtful! That lucky bitch went on a free tour with her sister who won tickets to Japan. Envy envy! So nice of you to think of us even when in Japan. Heh..


Can you spot the pink checkered bag underneath the goodies?

We shared desserts.

They were not bad. Oopsy. I could not resist not eating milky stuff.

So many updates...

So happy to hear about all the updates of our ex company as well as some of my ex students who have been continuing the program till now. I cannot imagine if i'm still teaching them, I would have seen them grow from 1 year old babies to a 4 year olds!!!

em and hs gambatte ne with your jobs. =) Don't stress. Don't stress.

Oh btw hs, My tutee's mum was at that abercrombie fair you went to at Suntec that day. Did you see a pretty and fashionable lady with long straight hair manning any booth?

I'm so happy for wy that her bf proposed to her! He's such a sweetie. You don't be a spoilsport ok? I really can't wait to he1 your xi3 jiu3!!! =D

It was good catching up with all of you.
Those few hours weren’t enough. I feel like we still had a lot more to update. We should meet up more often.

One Saturday ago...
Kh dad has got two free tickets to a buffet at Café Georges in Le Meridien Hotel. I didn’t expect such a café with convivial atmosphere exist in this hotel. The inside of the hotel building is very different from the outside.

The place exudes an old world charm, from its red leather seats, golden bars lined ledges and majestic French lamps. We really thought it was quite classy, peaceful and quiet.

As the waiter led us deeper in, we saw hordes of families and the peace and quiet was disrupted. All of a sudden, the old world nostalgia vanished as voices of children screaming and people talking at the top of their voices in every tongue pierced the air.

It wasn’t all too bad. If the place was too classy, I would not be so much at ease coz I’m a very unclassy person when it comes to eating.

That night, I committed the 3 sins of eating raw, spicy and milky food.

The sahshimis didn’t look as fresh as they should be but they taste good! And the wasabi was POWER man. Shiok!

Still haunted by my last raw oysters consumption which were nothing close to fresh, I didn’t dare touch the oysters. Kh took some and said that they were quite good.

I love the creamed potato soup and mushroom salad best! For desserts, the chocolate mousse was heavenly. In fact, I’m craving for that smooth and rich chocolaty taste now.

We didn’t eat a lot that night considering that both of us are people with huge appetites. We were very full by the time it came to desserts but we forced ourselves to try them. We skipped the ice creams though.

The service was good. Our plates were cleared very quickly, our glasses were topped up every now and then. The waiters and waitresses pandered to our needs yet managed to keep a professional distance to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Nuff said, time for photos…

What we ate minus the shashimis.

I realised that buffet food photos always don’t look good. Or maybe I should really get a new camera. I know an Olympus with food feature.

The very un-photogenic kh..

“I look like an idiot.”
“Do not take a photo of me!”

K la some more natural ones…


My da jie came back from Yunnan that Saturday and cluttered the whole house with...

Flowers all the way from Yunnan!!!

Very beautiful right?

These are cold climate flowers and they won’t last too long here. I can’t believe she actually have them packed in cargo boxes and ship them home!

They smell good too!


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