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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prattling, Rattling

Co Team Building 17th, 18th April

More to be updated. Loads of photos from everyone's camera to come soon. I wonder how long I'll take to blog about this event.

Meanwhile these are 2 photos I really like a lot...

The same room kakis bullying "skater boy"

Click click click

No new updates for now. However, I've finally gotten the photos taken on new year's eve. Ripped them off kh's bro's blog. If you find that you have just wasted your click on my blog with no new updates, check out the entry dated 10th January 2007. It's somewhere right at the bottom of this page. =)

I want my laptop

I long to have my own lap top, surf the net during my own free time without to wait for my sis to be out, download whatever I want without getting scolded and blog at my own pace.

I can't wait to use my temporary compaq laptop from kh. It's supposed to be for his bro who isn't in sg right now so I'm gonna use it 1st till he comes home and hopefully I would have personalised it so much that he would not wanna get it back from me. *MuaHaHaHa*

Kh is such a darling to cheat that laptop for me. He's also such a darling to help me transfer my few hundred contacts from hp to sim to hp. Now, if anyone contacts me on my mainline, I don't have to apologise for asking who the person is. However, my sms line is devoid of contacts. The lazy ass me will add all your contacts soon. =P

♥New love♥

Remember I mentioned that I wasn't too happy with the quality of my Abercrombie Casey Fur Bomber Jacket?

The nice seller informed me that she could not do an exchange as that was the last piece but could at most refund me 10 buckeroos. Instead, I surfed her site again and decided to top up $10 in exchange for this...

I'm so loving my Nadia Fur now!!!

And I really miss shopping! Like you know, tangible one? Not e-shopping. I haven't been to town for weeks. May kh's exams end soo so we can go gaigai.

Fannatic over Fann's Crowning Glory

Not too long ago, a random reader asked me about one of my outfits saying it resembles what Fann Wong wore in Beautiful Illusions <<镜中人>>.

The bimbo in me was elated coz that was exactly the outfit which had caught my eye in the show and I had never expected anyone to link my outfit to what she wore.

I really really liked Fann Wong's style in <<镜中人>> as the "evil twin". Her dressing, her hairstyle, her lined eyes. I remember searching all over the net for pictures of her in the show but it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. I forgot the title of the show and googling "Fann Wong" under image search would warrant millions of pictures of her.

Thanx to you eternal! Now I have photos of her chio chio style. Taken from Mediacorp

After getting so used to my no longer curled yet utterly unstraight hair, looking at these pictures make me wanna rebond my hair and cut bangs. Should I?

Nice hair!

Now if only I have a face like that to boot.


  1. Dearest Jolene,
    Can't wait to see all the updates and photos. You have been busy these few days? Long time no update. Are you in the school hall for the photos?


  2. Hello!
    It's not in the school hall. It's at the community centre. I think I'll take a long time to get all my team buidling photos ready.

  3. OIC. I tot u are in the school hall. Anyway. Fann Wong really look good in that show I agree. I have got used to your perm hair but I remember that you look good in straight hair too. You can try rebond for a change.


  4. r u? the mobile is next to me but i am too lazy to send u an sms. So i shall type here - faster lei...

    thanks for arranging the meet up that never realized itself..really. I think everyone is too busy..not me..i always sms u one..ha ha..

    so when r we meeting up again? i think u also sianz in arranging meet up...

    anyway take care hor, like what i told u before. Nowadays i am slacking at home..wee wee..

    I also want to go Hong Kong and buy Gucci. ha ha is nice woot! try kate spade la..its really nice one. next time shop at boutique jio me hor...

    u havent met my new man!


  5. Yen,
    Haha... It's always coz people see Fann's pic and agree I should rebond but people who didn't see, said not to change my current look. =)

    Yoz! Same here... easier to type here and I know you'll look back.

    All the auditors' faults lor. So bz. Haha sian is sian la but every weekend, I'll feel glad that I didn't have the meet up planned as only then would I have the time to do my marking. Zhu said May. Let's hope all can!

    Why in the world are you slacking at home???

    Cool!!! Next time we go shop shop together. But firstly, let's try to arrange for a taitai schedule. Miss ya man.. All ur silly jokes.. and miss all of the bimbos too! Haha and yes I so wanna meet your MAN!

  6. Thats because Fann Wong is pretty and that hair style is really very pretty. Well, if you have the looks, any hairstyle would sure to look good.


  7. Right now, I'm just too lazy to do anything... Heh


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