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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Recounting December Chapter 1 -- Friends are kisses showered upon us by angels

Coming up soon...

Happy new year in advance!

H ours of happy times with family and friends
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at life's simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A ngels to watch over you
R emembrances of a happy year!

-author unknown


Dinner with evan

Chatting, updating, gossiping, bimbo-ing and bitching could never quite come to an end with this dearie. We used to see each other every day during lectures and tutorials and had so much to talk about back then during uni days. Imagine all the months of absence and the amount of words to make up for!

At pasta café…

I’m getting hungry just looking at the food.

Next it was time for some photos of the xmas light ups!

The taka xmas tree was a disappointment in our opinion.

We wanted to do a 2008 tinsel shot but all the tinsels were scratchy and caked with dust.

Love our shots last year.

The xmas tree was camwhoring, not me.

Love rainbows!

Life sux when you’re a lollipop

They look so sweet and cheery that we were tempted to bring one of these suckers home.

The omnipresent tacky family!

I kept calling them the “tacky family” when I was describing the Orchard light ups to my da jie that she really thought they were called the “tacky family”.

Spot the tacky evan and jo


8 Days Celebrity Car Boot Flea Market 2008

What good fortune we had to be involved in this event again.

This time, I roped in a couple of buddies whom I know had loads of stuff to clear and boy did we have fun. I can’t say the same for kh though. He was being forced again. Poor boy!

It was great fun getting rid of our stuff and bonding with the gals. I’m so glad that all my frenz could click to the extent of bimbo-ing together and well, a lil bit of bitching perhaps.

At the end of the day, we discovered and agreed wholeheartedly that kh is the ultimate bitch and bimbo among all of us. ~LoL~

That’s really something new, isn’t it?

We also made friends with many of the “neighbours” around us. It was really great talking to new people like old neighbours.

There were a number of memorable incidents but I’ve to be really careful about what I write here. I found out that many people stumbled here when they googled for "8 Days Celebrity Car Boot Flea Market" during that period of time.

One good eg would be dear deedee. We often “bump” into each other and sometimes chatted on LD forum. Over at the flea mart, I recognised her and called out to her, wondering if she would know who I was. Imagine my surprise when she not only recognised me but told me she found my 2007 entry very useful!

Haha… kh said no wonder he always felt like we were being stared at. Of coz being very egocentric, we concluded that people probably stared at us coz they recognised us from the photos on my blog and not because they were diao-ing us (even though it really did seem like the latter).

Alrighty, photo-story now…

Setting up our boot/ booth

It took quite a bit of planning to organise 4 people’s loots with the limited space. The good thing is that for this year, we were allowed to spill our items away from the boot which proved to be quite a significant amount of space.

All the clothes which we die die dun wanna bring back were displayed in the boot and sold at 3 for $5. As dusk drew nearer, we slashed them to $1 each. We managed to make more than $70 from that portion alone. Imagine the amount of stuff we got rid of. The boot went from full to half full.

We personally felt that the people who bought our 3 for $5 or $1 stuff were really lucky coz our clothes were really not too bad. There were various pre-loved items from various labels. We sold them off cheaply just coz we knew we wouldn’t wear them anymore and we didn’t wanna lug them home again.

Cyn made the most sales among all of us. What with all the Korean dvds selling at $5 per box set and brand new and good condition 2nd hand baby toys at $10. Aunties, couples and fashionable mummies were poring over her stuff with great enthusiasm.

As for me, I came with a trolley suitcase, a recycleable cloth tote, a huge paper bag and a laundry basket full of stuff and I returned with only the trolley suitcase packed to the brim and an almost empty huge paper bag filled mainly with hangers. My most ecstatic moment of the day was when I got rid of the Mac Donald’s Hello Kitties which used to be lying obsolete in my house for YEARS!

Kh so poor thing… we kept asking him to help us take photo. However, we did not once ask him to be in the photo, so he had to self take.

Must definitely take photos with the signboards

Redbull gives us wings

Complimentary cans of redbulls were handed out to the stallholders.

Little Bridget

She’s the daughter of our left-side-neighbour. She’s really well-behaved and often came to our stall to talk to us and offer us sweets. Oh btw, our left-side-neighbours are really very friendly. Nice couple!

My deardear is such a great helper and entertainer.

From happy to sad…

Dear deedee

Dear sushi and renzze popped by as well. I felt really bad for not chatting with them more. The weather was a bitch and poor renzze’s dogs were starting to overheat.

Many people brought their dogs too

You can see more pictures of dogs on deedee’s blog.

Haha… I read your entry and saw your “meow meow” sentence. Not exactly “meow meow” coz I caught the morning moon and you caught the evening one. =)

Time for celebrity appearance

Fiona Xie and Nat Ho

Oh why oh why did Fiona hide her chio pixie face behind those oversized sunnies? Nat Ho looks quite good in real life.

Jessica Tan and Elvin Ng

I’m so happy to see Jessica Tan looking every bit like her chio self on stage. Too bad kh was out at ECP blading when Jessica arrived.

Remember how smitten kh and I were by Jessica? She is really pretty. We loved her smile and her warm personality.

When we saw her in the car boot issue of 8 Days, we were quite disappointed as she didn’t look as fabulous as before. What happened to her eyes here???

This year’s celebrities’ donation weren’t as enticing as last year’s.

The only item I set my eyes upon were Zoe Tay’s YSL bag which was set as a silent auction item. Dammit!

My only buy for the day would be these gorgeous sandals from nue.

Photos really don’t do justice to the shoes! They’re really pretty in real life.

I got the brown one as the pink one was a size too small and the latter is so cotton candy sweet that matching that pair with clothes would be a mean feat.

Lucky bitch gera bagged the lovely golden sandals!

[Picture credit:]

Let me start rattling on about the shoe story…

When we first spotted the shoes stall, we weren’t aware that the shoes were from nue.

We were both eyeing the golden ones in the afternoon. They had 2 pairs left and both weren’t in our sizes.

Technically, the smaller pair was in gera’s size. However, I have smaller feet than her so if the both of us were to get the gold ones, they wouldn’t exactly be in our sizes. We tried them on and with the straps and could somehow compromise to fit into a size bigger.

Very stylish 4 inch which was really comfortable to wear… I was quite amazed at the comfort of such high heels. They were also very unique and I haven’t quite spotted such designs in town yet. Should we compromise on the size?

On second thoughts, at $60+, we deemed that they were too expensive and decided to forgo pretty shoes which weren’t our sizes. The seller told us that their shoes are really popular in Orchard and these lovelies were selling at $100+ in the shop. (We can’t be too sure if that was a fact though.)

We excused ourselves and concurred that “They’re not meant to be ours.”

Later in the day, we went back a second time and this time, the seller decided to sell us at $50 as she really wanted to clear her stock.

We still could not compromise with $50 and walked away.

When night fell, my heart was still itching for the shoes. Hence, we decided to take a peek for the 3rd time to see if we were fated to own the shoes and hopefully get an even better bargain with our sincerity. Haha…

By that time, the lady decided to slash them to an unbelievable price of $XX should we get 2 pairs immediately. (I think it’s better not to reveal the price here.)

Hence, we ended up with gorgeous shoes at a great price. When the lady took out the paper bags to put our shoes in, I was stunned when I saw the brand name. I exclaimed to gera by the side saying I’ve seen their website before and that their shoes are lovely.

After that, we felt really thrilled about our purchase.

Haha… I dunno how un-thrilled you readers are after reading my shoe story. Must be yawning away for the umpteeth time by now. =P

When night fell…

All packed up and ready to go!

Horrible uneven tan lines for gera and evan.

Haha… evan so cute to say her tan lines look like a jester’s costume.

Horrible tube tan for me

My frenz said that the edges look like castle!

Although I’ve got ugly tube tan, I’m so glad to have gotten rid of the ugly tank top and butterfly strap tan from last year. Can you spot the faint butterfly outline from the picture above? I can’t imagine it took one whole year to get rid of them!!!

Horrible singlet tan

I’m like wearing a tube w/o wearing a tube and Kh is perpetually wearing a singlet.

Back at home, kh was happily playing World of Warcraft (WOW).

Sometimes, I’m pretty amused by WOW. It’s truly a virtual world out there and kh was telling me about a jeweler by the name of Tiffany-Cartier.

[Click to enlarge]

He also told me that he could afford all the Tiffanys and Cartiers on WOW. Now, if only he could teleport these to the realm of earth.


Back to our alma mater

The urge to visit my alma mater started when there was a gathering for the batch of 1998 St Nicks students a few months back. Yeah… I never knew St Nicks has this tradition of having a mass reunion a decade after graduation.

I didn’t feel like attending due to the hassle of traveling from work, being late and most importantly, the social contrivances of it all. However, I do want so much to visit the school again ever since I heard that they are gonna tear down the building to rebuild from scratch.

Thanx to Facebook, I re-found my long lost sec sch buddy and we decided to have a walk down memory lane for our debut meet up after many years.

After exchanging our ICs for visitors’ passes, we walked down the familiar statue-of-Father-Barre-stairs…

We were greeted by a grim sight in the form of an “infirmary”.

This place didn’t exist during our time. We thought that it made people feel more sick and gloomy. Wahahah… See hy looked so gloomy on the wheelchair.

After making fun of the idea of putting an infirmary at that corner, we advanced to the Sister’s Bridge aka jie3 mei4 qiao2.

A collage done by hy which included our 1998 shot.

So nostalgic!

She looked like a “law-abiding” student while I looked like a chao pai kia with horrible fashion sense. ~LOL~

I stole her photo collage, cut the white parts and added borders to it.

Another old photo from her. Stole it from her facebook album. Hiakz..

There weren’t many students around as it was the school holidays. Some students came back to paint banners for their CCA groups.

After that, we walked past the Family Lounge which still looks the same as 10 years ago. There were some students there looking at us so we didn’t take any picture.

This giant chess board didn’t exist during our time too.

I wonder if they were meant for playing.

Walking along the bridge towards the secondary block, I was trying to figure out which was our sec 4 classroom.

hy directed my finger to point to it.

Peering into our sec 4 classroom through the windows along the corridor.

I couldn’t really picture this as our classroom. It looked empty and of coz whiteboards had since replaced blackboards across all schools in Singapore.

Reliving our breaking into classrooms moments

We had a good laugh at the scotch tape holding the glass window panes in place.

BTW, just in case you people jump into the conclusion that we whole life broke into classrooms for god knows what reasons, I’d better make myself clear first.

We were neither pai kias nor sneaky thieves. We had to break into classrooms to retrieve our bags each time the caretakers locked them up during our CCA or F&N sessions after school.

Sec 2 classroom:
The balcony was on the ground level. All we had to do was to climb over the balcony’s railings, opened the glass window, slipped our hand in to unlock the door from inside. Easy peasy. Other schoolmates from the classrooms opposite envied us for having a ground floor balcony.

Sec 3 classroom:
Even though the balcony was 3 to 4 storey high, the other side of the classroom facing the corridor had walls which did not reach up to the ceiling. We simply had to open the windows, used the window ledge as a stepping ledge and climbed over the wall.

Sec 4 classroom:
This was the trickiest. The wall was similar to the sec 3 classroom but it had metal mesh up to the ceiling. Brilliant us and the other equally brilliant F&N classmates pulled out 2 to 3 window panes such that there is a gap big enough for the skinny me to enter. The rest would lift me horizontally into the gap while I scrambled to get myself on my feet. Then I would unlock from the inside to let the rest of the troop in.

This collage by hy explains everything in a nutshell

Damn I dunno how she did all these collages so quickly after I uploaded them on FB.

Seriously, we dunno what on earth an infinity lab is.

Oh but they do have nice arty motifs on the doors of the staff toilet.

Off to the roof garden.

I like how the picture of the benches looks so melancholic after some editing of colour, contrast and texture.

The stairs from the roof garden leading to the “new” extension. It was new during our time but no longer new now.

Collage by hy with a bit of our 1998 shot peeking out.

The colour of the staircase railing has changed and there was an addition of a pair of “bird baths” or according to hy a pair of mosquito breeding bowls by each side.

This is how the new extension looks like:

This art level was totally new to us.

I do think that some of our students have got artistic talents.

My favourite art work

Whoever painted this is/ was a sad girl. Look at the family portrait and the other representations in the painting.

The library’s banner looks super gothic.

This toilet is very happy.

Unfortunately, it was locked so we could not SEE how HAPPY it was. However, hy was there before and said there were paintings of sweet ice cream and gal.

The home econs level where we spent many hours trying to transform from girls to women. ~LOL~

Oh my goodness, gracious me! Who could have such audacity to carve profanities on the cork board?

According to hy’s collage, the home econs cooking room was our 2nd playground.

2nd playground indeed for we spent many hours cooking in there.

We took F&N as an “O” level subject.

It was quite a challenging subject as we had to learn about food science (very biological) and churn out 5 dishes for practical according to the question given. Our dear old Ms Gwee was a very bitchy and demanding teacher too. It was tough and I hated F&N days but I’m sure all of us who took it as a subject didn’t regret it at all. Most of us got A1s for the Os despite getting all the Cs for the school exams. We also realised that despite being a mean old lady, Ms Gwee actually cared a lot for us.

The view of the field and the 2 specs stands from the top.

We trotted round the bend and came to all these tacky giant boards that feature the school’s accomplishments.

I do love st nicks but I thought that all these boards were rather ostentatious.

I dunno of anyone who doesn’t love Mrs Koh Ming Hwee.

Hy said she looks a little like Fann Wong in the photo and I totally agree.

The science lab…

I shan’t reveal what notti things we did during practical.

The sunken forum.

I think we looked like ghouls crawling out from a horror movie.

Since the stairs was facing the other side, we could not possibly take a normal sit-on-the-step shot with the self timer mode. Hence this weird pose.

The miniature model of the school building encased by glass was at the exact same spot. However, it has aged a lot and some of the cardboard and papers were disintegrating.

The painting was at the same spot too.

That was the old school building w/o the new extension. However the sweet pink and blue painting of the whole building was exactly the same as when we were studying there.

The music room cum band practice room.

The thought of music room always reminds me of Monica Toad. Aww… she was really weird (think of the High School Musical drama teacher) and we often laughed behind her back but actually she was quite a pleasant teacher.

Our mini gym looked really gloomy that day.

This happy toilet won some award for being happy.

It was unlocked so we happily took photos in it.

We had a whale of a time at the field and the track.

Help us!!! We’re caught in the net!

Gals playing soccer, anyone?

When was the last time you lay on the grass with a buddy?

Simple bliss and enjoyment.

I hope you could tell that we weren’t the main focus in this photo.

That’s me presenting one of the many music rooms, the one where we kept our band instruments.

There used to be a clock “tower” atop that little slope.

Back then, students loved to climb up the slope to reach the clock. I wonder why it was removed.

That’s hy chasing silly pigeons.

That’s hy caught on candid camera

She was relishing the thought of finding our OUTDOOR bags – hers in green and mine in white – to carry together. Hers is pretty much missing while mine has turned yellow and is nestling idly in my wardrobe the past few years.

I used to call her “tortoise” especially when her outdoor bag was filled with books and the green looked like a tortoise shell. As for me, she deemed my white outdoor bag super lian-ish and she felt like slapping me whenever I carried it. During that era, yellow and white outdoor bags were carried by the likes of the bengs, the lians and the kiam pas.

Time to sweat it out.

Running was one of the hobbies of many st nicks gals.

Aside: Oops… I sure hope I’ve gotten that fact correct.

Back then, we could just be on our way home or whiling out time away at the specs stand when we happened to look at the nice green field and empty track and decide to go for a run.

Dun ask me why we were so crazy. That’s just the culture then.

Behind and before the running scenes.

We had to set the self timer mode again.

Just when I thought I had secretly captured hy w/o her knowledge…

She did the same to me…

I know I look fugly here but who cares?

Alrighty, time to pluck ourselves off the track and field and take a shot.

Windchimes were hung everywhere in school

Up to the canteen, Uncle Mobin’s stall was the only one opened (as always). We didn’t stop for their delicious teh peng or teh tarik coz hy had to rush off to town.

Empty stalls

This photo is dedicated to viv who LURVED to eat wan tan and chicken from this stall.

Hy, viv and I couldn’t be very sure if it is the same stall as we could not really tell when there wasn’t an auntie around.

Other than delicious teh peng for 60c and cheap fried rice with added wan tan, my memory of the canteen food isn’t as fond as the other st nicks gals. I have a vague memory of all the food coz back then I was constantly trying to save money by bringing my own bread to school.

We simply had to take a photo of our passes before returning them.

The security lady was laughing at us for deriving joy from such cheap thrill.

The very path we took to walk out of school every day.

It really brings back all the fond memory.

This pavilion is new. That space used to house crocodiles and tortoises. Yes, you didn’t see wrongly. CROCODILES.

I used to find this U-shaped bar amusing and still find it amusing now.

Oh by the way, I lost my magnetic camera case at st nicks. Hence when I was out with my da jie and dad for a short shopping spree for dad’s xmas present in the evening, I got myself this chic case.

It’s meant to be a hp pouch but my camera fits nicely into it.

I’m so totally loving it. People who know me well enough know my soft spot for Chanel 2.55 or classic flap and whoever saw it would comment that it looked so chanel-like.

Me secretly thinks me can’t afford to fork out 4+k for my dream bag w/o feeling a great dip in my savings so I had to resort to such scheming methods to delude myself.

Deluding myself with mini me “chanel”.


More December happenings to be updated in the next entry!


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