Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i-tried, i-can't coz i-m an i-diot

Am I the only i-diot blogger out there who doesn't know how to fiddle around with the new template once it has been upgraded?

I've restrained clicking the "upgrade template" button for a long time coz I knew once I couldn't figure out how to dabble about with the html code on the new template, I'd be a goner.

After reading that I could easily revert back to my original layout, I happily upgraded and had nightmare for the next 30 minutes.

The layout sucked, the font sucked, the coloured sucked.

All my side links were gone-- blog links, nuffnang, tagboard, music etc

My blog looked really sucky.

I tried all the old ways of modifying the html code but nothing seems to work.

Just as I was about to tear my hair off my scalp, I saw a little saviour button. I clicked on it and hey presto, everything was back to normal.

Ooh... I'm never gonna touch the upgrade button in a long time to come unless a kind soul gives me a cash course on how to manage the new template.

It seems like every other blogger has already upgraded with no problem at all.

Am I really an i-diot?


  1. oh, well... you are not alone on this one. have you ever seen my blog change?! hahaha... =P

  2. Haha... High 5! Hey but yours is still considered the upgraded one coz you have the "older posts" link at the bottom of tyhe main page. All the blogger pple I know all have that. Mine dun have coz I started in 2004 and haven upgraded once.

  3. huh is it?! but i nv see the "older posts" link leh... (>.<) or is it broswer problem? hmmm~

  4. AHHHH!!!! MY BAD MY BAD! I went to see again, dun have the "Older posts" link. Hehe... I think coz I've got frenz who also use the same default template as you and theirs got so I got mixed up, thinking it's yours.

    BUT THEN... Now we can indeed HIGH 5! Wahaha...


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