Monday, December 15, 2008

Replies to tags

10 Dec 08, 14:08
joy: i will go with the tourists are matching which child belongs to which parent..hahahaha
Not just the tourists, the locals as well. I also think they may just be doing that. Hahaha… I wonder what their verdicts are.

11 Dec 08, 17:30
min: Great blog. What a sweet post of your godchildren!
12 Dec 08, 11:24
min: You took a long time to finish the zoo entry! I've been following your blog since I got here seraching for 8 Days car boot flea mkt. You were there this year rite? I think I saw you and friends.
Hi there, firstly thanx for leaving your mark with sweet words. I finished my zoo entry and you’re rite tt I took a long time. I’ve been bz with other stuff so updated in bits and pieces.

Yes, I was at the flea market this year as well but this time with a bunch of my buddies. Were you there as a customer or seller?

12 Dec 08, 08:31
canny: hey jo! time 4 me 2 leave a tag here.. been busy (on hse, reno etc) tats y have not been visitin blogs recently or just read w/o leavin tags or comment.hee! Oh, btw, d lobster was down, &new entry up!
Where is your new house located? Yes I saw that lobster is down! Oh yes I’ve replied to your comments so do check back on those posts. Hehe… now I’m too lazy to copy and paste my replies to comments in a new entry coz I can’t keep up with it.


  1. We got a resale flat near to my mum. Its in Toh Guan, near IMM.. hehe... Haven get our keys yet.. but think shd be able to get it by mar/apr next yr... =)

  2. Hopefully we can prob meet up in the west as I work in the west too! Just that my working hours are weird and I'm afraid u'll be tired of arranging and rearranging... =P *LOL*

    Cya around! =)


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