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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writings on the Wall of My Blog & Other Tags

A while ago, I got tagged by lovely Rinny to do a Writing's On the Wall of My Blog tag. Then just a moment ago, I saw that bubbly Frances tagged me too.

What I’ve got to do is to get a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

1. What's your name/your blogger name?

2. What's your blog's name/URL?

3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

4. Favorite quote?

5. Your Favorite song?

6. Your favorite band/singers?

7. Anything else you want to say?

8. Tag three to five other people. So here it is!

I've enabled the settings for clicking to enlarge. However, I would type out the people I wanna tag so you can't pretend not to see. *evil laughter* Seriously, it's ok if you do not want to do. I just thought it would be fun to see your handwriting!

I tag:
Brutal Turtle
Squeeze the Pug

Notes on this photo:
I wrote this out a week ago but didn’t get to post as I thought the quality of the photo is really bad. I snapped it with my spoilt bimbotic pink camera that wouldn’t switch on unless after plugging the charger to it. Also, my favorite aqua blue Signo pen was stolen and I could only use a black pen. Are you one of those who blames your handwriting on your pens? Well, I am and I think my handwriting up there sux. There were a few booboos too. I’ve initially wanted to rewrite and retake this after I bought a new aqua blue Signo and canon s95 but I got too lazy.

Another tag...

Some time back, the ever creative and lovely Tabatha of tabathasrefugium tagged me in a post to answer some beauty and make up questions. I’m not too sure if you’ve tagged the right person, Tabatha. Hehe...

I’m someone with either no particular favourite or lots of favourites to choose from. My make up routine is really basic. As long as I’ve got mascara and eyeliner, I’m good to go. Hence, I find myself not having an answer to many of the questions but I hope anyone of you here still have fun reading anyway.

1. Name/Age
Jolene / 28 (My birthday hasn’t passed yet! Now all of you who have always been thinking I'm around your age, have I convinced you how OLD I really am?)

2. Favourite Lipstick
Lipsticks tend to crack my lips up but if I were to choose, it would be Revlon Soft Nude for now.

3. Favourite Lipgloss
Same goes for lipgloss.

4. Favourite Lipbalm
Aloe Lips by Forever Living
Lip Ice Sheer Color balm for a hint of colour

5. Favourite Eye Shadow
I’m not an eyeshadow person and the only set I have is from Maybelline’s Diamond Glow series. I love the olive brownish tone and amazing shimmers.

6. Favourite Palette

7. Favourite Mascara
I love most of the Japanese brands mascara I’ve tried so far and Super Dolly from SASA.

8. Favourite Powder
I don’t use loose powder

9. Favourite Nail Polish
Hmm... I try out nail polishes from all brands of any colours which catch my fancy and I don’t have a particular favourite. The Face Shop ones glide really well and their consistency in the bottle remain the same for a long period of time as compared to the rest. TFS ones would probably get a thumbs up from me.

10. Favourite Shower Gel
Shokubutsu in Grape scent
Any flowers and plants range fragrance from Bath & Body Works

11. Favourite Hair Shampoo
I keep alternating my shampoos! For normal shampoo, I try all brands that catch my fancy and there’s none so far that I’m into my second bottle. For clarifying ones which I use weekly, I would say Giovanni shampoo range. They really clarify and makes your hair fresh and ready to absorb more conditioning goodies thereafter.

12. Favourite Deodorant
I try all range and I don’t have a favourite.I’m currently alternating between Rexona Shower Clean and Dove Whitening in original scent

13. Favourite Body lotion
Bath & Body Works Green Clover & Aloe
Anna Sui Moisturizing Body Lotion

14. Favourite Foundation
Silky Girl 2-way foundation... so cheap and good that I haven’t ventured into the high-end range. Oh wait, I forgot my short foray into SK2.

15. Favourite Song
I like songs from many different genres and I have simply too many favourites. I’m listening to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight right now. Really melancholic.

16. Favourite Film
This is really tough. I love too many shows!
At the tip of my tongue would be Frequency which deserves a 10 point from me. I remember sitting at the edge of my seat throughout and being moved to tears by the happy ending of the story. The ending theme song, which I've just found out today is When You Come Back To Me Again by Garth Brooks, made me tear even more as the credits came up. Watch it if you haven't already done so. You'll be glued to the plot throughout.
Another favourite film which I rewatched threee times would be Messengers – a light-hearted Japanese movie about bicycle couriers.

Frequency trailer

Frequency ending theme song

Messengers trailer

17. Favourite Fashion brand
Like so many other ladies out there -- Chanel.

Friday, March 25, 2011


"So bad! They called me a lamer," whined my eldest sister last night.

I was slumping on the sofa watching tv with my eyelids half shut. I didn't know and didn't care who "they" were and why "they" called my sister a "lamer". The next moment, she walked up to me and showed me the letterhead of this company which sent her the letter.






It was no lamer. It was LA MER!!!

For that few seconds, I sat up and explained to my sis how coveted that cream is and how it has inspired a cult following. I know that many Singapore air stewardesses swear by Crème de la Mer as their holy grail with a jar costing SGD$400++.

I'm quite positive she gained enlightenment that night and felt proud to be a "lamer".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Railway Exploration

Besides Kampong Lorong Buangkok which I explored last August with my friends, another nostalgic piece of Singapore would soon lose its battle to modernization.

In a few months time, we would be bidding goodbye to yet another heritage-filled part of Singapore -- the Tanjong Pagar railway station and Keretapi Tanah Melayu or KTM, also known as the Malayan Railway.

Tanjong Pagar railway station (Chinese: 丹戎巴葛火车总站; Malay: Stesen Keretapi Tanjung Pagar), also called Keppel Road railway station or Singapore railway station, is a railway terminus owned by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), the main railway
operator in Malaysia. The land on which the station and the KTM railway tracks
in Singapore are situated is held by KTM on a 999-year lease.

Following an agreement between Malaysia and Singapore which was reached
on 24 May 2010, railway operations into the station will cease by 1 July 2011,
after which the building will be conserved and may be integrated with future
developments on the site. KTM's southern terminus would be relocated to the
Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

[Extracted from:]

The railway line which dates back to the British colonial era has served Singapore since the early 1900s. It is the sole railway line providing direct international connections operated by KTM, with services commencing from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station located right in the heart of our CBD. No doubt, the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station sticks out like a sorethumb amidst towering skyscrapers and highways in the financial district. Nevertheless, I prefer to believe that it has not once lost its ancient charm to its more modern counterparts.

For more on the railway history, go to:

Once the process of relocation starts, Singapore would lose an old school train station to take a heritage journey from. MRTs are definitely not considered as trains in my dictionary of nostalgia. Besides, our deep historical connection with the Malay Peninsular would gradually dissolve with the disappearance of the old tracks.

Not only that, the well worn tracks that served us so well and the corridor of land that has remained relatively untouched since the colonial times will be lost. Along with it, the many symbolic representations of the railway like the railway bridges, minor stations and huts in between major stations and of course the last standing level crossings in Singapore would slowly disappear.

It seems almost too strange that I would feel a sense of nostalgia towards the relocation of the Malayan railway from the grand old dame at Tanjong Pagar to a newer neighbourhood at Woodlands.

I do not have many brushes with railway trains.

I've only sat on the overnight train once to Kuala Lumpur when I was a little less than ten with my family and boy was it a thrilling experience. The journey was bumpy, the chugging of the engines and rolling of wheels along the tracks were deafening, the interior of the train was spartan and the blankets weren't exactly Softlan-fragranced but I enjoyed the ride as it was something I've never experienced before. The cool air in the still silent night of Singapore and the view outside the window was something that would be etched in my mind for a long time to come.

Back then in JC (what you international readers would term as high school), our school track and field was located alongside part of the railway track. I'm not sure about my peers but I feel a surge of adrenalin rushing from my heart to my legs whenever a train roared past during physical education lessons. I would pit myself against the roaring train for that short distance along the straight length of the track.

I don't even know if that part of the track near the school has ceased operations. I know that the Jurong route has since been expunged but I'm not too sure if that part falls under the Jurong route.

A little more recent brush with anything railway-related would be when I commute by my dad's car and subsequently kh's car to work whenever I did not take the MRT. I used to take the route to my workplace that would go past the level crossings somewhere in the Bukit Panjang area. Ironically, I eventually avoided that road due to the complete stop in traffic each time the train chugged past. I was pepetually late for work and could not afford for an old train to stop me in my tracks.

In retrospect, I would love to visit that area around the level crossings and talk to the old man who manned the area. It was really cute seeing him hold his little flag and pulling the fence to stop the traffic for the grand dame of a train to proceed.

I've rattled on too much and I would be amazed if you've read up till this point. To be honest, I'm feeling a little tired while typing this and I know that the text above is fraught with lots of incoherence, expression problems and mistakes. I'm just too lazy to proofread and edit.

Let's start the photostory now!

Together with my like-minded friend, evan and her fiance, we embarked on our little railway adventure sometime last year in October.

We started from Tanjong Pagar railway station.



Here's the very end of the railway line.


I wonder if that red stopper-like object is meant to cushion the stop of the train.


Say hello to this little furry friend.


Next, we proceeded to the Bukit Timah railway station.


This bridge is a familar sight along Bukit Timah Road. We took some time to wait for the traffic to clear before snapping this photo.


We walked deeper and deeper into the little road and further and further away from the main road.


Aww... so sweet.


When news of the closure and relocation of the railway was splashed in the newspapers, photography enthusiasts started visiting all these forgotten places, leading to the authorities putting up warning signs.


There was someone in the brick house watching tv with flickering grey screen tuned to an RTM channel. We figured he must be a Malaysian and we did not dare to talk to him. We were afraid that he would chase us away. We had afterall ventured past the sign.

Waiting forlornly for my love to arrive.


Evan tried very hard to stop me from jumping onto the tracks to commit suicide.


It started drizzling a little but you could not see it from the photos.

We got down onto the track for the first time in our lives. Railway service was still functioning at that time but we figured we would be able to feel the tremour on the tracks and jump up to the safety of the platform way before the train approached.





It was getting dark and we made Clementi our last stop. We read online that this defunct bridge is quite unstable and the steep slopes make it difficult to access by the public. However, I often wonder how a few people could manage to take such great photos on this exact bridge.


It seemed like an impossible path up. The grass patch you see below was around waist deep and the soil was muddy and slippery.


Ending off our railway adventure, we made a stop at Island Creamery at the Bukit Timah outlet (King Albert's Park) as evan wanted to try the raved about ice cream there. After staring at all the tubs in th glass counter freezer for some moment, we settled for a chocolatey treat. Check out our ice creams. We paid the same price but look how much I've got compared to hers. I told her to bring the staff's attention to this but she was cool about it saying that she had to maintain her weight.


Outside of Island Creamery were Ronald and friends. Hamburglar and frie kids are something synonymous to the 80s. You don't see Ronald Mcdonald's friends around in the millenium anymore.


With that, our railway adventure came to an end.

As what I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm experiencing error in the blogger comments page and I'm not able to leave any comment at all. I hope none of you is afflicted with the same problem as I am coz I really love reading all your lovely comments.

Blogger comment box is wonky

Anyone of you experiencing that now? I was replying to my comments and when I clicked to send, there was some error. I retried and my msg was lost. Now, I can't even click onto my comments page.

The pop up window says

"We found the following errors:
Your browser's cookie functionality is
disabled. Please enable JavaScript and cookies in order to use Blogger."

I cleared my cache, deleted my cookies, restarted my laptop but it's still the same. I thought it was my blog problem so I went to a few other blogspot blogs but the same error occurred. Their comments windows would show me the same message too. Some blog's main url also showed the same error message.

Is it my laptop or is anyone experiencing the same problem commenting on blogger posts?

Then again, if it's a problem on blogger's part, I guess none of you would be able to reply to this too.

Edited to add (9pm, 20 March):
Thank you Nicole, Serena, Rick, Sugar sugar for your comments. I'm not able to reply you on the comments page though. Oh dear, if it's not blogger's problem, I really do not know what's wrong with my laptop or internet connection. I'm still experiencing problem and it's been a day. This time, I switched off and unplugged my modem and router and plugged in again to no avail.

Since the hubby is not in town, I would be moving back to my parents' place for a week. I will try connecting again tonight when I get there.

Edited to add (2am, 21 March):
I'm at my parents' place now and my sis helped me to connect to the wireless network at home. Yay!!! Everything's back to normal! I guess it was indeed the internet or router problem. I'll be back replying to comments in no time. Do check back! =D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unfolding September's Folder


The writing of backdated stuff continues!


~*Alcova Madness*~

It was a rather spontaneous night. An impromptu dinner date with gera and tiff after work led to an impromptu decision to check out Alcova where zanne joined us then. There was an event with male butlers that night.

We made lots of new friends who were all so much younger than us and they actually thought we were lying when we told them the truth of our real age. Hence, we decided to play along and pretend to be 18 that night. Well, they actually believed us when we lied! They were rather nice people though but we felt like cougars among all these young bloods.



Gera had some personal friends in the house that night and it was really great knowing them! It's a rather unique experience knowing people from a pub/club who spoke fluent English. Usually the people we know at pubs or clubs speak Singlish, Mandarin or a smattering of Hokkien.


Most of the photos taken by hp have been brightened by adjusting the exposure. Pardon the blurriness.

I haven't been pubbing or clubbing in a while so it was really a fabulous night drinking, dancing and socialising. I don't think I'll do it again anytime soon. I'm not as young and energetic as before.


~*Pris Farewell*~

My longest ever colleague/subordinate in my dept had left. I was sad coz she'd been around for quite a while and she really helped to share the workload by a good amount, yet I was happy for her as she was leaving for greener pasture. I hope she's enjoying herself in her current co.

The following photos spans over a period of a week as not everyone in the dept had common days at the hq. Thus, you'll notice different outfits.

We had a farewell lunch at Sakae Sushi when everyone in the dept was present.


We ordered a little too much and we could not bear to eat the crab which was staring straight at us with its beady eyes.


Unwrapping her gifts and reading our love notes penned to her.



We just had to take photo with the "orange wall" that segregates the dept into 2 teams.


farewell gift from pris... an ANGEL!



~*Nephew Zayden's 1st Birthday*~

Many photos were taken that day with cuz's DSLR and I've been trying to wrangle them from her to no avail.

The only photo of me and my cute nephew was taken using my sis's hp. It was difficult to get a shot of Zayden coz he's always moving around so I'm glad this photo captured his cute and cheeky face. Check out the hubby behind. My sister's friend actually thought Zayden was our son when she posted this on FB saying "Adorable nephew with my sis & bil in background". LoL



~*Out of the Pan with Sis & Evan*~

On one of my off days, I met up with my sis and evan for dinner at Out of the Pan after a day of running errands.

I really love their savoury crepe a lot! We ordered 3 different types of savoury crepe and swap with one another. I can't remember what we ordered but I think they were Peking Duck (yummy yum), Seafood Jungle and some beef crepe. Their salad and corn chips were good too.


I've always loved salad with vinaigrette dressing but recently, I found out that I love citrusy-orange dressing too. The orange salad was so refreshing that I'd wanted to lap up the leftover dressing.


We spent a long time in the futuristic ladies and snapped some pictures when nobody was around.


That's the first time I see hand dryer next to the basin like the above.


~*1st Day in School*~

Cyn transferred these photos to me over MSN on the day the kids went to school for the first time in NYC. They were clearly elated to go to school after having missed school for a long time. Even char got to go to school!


Excuse the watermarking. I watermarked the pictures to post on ourfeistyprincess the other time.


~*Mid Autumn*~

I met up with karen and sushi for dinner at Tea Cosy. I really loved the food the first time I went there but that night, the standard seemed to have dipped a little. Nonetheless, it was the company that mattered. We chatted a lot and then we shopped but there wasn't really many things to shop that night.


By the time I post this, Sushi has given birth to a really adorable baby boy.


After that, I headed back home but instead of going home, I popped by my neighbour's house on the adjacent street.


Great minds think alike. We were both wearing similar white spag tops!

Eug's hubby and kh are good friends as well as colleagues and it is a good fortune that we stay so close to each other and get along so well. Eug and I both dread the day we would move out from our in-laws place coz we would have one less friend each who stays in such an ulu estate. Speaking of which, I should go look for her for some gossips and bitching sessions soon since both our hubbies are outta town now.

Lovely lovely eug prepared lanterns, premium champagne mooncakes, traditional lotus paste mooncakes and premium Chinese tea to usher in the Mid Autumn's mood as we sat under the pavilion and chatted about so many things under the moon. No, that phrase wasn't an intentional pun to "chat about anything under the sun".


I bought light sticks of all colours from Daiso and soon we were "cracking" light sticks and wearing them around ourselves to add to the atmosphere. Kelly the golden retriever wasn't spared from this too. She kept wriggling her way out from us each time we tried to collar her in and soon eug's bil came so kelly had no choice but to sit still and listened to her master's bidding. See how cute (and utterly sad) she looked with the lighted collar!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to be able to "celebrate" Mid Autumn that year. I felt a bit bumped that my friends went off to some lantern show near the Singapore River the previous night without me as I had to work late when I had actually initiated meeting up by the reservoir in our estate a few days before. Oh well, that's why sometimes I dislike organising outings. It can get very disappointing when nobody but one bothers to reply.

That night was just a simple Mid Autumn catch up session but I truly enjoyed myself.

I like this photo of us even though it's blurry. It was rather dark so I upped the exposure. Doesn't eug look like mediacorp actress rui en?


Here's what I wore. That was the first time I wore this flowy top with a belt. Who would have thought that studded belt could pair well with the soft flowy top?



~*Company Day at Universal Studios Singapore*~

I blogged about it a few days after the company day last year as I'd to edit the photos for some co photo competition after the event so i figured I might as well blog about it.

Read more about it here.


~*Random Stuff*~

I bought a huge bag of stuff from Daiso. The stuff were mainly for my students and also little gifts for friends.

1st row (left to right): magic capsule sponge animals for children's day; magic tricks for reward system gift exchange; wooden magnifying class for reward system gift exchange.
2nd row: sweet bordered cards which I wrote notes on for my graduating students

Here are 2 items for myself: Daiso sponge cleaner and rubber facial cleansing pad


The sponge cleaner needs no introduction in Singapore. It's a really effective detergent for make up sponges and brushes. Pour a small amount and watch your make up leftovers wash off your sponges and brushes as you rinse the detergent away. It also helps save water since it doesn't foam as compared to normal soaps and you needn't waste water and time washing soap suds away. I grabbed a few more bottles for my friends.

As for the cleansing pad, I don't find it particularly amazing. This product was swept clean off its shelf and was the #1 seller in Singapore Daiso at that time. I bought a few for my friends as well, thinking that its results would be promising.

The packaging and the word behind were entertaining though. I love laughing at Japanese English translation.


As the years go by, the students who have been with me for 5 years would have known that I would always urge them not to waste money buying me Teacher's Day presents. I very much prefer handwritten cards anytime coz I can keep them easily. I do not know what to do with tangible gifts and often they get recycled as my reward system gift exchange for students.



I'm particularly touched by this girl's letter. She is rather weak in her English and I find myself wanting to whip out my red pen to correct her mistaks but the fact that she penned me a note really brought warmth to my heart.

BTW, I was walking on the overhead bridge when I saw the most peculiar sight.


This little critter was seen huddled in the corner, using its snout to push the corner as if a hole would magically appear. It was clearly shaken by the many people walking up and down the stairs. It looked like baby hamster save for the long tail. I've never ever seen any baby rodent out in the open before and I wonder how this rat/mouse got there.

Corals & corals

The above title was supposed to be sung along the tune of "horrors of horrors".

After my medical leave last week, it's back to the drudgery of work. I can be a perfectionist at times and try to edit and revamp far too much; adding a lot more work not only to myself but to my team. However recently, I've been slackening my expectations and I don't seem to care that much anymore. It's a good sign as it means less work for everyone. My team members have been really accomodating and I do not want to overwork them too. This slackening is definitely for the good of everyone as of now. We'll slowly pick up the pace in time to come.

For the first Thursday in so many months, I finally left my office early. Not on the dot, but well before being the last person standing. Thursdays are supposed to be my "come early, leave early" day but I've since lost count of the number of times I was the last to lock up the office.

I wouldn't have left earlier if not for the fact that the photo developing shop closes at 7.45pm. It's an ureasonable timing, yes I know. I've never heard of such early closure for shops in this line. However, the old benign couple who ran it were such pleasant old man and old lady that you couldn't quite fault them for closing early to have a normal family life. When I rang up the shop, the kindly old man told me that he would wait for me till 8pm before he closed the shop. I managed to reach there at ten minutes to eight.

You must be wondering about where corals would come in in this post. Well, I've sent the two underwater disposable cameras from our Maldives snorkeling and diving expedition to the shop and left them there ever since. For the past few weeks, I couldn't find a day when I could reach the place at 7.45pm.

I was quite disappointed with how the photos turned out. All I saw were stacks and stacks of photos of murky blue waters and a sea of corals after corals which looked like grey rocks by the way. Upon inspecting closely do I see that colourful lobster, that huge funny-looking fish, the beautiful schools of fishes, all of which turned out greyish and blurry in the photos. I was half expecting the photos to turn out as clearly and colourfully as what we saw with our very own eyes. How naive I was. I'm quite sure if I were to show the stack of photos to my mum, she would go in her most Singlish exclamation, "Aiyoh, why you take so many rocks underwater? You go diving just to see rocks huh?"

I've been coming up with far too many random and meaningless posts recently. I guess it's due to the fact that Microsoft has been installed on my laptop and I realised that the insensitive keyboard problem only happened in internet browsers. The keyboard senses the keystrokes normally when I type on a Word Doc. Adding to that is the fact that I've got no annoying hubby to talk to when I come home and I simply coop myself up in the room and enjoy some well-deserved "me-time". It's ironic though, coz I start to unleash all my annnoyance on www when it's no longer just me anymore.

I've been editing my backdated photos here and there during my spare time and also drafting some posts so I hope to get back on track for my backdated posts once more.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ClubCouture Photoshoot

I posted about being one of the ambassadors of ClubCouture 2011 a while back. In January, a photoshoot was arranged for all the ambassadors. It was rather difficult coordinating a date which all of us could keep to, so separate photoshoots were arranged. The lovely people at ClubCouture had just sent us some behind the scenes photos that day which I'll share with all of you.

A gentle reminder before I continue:
The photos that you see here do not belong to me and hence are not watermarked. Please refrain from using the photos without prior permission. Thank you.

My photoshoot was together with Regina, a good friend of mine. It was scheduled on the weekend when I got back from Maldives. You could see how tanned I was in comparison to fair and radiant reg.

What happened before the shoot...

Left column (top to bottom): jo reading and signing the contract; reg reading and signing the contract
Right column (top to bottom): Hair & make up for us; jo in the process of make up; jo requesting to turn the chair to watch reg's photoshoot while hair was being styled

We did some pair shots to warm up first.


For my black outfit solo shots, I was wearing the chiffon swing dress in black. The dress was a little short for me as a swing dress. I was initially supposed to wear a sexy black number which was even shorter than this, I couldn't come out from the bathroom without looking indecent. LoL... I guess I didn't look like my full height from my blog and the lovely people at ClubCouture had thought I was quite petite. No sweat! I like this cute black number, especially the charming little black satin tie that went with it.

Left column (top to bottom): trying very hard to pose; I can't think of anymore poses
Right column (top to bottom): thinking how I should pose with the ladder prop; I look like I'm conducting an orchestra

My next outfit was the monochrome printed dress. This dress is completely sold out on their website. It reminds me of what Eva Longoria as Gabrielle would wear in Desperate Houswives. I really love this dress a lot! I do not own any of such prints in my wardrobe and it certainly isn't my usual style but I love how it brought out a different side of me.


viewing the photos


Posing came naturally for the other ambassadors!

Left column (top to bottom): Crystal Shong; Holly Jean; Esther Xie
Right column (top to bottom): Melissa Faith Yeo; Regina Chow

Clothes for the shoot


Some personal thoughts of mine...

I was (still am) so terribly green at posing for studio shots! Taking a million photos of myself and taking photos for studio shots are two completely different matter.

The only studio shoot I did so far was my wedding indoor shots. The camera man was this Ah Beng who bonded very well with kh and we just had to act normally, laugh ourselves silly at his jokes and all these candid moments would be captured. For some shots, he would instruct us on what to do and so I merely stopped working my brains and followed blindly.

However, for this photoshoot. I've to constantly rack my brain for new poses and I just could not do it. I kept recalling what I watched on America's Next Top Model but still I did not know how to stand, where to place my hands, what to do with the props and how to think of continuous poses. Not to mention, I'm not used to wearing stilettos. I was basically trying to walk on the slippery paperish layer without falling and I moved like a robot throughout.

It was fortunate that Flora and Kaitlyn were such sweet sweet babes and ever so patient with me. Kaitlyn even taught me how to do a few poses and boy was she au naturel! She could just be standing casually but her photos turned out like some fashion spread.

I think I blabber too much. I'm sure all of you are dying to see how the final photos turned out. Here they are! Don't laugh k? I'm not a pro. =P




Exclusively for all my lovely friends and readers, enter the code JOLENE2011 (all in capz) when you check out to enjoy 15% off all purchases!

ClubCouture also ships internationally so yay to online shopping for my international readers! While you're there, don't forget to check out their latest collection City Lights.


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