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Sunday, June 22, 2008

One evening at Tampines IKEA...


I dunno why I can continue to love and like my godchildren, my tutees, my students and other kids I know even if they misbehave but simply cannot stand stranger kids whenever they do the same.


5 Jun 08, 10:41
tiffy: i promise to continue building the bridge with u. u didn shatter urs with me YET. ha. cheer up
Don’t worry, our 19-year-old bridge is solid and sturdy. =P

11 Jun 08, 00:46
Joyce: Take care!
12 Jun 08, 22:58
Joyce: Sobz...I'm not in the pic with you, Viv and Apr
Don’t be sad… I’m sure you’re happier than viv, apr and me combine. LOL

12 Jun 08, 00:52
cendrine: nice blog
Thanx cendrine. Just curious, how did you stumble upon my blog?

16 Jun 08, 12:21
evan: Send me the Ambrosia pics when free! My turn to fall sick now. Bleah.
Yes my dear… When are you gonna update on our “ugly day out”. Gosh… take care… dun spread to me!!!!

21 Jun 08, 17:22
silver's: u look liek silver in 2 photos with ur so! same expression. u noe what i mean?
Huh? Did you mean to type “silver’s friend” or something? Anyway, no matter whether look like or not, silver is a pretty hot mummy so thanx a lot. Ha!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blurred Vision

I asked mum to cut shorter and heavier bangs for me.

I like it but my vision is blurred.

I can hardly see what I'm typing.

I feel like Rufus the sheepdog.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final Cut: Celebrations, meet ups & pig outs in May

Hey I know it's been a long time. There are simply too many photos to edit... too many words to write... too little time... On top of that, my computer keeps threatening to shut down every 5 minutes after installing some updates that I'm clueless about.

Meanwhile, here are some snapshots taken over the weeks.

[Photos taken off]

Will update again the next time. =)

I'm gonna enjoy my off day later!



You know, for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling quite happy.

It must be the month. May is such a cheerful month.

Work has still been the 50+ hours a week but I’m fine with it and sometimes enjoying my time in the office. I’m slowly not dreading returning and having to listen to raised voices, got to spend a lot more quality time with kh, pig out at different places, meet up with different groups of friends, simply chill around with lovely people in my life and most importantly being myself. In addition, a lovely friend of mine got married and she was soooo pretty and blushing with radiance that night. I feel so happy for her.

Life’s positive when you choose to see all the positive aspects of it.

Life’s happy when you choose to live it happily.


In the meantime, watch this space for loads and loads of photo-intensive updates. I swear that I’m trying my very best to edit my photos and type my draft whenever I can.

P/S: Oh yes, for those friends who asked me to change my blog song, just switch off your speakers for now. My blog song is actually the Korean song from 200 Pounds Beauty. The English song currently blaring at you comes together with the V-day photo slides entry and I cannot disable the song. Sorry to spoil your ears.


Updated over the period of 11th June -- 19th June


Go get yourself some chilled drink, cook instant noodles or walk your dog before coming back to see if the page has loaded. Can't wait? The x-button on your top right browser window will do the trick.

Mother's Day Dinner at Tao Restaurant
Sunday, 11th May 2008

We went to Tao's restaurant for Mother's Day dinner

Vandalism on the signboard outside the restaurant

Poor Fann Wong

Poor Yan Zi

The menu [Click to enlarge]

Patrons are able to choose what they want from each group to mix and match. Since there were 6 of us, we got to sample almost all the dishes. We were just sharing our food and passing them around.


The gratin was smooth and light... quite easy on the palate. Most gratin fill my stomach but not this. The gratin was complemented with some toasts (or were they slices of bread?) The toasts were soft and fluffy, unlike those hard burnt toasts. They were delicious but we had to save stomach capacity for more food to come and hence got them to "da bao" the leftover toast.

This was how it was packaged...

We were quite impressed with the little efforts that the staff had put in even if it was a take away of leftovers.

The healthy salads

I like the ham & spud as well as the farmboy splendor. I always love salad with light, sour dressing. I didn't quite like the fruit salad as it had a strong crab stick taste. (People who know me long enough will know my crabstick story) YUCKS! The huai san had a unique Asian flavour to it. Reminds me of a Japanese dish as it was served with wasabi.

Only available during dinner

I'm not a mushroom person but these grilled mushrooms are lip smacking! I could really have more of these.

The sorbet tasted like very diluted watermelon ice.

Slurpilicious soups

The pumpkin soup was a little too sweet whereas the mushroom soup tasted like much-better-than-campbells mushroom soup with generous helping of mushroom bits. I like the fish soup and the shark fin herbal soup best. I guess I would always have a preference for Asian soups. For the save-the-sharks activists, not to worry, there are no sharks' fins inside.

More photos of my fish soup

Main entrees



da jie's

er jie's


Oops... only when editing the photos did I realise I've forgotten to snap a pic of mum's tao's oven baked steak.

Actually we didn't really choose these dishes ourselves. The salads and soups were shared by passing around and so it didn't matter where the waiters placed them. However, the main dish had to remain at a spot. Hence when the waiters started serving the dishes, we had to make up our minds very quickly and tell them where to place the dishes respectively.

My steak ended up at mum's place and because it was MOTHER'S DAY, I did not insist on having MY steak. =[ It's ok coz it wasnt medium rare and I found it too well done for my liking even though it clearly wasn't well done (probably a medium). My sisters claimed I'm a barbarian and a true blue carnivore.

I didn't like my pork ribs coz I'm not really a fan of ribs. Also porky pig tasted really very porky that day.

I never like lambs coz of their lamb-lamb taste and so could not really comment on it.

The grilled chicken and baked flounder with cheese were not bad. My personal favourite was the grilled snapper. It could be due to the fact that my taste buds weren't leaning towards Western fare that day.

Pretty meats in a row [an unintentional pun of pretty maids in a row]

I left a small chunk of each of the various meat just for photo-taking.

Can you differentiate the meat?

From left to right: baked flounder with cheese, slow cooked pork back rib, tao's grilled chicken, grilled snapper with Japanese sauce, marinated lamb cutlet, tao's oven baked steak

I love the presentation of the dishes. Reminds me of fine dining but at a fraction of the price. Tao's is named after the ceramic pottery and utensils the restaurant uses to serve its food. The use of such utensils serve to keep the food warm and tasty for a longer time after it is served.


This was supposed to be the chocolate mousse stated on the menu. Looked more like chocolate fondue to me. The waiter said it was specially created for me coz he lost a deal with me but I've since forgotten what it was all about. Hahaha... Also dunno how special it is.. looks just like normal fondue. However, this was my mum's favourite.

Refreshing Beverage

Not in any particular order: lavender tea, ice tropical grapefruit tea, ice rose apple tea, ice summer peach tea, ice grape mellow tea

I can't remember which is which, even on that day itself, we were frantically tasting and deciding which was which. I like the ice summer peach tea (ordered by er jie) and ice grape mellow tea ordered by me).

The 2 mothers were given gifts by the people from Tao's. They were the very same teapots for the iced tea.

Initially, one of the staff presented my grandma with a gift saying that he knew she was confirm a mother coz her hair is white. He could not really speak Teochew well but he tried his best to converse with my grandma without any barrier. Next, he turned to my mother and apologised that he did not present any gift to her as she looked too young to be a mother of three beautiful daughters and it would be embarrassing should he make a mistake.

Hahaha... Just with that sentence, he managed to not only flatter my mum but all of us.

While we were laughing heartily, the same box appeared from nowhere and he presented my mum with the gift. A minute later, he came back with another box and handed it to my dad. He insisted that Fathers are very wei3 da4 too and deserve a gift. Then, he jokingly muttered loud enough for us to hear that he actually didn't want my dad to feel left out. That got all of us bursting with laughter again.

With cheesy advertisement that is only broadcast during non-prime time slots, Tao restaurant truly surpasses our expectations in every aspect. It was only unfortunate that it is tucked in the heart of the very ulu Paradiz Centre. Furthermore, during our time of visit, the whole building was undergoing major renovation which caused a little inconvenience. It was difficult to find the passenger's lift from the carpark and we had to resort to using the cargo lift. The whole place was dirty and sandy. The air con in the restaurant worked on the concept of central cooling. With the air con being affected by the renovation, the place was quite hot. You do know how uncomfortable it is to eat and feel hot at a restaurant right?

Review in summary for Tao restaurant
Food: * * * *
For the price you pay, the food and presentation is definitely worth the 4*s.

Ambience: * * *
Casual and buzzing with activities. Minus points for the stuffiness.

Service: * * * * 1/2
The staff were really affable. Their service was top-notch. They were professional in a casual manner which made customers feel really at home. I dunno if their casual way of dealing with customers would sit well with others. However, I would still give 2 thumbs up for their service! The 1/2 star is to credit their ability to bring my mum from a pissed off mood to an extremely good mood. To be able to do that is no mean feat.

Price: * * * * 1/2
Which other place can you get to sample so much food at such a great price??? A real value for money.

Enough of food shots... Presenting the humans!

and the angels


J & C’s Birthday Celebration +
Kakis at Ma Maison

Sunday, 18th May 2008

Kh and I setting off for J & C’s birthday party.

I was happy coz it was the first time kh could make it after all the years.

When we reached,. I was expecting them to shout “GODMA JOLENEEEEEE!” like how they always do. However, I was greeted by J and C’s ku gua lian. Hahahaha… Even kh had to ask me what was wrong with them. Beats me. Cyn thought they were probably tired by the excitement in the morning.

The catered food was great! One of the best catered food ever. I seldom portray my greedy side when I’m with a whole lot of people I don’t know. And that was exactly what I didn’t do that day even though the only people I knew there were cyn’s family and fullstop. It was so good that I had to have a second helping.

Mental note to self: Ask cyn for the caterer’s contact.

Some photos taken during one segment of the magic show.

Are you able to see what the magic was about?

If you are not able to, click on the videos.

Time for the mental and social torture for this cute little short-eared bunny!

See it scared till its fur turned white and eyes cried till red liao.

Next was the cutting of cakes.



Everybody present whipped out whatever photo-taking device and snapped away at T-rex and Barbie like paparazzi.

I’ve never seen such exquisite 3D cakes before.

Duh! All cakes are 3D… but you know what I mean la huh?

Check out the teeth and you’ll know how much effort was taken to create such a COLOSSOL masterpiece.

Dear cyn had really set a benchmark for children’s birthday celebrations. I could imagine all the little princes bugging daddys and mummys for a dino cake while the little princesses long for a Barbie one.

I know that cyn wants the best for her kids and she would do anything to make them happy. Fortunately, J and C are not spoilt. They were visibly ecstatic about their cakes and I could not help but smile when I see their happy faces.


Mersmerised by Barbie

So cute!

Posing with dino

Figuring where to place the candles and how to cut the cake took quite some time.

Cyn mummy : Which part do you want?
Greedy Jase : I want the head.
Cyn mummy : Huh? The head too big. Mummy cut for you the tail first ok?
Greedy Jase : Ok, I want the eye.

And then the dino tail went into Jase’s tummy and all over his mouth.

When cyn mummy cut the eye for him, he didn’t want it anymore. I guess coz the eye did not quite look like an eye when it was on the plate.

After most of the people went home, char went to find me with her naked Barbie in tow.

When I asked her to dress Barbie up, she rummaged my bag as if to find tiny clothes in there.

Alas there was none.

Hence, we decided to protect Barbie’s modesty like this:

Barbie… dressed by Louis Vuitton & Fendi

Love her sweet smile

With the kids

Jase was still the ku gua lian. Hahaha… but this time it’s coz he kept pestering cyn with “I want Godma Jolene come our house” over and over again even though we told him that I would go on another day.

J & C had a mountain of presents. It was literally a mountain such that cyn’s bro had to carry some back while an entourage of about 10 of us helped to carry the rest to the taxi.

They looked soooooooo cute trying to carry this huge present.

They wanted to help but was of no help.

Notti J & C kept making funny faces

After a few tries, the photo still ended up like this

See cyn and my pek chek faces. WAhahaha…


In the evening, I met up with the kakis minus one at Ma Maison.

While in the queue…

I love the cozy cottage-like ambience.

The food wasn’t too bad.

The seafood platter tasted a lot better than Fish & Co’s. I think I would come back for this the next time.

The 3 of us had food, updates and gossips for dinner that night.

Review in summary for Ma Maison
Food: * * *
Not too bad but not damn good.

Ambience: * * * *
Warm and cozy. I love the cottage-like feel

Service: * * *
Service was fine. We queued for almost 20 minutes with no signs of anyone coming out to take down our names down. I’d to “confront” the counter staff before she warmly took down my name and informing us that we would have to wait for 30 minutes. In the end, we spent an hour or so queuing. Luckily we chatted and gossiped all the way and didn’t feel the impact of the wait. The waiters were polite like how all wait staff should be.

Price: * * *
I would like to think I’m paying for the ambience.

After dinner, we hopped over to Ah Chew for some desserts while reminiscing our 十字路口 shi zi lu kou excursion last year.

The mango dessert is GOOD!

My birthday card looked so bimbotically diva. ME LIKE!


The night we became carnivores
Monday, 19th May 2008 Vesak Day PH

One year ago, we met up at CHIJMES to celebrate everybody’s birthday except mine. One year forward, we met up at CHIJMES to celebrate my birthday. You all really kept your words!

We became carnivores that night.

WARNING: The following paragraphs contain materials which may be offensive to vegetarians. Proceed with caution while you curse Jolene to burn in hell… together with all the chicken hearts.

Meat is neat!

The passador slicing slabs of meat from the skewer

My plate within the first ten minutes

Chicken hearts, anyone?

Up close

Remember that I like chicken hearts (for as long as I got sick of it) ever since Brazil Churrascaria?

The rest of them had never tasted chicken hearts before. They were enthusiastic in something exotic yet at the same time apprehensive to try coz of the unpleasant innards taste. The ones at Brazil Churrascaria had not much innards taste and I assured them it would be fine. Hence when the chicken hearts passador came, all four of us raised our green cards.

It turned out that they weren’t as good. Even I could taste the innards taste and knew what they meant. With just a tiny bite, the rest of the chicken hearts on their plates were shoved onto mine. I swear I would never touch chicken hearts for a long time to come.

Get your chicken heart away from me manz!

Even for meat-lovers, we needed some un-meat stuff to balance our tastebuds

I was eyeing for pomelo at the salad bar but there wasn’t any. I was looking forward to a refreshing citrusy zest to soothe my palate.

This is c’s favourite dish.

She really needed these grilled pineapple as her refreshing interval breaks from the meat that when the passador came, she requested for five slices! The way she requested for five was damn funny. We all burst out laughing coz even the passador thought it was very amusing.

3 of us with our gifts

They got a belated gift each of what else but books!

They’d got me a professional nail kit and a mini Cleo thrown in.

The mini Cleo is damn cute la

Jap sweet treats from suyin

I could not even bear to unwrap them

This dessert is good stuff!

Review in summary for Canivore
Food: * * *
Not too bad but not damn good. I prefer Brazil Churrascaria

Ambience: * * * *
Better than Brazil Churrascaria. The hustle and bustle at Brazil Churrascaria drowns conversation whereas we could hold proper conversation at Carnivore, hearing each other loud and clear.

Service: * * *
The wait staffs were quite polite like how wait staffs should be.

Price: * * *
Well worth your money only when you are a big eater and meat lover. Brazil Churrascaria is more ex but I would prefer it more to Carnivore.

sy brought her apple i-mac and we spent the rest of the evening devouring the delicious desserts while looking at photos.

We really should meet up more often and not just once a year.

Lovely card

Their handwriting look like a font and their drawings look like they come with the card

Thank you for the treat, card and presents, babes!


E & WY’s Wedding at Trader’s Hotel
Saturday, 24th May 2008

Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts.
- William Shakespeare

The early birds

Slowly, the rest of the hh babes arrived

The “F4” w/o wy

The deco

Cute wedding favour

The hh babes were seated at the table nearest to the main door— a great spot to capture lots of photos first hand. We were thinking it’s coz they knew we would be damn noisy so they had to banish us to the edge. And boy, did we make a helluva noise. We were even noisier than the jie3 mei4-s and xiong1 di4-s!

I dunno who started plucking all the petals from the roses on the table but very soon all of us were doing the same. We were preparing to throw these “confetti” at the couple when they enter the ballroom while cheering endlessly like siao char bors.

When I said “a great spot to capture lots of photos first hand”, I also meant that we could rush out of the door anytime to…

accost the pretty pretty bride even before she made her appearance in the ballroom.

and also to capture shots of the march in…

Wy was really very chio. I love her eyes, her curls with fringe, her simple but stunning wedding gown, her evening gown… she was really blushing with radiance that evening.

We had so many cameras that night. That’s what you get with a bunch of ladies who simply love taking photos! Mine was the food camera so here goes…

The menu [Click to enlarge]

The food was really quite good. One of the best wedding dinner dishes I’ve ever tasted.


Braised shark’s fin soup with crabmeat and compoy

Sauteed prawns with fresh lily bulbs and honey peas

Crispy roasted sesame coated chicken

Braised bai ling mushroom with spinach in compoy sauce

Steamed garoupa with superior soya sauce

Fried glutinous rice with assorted meat wrapped in lotus leaf

Chilled mango sago

[Aside: I’m in great agony while typing this as I’m super hungry now.]

Popping the champagne

I love the red hot evening gown. Too bad I did not capture the fine details of the bottom part at the back of the gown. The bouncy layering had a slight resemblance to those flamenco kinda skirt.

Py & me

Me & hs

Me & lv

This side…

That side…

Preggers ag

Simon says, “Look stupid.”

Capturing our F4 photo for the evening before we let wy off to thank the guests

with the blissful bride and groom

This is so random… 4-inch yet comfy

My card and presents from the F4…

It simply puts a smile on my face reading what all of you wrote.

A compliation sticker of us over the years…

So what’s inside?

[Aside: Hs is damn funny la. She apologised for the unglam wrapper as it was the only one she could find at home. Then, she insisted that the characters on the wrapper resembled fafi. I was like “Fafi what fafi? They are obviously clowns lor!”

Anyway on the topic of fafi, I'm glad that I was able to influence people to like fafi coz of what I write on my blog. Looks at "tree". Ya can use it as avenue of propagation liao.]

Books are definitely a cannot-go-wrong gift for me

Hitting a nail on the head

I love my morbid-looking box! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

morbid boy aka the boy with nails in his head

The Boy with Nails in His Head
The boy with nails in his head
visited his shrink.
There was nothing wrong with his head.
He just could not think.

Inspired by The Boy with Nails in His Eyes.

Hs said she had to go to 3 different places to get my gifts (and that I’d betta like them… hahaha). Yes I love them, thank you very much babes!

Can’t wait for our next meet up!


Birthday dinner with deardear at My Secret Garden
Sunday, 25th May 2008

It was my birthday and I had a pleasant evening with kh at My Secret Garden.

He wanted to bring me to another place. However, I wanted to check out mysg as I’ve heard about the great ambience – ambience suitable for ROM garden party.

The ambience fell below my expectations. I was expecting a real secret garden. Nevertheless, it was the company that mattered.

The Garden Green was good. Love the drizzle of sauce.

The taste is fine but the texture of their medium rare is so so wrong. Boo to that.

Deardear’s oxtail stew is not too bad. It was featured as a recommended dish. However, I know if it were me, I would get sick of the taste quite quickly and won’t be able to finish the whole bowl.

Desserts are a YUM!

Review in summary for My Secret Garden
Food: * * *
A little overpriced for the kind of fare they have on their menu.

Ambience: * * *
Dark and cosy. As mentioned before, I was expecting a real secret garden feel so it fell short of my expectations. Don’t trust the photos on their website.

Service: * * * 1/2
The service was fine. The waiters were polite like how all wait staff should be.

Price: * * *
I feel that it’s a little overpriced for the kind of dishes served.


Kh is always making silly faces to spoil the photo

My little cake

I wish for… …

Huff puff

mysg bookmarks

Cam whore in the car

Remember I said I would post a picture of the BCBG Max Azria dress that pris gave me the other time? Here it is!

Specially took this for pris too as she was so eager to see the dress on me that she requested for me to snap a pic to show her should I wear it out.

Pris knows I like morbid stuff just like her, so she got me a disturbing book – The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

“The book is often regarded as a roman à clef, with the protagonist's descent into mental illness paralleling Plath's own experiences with what may have been either bipolar disorder or clinical depression. Plath committed suicide a month after its first publication.”

Haha… she deemed it an inappropriate book as a gift but knew I wouldn’t mind.

Cute sticker seal on the card

I haven’t seen such (hologram?) stickers for a long time!

Deardear watching Taiwan variety show…

Act serious when he knew I was snapping

When I viewed the above pix on my camera, it looked like a video of him smiling and frowning when I clicked next.

Here are a series of self taken shots. I was trying to snap a nice pix of us but I kept failing.

Through the mirror…

Look at deardear’s ugly bull-like expression

More of us again…

Telling deardear to act Ah Beng by wearing his shirt with 3 buttons down.

So do we look like Beng and Lian?

kh & jo posterised


The Bimbo Sisters at Aji Tei
Sunday, 1st June 2008

The bimbo sisters minus tif who flew the airplane last minute

What we ate…

My dish… so small!!!


xtina brought her little blue frenz for each of us

The small miniature can drink is actually wet tissue paper. I think it’s so damn cool to dispense tissue from a miniature can.

me & xtina

You know they’re your besties when they do things like hijack your camera and snap 846592 photos whenever you are away.

While Cinderella dropped her dainty glass slipper running from the ball,
Cindy the giant dropped her running shoe while running to the mall.

We dun wanna end up like that poor fly.

What big, black and hairy body you have!

Fried scorpions anyone?

The BEEmbo sisters

After eating at Aji tei, we went to eat again at Café Cartel

Casual Day

I always like what I put together in 5 minutes.

Why can't dressing for work be this quick as well?

Outfits for May

gera probably thinks I need one more notebook to jot my jumbled thoughts down

zanne could not decide what to get me…

cutefying sex

xtina gave me a cheque

Somehow I guess that my belated present would be related to books or fashion.

xtina’s GIRL POWER card with sweet sweet words inside…


Edited to add on July

I can’t believe I forgot to upload photos of shir’s card!!! Guess I had too many backdated post in May.

A mail for me…

Hand-made card by shir

She got the people and the ex people from the room upstairs to pen some words in.

That’s really sweet.

She got me kino vouchers too! Book vouchers can never go wrong for me.

Another photo which I fogot to upload in my May’s entry…

Crabtree lavender hand therapy from my colleague-superior

It’s so nice of her to give me a pre-birthday gift before she went on leave and I’d the cheek to forget her birthday and to share a belated gift for her. My bad, my bad!


Movie Junkie

What Happens in Vegas

I thought it was a typical formulaic date movie where boy meets girl, boy hates girl, girl hates boy, boy loves girl, girl loves boy yada yada…

It’s predictable.

Never liked Ashton Kutcher.

Always thought Cameron Diaz has overplayed her stereotypical crazy, fun gal role.

Hence, I reluctantly agreed to watch it when there weren’t any other better shows at Lido. (Yeah… what the heck, Lido?)

It was hilarious. I laughed all the way and there was hardly any dull moment.

I liked Ashton more than before but only when he has his hair gelled back like Ronaldo at the company function.

Cameron Diaz was still her crazy fun gal self. She has no doubt aged a great deal but I like her spunk and dressing in the show.

Despite being criticised endlessly by well… critics… I found the show light-hearted and entertaining.

Rating: ***1/2


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I’ve always love Indiana Jones movies since primary school days. The recent one has lost all its Indy essence. I didn’t like how the Indiana archetype had morphed into aliens and science fiction. I was bored at some parts of the film. It wasn’t adrenaline pumping like Temple of Doom.

Rating: ***


Sex and the City

If even friends who haven’t caught any episode of the series claim that SATC the movie is great, I would think it is really great.

After watching it, I must say that it was good. Not great.

Apart from the fact that I never really like Carrie idolising Mr Big (in the series) and the pairing of them, it was nonetheless a happy ending for the couple. In fact, it was a happy ending for all four of them.

I like how they summarise the 4 ladies’ lives at the beginning of the movie with clever use of screen shots, blasting with the signature SATC tune (funk up version) without narrating.

I like the bond and friendship among the four ladies.

I like the humour.

I like Samantha’s wit.

I like the fantastic wardrobe.

I dislike thinking that at the age of 40, I would still not be able to own a fantastic wardrobe like Carrie’s.

Rating: ****



I wonder if any of you reading my blog is as Lit-siao as I am to watch Wilde.

I’m not so much of a lit fanatic. I hated Literature in secondary school, adore it in JC and dislike it in NUS. I love it all over again when I don’t have to memorise chunks of text. A love–hate relationship?

I haven’t read many of Ocar Wilde’s works but I do like him for his talent, his wit, and his flamboyant demeanour.

This film is a 1997 production which was banned in Singapore at that time for its sexual candour.

“Wooh… what sexual candour?” ask those who dunno about Wilde.

Well in modern terminology, Wilde was a well-known bi-sexual and he loved young men as handsome as Jude Law, that’s all.

The movie gave a near perfect representation into the life of the great writer. I could recognise and pick out Wilde’s quotes uttered by Fry as if he were Wilde himself.

Stephen Fry’s portrayal of Wilde is perfect. He looks and acts exactly like Wilde.

Putting both men side by side (well, top and bottom depending on how you view my blog), could you even tell the difference?

He was really born to play Oscar Wilde.

Jude Law as the spoilt Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas was electrifying. I feel like slapping his spoilt and selfish handsome little face.

I enjoyed the film… I can’t say the same for kh as he was forced by me into watching it. My only gripe was that the movie was very soft. I had to strain my ears trying to sieve out what the characters were saying. I also had to shush kh up whenever he gagged and sputtered at the loves scenes between men.

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
- Wilde

Rating: ****


Kungfu Panda

Don’t trust 8 Days 2.5 stars review. This show is hilarious all the way.
I love all the witty and meaningful quotes in the movie.

Rating: ****


Whee!!! Finally finished blogging all of May’s happenings in the middle of June.

Next up…. SHOPPING entry and replies to tags.

Well, I sure hope I don’t procrastinate.

I know this is how many of you feel when you visit my blog. Waiting and waiting for nothing.


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