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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cheers to Friendship!

Met up with my Gemini twin
Hey my dear angela. I was really happy to see you that night. I hope you are reading this. I'm so glad that at least you've been struck off from my missing friends list definition #1. *Big HugZ* =) I dunno whether you'll be staying for a few more years in the States or you'll be coming home soon but sincerely hope that all would go well for you!

Belated birthdays at Hogs Breath Cafe CHIJMES

Met up with 3 other st nicks band members to celebrate everyone's belated birthday except mine. Happy belated birthday to all of you!

So happy that everyone's still the same! Look almost the same, behave the same, talk the same as how we knew each other back then.

Sec 2 classmates Suyin and Candice!

The memories are coming back to me as I'm typing this. Candice looks so tired in photos but she's actually such a chirpy and chatty gal. Hey I dunno if you're reading this, send me your email @ ya?

Sam and me. Thanx for managing my finance from zero to something. HAHA! You are good! I still remember the time you approached me and I just blatantly said, "I've got no finance for you to finance."

We had great food! Juicy juicy medium rare steaks. Mmmm...

It was a nice meet up and "gossip" session. Never knew so much about all the people we know in our lives in a night. Who's getting married. Who's married. Who's pregnant. Who's working where. Who knows who. HAHA...

A toast to 11-12 years of friendship with this bunch of gals.

evan's advance birthday meet up at Billy Bômbers

The birthday bitch / bimbo. [Please circle]

Heh... ripped these off your blog, babe. Coz you look SOOOOOOOO cute in them and I don't have them on my camera. =P

Love this old fashion "jukebox".

My medium rare but turned out medium well done steak.

Her medium well done but but turned out well done beef patty burger.

I forgot was it her guy or my guy who said, "You all should have exchanged, then only one of you would be upset."

I can never get enough of medium rare steaks. Although visibly upset that I didn't get my medium rare, I pretended I was happy.

I love my underused girly bag so much that I had to take a picture with it! Love this kind of illustrations... evan even thought it was Jordi labanda. Haha...

And yes my dear, in reply to what you said... you are most welcome! We'll meet up after you are back from Egypt. Don't bring back any Mummy's curse ok? We've got a lot to catch up, I don't wanna die so soon.

Birthday celebration for 2 Khatib branch colleagues

The Khatib branch people are such nice people.

It has only been less than a year but it doesn't take long to know how nice people are.

A toast to frienship,



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  3. To anon and Japan Jolene,

    I dunno if these are spams but it's too bad I can't find the option for deleting these comments.

    I don't like the way Asians are "exoticised" in this manner and it is most certainly my misfortune for my name to be linked with a site like this.

  4. Hey! Visited your blog at last. that was a cool outing man. :D Nice catching up. We've come a long way since our sec 2 days :P Let's meet again sometime!

  5. Hey Jolene,

    Oh gosh. I clicked onto those web links out of curiosity and I got a shock of my life. Shame on Japan Jolene! If it is not spam, I think its a guy. Who would talk so shamelessly?

    So glad to hear that you have strike off a missing friend. No matter how busy we are in our lives, we must always make time for social life.

    Medium rare steaks? How do they taste? I hope they don't taste raw.

    Your evan friend looks really kawaii in the individual photos. And you look really pretty in your red cap and big black eyes. Can I ask you what cap is that and how much and what eyeliner are you using for your lower lids? Do they smudge easily?


  6. Candice,
    YO! Welcome aboard! We had better meet up soon... together with the rest of our squad mates. U go organise la... k?

    Yes... I think it may be a spam. Definitely not a real person. And I can't find the dustbin option to delete it!

    Medium rare steak is really juicy and succulent! They are not tough like those well done ones. They don't taste raw at all even though they may look a little bloody. Oh my! There goes my craving again.

    Haha I'll let evan know of your compliment and let her float into the sky. The cap is "Ed Hardy". (Note the inverted commas... heh)I forgot is it $18 or $20+ coz my friend bought it for me.

    Eyeliner is clarins pencil crayon. It does smudge if i wear it for long. Oh and I do not have big black eyes. My eyes are small.

  7. Ed Hardy? I never hear of it before. But I went to search online and saw many stars wearing the caps. Saw on your message board that the real one cost so much.

    Clarins pencil crayon? I will take note of it. Even if you insist your eyes small, it still look big from the photos. Must be the make up. Do you wear big eyes contacts?


  8. Yen,
    Yup the tattoo designs for Ed Hardy is pretty cool. They have some humour in them as well.

    I don't wear big eyes contacts. Thinking of buying them but definitely not acuvue coz they made no difference.

  9. seem like a spam thing. those bo liao hackers can write some spider bots similiar..

  10. Spider bots? I dunno much about computer lingo but urgh.. to be associated like that.

  11. Will look out for "Ed Hardy" cap next time then. Your eye the black part really look very big and black that I thought you are wearing those contact lens.

    I forget to check on all your replies. Now than reply. I realised there are so many. Its ok, you don't have to reply.

    I type my name in capital latter but did not show.

  12. Yen,
    I can see your name as starting with capz though. And anyway, you are making me rethink getting big eyes contacts. =)


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