Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Staycation at the Tree Top Lofts Part 2 - Anniversary Dinner at Forest 森

~*Dolling Up for Our Wedding Anniversary Dinner*~

It has been a long break since Part 1. Before I talk about the amazing wedding anniversary dinner at Forest 森, the bimbo in me would love to share pictures of my dolling up. Some of these pictures might look familiar to you as I've shared them on Instagram before.

Did my curls in a quick 15 minutes without a mirror coz the bathroom and mirrors of TreeTop Lofts RWS is so big but there isn't a single power point to plug my curling tong in. And then the next day, I took more than half an hour coz my hair just wouldn't curl right. Unpredictability. Hmmph!

All I could remember about this picture now is that Rick of All Things Bright and Lovely, along with many Instagram stumblers, thought that my beautiful (quoted them) grey eyes were for real and his super hilarious comment after I told him those were grey contact lense. Dang! I really wished I had beautiful grey eyes.

Meanwhile the hubby admired the crickets on the trees, secretly counting that there were 24. Heck no, I lied.

And then I insisted I wanted a shot of the night out on the deck too while waiting for the buggy to send us to the lobby of Equarius Hotel where Forest 森 restaurant was.

~*Anniversary Dinner at Forest 森*~

Just an hour ago, we didn't know what was good around the hotel. Kh was doing some quick research before exclaiming that the restaurant at the hotel lobby is highly raved about on review pages and food blogs. It turned out that the restaurant Forest 森 is by celebrity chef Sam Leong who is well-known for creating contemporary Chinese cuisine with Thai accents. I personally feel that the dishes had Japanese and Western infusions as well.

An artistic attempt at making us feel like we were dining in a lush forest.

Most of the photos in this post are grainy as they had been edited by adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation and colour curves.

The beautiful table piece.

The kitchen looked so orderly and peaceful that Gordan Ramsay would turn angelic and whisper his shouts in Heaven's Kitchen.

We opted for wine pairing which kh and I soon discovered was a huge mistake (for me at least). By the first glass, I was having slight headache and nausea that I could not finish all the wine after that.

The complimentary starter which was served on a spoon had become nameless by the time I blogged about it. All I could see now is a tomato with some unknown stuff on top.

~*Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi accompanied with Herb Mustard and Yuzu Dressing*~
Wine: Irvine Pinot Griv RV, Australia

I love yuzu dressing a lot though I've not tasted scallop sashimi with yuzu before. It was not a bad combination and I loved how the crispy seaweed added a crunchy texture to the whole dish.

~*Slice Abalone with Green Apple Salad in Thai Chilli Sauce*~

This dish reminded me of Thai mango salad even though green apple was used here. I love Thai mango salad and I would forever be looking out for the imaginary slice abalone when I eat Thai mango salad in future.

~*Slice Abalone with Green Apple Salad in Thai Chilli Sauce Gone*~

That's how much I loved the salad.

~*Steamed Chawanmushi with Foie Gras Topped with Crispy Rice*~

I do not quite know how to describe my feelings towards this dish. I love Japanese chawanmushi (steamed egg) a lot; I love foie gras a lot. However the synergy in taste of two of my favourite food put together topped with too much crispy rice threw me off balance. There was simply too much going on.

~*Wok Fried Crab Meat with Egg White and Light Vinegar Topped with Caviar*~
Wine: Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc RV, New Zealand

This tasted like what my parents could cook and similar to any egg white with seafood dish served at zi char places. Not that it wasn't good. It was simply ranked at the same level as my parents' cooking.

~*Slow-Cooked Norway Salmon Fillet with Ginger Flower, Lemon and Kaffir Lime Leaves*~

The best part about this dish was the soupy gravy. I couldn't tell a better grade salmon from another when they are all cooked.

He finished both wines thus far with the 3rd one in the coming.

While I continued to leave mine half full or more.

I totally wasted my share of the wine pairing.

~*Slow-Cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek with Cumin Powder in Black Truffle Sauce*~
Wine: Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon RV, Chile

~*Braised Japanese Ramen with Prawn served in Chicken Broth and Chinese Rice Wine*~

Hubby's favourite dish was the Wagyu Beef Cheek. I like to chew my beef and hence, could never fully appreciate the tenderness of beef cheek.

The Braised Japanese Ramen in chicken broth reminded me a little of my absolute favourite Langouste in superior broth soup from Sky on 57 though the former still had a lot to reach the mark of the latter.

Kh looked like a hooligan demanding to know what my problem was after snatching his blazer.

I wanted to show how big his blazer was on me and even lifted my arm to show the excess flaps but somehow, the size could not be exaggerated in these shots.

Desserts have also become nameless by the time I blogged about the dinner.

Surprisingly for such a small hotel lobby, the toilet is huge.

Just look at how spacious each cubicle is.

So here's me ending the post with me looking so tiny in his blazer finally.

I'm typing this post with half my eyes closed and nodding off to sleep. Proofreading and phases of edits would come after everyone has spotted my grammatical error, spelling error and weird sentence expression.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mimosa Shoes are Trendy and Affordable

Sandals and slippers which are bejewelled, studded or beaded are comfortable and trendy enough for a casual day out. When I'm feeling lazy, I would just slip on my studded floral Mimosa slippers and it instantly transforms my sloppy dressing of top and shorts to a more casual chic one.

Some of you might find the above picture familiar as I posted a similar one on Instagram to feature my Paddlepop gradient fingernails and turquoise toenails. How lucky that I wasn't wearing flip flops that day but my Mimosa slippers or I would be embarrassed to feature my toe nails in sloppy flip flops.

Other than slippers, I particularly love these bejewelled sandals from Mimosa. They are beautiful and the cushioned base feel really comfortable. The best of all is that most of these good quality and beautiful sandals cost as low at $19.90 with some on sale at $15.90.

These ballerina flats seem comfortable and stylish enough for work. Ever since I sprained my left foot, I was not able to wear heels. I've been wearing my Mimosa slippers with ankle guard the past few weeks. It is time to change to proper flats for the office or everyone would just wonder why my ankle is taking such a long time to heal.
[Aside: It is really a fact that my ankle still hurts... but people seemed to be always asking why hadn't my ankle recovered =(]

Mimosa footwear ranges from $19.90 to $35.90 with a handful of autumn-winter boots costing $45.90. That is rather cheap for boots too.

I haven't featured any heels here as I feel quite sad knowing that I won't be able to wear heels for quite some time. For more variety of shoes, browse Mimosa's catalogue now.

[This is a scheduled post.] 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Keystone Keyholder

What's the link between a Swiss Army knife and a key holder?

The Keystone Keyholder!

Who would have thought of a Swiss Army knife key holder? The Keystone Keyholder is compact and looks classy with its minimalist clean lines and choice of finishes. Its unique design and innovative concept would be a topic of conversation each time you whip out your keys. Best of all, your keys would never jingle. Don't you hate how your keys jingle to announce your arrival?

My cousin is the genius who came up with this simple yet innovative concept and his project is currently up on Kickstarter-- a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. The company’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. I would love to see my cousin's project being brought to life too!

The minimalist key holder for the modern man and woman is available in stainless steel or aluminium. I had the honour to see and feel the Keystone personally and I honestly think that it is a stylish keyholder.

Every Keystone comes with hardware to hold up to 20 of your keys. Additional post extensions increase this ability to infinity. As I simply have much too many keys (read: lazy), I got my sister to try out the Keystone instead much to her delight.

The "S"-shaped body is designed for you to retrieve your keys easily. The spacers isolate each key and prevent interference among your keys.

The Keystone keeps your keys safe and keeps you safe from poking keys.

The Keystone fits all house-keys: As long as your keys are flat and has a hole larger than 1/8" (3mm), they will fit.

Pardon my sis's unsightly rusty keys. Should have used my keys instead. Lol... Other than sheer laziness, I hesitated using this for my own as I've got to go through bag scanner at my office and I thought it might be better to avoid any physical bag checks and interrogation for a case of mistaken Swiss Army knife. Not to worry though, my cousin has gone through airport customs with no problem at all!

Visit my cousin's Keystone Kickstarter page for more beautiful photos and video. This project will only be funded if at least $3,000 is pledged by Sat, Oct 25 2014 12:00 AM AWST. If you're into Kickstarter projects, he would be very grateful if you could back this project.

As a low-key Kickstarter project, reaching a wide audience is important. Regardless if the stretch goals are met, please support my cousin's project:

Thumbs up Cuzzie! All the best for your kickstarter project!

[This is a scheduled post. I've enjoyed reading your comments on my previous post and I would get down to replying and visiting your blogs soon.] 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Instagram Snapshots ~*August 2014*~

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me on my previous post-- Blog Comments Dos and Don'ts. I had a great time reading all your insightful comments, mostly agreeing to what all of you have said. That was also a record-breaking post of a few hundreds page views and the post with the longest comments ever. I swear that when I read your comments off my mobile phone email app, it was like a neverending thesis.

Here's August instasummary 3 weeks late. It just keeps getting later and later. Instagram videos are better viewed on iamjolene Instagram page itself for sound and image quality, as well as full streaming,

~2 August 2014~
I had the privilege of savouring some awesome homemade pies from Little Britain, operated by my very good gal pal and her hubby. They use nothing but premium ingredients. Wholesome natural goodness made with love. By far the best homemade pies I've eaten in a long time.
❤ Steak pies, chicken pies and seafood pies are currently on the menu.
❤ Their Facebook page is still under construction but do like the page if you've tasted and love their pies.

~2 August 2014~
Before: Woke up with swollen eyes #butfirstlemmetakeaselfie with Wondercam coz the app notification said it missed me.

After: Wondercam and make up still cannot mask the puffy eyebags but at least I look happy.

~2 August 2014~
Eating good food for a cause. Do support! This is my 3rd time here at Professor Brawn.
❤ ~*Professor Brawn National Day Special*~
❤ Special & Healthy Black Miso Cod Fish
❤ Seafood Pasta with Special Laksa Sauce
❤ Mushroom Soup
❤ Special Lemonade Drink
❤ They ran outta cupcakes so I had brownie while hubz had rum & raisin single scoop ice cream.
❤ Business with a Cause – when you dine at Professor Brawn café, you are supporting Social Enterprises like us to fulfil a social mission of providing employment & social integration opportunities to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

~2 August 2014~
~*The stupid gal who fell down AGAIN*~
Recovered sprained foot from 1 week ago stepped into a porthole just now. The next moment, I fell flat on the road unable to get up for a few seconds. The hubz heard a splat, turned around and could not find me. Seriously, how many times must I fall down in a year? �� Thank you to the staff of 333 Bak Kut Teh. Instead of handing us the menu first, the sharp-eyed server took wet tissues for me. While walking to the loo and washing the wound on my palm, 3 different staff asked how I was and how I fell. Little actions... but it warmed the heart.

~3 August 2014~
A wefie with about 80% of the whole department taken using a selfie stick. I used to snigger whenever I see people using selfie sticks. However, I probably wouldn't do so anymore after seeing more and more great photos taken using selfie sticks.

~3 August 2014~
Latergram Family brunch at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante.

~3 August 2014~
Latergram. BMW World 2014 exhibition. Singaporeans' kiasu "free so must go" mentality landed us at MBS with a long carpark wait and long queue to the entrance of the exhibition.

~4 August 2014~
This "Buy A Brick for the SPCA's New Animal Shelter" Groupon deal totally caught my eye! Well done Groupon for partnering SPCA in conjunction with World Cat Day. Let's buy some bricks now!

~9 August 2014~
Happy 49th Birthday Singapore! I've been humming and singing National Day songs on and off the whole day. Patriotic? Nah... Just love Singapore too much. This photo is a throwback of 3 years ago when I painted our Singapore flag on my short stubby nail beds haphazardly with no manicure tools.

~10 August 2014~
We played Freeing SG again. Played the themed room Dark Souls and broke free once more! Yesterday was National Day so today the whole group except 2 notti ones were clad in our national colours red and white to FREE SINGAPORE!

~10 August 2014~
So since it was a day after National Day, we decided it would be fun to be clad in red and white... Except for one who claimed that her only red and white outfit was already worn yesterday. -_-|||

~10 August 2014~
We had Seoul Yummy for dinner. It was cheap and SO YUMMY. I'm still thinking of the chicken ginseng soup... Then it was BlackBall Singapore for desserts.

~11 August 2014~
Life is full of bumps and bruises.

~12 August 2014~
Healthy QQ Rice for dinner. I only tried their ready made onigiri style rice and love it. This is the first time choosing the ingredients myself. I cannot imagine how ingredients that look so unappetizing in the glass display case could churn out such a delicious meal! No wonder my friends raved about QQ rice.

~16 August 2014~
Yet another farewell in the department. This is getting too frequent. Here's a monochrome-themed sad creature inspired from an unidentified creature image I got off the net.

~16 August 2014~
Fringe too long. Time for a side swept till the next cut.

~16 August 2014~
At Cedele, we had beef stew soup to share. Hubby decided to go vegetarian today with tofu and mushroom pasta. I opted for the chili crab pasta with soft shell crab. All so delicious, even the boring looking tofu and mushroom. Cedele is fast becoming my favorite healthy dining choice. Not every Cedele outlet serves main courses though.

~17 August 2014~
First time visiting Parker Korean Restaurant. It has a comforting home-cooked feel but the prices aren't exactly home-cooked prices. I told the hub that the Ginseng Chicken soup could be my comfort food when I'm craving for soupy stuff but $23 isn't exactly very comforting.

~23 August 2014~
Enjoying YogActive Probiotic Cereal for late night snack. Super healthy and delicious cereal that is made of real raspberries, strawberries and blueberries with rice flakes and oh-so-yummy yogurt pearls. The pearls are not yogurt flavouring but actual yogurt with lactobacillus acidophilus. I'm so glad I picked this up instead of replacing my Blueberry Morning. I will definitely switch to YogActive from now on!

~24 August 2014~
Just because others did not do it YOUR way doesn't mean they are wrong.

~24 August 2014~
Wefie with my parents at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome. We don't have a selfie stick so no flowers in the background.

~27 August 2014~
This looks like neoprint! Neoprints era was so just so fun. Happy belated birthday Wanying! It was a great catch up as usual with my favourite people WY, @emsmoments and HS who was with us on whastapp all the way from the land of watches and chocolates.

~27 August 2014~
Need advice from gelish users pls. Thanx in advance. What is the best way to remove gelish nail polish? I used to peel the dislodged polish off and slowly cut the nails shorter ESP when my hair gets caught underneath and flip them up. But I realised that the rough patches of the nail bed continues to form even after the painted parts have long grown out. I'm hesitating going to the salon to soak them off coz I do not wanna risk having thinner and weaker nails from the filing and soaking Which is more harmful to the nails?
Rant... Boy do I hate the discomfort of overly long clickety click nails and the icky feeling of hair being caught under the root edge of the gelish and flipping them upwards. Shouldn't all gelish be as smooth and attached to the nail beds as the fourth and last fingers?

~29 August 2014~
Long time to drink #brandsessenceofchicken.

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