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Instagram Snapshots ~*June 2014*~

June was a month of meet ups with friends... lots and lots of meet ups, in fact. Some pictures might look familiar to you since they overlap with my birthday meet ups posts in 2 parts here and here.

Oh yes, and I've also gotten down to replying all the comments in these 2 posts so do click and check. Thank you to many of you for sharing with me your opinion on my blogging dilemma. I've replied at length to some of you coz I really appreciate all the heartfelt opinions and the time and effort you took to craft your comments.

Without further ado, here is the instasummary for the month of June!

~1 June 2014~
London Day 3 Throwback: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Photo story up on my blog. See, the guys in the background were so happy that I finally concluded Day 3.

~1 June 2014~
Flea-ing till now with @eccentrice in the rain and sun and rain and sun and night. Many stallholders started leaving by late afternoon but we are still standing strong and smiley.

~1 June 2014~
Nando's Chicken for dinner! I look like I'm on a diet.

~1 June 2014~
Nando's for fuel after a long day.

~1 June 2014~
Say hello to newfound twin brothers. When they stood talking together from afar, @eccentrice and I could not help laughing at their similar Adidas jersey, berms, flip flops and posing with arms folded like Sir Stamford Raffles.

~2 June 2014~
Lunch with my other family! Haven't seen them all of them since the Christmas season.

~4 June 2014~
F4 in incomplete attendance: ems, hs, jo. It was a belated bday meet up for me and an advanced one for hs to make up for the past 2 years but all of us had gifts for everyone. Poor wy had to miss this rare outing with hs back in sg due to some unfortunate circumstances. But it's ok. All of us connected in spirit! (Psst... Wy, you should totally check out what we wrote in the cards on your behalf.)

~5 June 2014~
More animals for our next felting aka poke poke craft, maybe? @tifducky @gerrachong @czanneo @xtinaong

~7 June 2014~
Accidental stumble along Seah Street was ENTRE-NOUS creperie which pride themselves as the authentic French place to eat crepes and galettes. ❤ We had escargots baked in garlic butter to share. ❤ Kh had the La Ovessant which was crepe with egg, ham, cheese and mushroom. ❤ I had the La Arz which was smoked salmon, chives and cream. ❤ Food is good if you are not press for time. Also, the smoothie was so good that Kh finished it under a minute or maybe the glass was too small.

~7 June 2014~
Eat. Watch Maleficent. Eat. What pigs we are! First time trying Miam Miam. Matcha latte good. Miam Miam spaghetti good. Hand drip ice coffee normal. Minestrone is the sweet kind. Service lackluster.

~8 June 2014~
Cutting down on fast food. Last month was Texas Fried Chicken. This month would be Mac Hotcakes Sausage! Yummy. Feels good to wake up early on a Sunday to eat breakfast.

~9 June 2014~
It was a free-will contribution of illustrations to a guide for my organization. I'm not even sure if they would be used in the end. In these 2 "comic strips", I tried my best to make my characters oblivious to their verbosity.

~9 June 2014~
Continuing on from the previous post, this comic strip features the need to be clear and concise. Probably considering the audience too.

~9 June 2014~
Continuing on, this strip would come under the section of guidelines for slides presentation.

~12 June 2014~
The caption for this would be: "Yoo hoo. It's us again!" The first and only time I posted a photo of @tinsfans and me on Instagram, we just kept scratching our heads wondering how that photo could garner 120 likes. It was a photo of specky gals in geeky glasses eating Nando's. Like WT*??? This time we are having pasta at Domani without our nerdy glasses and not expecting the same puzzling thing to happen. Her slipper lobster pasta was so good! My vongole was disappointing. No white wine taste at all!

~12 June 2014~
There are some friends whom you would always be able to pick up where you left off and even all the time in the world isn't enough for the chitter chatter of updates. We really should meet up more often!

~14 June 2014~
Spain supporter but I don't wanna wait till 3am...

~15 June 2014~
Happy Father's Day to my Daddy who is everything stated here and more!

~21 June 2014~
It was from @michsygold Instagram page that brought the annual Yulin Festival to my knowledge a year ago. This article is taken from today's The Straits Times. I'm glad to read that efforts are slowly paying off as the festival comes to light to more people. The animal activists group in China is small but steadily growing and making impact on age-old cultural practices of eating dog meat in China. I'm not a vegan and I still love my meat. It is a fine line between which meat is ok and which is not. A thing to note would be that these dogs are not bred for food. Many of these are strays taken off the streets and pets snatched from homes, sometimes before the families' eyes. They were also brutally treated before being slaughtered. How about bringing awareness to other animals bred for meat? Would people also have the same reaction and take the same action? Some of my friends and I would go vegetarian at least once a week. By adjusting your diet to include a non-meat day once a week, you will reduce your consumption of meat by a significant amount. Making this small change in your diet can have a dramatic effect on a variety of social and environmental issues we face today.

~21 June 2014~
At Grand Shanghai 大上海 for gal pal @tinsfans 's wedding and I feel immersed in the golden era of Shanghai in the 1930s with the oriental decor and nostalgic Chinese tunes. It's the first time attending a wedding without anybody I know but the bride. Hope to see the blushing bride soon! ��

~25 June 2014~
Tiny vermin of white chocolate balls disguised themselves as adorable little 招财猫. Too cute to eat! ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎ฅ˒˒

~27 June 2014~
Out with the old and in with the new. Let's play Spot the Difference. ~*~*~ My almost 8-year old Nalgene bottle though certified to last a lifetime, looks like it is a breeding ground for bacteria. No amount of soap and washing could clear the layer of blurness on the inner surface.

~28 June 2014~
Found a mysterious red towel in our room. I call it "Elmo".

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wedding Anniversary Staycation at Tree Top Lofts RWS Sentosa Singapore

Hello all, I'm typing this from a treetop. It's our wedding anniversary and the hubz booked a 2D1N stay at Tree Top Lofts RWS Sentosa Singapore coz of a really sweet deal in July.

There are only 2 of such treetop lofts at Equarius Hotel and the hubz managed to book one. Prior to this, I did not even know Singapore has such treetop hotels. The rate for the loft is $3000++ per night on normal days but there is a special 2D1N package in July at $800 nett inclusive of 2 Adventure Cove Waterpark day passes and 2 adult tickets to Dolphin Discovery!

Read more about the lofts at the RWS page and view more pictures from RWS blog. Take a virtual tour of our room with me in the video below.

I can't quite decide if I should sleep now at 1:15am and wake up at 4:00am for Argentina vs Netherlands or should I just keep myself awake. I'm rooting for Argentina! YEAH!

For those who watched Germany vs Brazil yesterday, what are your thoughts om the 7-1 score? I totally support Germany but as the time went by, I simply found myself thinking aloud too many times for Germany to stop scoring and for poor Brazil to score. My heart really goes out to the Brazilians.

My Facebook status yesterday reads:
So I told the hubz just now:-
For the Germany vs Brazil match, I will choose Germany. And for the Argentina vs Netherlands match, I will choose Argentina. Then for Germany and Argentina, I will support Germany.

The hubz just scoffed and gave me a mixture of (1)so-you-think-you-have-foresight look and (2)so-you-want-this-to-happen-though-you-don't-even-watch soccer look.

Just for laughs, I would share this local National Council on Problem Gambling Ad with my overseas friends. It has since become a meme in Singapore with many spin offs and funny comments like "gambling pays", "the father got money already", "always let your dad have your money", "not sure if fail or successful", "I need to find the script-writer for the gambling control advertisement" etc.

Thank you all for your wonderfully sweet comments. I would get down to replying them soon! I would really need lots of steam to catch up on blogging but in the meantime, follow me on Instagram at iamjolene where I post more frequently.

Have a lovely midweek ahead!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Chuck and Beans' Take on Social Media

Have you heard of Chuck and Beans? No? Then you should be ashamed of yourselves coz they are the cutest bunny and canine pair on the Internet. They effectively capture the irony of people's altered behaviour due to social media. In this post, I would share my favourite comics from Chuck and Beans with all of you.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday Meet Ups and Pig Outs Part 2

[This is a scheduled post.]

~*Flea-ing with Evan*~

I don't know if our flea market day is considered a birthday meet up. Evan and I would always meet up in March and May for each other's birthday dinner treat. She was busy clearing work for her trip in March and I was busy clearing work after my trip in May that we decided to simply hang out for dinner on the day of the flea market.

We haven't flea-ed for many years and our wardrobes were bursting at their seams. Some clothing items were even lying around in boxes, suitcases and paper bags in our rooms that our hubby thought they were a complete eyesore. We had been incessantly nagged at by the hubbies to do something about them. When we finally snagged a flea slot, the smiles on our hubs' faces resembled the smiles on the Smiley Face paper fans-- the fans which we used to fan ourselves as beads of perspiration glided down our skin like oil on a well-slicked frying pan on a sweltering Sunday afternoon.

We had Nando's Chicken for dinner. My plate looked like it was on a diet on its own. I had to have my greens so while I force fed kh with greens, I stole his fries at the same time.

When Chris and Kh stood talking together from afar, Evan and I could not help laughing at their similar Adidas jersey, khaki berms, casual flip flops (and their lack of fashion sense), posing with arms folded like Sir Stamford Raffles as they engaged in what appeared like a serious conversation. After that when we enquired what they were talking about, Kh revealed that they were actually gossiping about us and how we can never make up our minds on what to eat!

It was difficult to really have a good chat that day since in between chats, we were entertaining customers. We should really meet up more often. There seemed to be so many pending updates on both sides and so little time.

~*Lunch with my Other Family*~

We met up at the Bakerinz near Charlene and my workplace for a quick lunch with Cyn mommy and my godkids. The last time I saw them was in December which was considered a long time since this is only group of friends whom I would meet up more regularly.

The last time I saw my god daughter Mia, she was just a month old. Even though I often keep myself updated on Mia from Cyn's postings on Facebook, it was still surprising to see how much Mia had grown!

Her slate-grey eyes had slowly taken a more brownish hue but she is still as adorable as ever! All the staff in the restaurant was cooing over her.

Cyn said that Mia's eyes are like radar, scanning the people around her and only allowing people whom she is familiar with to carry her. If anyone doesn't pass her radar scan, she would wail very loudly upon being carried by that person. That's everyone imitating Mia's grumpy frown.

Charlene told me that Mia wailed very loudly the last time she carried her. Hence, I was quite certain that Mia would wail very loudly too since I wasn't any familiar person. But a godma has to be a godma and be insistent on carrying her god daughter. I was surprised when she did not cry at all. She made some little "mm... mm..." noises and I almost thought she was gonna cry next...

... but Cyn mommy and God son Jase started making a fool of themselves to entertain her and keep her from crying. Lol! Mia especially loved Jase kor kor's voice and funny faces.

I didn't know that Cyn snapped soooooooooo many pictures of us. It was difficult to capture Mia's smile but at least she wasn't wailing and looked cute in some shots. Just focus on Mia's cute chubby face and ignore my stupid face for some, will you?

When Mia started laughing, I handed her over to Charlene so that she could carry Mia when she wasn't crying for once. Lol...

Here are some lovely selfies of Charlene and me with Mia at the expense of Cyn and Jase. What you don't see is Cyn and Jase continuing to make funny faces while Char snapped these.

Charlene got me a T-shirt with a kitty cat popping out from the pocket. I love it! Sad to say, I would not be able to wear this as the T-shirt went missing after I put it to wash. =(

It was a great meet up and even though there were kids around, I managed to catch up with Cyn and Char quite a bit over a short lunch. We even got to play a 3D Snake and Ladder with Jase while lunching and chatting. Talk about multi-tasking, something which I'm really bad at. I love random little gatherings like these with my dear friends/families!
View this anigif on my Instagram with Michael Jackson's Love Never Felt So Good audio as the background music.

~*Buffet Town with the F4 Minus 1*~

HS was back in Singapore for a few days and she was craving for Japanese food especially sashimi. Hence, Em suggested Buffet Town one of the evenings after work. The sashimi was super fresh and I love the raw salmon a lot. There was a slight oily fish taste which I really adore.

The other food was so-so. If you are not one who would whack the sashimi and fresh oysters, your money would  not be well-worth the trip to Buffet Town.

Unfortunately, WY wasn't able to join us at the very last minute as she was suspected of contracting HFMD during that period of time. She had since been cleared of it. We haven't gathered with full F4 force for the past 3 meet ups.
(Aside: That reminds me, I haven't blogged about our last 3 meet ups!)

Even though HS's birthday is in August together with WY, Em and I decided to celebrate with her in June since we had been missing hers the past 2 years when she was overseas.

Sweet Em was late as she was busy getting cards and flowers for HS and me! *touched*

Em said, "I specially chose hot pink coz it is hot and sweet like you gals."
Our expression was (。♥‿♥。) and (⊙_◎)  at the same time.

Our gifts for one another:
Behind - The Little Twin Star gift bags from me were for Xmas or rather, gifts of the year gift pack.
Middle - The boxes of chocolates were from HS from Switzerland.
Front - The cards and flowers were shared gifts from Em and WY.

Yummy chocolate snacks!

Em with all her gifts. Em was really touched by the words on the tin can.

Hs's with all her gifts. HS became a kitchen goddess with all the meals she whipped up in Switzerland.

Me with all my gifts. Hmm... why are we holding 2 flowers?

Our birthday cards contain lots of sweet words. HS wrote on behalf for WY on mine and I on hers since Em would already have to write on both our cards. When we opened our cards to read, it was simply telepathic. Too bad, Wy didn't know what we wrote on behalf for her. The cards also served as "ang pow" for our cash gift. Yay! I'm so gonna use the cash to buy something which I would use frequently to remember you gals by.

~*TCC with the OEBabes*~

This group which consists of current colleagues and ex colleagues met up at TCC for lunch to celebrate SY and my birthday.

I used to love TCC a lot but the menu at the Vivocity branch seemed to be really different. Many of my favourite dishes were not on the menu. At least the cakes were good.

Pretending to blow and cut for photo purpose.

We got a Coach wristlet for SY. My wishlist of Yankee candles is not pictured here coz I went with a group of them to choose my candles and brought them home the previous week.

It is great to have lovely colleagues at work and at play.

All the photos in this post are taken using iPhone 4s, Saumsung Note 3 and other unknown handphone with camera function.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif


Ok, so I've finally wrapped up my birthday happenings 2014 within June without having to do a serious "throwback". That's a mean feat for me! So may I hear some applause? No? Ok I will go sit at the corner, draw circles on the floor and eat some worms.

I've already cut back on blogging about every single outing whereby there are photos taken. Time and energy aren't smiling at me. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop blogging about events in my life. Ever since I've started on this job which does not allow the use of camera/camera phones, I realized that I do not take as many photos as before even on weekends. Without photos, it seems like I'm not able to remember a lot of things that happened. In a way, Instagramming and blogging allow me to capture my memories more tangibly and it is always fun to reminisce as I write about these memories.

Do you enjoy reading lifestyle recap posts like this or do you prefer it when I write about certain topics? The latter usually happens when I'm doing filler posts in between photo-intensive ones. Let me know in the comments section.


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