Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gerra's Super Unconventional Wedding Part 2

A month ago, I blogged about Part 1 of Gerra's super unconventional wedding which featured the pre-wedding detail shots. (Gosh... can I buy a truckload of Time please?) Part 2 would feature what happened during the sit-down western style dinner at Skyve. It was anything but a sit-down dinner.

Presenting the bride and groom.

Finally, I managed to capture a shot of just Clement and Gerra.

Let's take a swing while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Fashionably late as a couple is dear Xtina and Lester and they have a new status as Mummy and Daddy-to-be. Congrats! I'm truly happy for the both of them!

All dressed up.


Nerdy Kh acting cool and nonchalant after acting stupid in the previous photo.

All my bob hair Bimbo Sisters. I love Tiff's black and white wig which reminds me of Cruella De Vil, the villain from 101 Dalmatians.

Look who's the odd one out? After wearing a wig for one Halloween, I realise that I absolutely hate the feeling of having so much heat accumulated right above the scalp not being able to escape. Actually I lost my wig but that isn't a bob wig too.

All my beloved bimbo sisters.

Lester Presley being flanked on the right and left by twin nerds Jimson and Kh.

Afro meets electric blue. Hmm... Xtina looked like she was cupping a really gigantic red wine glass. Perspective.

Dinner was served buffet style and the food was really good. The fish was so delicious that I could just sit there and eat fish the whole day. Most of us visited the buffet table again and again.

The wedding favour packaging reminds me of Hello Kitty.

There was an illusionist who went round the tables to perform his sleight of hand tricks. I really like close-up street magic tricks a lot and this illusionist is really good! All of us got to experience his little magic with coins, rubber bands and even my iPhone! For our table, he did some coin tricks which I was personally involved and was befuddled when extra coins could appear in my clenched fist. Equally befuddling was a rubber band trick. Though we could roughly explain the logic of the trick, we just could not believe our eyes even after watching and pausing the video a few times.

Tiff and Paul were most probably analyzing the rubber band video here.

The rubber band trick video is on Tiff's phone. What I have on my camera is the iPhone in balloon trick. Yup, that's my iPhone there and he simply smashed the balloon into my iPhone and presto... my iPhone went into the balloon.

Here's the video. While I was uploading this video, I started watching some videos on YouTube and finally know how this trick is done. Still, I find his sleight of hand really deft.

Zhou Chong Qing 周崇庆 is a personal friend of the couple and we just had to take a photo with him before he made a move.
(For my non-local blog readers, Zhou Ching Qing is a local radio deejay, actor and host. He is a humorous and down-to-earth person and is rather popular and well-loved among the parents generation.)

While Gerra was busy entertaining her other groups of friends, we accosted Clement for a group shot. We had to make use of the photobooth and the props right?

Tiff and Paul with Gerra and Clement.

Lester Presley serenading Xtina with his baritone voice.

Me and Kh shooting them with guns and arrows. As I said, we had to make use of the photobooth and the props right?

When we saw the setting of the photobooth, we thought that the backdrop was gaudy. However, it looked more professional in the actual photo.

The Primary 6B gang. I've known them for as long as 21 to 25 years. That's how old we are but hey, we don't look our age at all! (⌒_⌒;)

Um... We were trying to do the sign "6" and "B" but apparently, Jimson did a mirror image and ended with "d".

Good old kh knows I love this kinda shot in shot photos.

Gerra joined in for a more complete 6B shot. I love how candid this photo is. That's all of us waving bye bye spontaneously to her friends whom we didn't even know. We were just waving them away for fun so that we could have a shot with her. ( ^_^)/

Who's the bride?

Why did all the gals pout and purse our lips here? Telepathy of the bimbos perhaps.

And when the party was over, there was clearing up to be done. Like removing the disco ball.

Removing the colourful pinwheels from the reception table.

And frantically trying to distribute all the remaining wedding favours.

Ending off this post with an anigif of the Pri 6B gang that evening.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Instagram Snapshots ~*July 2014*~

Here's July instasummary late by more than 2 weeks. For sound and image quality, as well as full streaming, Instagram videos are better viewed on iamjolene Instagram page itself.

~3 July 2014~
Love my new darker hair colour and cut a lot! Before that, my hair was fading to an orangey tone with lots of split ends.

~4 July 2014~
Chill lunch alone at Ma Maison. Supposed to be chilling but phone calls and messages keep coming in.

~5 July 2014~
Heavenly cupcake with metallic finishing and oozing soft chocolatey and fruity centre. Yummy!

~6 July 2014~
Latergram dinner at Miam Miam again. For mains, hubz had Miam Miam signature spaghetti once more (hit) while I tried the Soufflé de Nauge (miss). For drinks, hubz had the iced matcha latte which I had the last time round while I decided on the Miam Miam Haze (Earl Grey lovers would love this aromatic tea with steamed milk and home made vanilla syrup) Dessert was Apple and Granola pancake.

~6 July 2014~
Miam Miam Soufflé de Nauge. Looks delicious but I always forget that I could never finish baked rice or any dish with ingredients of the same mushy texture.

~6 July 2014~
Disco divas and dude on our way to blow balloons at @gerrachong wedding!!!

~6 July 2014~
@gerrachong has the most-outta-convention wedding of the year! It's a mixed theme of disco dudes and divas, retro, modern, outrageous...

~6 July 2014~
Primary 6 BEE class photo... 2 decades later! Now how many people would believe the 2 decades later?

~6 July 2014~
Disco Divas, Retro Nerds, Dancing Queens, Bimbos Himbo... Whatever! Love all their bobs!

~6 July 2014~
This is what goes "behind the scene in front of the camera" when I try to take a selfie each time the hubby is nearby. He just loves to photobomb! Grrr...

~6 July 2014~
This is how a Selfie Sunday photo would look like... Without the hubby photobombing. (Refer to previous video)

~9 July 2014~

~10 July 2014~
At Sentosa RWS 森 Forest for anniversary dinner. Trying out celebrity chef Sam Leong's contemporary Chinese cuisine with Western infusion. So far, we are enjoying it.

~10 July 2014~
If there is such a thing as a back of hair selfie. ~*~ Did this curls in 15 minutes without a mirror coz the bathroom and mirrors of TreeTop Lofts RWS is so big but there isn't a single power point to plug my curling tong in. Hmmph! ~*~ My hair colour is confused. Reflected in photos, it is very dark almost black taken under general indoor lighting, light beige brown under warm lighting, faded to slight orange (sobz big time) under outdoor lighting. Reflected in real life whether under indoor or outdoor lighting is the type of dark brown tone I LOVE. My stylist recommended this new hair colour from Hoyu. It's a beige brown with ash tone without the need for bleaching. Woot to whoever invented such hair colouring! *No editing or instagram filter for this photo*

~10 July 2014~
Feeling miff that instavideo keep closing on me so now lemme take a selfie. ~*~ The video of the TreeTop Lofts are up on Facebook (for my FB frenz) and will be up soon on my blog (for my blog frenz and Instagram followers). I won't be trying to upload videos of the room here on Instagram anymore.

~12 July 2014~
Really tickled when I opened the Groupon mobile app and a sinister-looking feline (possibly the cousin of Grumpy Cat) in a spaceship hovered up and down, promising to summon the finest deal in the universe.

~12 July 2014~
Latergram. Waraku for dinner.

~13 July 2014~
❤❤❤ Dear Charmaine, You would have been 9 years old in a few hour's time on 14 July 2014. I was looking through all our photographs of happy times when you were well and of happy times even when you were sick. I found myself smiling as a little tear drop formed. It has been 3 years but you were never quite gone, weren't you? Happy birthday Char Char! Love, Godma Jolene ❤❤❤

~14 July 2014~
A tête-à-tête with the hubz just now ended with me quipping: "Actually I like Argentina too. Maybe I should switch sides." It was so fun 4 years ago when I was rooting for Spain and the hubster was rooting for the Netherlands. Oh the tension... Maybe we shouldn't have tension this time round. Both are such awesome teams.

~19 July 2014~
~*Latergram Polka dot pastel nails a week late*~ Bought some Eco-friendly nail colours and dotting tools from Sasa and decided to come up with this. I know guys HATE polka dots anything. They think the nails look like some diseased mushrooms. The gals LURVE them though! They think dots and pastels are so cute and some thought that they were gelish! Not the best paint job from the wobbley hands me but I like how it turned out. This came late coz I've been suffering from gastric related problem and been puking. I'm intending to write something about ethical beauty starting from these eco-friendly Cyber Colors nail polishes from Sasa's house brand.

~19 July 2014~
Waiting for the outrageous Kumar to start his/her show! The Kumar Show is part of Kh's birthday treat. This uncle and auntie pair came to sit at our table. Auntie's shoe scraped against my toe. Uncle removed shoe and put one leg up on the neon table. We are feeling a little squeezed. Sigh... Hope Kumar could lift our spirits soon.

~21 July 2014~
❤ My most atas compact foundation ever-- Givenchy! I love how it felt on my skin when the pleasant Sephora SA applied it on my face, much better than the Dior and Lancôme that are highly raved about. ❤ I used to be a ZA and Silky Girl compact foundation user for the longest time ever before I switched to BB Cream. The weather is too sweltering nowadays and a powder foundation would be a good alternative every now and then. I wanted to venture into luxury make up to see if such make up is worth every cent. PS: When I told the then nonchalant hubz that I bought an atas Givenchy compact powder for SG$XX, he immediately sat up and wanted to take a look. Apparently, he heard as "Givenchy wallet"and was shocked at the great deal. I guess after he knew it was foundation, he was still shocked... at how much a foundation could cost!

~23 July 2014~
The other day, hubby got craving for uni (sea urchin) but ordered so much more than just uni. I always think uni tastes like drain (as in tastes like the smell of drain...duh... I hate it when people ask me if I've tasted drain before). This uni was so sweet. No hint of drain at all. Pass!

~25 July 2014~
~"The stupid girl who fell down"~ To summarize the sprain on the left foot and the bruise on the right shin: 1) No pedestrian crossing. 2) Crossed road while looking out for both sides of traffic. 3) Left foot unknowingly stepped into sunken in part of road along divider. 4) Lost balance and fell forward. 5) Right shin bumped and scraped divider. 6) Palms broke fall and prevented possibility of falling flat on face. After the hubz "tui" my sprained ankle last night, the pain intensified. Woke up in tingling pain a few times throughout the night. I kept scolding him for making the pain worse but he insisted that it would recover faster after that. He is so damn right! I could walk normally most of the time by the 2nd half of the day except up and down steps. I could twist my foot in more directions and could even tip toe without hint of pain. Amazing! The title is inspired by the hub coz I fell way too many times this year.

~27 July 2014~
Met up with my sis @kezel for dinner at Senjyu Northpoint. This eatery has taken over the spot where Sakae Sushi used to be. It is under Sakae Sushi Holdings but serves more upscale Japanese cuisine than Sakae Sushi. Not too bad at all!

~27 July 2014~
My sis @kezel and I shared this bento set. Luckily we did, for we were so full halfway through the meal.

~27 July 2014~
I could never ever leave home without my external charger. First world problem...

~28 July 2014~
Out with the 2-week old polka dot nails that's chipping, cracking and growing too long for my comfort and... (See next post)

~28 July 2014~
Out with the old polka dot nails that's chipping, cracking and growing too long for my comfort and in with new shorter gelish paddle pop ombré nails. Haven't done gelish for more than a year and decided to blow the cobwebs off the gelish package.

~28 July 2014~
Pastel Paddle Pop ombré finger nails with turquoise toe nails. Ya I know I have very small nail beds. Laugh at me. I need to keep my nails so long just to look like the size of other people's normal nail beds.

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