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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You say stomach ache, I say intestine ache

I’ve been plagued by stomach ache since last Monday.

Actually as seen from the diagram, it is intestine ache and not stomach ache as we all know that our stomachs are located quite high up.

That night, after eating my 10.30pm dinner, I just sat at the chair without moving for the slightest movement seemed to be tugging forcefully at my stomach… I mean intestine… or is it abdomen? Actually, when someone is complaining about intestinal pain, we should know that it is in fact- abdominal pain, because rarely a person can tell exactly that the pain is originating from the intestine! All except me.

Yes back to my story… So I sat at my chair for 1 hour simply because I could not move. Then, I thought lying down may help so I peeled myself off the chair and hunched my way to the bed like an octogenarian. I could not sleep just yet as I still had my make-up and contacts on. I lay there for another hour with the pain not subsiding a teeny weeny bit.

The pain persisted on and off on Tuesday.

Pain, queasy and nausea on Wednesday.

The undesirable urge to shit… oops… I mean defecate every minute on Thursday and Friday.

Back to unbearable pain on Saturday that I had to stay at home and miss teaching my cute cute P1 and P2 classes. I look forward to every Saturday just to see my little cute cutes and my favourite P2 boy. Damn my intestines!

The nice lady doctor a few blocks concluded that I was having some problems with my intestines and prescribed some intestinal tablets and Lactobacillus acidophilus. They are what you call those friendly bacteria just like those residing in Yakults and Vitagens. Only that the ones she prescribed come in 10 billion per sachet.

Wooh! 10 billion of these swimming in my intestines.

It was delicious and I was so happy with my new drug that I could not help talking about it during lunch with kh. His reply was:

“Medicine also want to show off.”

Anyway, it’s no raw food (my sashimi and medium rare steaks!!!), no hot and spicy food (my chilli and curry!!!), no milk (what to eat my breakfast cereals with?) and no salads (Erm that doesn't really concern me) in my diet now.

“Huh? But I’m meeting my friends for Japanese food for dinner!” I whined like a fully grown baby.

“You can go. Just remember, no raw food, no ocha, no milk.”

“BBBut I love sashimi and green tea and their milky desserts…”

The nice lady doctor said I had better exercise more self-restraint or my pain would just persist.

I really suspect my pain would just persist for I am one with no self-restraint streak in me.

Anyway, I met up with em, hs and wy babes that Saturday night. How I miss them. Photos to be uploaded soon, I hope.


  1. Looking good gal! Seldom see you update with photos recently. Do take care of yourself. If the pain continues, it is better to go for a check up. Just as a precaution.
    Take care!

  2. jeorge,
    Scuse mua?

    Thanx for your concern gal. =)


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