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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Evening The Leopards Went Meow

It was our division's gala night two Fridays ago. It was a safari theme and hence our department agreed that we should all be clad in leopard prints.

I like how my department is so cohesive. I always count my blessings to have such great co-workers turned friends in the organizations I've worked in so far.

A few weeks before the gala night, the gals were even helping one another to look out for leopard prints apparels and also lending various apparels to those who needed them. We started preparing for the gala dinner by early evening and was helping one another with lining eyes and sticking faux lashes in the office.

I would let the pictures do the talking. The resolution isn't sharp as all the photos were taken using handphones.

Spot the only guy! We all felt he could really blend in with us gals.

 photo OEDe_zpsd833e8c5.jpg

The props kinda soften the whole fierce and hawt leopard feel.

 photo IMG_5139e_zpsac5bffe9.jpg

Even our immediate boss was game to put on those ears and be silly like us.

 photo IMG_5140e_zpsc8d17e18.jpg

Leopard prints in various patterns and sizes

 photo IMG_5131e_zpsb13b5dae.jpg

and various colours too!

 photo IMG_5130e_zps979203c7.jpg

 photo IMG_5138e_zps04a9e913.jpg

Car buddies? Thank you for the car rides always.

 photo IMG_5136e_zpsde732959.jpg

The snake felt really leathery and slinky. The last time I held a snake was at the zoo when I was 4 and this snake felt really different. Oh, and it was warm too. I was amazed. The man said it was under the sun before that.

 photo IMG_5133e_zpsf36d82ef.jpg

Just 8 photos for the night. There aren't many photographs of my colleagues at work but only during events as we are working in an organization which prohibits the use of image-capturing devices.

We often discuss how some nosey relatives and friends of our parents would try to dig out more information on what our job scope is from our parents. Most of the time, our parents don't exactly know what we do even after explaining to them. Hence one of my colleague (who is about our parents age) suggested to tell our parents to convey the message to these nosey parkers that we work in a secret organization whereby we have guards behind us pointing guns to our heads as we work. We all thought that was really funny and decided to try it out for fun some day.

PS: That was the first time I put on contacts and had heavy eye make up after my cornea infection. Sad to say, my eyes really could not take anymore of these despite only having them on for a few hours. So I'm back to specs and no make up or light make up days again.

PSS: The leopard print dress I'm wearing belongs to my mum. When I took out the dress from my bag to show my colleagues, they were all amazed and immediately rained stuff like "Is your mum very skinny?", "Is your mum very young?" "Wah! Your mum is very happening!" Yes, my mum is more happening than me.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Google Reader Retiring?

Argh... I really hate change even though the only thing constant in life is change.

I must be the last person to know that Google Reader would retire in July 2013. I found it a little strange that my bloglovin started to have a few more followers last week.

Here comes the noob questions:
Is Google Reader the same as the blogger followers as seen on my sidebar as Google Friend Connect?
Is this also the same as the reading list on the blogger home page upon logging in?

I usually get updates from my blogger-google reading list since it is more convenient to have it all in one place when I log in to my blogger account. I dread  to think that I have to open another tab to log into bloglovin just to get updates. However, if everyone on blogosphere is gonna use bloglovin, then I don't see an issue in this change.

What are you people intending to do? All switching to bloglovin from July onwards? If so, follow me here or click the bloglovin badge on my sidebar. I think bloglovin can't keep track of who follows who so do drop me a message if you have followed me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

蛇年 CNY 2013 Volume 2

Since there are 15 days of CNY but only 2 official CNY public holidays, some Chinese continue with their house visiting and gatherings on the 2nd weekend.

~*Day 7*~

Day 7 of CNY is also known as 人日 (ren ri) which literally means "human day". According to Chinese customs, ren ri was the day human beings were created.

The VIOS gang organized a steamboat dinner in celebration of everyone's birthday. To up the fun factor, WL suggested the theme -- Fashion Disaster.

While the rest of the gang would be changing into their outrageous outfits at WL and B's house for after-dinner activities, kh and I decided to wear our fashion disaster outfit to the mall instead. We opened our wardrobe to carefully select the combination which would fit the theme yet not being too overly disastrous to be seen in public.

I decided that stripes and checks/ tartan together would be quite a disaster. On the other hand, kh thought it was perfectly normal to go out in public with this combination. I was doubtful of his taste so I sent this picture to the Watsapp group chat and asked if it was normal to wear that to the mall. All the girls opined that kh was trying to sabotage me whereas all the guys felt it was fine. What do you think?

 photo IMG_4902e_zpsa802f4b2.jpg

It was a challenge attempting to be fashionably disastrous enough to go out in public. While I stuck to the original choice of stripes and checks, Kh decided that checks on checks was a great recipe for fashion disaster. He topped the whole look with his neon basketball shoes. I used the romper's belt as a tie to jazz up the outfit and slipped on my golden sneakers.

 photo collageCNYDay7-2_zps7a4a09be.jpg

I also added my Hello Kitty glasses. Do I look ready to face the public?

 photo collageCNYDay7-1_zps592efecb.jpg

Outfit of the day:
♥ ClubCouture Striped Cowl Jumper (belt provided)
♥ Checkered Flannel Shirt
♥ DKNY Sneakers
♥ Seiko Kinetic Watch

Note: The ClubCouture Striped Cowl Jumper is certainly not a fashion disaster outfit on its own. See how I would normally wear it in this post.

Apparently our neighbours from a few houses down (whom we do not know) could not accept our dressing. She turned back more than 3 times to look at us. When we reached Causeway Point, many more people gave us second glances. Some sniggered. Some whispered. Some pointed at us. Well, of course there were some who totally ignored us.

After noticing the crowd's reaction, I wrote this on my facebook status:
For a 人日 dinner at a very public shopping mall with the theme of "fashion disaster", we have to strut very confidently and imagine that we are clad in the latest trend amidst stares from the crowd.

After a long "parade", we reached Shabu Sai. We had to sit at separate tables due to the long queue. So long for a celebratory ren ri dinner.

 photo IMG_1820e_zpse5e175ba.jpg

We had a choice of various soup bases and I loved the 2 that we chose for our table.
Pictured on the left: sukiyaki and tonkatsu I think. Absolutely delicious! I would return and choose these 2 flavours all over again.
Pictured on the right: sukiyaki and curry. The curry tasted like curry soup base from instant noodles which wasn't too bad as well.

 photo collageCNYDay7-3_zps0f1ccf35.jpg

We ordered lots of meat which was free flow. Everyone piled their meat containers on kh and my table and pretended that we ate them all. The beef was good. Skip the pork and chicken. Those tasted bland.

 photo collageCNYDay7-4_zpse87dd158.jpg

The non-meat products were displayed in buffet style and we had to help ourselves. There were various sauces and dips available too and we could mix them ourselves. I love those dips!

 photo collageCNYDay7-5_zpsdd78f7d3.jpg

What a feast! The soup was absolutely delicious.

 photo collageCNYDay7-6_zps2ed18951.jpg

The people at the 3 separate tables:

Clockwise from front: Baby Belle, Mummy BY, Flor, Jully, Daddy WL

 photo IMG_1842e_zps4af38349.jpg

Clockwise from front: Jac, Peggy, Benson, Jon

 photo IMG_1839e_zps02ce51af.jpg

KH, me, SL (who was so late as she came from work)

 photo IMG_1843e_zps2171d5cc.jpg

Before SL arrived, Jon asserted that the 2 greedy pigs (mainly referring to kh) had wiped all the dishes clean.

 photo IMG_1832e_zpsb7455214.jpg

The meatball maker, the glutton, the last one.

 photo collageCNYDay7-7_zps0b29ae34.jpg

Grouchy mood Belle. She looked sleepy.

 photo collageCNYDay7-8_zpsf9f10266.jpg

Everyone agreed that Jully looked really hawt and disastrously fashionable! She tried to mix many prints, colours and textures all in one outfit but failed to look like a disaster. Don't the Japanese and the Taiwanese celebs dress like this too?

 photo FD2e_zpseb1defcd.jpg

Kh on the other hand, looked like that geek who thought he was the most fashionable person in the whole wide world.

 photo FD1e_zps2fd2fc89.jpg

 photo collageCNYDay7-9_zpseb3cc538.jpg

After dinner, we headed over to WL and BY's house for games. While waiting for the rest of them to change to the dress theme, kh busied himself crushing candies with a panel of advisors surrounding him.

 photo collageCNYDay7-10_zps6c7e6b49.jpg

Almost everyone in the group plays (or had played and given up on) Candy Crush that WL changed the group icon the next day.

[Aside: Candy Crush Saga was a conversation glue during awkward CNY gatherings with people you barely know. I recall the time when I was at kh's relatives' place and all his cousins, cousins' spouses and I started talking because of the game. His younger cousin even asked me to teach him how to complete certain levels. Without Candy Crush, I do not really think we would know what to talk to one another. The irony of having smart phones! It disconnects yet connects people.]

 photo IMG_4912e_zpse7bb8f41.jpg

Jon and Jac busied themselves in the kitchen concocting cocktails for us all. Thank you!

 photo IMG_1857e_zps3f2be3cf.jpg

Presenting all the fashion victims!

 photo collageCNYDay7-12_zps3fd2b8bf.jpg

 photo collageCNYDay7-11_zps07dfdb71.jpg

BY went away for a while to her mum's place to put baby Belle under her care and while BY was away, her hubby took the opportunity to raid her wardrobe. WL emerged clad in BY and Belle's apparels and we all teased him about how he must have had this secret desire to don female clothing his whole life.

 photo collageCNYDay7-13_zpse46bf1ca.jpg

The 2 obiang ones who braved through the crowd. Each time kh and I stood up to get food from the buffet counter, people would just stare. Out of the public's eye, kh nerdified himself more with the tucked in shirt and maroon bow which got the thumbs up from everyone. As for me, all the gals commented that I managed to wear my disastrous outfit in such a way that they had to retract what they said on the watsapp group chat about how kh was trying to sabo me. Hmm, that means I failed in my theme but I would still treat their words as compliments. =P

 photo collageCNYDay7-14_zps32a750c6.jpg

The 2 goofy ones who were the most into their character.

 photo IMG_1888e_zps3796a714.jpg

The gals!

 photo IMG_1882e_zpsf06fb648.jpg

The 2 goofy ones did a photo bomb.

 photo IMG_1883e_zps95e1581a.jpg

After kicking the 2 goofy ones out.

 photo IMG_1884e_zpsf297d20c.jpg

All the gals minus BY.

 photo IMG_1885e_zps2991d080.jpg

The boys thought they should exude coolness.

 photo IMG_1890e_zpsa505c51a.jpg

But thereafter decided that being sissy was more fun.

 photo IMG_1892e_zps64f505e3.jpg

 photo IMG_1895e_zps450983ee.jpg

BY returned just in time before we started the group shots and we forced her to change as well.

 photo IMG_1905e_zps22966b66.jpg

Presenting the fashion victims of VIOS in full force.

 photo anigifFDall_zpsb9ef793e.gif

It was my first time playing DiXit and I like the concept and the illustrations on the cards. I think I'm gonna buy a set for myself too.

 photo collageCNYDay7-15_zps99384063.jpg

Cupcakes time! It was my first time eating cupcakes from 12 Cupcakes.

 photo IMG_1919e_zps9b47b527.jpg

Yummy cupcakes!

 photo IMG_1914e_zps941624b2.jpg

We did a toast to more than 10 years of friendship with our CUPcakes instead of martini glasses.

 photo IMG_1915e_zpsa95fec1c.jpg

~*Day 8*~

The next day which was a Sunday, I awoke to pain and discomfort in my left eye which most of you would know was the start of my cornea infection and eye ulcers as written in this post.

Bestie Cyn and Godson Jase was to come over my house to 拜年.

My handsome boy with his bag  of mandarin oranges.

 photo Je_zps02293a6c.jpg

My handsome boy was exposed to Candy Crush that day thanx to Godpa kh. It was good coz Jase was helping kh to clear the levels together while kh taught him how to play the game, leaving time for Cyn and I me to catch up with each other.

 photo IMG_1921e_zpsedb16c14.jpg

 photo IMG_1929e_zps2af18e59.jpg

Cyn's hair had got 3 shades of colour!

 photo IMG_1922e_zpsea49a220.jpg

Such a random candid shot.

 photo IMG_1924e_zps5ab7731d.jpg

The mommies with cheeky Jase.

 photo IMG_1928e_zps8ea5c782.jpg

Goofy Godma tried to match Goofy Godson's expression. I was trying to open my eyes as wide as possible as kh deemed that I looked half blind in all the shots before that.

 photo IMG_4915e_zpsf92f05b1.jpg

So there you go. A CNY post in the middle of March.


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