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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Come down for the 8 Days Celebrity Car Boot Flea Market

Date: 2nd December (Sunday)
Time: 11am -- 6pm
Venue: St James Powerstation Car Park

Dear friends,

I've gotten a slot at the 8 Days Celebrity Car Boot Flea Market flea market!!! Do drop by for a visit if you are free.

Look out for celebrities' personal belongings going on sale. There would be branded stuff donated by Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Michelle Chia, Jacelyn Tay, Allan Wu and Diana Ser to name a few. David Gan has got his Burberry, Gucci, LV, Miu Miu and Prada up for grabs too. I wonder if I would be crazy enough to buy these pre-owned items.

There would also be celebrity meet and greet sessions, games and contests as well as lucky draws. Jade Seah and Elvin Ng would be selling ther kisses too.

Now, the mere thought of packing my stuff is putting me into a lazy mode.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It’s so sad to hear of healthy, young people leaving this world when their time is not up yet.

If all these deaths are predestined, I must say that the person who does all these planning is a bloody fool.

Even though I dunno these people personally, hearing and reading about their deaths stirs up lots of emotions.

I hope the families and friends of the 5 dragonboaters are coping well. One of them, Jeremy Goh, is the son of my mum’s friend. It’s really heart-wrenching to see young, energetic, beautiful people being taken away just like that. It’s really a waste. I don’t care about whatever they-are-in-a-better-place-now theory. Can’t they be given one more chance?

Before this dragonboat tragedy was the passing of my er jie’s NYJC canoeing senior. He was involved in a hit and run accident some time ago and became a vegetable. His bastard fucked up father fled off with his mistress with the insurance money while his mother had been caring for him all these while until he passed away recently.

Next, came the demise of my er jie’s canoeing junior—Ooi Eu Jin. He was the captain of the boy’s team while his wife Debbie, the captain of the girl’s team. I thought that was like one of the sweetest couple ever. My sis confirmed that they were really very loving.

I remember him as quite a good looking sporty guy in NY when I was there during the 1st three months. Crazy evan and I went for so many CCA try outs and did canoeing and OAC in a day. Although I had only brief interaction with him and Debbie and do not know them personally at all, I felt a sense of loss and pity when my sister told me the news. My heart immediately went out to poor Debbie.

I was tearing non stop while reading this blog dedicated to him. Everything was going well for him--exactly like what he should deserve for he was really such a good person.

I'm deeply touched by these lines:

‘He said he was training harder so he could carry me on our wedding day’

'When i was younger I used to be so sad that my sister always stayed with you and i don't see her so often. But honestly, deep down inside I am happy and contented that my sister has found someone so near perfect; you.’

‘I am honestly so proud of you to be able to create such a big impact on so many others around you. This is exactly the reason people remember you for, your humbleness, your selflessness and unending understanding and love for the people around you.’

‘You once were, and will forever be my brother-in-law and to everyone else, a best friend, the best husband and the perfect son.’

‘i cried so hard that night....... mother was crying so loudly that our neighbour came knocking the door, asking if everything was alright... dad just fall back when he had the news.......... my heart kept racing so fast that night... i wish i can give half or all of the heartbeat to you.......... why you??????’

‘we had to leave you.... we had to cover your coffin..... i gave you a kiss before da ge pulled me away......... and you wasnt alone... i was with you till the end.... i tag along with you wherever you went since i knew how to start walking and i was still with you in the Volvo.... when its time.. i gave you some roses and 1 last kiss..... my heart was breaking but i knew i had to hang on.....’

‘Rebel (me) : “Why are you studying so hard ?”
Him : “Do you know how I can get into Montfort Primary?”
Rebel : ”How?”
Him : ”My mom had to literally beg the principal to let me in. I must really study hard so that I will not disappoint her. And also to prove to the principal!”’

‘I remembered we came up with ways to make some money one time. Young as we were, I fantasized about how to make it big in order to buy that Tamiya toy car I loved. As for him, he was counting and telling me that, “Wow, if I can make like 1.5 dollars a day, I can ask my mom not to give me pocket money anymore!”’

‘He said, my parents gave me so much money to come to U to study. How can I not study hard?’

‘Man if Eujin read this, he will sure say I sound like a pussy, but I don't mind him calling me one as long as long it will bring him back.’

‘Debbie’s sms to me,
“I just saw him. He was lyin there n he didnt want 2 look at me.For e firt time he doesn wan to look at me.. I feel very very very sad.. Can you wake him up 4 me?”’

My tears kept flowing endlessly when I read all these, especially the sms.

I really hope Debbie, his family and friends are coping well. May Eu Jin rest in peace.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Two incidents yesterday

Please bear with me for I’m gonna yak non-stop.

First incident happened when I was teaching my favourite P2 going on P3 class.

It was a relaxing lesson for me with not much teaching to be done as there were lots of Math addition practices for the kids. Hence, I was walking around to “supervise” them and stopped beside this boy.

Let’s call him 吳鎮宇 since I always feel that the expression of his eyes reminds me of that HK actor. 吳鎮宇is a playful boy with huge, ugly handwriting that I often like to pick on him and ka jiao him to improve his handwriting. He looks very cute whenever I pick on him.

Just as I was being a bitch pointing at his paper and instructing him to practically erase his whole paper, the girls in front turned around and shouted to me that somebody outside the door was snapping a picture of me.

When I turned around, I saw nobody snapping pictures. I told the girls that they had probably seen wrongly. I continued being a bitch and told 吳鎮宇 to carry on erasing. The girls kept on insisting that somebody was using his handphone to snap pictures of me.

In my heart, I was thinking it might be the older secondary school kids. I calmed my kids down and assured them that the person may just be taking photos of the whole class. I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea.

Then, it happened again and the girls started yelling for me to turn. They had this shocked expression on their faces, as if wondering why would somebody be secretly snapping a picture of their teacher.

The whole class became disorderly and many turned to look at the glass panel on the door. This time, I caught the red light flashing on the handphone but I could not see the person’s face. The person quickly inched away from the glass panel. I didn’t open the door to confront the person coz I didn’t wanna make a scene in an educational environment.

The girls told me that it was somebody’s father. I was quite taken aback that it was a father and not some adolescent.

As I was teaching a young class, I did not want to scare or worry them so I casually exclaimed, “Wow! Whose father is so interested in our lesson? Please go and see if it’s your father.”

Some of them ran up to check, each claiming that it should not be theirs. 吳鎮宇 also ran up and said it was his dad.

As shocked as I was in my heart, I turned it into a joke and told 吳鎮宇, “See, you are so untidy that your dad is taking a photo of me scolding you.”

The whole class burst out laughing and soon the matter died down. They didn’t look as frightened anymore and everyone resumed doing their Math.

After the class, I started to feel uneasy. Even though those shots were of my back views, I kept wondering why anybody’s dad would be snapping a photo of me. I was all the more disturbed that it was my own student’s dad. I wasn’t wearing anything revealing-- a high necked top with asymmetrical skirt that goes from knee to calf length. Very decent what.

Maybe he was trying to snap a picture to show his wife how their son's teacher looks like… But it’s not possible as I’ve talked to 吳鎮宇’s mum a couple of times.

Maybe I looked like somebody else he knew… but why snap my back view?

Maybe he was trying to snap a pic of my large bauble bead choker… Which teacher wears large bauble beads choker?

Maybe he was really trying to snap a pic of me scolding his son, so he could go and complain… But his son would know that I wasn’t picking on him.

Or maybe it was indeed an older kid who was snapping my pic but 吳鎮宇’s dad happened to be there which explains why 吳鎮宇 would announce that it was his dad.

Yes! That should be the case and I would prefer to believe in that too.


Second incident happened after work when I went to meet my er jie in town. I was stalked by somebody from the same mrt carriage.

It was at Raffles Place interchange that I managed to get a seat. I plonked myself down and started reading. This guy sat next to me but I took no notice of him.

At City Hall, a couple stepped in. The girl sat next to the guy beside me and he immediately gave up his seat to the girl’s bf. The girl’s bf kept insisting it was alright but that guy also insisted he should sit. In the end, the bf thanked him and took the seat while the guy who was initially sitting next to me now stood in front of me.

I’m one who doesn’t really bother to look at people when I’m alone outside. However, I thought that the guy was quite nice to have given up his seat so the couple could sit together. I stole a glance at him. He was looking at me! He looked like an uglier and very short version of Nakata Hidetoshi with glasses… very si wen though.

I continued being engrossed in my book.

We got down at Orchard, “Nakata” stood next to me on the escalator. I thought nothing about it.

After I tapped my card, I whipped up my hp to call my sis to ask where she was. I was walking in a zig zag manner as I had to change direction when my sis told me she was at Taka Zara.

When I stood on the long escalator that led to outside, Nakata was once again beside me. I continued yakking on the hp. As I clamped my hp shut, I could see from the corner of my eye that he was facing me.

Once we reached outside, it was really crowded. I walked very quickly and squeezed my way through the throngs of people. “Nakata” would always either be beside me, diagonally in front of me or behind me by a mere few steps.

It was highly probable that we might be heading the same direction but somehow I got the feeling that he was following me. I could zip from left (nearer to the road) to right (nearer to the shopping malls) but he would always be a few steps away from me. Even if we were both heading for taka, it can’t be so coincidental that our paths were exactly the same right?

There are many ways to cut to the right to Taka building but when I made a sharp turn to the right in between Wisma and Taka, he did the same thing. Instead of using the main double glass door, I pushed the smaller one closer to LV and he followed me too!

Inside Taka it’s damn obvious liao. From every reflective shop windows and glass panes, I could see him following behind.

I met my sis outside Zara and headed for Watson’s. As we walked, I told her about the guy and that I was pretending I didn’t know just to see how far he would follow. Each time she turned, she said that he would siam4 away so she concluded that he was indeed stalking. She also concluded that nobody who wanna go to Watson’s would take the same winding route that we took inside Taka.

We spent a long time inside Watson’s. I told my sis that if I saw him outside Watson’s when we came out, I would go up and confront him.

Boy was I glad that he was gone when we came out.

I really wonder what’s up with him but all I wanna say to him is this:

..\................. /........\................../


Being pissed aside…

*Hollers out to all good frenz of mine reading this*

Anybody interested to go MOS by this month? I've still got an unfinished bottle of Chivas there.

MOS would throw it away end of this month. I don’t really bother since it’s free but allowing Chivas to go down the sink is a SIN!

Beep me beep me!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


14 Nov 07, 01:33
MangledMannequin: If Mark Ryden's morbid art catches your attention, I highly recommend Ray Caesar Please give me your views.
I love your pseudonym! ‘MangledMannequin’ is like uber cool in a sinister way. Do you like Mark Ryden’s works too? I went to the site you’ve posted and I find Ray Caesar’s works rather haunting. The characters all have this morose expression and they seem frozen in the Victorian??? times. Classic haunting. I prefer Mark Ryden as each of his works is an enigma. Thanx for the recommendation though. It’s an eye-opener.

14 Nov 07, 17:14
sherin: pretty tattoo, you so artistic hor~~ donuts make mi hungry, i wanna grab some from you !!~~ ohhh and your shots with the kids so adorable, having great fun yea
Oh… after reading all the comments about my “tattoo”, you people really make me feel like getting one! These donuts are not too bad and best of all, no queue to beat. Ya lor! The kids are really adorable!

14 Nov 07, 23:05
Missy T: Lovely pictures. The kids are so cute! Look like they have fun. They look really happy to play ship. YouTube is loading slow..Did you draw the rose with free hand or with stencil? Get a real 1!
Yes! They’re really cute indeed and they really love to play this ship capsize game a lot. Hope you managed to catch the video. I drew the rose with liquid eyeliner using free hand.

16 Nov 07, 00:59
viv: Yoyoyo...i knew the tat was fake but you didnt tell me you drew it! You can well use these standards on card making too...wahahaha
Haha… I tot you knew!! Use this kinda drawings on cards? Me only sometimes can draw but me craft work is sibei Cannot Make It lor. Nice cards require craftwork.

19 Nov 07, 14:52
Canny: Jolene sweetie, Message for u is way way too long to leave it here! Check out the comments. Keke! =)
Yay!!! Checked out le! I love to read long long tags/comments!!! Next time you always leave long long comments ok? Read my reply under the comments section too.

19 Nov 07, 22:47
evan: know what's the program that i really want to find? Asik Mat Yoyo!!! Apparently Chris doesn't know what it is and I've tried all means to find evidence of it!
I KNOW I KNOW!!! Asik Mat Yoyo… Asik Mat Yoyo… *sings to the tune* The cat cat program in Malay!!! Is it Asik? Asit? Or Asi? I don’t really know what the show is exactly about. It used to air in the evenings before the 6.30pm cartoons IIRC.


Monday, November 12, 2007

The one with the clothes lover, pet lover, kids lover & tattoo lover

Donuts Donuts anyone?
Tuesday, 6th November 2007

2 boxes of donuts

Pretty on the eyes. Not too bad on the taste buds.

I haven’t joined the long queue yet but I personally feel that these donuts are not too bad. Kh’s family and friends love them. But sobz… My 2 boxes of donuts for my family went to waste. I was the only one wolfing them down. My family doesn’t really have a knack for sweet things and donuts.

After the 2nd day, still got more than a box left. Luckily they hadn’t gone bad. I had to whine before my dad promised to eat them.

I will never ever buy donuts home again! This incident made / makes me stop my craving for donuts for a week.

My 2nd sis is still not talking to me (more than a week liao) but she slipped the pet’s section of the Sunday Classifieds under my door. It was on coping with a pet’s death.

The cat on the cover looks like Simba.

Seems like whatever was written inside was all the negative feelings she had when Simba died. But that doesn’t give her the right to vent her anger on everyone.

I’ve decided that I won’t talk to her if she doesn’t wanna talk to me 1st.

She very funny… not talking to me still can borrow my things without asking wan leh.


Clothes Exchange GIVING Day
Thursday, 8th November 2007

We I helped April to clear her wardrobe.

Her clothes…

Rummage… forage… Scavenge


4 dissimilar dogs

The husky belongs to her.

It’s soooooo difficult to take a photo with Rowdy Powdy.

Tired of forcing Powdy to take a photo with me

This is the best shot lor.

Must resort to this

And this

And this


Powdy only listens to me

Oh yes Powdy is a 色色 se se dog. Keep on smelling people’s crotch and butt. Notti Powdy!

We had dinner at this vegetarian coffee shop in Hougang.

The food was not too bad.

I think I was being such a pig that day.

1 bowl of Zha Jiang la mian, 3 pieces of Roti John, 1 prata, bits of fries and water chestnut drink. I didn’t feel full till I got home and regretted being a pig.

Inspired by viv’s lameness:
Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any wool?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Three bags full.

Hey, only 2 were mine ok? =P

I was so eager to clear some space for these clothes that I went to pack my wardrobe that night and clear out 3 bagfuls of clothes. YAY!!!!

Next round of clothes exchange, hh babes???

Oh yah my 2nd sis damn cheapskate lor. She was lying on the sofa and watching Ellen on Starworld. I decided that I would just sit on the sofa too. I didn't think she would yell at me since she wasn’t talking to me.

Then, she asked me to on the fan and we started talking liao. Such a cheapskate right? Haha… But it’s good la. No good to have cold war.


Don’t mess around with 黑玫瑰
Friday, 9th November 2007

I got myself a tattoo!!!!!

A black rose on my inner left ankle.

Chio or not?

I love it lotz!

Please tell me it’s pretty.

Now I must cover it up when I go to work. Scarly the kids and parents freak out.

<3 @}>----,----

<3 @}>----,----

<3 @}>----,----

Now, you didn’t actually fall for it, did you?


It’s drawn on la.

I drew that on with my obsolete liquid eyeliner.

My mum was used to me drawing my face that she didn’t bat an eyelid when she spotted it and even commented that it was nice.

Then as if to reconfirm, she asked very nonchalantly, “It’s not real right?”

She also wondered why it was on my inner ankle and not outer.

“Unique mah,” I quipped.

“Ya lor. Unique because only 笨蛋 (ben dan) tattoo inner side.”

Why 笨蛋? I think inner more cool leh. Plus it’s coz I’m a righty and that’s the best angle for me to draw.

My 2 sisters initially believed it was real and was so excited. Then, I had to spend a few minutes to convince them that it was drawn.

I managed to trick a few people too. Haha… I know I’m very boh liao. But that’s how I entertain myself.

Damn… I really feel like getting one. I’m drawing some butterfly motifs on my notebook now. That’ll be the design I want for my pelvis or hip or lower back.

Too bad kh doesn’t like tattoos.

I see it as art; he sees it as vandalism-- the blatant marring of the already not so perfect body.


The 2 Cs and 2 Js unite
Sunday, 11th November 2007

For the whole week, I was only looking forward to today.

The last time I saw cyn and the kids was last December.

Had great fun spending time with cyn and my godchildren just now! Yup… GODCHILDREN. Not just Jase as my godson, char also calls me godma now.


I kept re-watching this video over and over again coz I think jase and char are soooooo CUTE! Love them! Love cyn too! *Muaxxxxx*

Their lovely smiles and cheeky faces simply melt me.

Jase can’t help being a manja boy even when dancing.

More photos…

Jase was so manja manja…

Til now, he is still giving wet kiss on cheeks. And when I asked him to kiss me again, he kissed my mouth! Cheeky cheeky boy!

Still can tou kan the camera. How cheeky is that?

So cute to see them sharing the scooter.

Cute cute char

Godma take my tummy… take my tummy.

So sweet!

Cola also wanna join in the fun.

The kids were sticking to us every minute and fighting for attention that cyn and I could hardly chat and catch up. By the time the kids fell asleep, we only chatted a bit before my dad arrived to pick me up. I really can’t wait to chat with her again.

Cyn, do you still drop by here?



2 Nov 07, 13:46
Canny: Hi babe! Thou some of the entries R outdated, I still love to read them. And really nice of u that even though U r always busy, U nv fail to update ur blogs for all ur readers! =) Have a great wkend!~
Hey… I always feel so bad for making you wait so long for my reply so this time, I’ve been waiting for you to leave a tag then reply but wait till giraffe neck long long still don’t have. Haha… Anyway, let me know if you’ve gotten my postcard ya? Let’s see how efficient Singpost and US post are.

4 Nov 07, 22:27
roux: Lots of great photos you have! What camera are you using? Oh, were you with your friends at cineleisure on Friday night?
I’m using FujiFlim Z5. Can’t be me… Every Friday I work till late at night.

5 Nov 07, 20:29
yinky: hi it's mummy...
MUMMY!!! Wah… guest appearance from you! Hope you’ve been doing well since the last time we met.

7 Nov 07, 18:16
jus: if ur drawing is amateurish...@@...then mine is babyish!! lolx
Hi baby jus! *LOL* But seriously la, look at the strokes and you can tell they’re amateurish.

7 Nov 07, 22:42
silver: ur drawings r gd lo! very girly! =) i like!!!
Thanx hot mama. Great to see your tag, silver. Guest appearance! Oh I saw what you wrote about us being neighbours aka same nhood. Hope to bump into you and your cutie enzo soon!

8 Nov 07, 19:21
Qt: Hey Sweets do check in Thanks!
Ok noted.

8 Nov 07, 22:30
reg: ee ryden's paintings are really freaky! they're so haunting..! haha i much prefer your drawings!!:P
Yes!!! I also think they’re haunting but I dunno why I’m so drawn to them. Haha.. thanx!

9 Nov 07, 01:44
namie: Hey you know your blog reminds me of this other gal's blog. She also draws quite well and what both of you drawn were almost the same --> Eyes, butterflys, flowers. BTW I like shen ming guo ke too.
Really? Do paste her blog link here if possible. It would be great to know someone with similar traits and interests online.

11 Nov 07, 15:00
FG: Hi may I know how to find the mp3 of the old theme songs? Thanks.
Sorry, I don’t know how to do so. I got those links by copying the Chinese characters and pasting onto Google.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

SBC Shows & Songs are Solid + Mark Ryden Mysterious Works

Just now over at work, viv and I had a ball of a time reminiscing the good old SBC shows and songs.

She told me that she has 3 CDs of SBC and TCS songs and asked me if I wanna listen to them. I was like “bring it on man”. I can do a guessing game with the songs.

I used to be a TV fanatic.

Ask me ANY 6.30 cartoons theme song of the 80s and early 90s and I can either sing it or hum it for you.

Care Bears, Gummi Bears, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Captain Planet, My Little Ponies, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dennis the Menace, Ducktales, Dark Wing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Transformers etc etc etc… …

Armed with an old but trusty walkman recorder, my er jie and I used to rush to the TV speaker to tape cartoon songs.

Same goes for all the SBC shows 主题曲 and 插曲.

Last episode night would always be frantic coz it would be the last chance to tape the songs.

Yup, so back to the topic.

Viv is good. She really wins hands down. She should go and take part in games and quiz that test the participants’ knowledge of Channel 8 shows.

Wanna do some reminiscing of old shows and songs? Wikipedia has them!

I only remember from 咖啡乌 and 青春123 onwards.

As we listened (and worked), we would sing and hum and recall what the shows were about and who acted in them. We also started talking about other shows and songs which weren’t in her CD. Then we talked about all the so called handsome actors at that time. She is the 1st person I know who knows all the names of the past artistes and even know which artistes I was referring too just by describing their pattern.

Do you all recall these names?

Lin MingzheLin YishengCao JianpingShen JingxingWu KaishenChunyu Shan Shan.

These are actors we find not too bad looking and who can act too but we don’t see them on screen anymore. There are also some actresses whom we don’t see onscreen anymore but we can’t really remember their names. Only could recall Ye Shumei, Tang Miaoling and Huang Peiru. The actors were definitely more prominent than the actresses.

Her song list was pretty impressive. She has the very old songs like:

● 青春123
(du du du du du…青春123 la la la)
● 边缘少年
(the wayward kids have since morphed into the likes of uncle like Li Nanxing and aunty like Yang Libing)
● 窈窕淑女
(that happy fair ladies show with Zoe, Aileen and Jazreel)
● 生活歌手
(NICE songs! Chen Liping with 3 handsome guys singing all the way. Who are the 3 guys ah? Chen Jianhui? Lin Yisheng? Li Nanxing?)
● 牛车水人家
(I can’t really remember the plot)
● 舞榭歌台
(NICE song!)
● 金兰结
(I super hate that show coz Ye Shumei’s reel life was so sad!)
● 飞跃巅峰
(That one that got everyone liking volleyball)
● 出人头地
(My ultimate favourite!)

While I could remember most of the songs, my ultimate favourite is 出人头地 theme song 生命过客 by 童安格. Great tune. Meaningful lyrics.









Listen here.

I also like all the songs from 生活歌手. It was one of my favourite shows. I will never forget that xtina lost my tape in primary school. I was devastated. She was so apologetic that she replaced it with another xin yao ge shou tape. Haha… I bet you've forgotten about this incident.

Here's the 主题曲 titled 黎明的心.

VIV I FOUND THE HE2 CHANG4 VERSION!!! Must click muct click!

The 插曲 titled 你的倒影.

I had this impression that Chen Liping's voice was very high pitched and sweet because of this show.

Another favourite is 谭咏麟’s 让爱继续. I forgot what show was that. Any of you remember?

锦绣前程 (I forgot if that's the song or the show's title but it's sung by 关德辉) and Purple rain anyone? Those were good too.

70s and 80s babies… Do all these songs ring a bell?

Gosh I feel so nostalgic now.

Were the shows and songs really better back then or what?


I’ve been sleeping at 5am, 6am and 8.30am for the past 3 nights/ mornings because of Mark Ryden.

Mark Ryden’s morbid paintings repulse yet attract and I was really enthralled by them. They filled me with awe and wonder that I just had to spend the time unravelling their representations and doing my own interpretation.

Some of them spooked me. The expressions and mystified gaze of the cherubically evil children seem to penetrate deep into the heart. I looked away, only to find myself staring back into their eyes again.

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to his works. All I know is he is one artist who has successfully blend the cute and the creepy and takes it to a whole new level.

I smsed kh:
I’ve officially idolised Mark Ryden. If you dunno who he is, go and google. You’ll wonder if your angelic darling is actually a devil in disguise.

His reply:
Oh is ryan [sic] the one who is into the morbid arts?


Somehow I felt it sounded like “Oh is Sirius the one who is into the dark arts?”

The most un-morbid painting of Ryden which happens to be my favourite is ‘Saint Barbie’.

Barbie worshipping? Idols and celebrities worshipping? Literal or metaphorical? The values that youngster place on nowadays are certainly frowned upon and is brilliantly portrayed by Ryden here.

And this is just one of the slightly morbid ones. ‘Butcher Bunny’.

Feminine bunny butchering meat? Jesus on the counter top? I've spotted tons of implications in this painting but I shan't say them out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

~*Doodles in my notebook*~

The creative side of me has been stifled for a long time.

Once it came out, it wobbled and it shook. It was afraid.

It isn't confident anymore.

These are so ameteurish... but I like what I've came out with in the spur of the moment. =)

Some drawings were inspired by photos and pictures I like. Not too sure if you would find anything familiar.


Replies to tags on the way... In the meantime, do continue to tag and leave comments as I simply love reading them. =D

Nitez everyone!


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