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Monday, November 12, 2007

The one with the clothes lover, pet lover, kids lover & tattoo lover

Donuts Donuts anyone?
Tuesday, 6th November 2007

2 boxes of donuts

Pretty on the eyes. Not too bad on the taste buds.

I haven’t joined the long queue yet but I personally feel that these donuts are not too bad. Kh’s family and friends love them. But sobz… My 2 boxes of donuts for my family went to waste. I was the only one wolfing them down. My family doesn’t really have a knack for sweet things and donuts.

After the 2nd day, still got more than a box left. Luckily they hadn’t gone bad. I had to whine before my dad promised to eat them.

I will never ever buy donuts home again! This incident made / makes me stop my craving for donuts for a week.

My 2nd sis is still not talking to me (more than a week liao) but she slipped the pet’s section of the Sunday Classifieds under my door. It was on coping with a pet’s death.

The cat on the cover looks like Simba.

Seems like whatever was written inside was all the negative feelings she had when Simba died. But that doesn’t give her the right to vent her anger on everyone.

I’ve decided that I won’t talk to her if she doesn’t wanna talk to me 1st.

She very funny… not talking to me still can borrow my things without asking wan leh.


Clothes Exchange GIVING Day
Thursday, 8th November 2007

We I helped April to clear her wardrobe.

Her clothes…

Rummage… forage… Scavenge


4 dissimilar dogs

The husky belongs to her.

It’s soooooo difficult to take a photo with Rowdy Powdy.

Tired of forcing Powdy to take a photo with me

This is the best shot lor.

Must resort to this

And this

And this


Powdy only listens to me

Oh yes Powdy is a 色色 se se dog. Keep on smelling people’s crotch and butt. Notti Powdy!

We had dinner at this vegetarian coffee shop in Hougang.

The food was not too bad.

I think I was being such a pig that day.

1 bowl of Zha Jiang la mian, 3 pieces of Roti John, 1 prata, bits of fries and water chestnut drink. I didn’t feel full till I got home and regretted being a pig.

Inspired by viv’s lameness:
Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any wool?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Three bags full.

Hey, only 2 were mine ok? =P

I was so eager to clear some space for these clothes that I went to pack my wardrobe that night and clear out 3 bagfuls of clothes. YAY!!!!

Next round of clothes exchange, hh babes???

Oh yah my 2nd sis damn cheapskate lor. She was lying on the sofa and watching Ellen on Starworld. I decided that I would just sit on the sofa too. I didn't think she would yell at me since she wasn’t talking to me.

Then, she asked me to on the fan and we started talking liao. Such a cheapskate right? Haha… But it’s good la. No good to have cold war.


Don’t mess around with 黑玫瑰
Friday, 9th November 2007

I got myself a tattoo!!!!!

A black rose on my inner left ankle.

Chio or not?

I love it lotz!

Please tell me it’s pretty.

Now I must cover it up when I go to work. Scarly the kids and parents freak out.

<3 @}>----,----

<3 @}>----,----

<3 @}>----,----

Now, you didn’t actually fall for it, did you?


It’s drawn on la.

I drew that on with my obsolete liquid eyeliner.

My mum was used to me drawing my face that she didn’t bat an eyelid when she spotted it and even commented that it was nice.

Then as if to reconfirm, she asked very nonchalantly, “It’s not real right?”

She also wondered why it was on my inner ankle and not outer.

“Unique mah,” I quipped.

“Ya lor. Unique because only 笨蛋 (ben dan) tattoo inner side.”

Why 笨蛋? I think inner more cool leh. Plus it’s coz I’m a righty and that’s the best angle for me to draw.

My 2 sisters initially believed it was real and was so excited. Then, I had to spend a few minutes to convince them that it was drawn.

I managed to trick a few people too. Haha… I know I’m very boh liao. But that’s how I entertain myself.

Damn… I really feel like getting one. I’m drawing some butterfly motifs on my notebook now. That’ll be the design I want for my pelvis or hip or lower back.

Too bad kh doesn’t like tattoos.

I see it as art; he sees it as vandalism-- the blatant marring of the already not so perfect body.


The 2 Cs and 2 Js unite
Sunday, 11th November 2007

For the whole week, I was only looking forward to today.

The last time I saw cyn and the kids was last December.

Had great fun spending time with cyn and my godchildren just now! Yup… GODCHILDREN. Not just Jase as my godson, char also calls me godma now.


I kept re-watching this video over and over again coz I think jase and char are soooooo CUTE! Love them! Love cyn too! *Muaxxxxx*

Their lovely smiles and cheeky faces simply melt me.

Jase can’t help being a manja boy even when dancing.

More photos…

Jase was so manja manja…

Til now, he is still giving wet kiss on cheeks. And when I asked him to kiss me again, he kissed my mouth! Cheeky cheeky boy!

Still can tou kan the camera. How cheeky is that?

So cute to see them sharing the scooter.

Cute cute char

Godma take my tummy… take my tummy.

So sweet!

Cola also wanna join in the fun.

The kids were sticking to us every minute and fighting for attention that cyn and I could hardly chat and catch up. By the time the kids fell asleep, we only chatted a bit before my dad arrived to pick me up. I really can’t wait to chat with her again.

Cyn, do you still drop by here?



2 Nov 07, 13:46
Canny: Hi babe! Thou some of the entries R outdated, I still love to read them. And really nice of u that even though U r always busy, U nv fail to update ur blogs for all ur readers! =) Have a great wkend!~
Hey… I always feel so bad for making you wait so long for my reply so this time, I’ve been waiting for you to leave a tag then reply but wait till giraffe neck long long still don’t have. Haha… Anyway, let me know if you’ve gotten my postcard ya? Let’s see how efficient Singpost and US post are.

4 Nov 07, 22:27
roux: Lots of great photos you have! What camera are you using? Oh, were you with your friends at cineleisure on Friday night?
I’m using FujiFlim Z5. Can’t be me… Every Friday I work till late at night.

5 Nov 07, 20:29
yinky: hi it's mummy...
MUMMY!!! Wah… guest appearance from you! Hope you’ve been doing well since the last time we met.

7 Nov 07, 18:16
jus: if ur drawing is amateurish...@@...then mine is babyish!! lolx
Hi baby jus! *LOL* But seriously la, look at the strokes and you can tell they’re amateurish.

7 Nov 07, 22:42
silver: ur drawings r gd lo! very girly! =) i like!!!
Thanx hot mama. Great to see your tag, silver. Guest appearance! Oh I saw what you wrote about us being neighbours aka same nhood. Hope to bump into you and your cutie enzo soon!

8 Nov 07, 19:21
Qt: Hey Sweets do check in Thanks!
Ok noted.

8 Nov 07, 22:30
reg: ee ryden's paintings are really freaky! they're so haunting..! haha i much prefer your drawings!!:P
Yes!!! I also think they’re haunting but I dunno why I’m so drawn to them. Haha.. thanx!

9 Nov 07, 01:44
namie: Hey you know your blog reminds me of this other gal's blog. She also draws quite well and what both of you drawn were almost the same --> Eyes, butterflys, flowers. BTW I like shen ming guo ke too.
Really? Do paste her blog link here if possible. It would be great to know someone with similar traits and interests online.

11 Nov 07, 15:00
FG: Hi may I know how to find the mp3 of the old theme songs? Thanks.
Sorry, I don’t know how to do so. I got those links by copying the Chinese characters and pasting onto Google.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Unless I know you, comments with reference to my body will be deleted.

  3. JoLEnE!
    You finally updated. I wanted to leave a comment on the video but decided to wait till this whole post is ready to see what else is there.

    I have always enjoyed reading and looking at photos of your cute godson and sister. They are such adorable children. So now his sister is also your godaughter?

    The video is really heartwarming. Can see how much fun you all were having. I agree that their smiles are so cute especially when they wave to the camera and when they fell down.

    Very beautiful rose tattoo you have. Pairs off well with the killer heels. After drawing, have you thought of really getting one? I must say you are such a great artist. Oh I want to see the butterfly drawing too!

    Oh and where did you buy the donuts. Look delicious!

  4. Ohhh... the photos and video of the babes are just so sweet! How old are they?

  5. Dear Jolene,

    It's realli nice to see you updating your blog more often. Now whenever I go to your blog, it's a surprise as there are new things always. ^_^

    Very nice tatoo rose on your ankle and go well with your shoes. So what did your kh say about it?

    Can I just say that your godchildren are really very very CUTE! Kawaii ne! Don't say I mad but I also go and replay the video a few times too! So cute! And your godson is really very cheeky and manja.. manja is in what language?

    From the video, now I know how you sound like. ;-)


  6. Now there's one of the rare times I see a slim lady playing with kids like that. Usually its the toughy man's job.

    I salute you!

    Do you usually speak with a slang like Dawn Yang the hottest blogger in Singapore?

  7. Dearest Jolene!!

    I'm so sorry!! I did read ur previous few posts and I actually forgotten to leave a tag after that, can u see how absert-minded I am, guess I must be reading it half way thru then Hb returns, so went to open the door for him. Ah!! Must be!! Heehee..

    Now, gonna leave u a real long tag (shd be comment instead!) hope u dont say I lor-soh k! Haha!!

    1. Ur 'tattoo' was really very nicely drawn! If I didnt read what U type below, I would tht that is a real tattoo!! 'Oh my, Jolene become so daring!!' with the Black, ROSE tattoo. But it is really nice!!

    2. Ur god-children are so ke-ai! And I was laughing at the videos u posted. When U mentioned there are 'sharks' there. (almost last part of the video) It reminds me of one of my childhood game played with my bro. Haha! =p

    3. Will KH be jealous? Cos Jase planted wet kisses on ur cheeks & mouth.. Heh.

    4. I have not receive the postcard yet. Still waiting, waiting... always got the urge to go out & open the letterbox to see if there is any surprise inside or not. Haha!! I think it will gonna take ard 10 days from SG to US.. =)

    5. Oh ya, I wanna tell u is...(the thing I intially wanna tag u but I 4got!) The drawings that u drew. Its so nice, esp the eyes & butterfly! And I noticed that I used to write the letter "r" the same as you!!

    Lastly, I love donuts *looks yummy* can you throw some over to me? =p

    Oh gosh! Did I just write an essay? Did you almost fall alsp?! "Wake up Jolene!" *Shout*

    Take care gal, stay happy & pretty always!

    && I really love reading your blog!! =)

  8. Jo don't speak with a slang and why are you comparing with Dawn Yang...No reason at all...Dawn is all plastic...So FAKE...her eyes and nose was different in sc...fake fake fake!

  9. shakara,
    Yes, I can remember you leaving comments on my godkids the last time round. And yes, the gal is my goddaughter now. It would be weird if brother calls me godma and sister calls me Aunty Jolene. Wah… Aunty!!! Now so old liao.

    I’m really very tempted to have a real tattoo you know? Just last night, I found out that my mum is ok with me getting real tattoo!!! WOOH!!! But the MAIN PROBLEM IS KH! AHHHHH! I will post up the butterflies when I’ve come out with enough designs. Right now only 2 miserable ones and 1 is UGLY, leaving with only 1.

    The donuts are from opposite Bukit Gombak mrt station but Opposite Yishun station has a stall too.

    Hihi. The boy is turning 4 and the gal is turning 3 next year.

    Now that you’ve mentioned… yah hor? I’m updating my blog more often. I will try to keep it to once a week. =)

    Kh didn’t really say much about the rose tattoo since it isn’t real. Hahaha… If I want him to say a lot of things, a real one would do the trick.

    You really replayed the vidz a few times? Wahaha… I also think they’re really cute! And yes, Jase really has this cheekiness in him. His looks, his speech, his actions… I think ‘manja’ is in Malay which means pampered… I THINK.

    “From the video, now I know how you sound like. ;-)”

    Oh my… my voice sucks. I really hate the voice I hear on videos and audios. I very much prefer the voice I hear through my head.

    HO! Then, it’s time to turn the gender table around. *winks* Ladies can be toughy too! No need to salute me. =)

    I DO NOT SPEAK WITH A SLANG… or rather accent. You mean I sounded like that on the vidz? I speak Singlish like everyone else but I make it a point to speak in more proper English to kids. And I dunno how Dawn Yang sounds.

    WAH… your maiden comment here!

    Oh… no wonder I thought why so long no sound from you. It’s ok… I won’t say you lor sor, in fact, I LOVE TO READ LONG LONG COMMENTS. Essays are welcomed too!

    1. --> Haha… so funny! Thanx ah.. But actually everyone says it’s beautiful but nobody realises that the rose is slanting one side. It’s supposed to be more vertical but I can only draw it as such due to the angle.

    2. --> Ya lor.. They’re really ke ai. Oh I didn’t want them to fall that way coz it’s the hard floor, very dangerous should they knock their heads. But of coz kids they dunno mah so “sharks” just came to my mind. YES!!! I think it’s also coz when we were young we did play this kinda you-cannot-go-there-coz-got-shark games.

    3. --> Haha… Ya.. he said Jase is so notti.

    4. --> Wah… the courier service is really taking a long time. Hope you receive it soon!

    5. --> Thanx thanx! Yup, I think the nicest are the eyes too. Wish I have eyes like that. The butterfly is quite badly drawn but I love butterflies! Oh I don’t usually write ‘r’ like that unless I’m writing cursive.

    I would be glad to throw the donuts over man.. But can you catch or not? Wahaha…

    Nah… I didn’t fall asleep. In fact, I was so surprised to see you leaving comment and I read it all with a huge smile. I really love reading your blog too coz it reminds me of the times when I stayed over in Perth and Toowoomba and I cooked and did all the domestic things for a while and the feeling was really pleasant. Reading your blog always makes me envious and yearning for a life like that again.

    Thanx for all your sweet words always… you’re such a sweetie!!!

    Hihi… I dunno who you are but thanx for clarifying that I don’t slang. I guess Damien didn’t mean any harm. Do you personally know Dawn Yang? I know about her plastic-ness but I still think she’s really sweet and pretty and she does sound like a pretty pleasant person. =)

  10. Dearest Jolene!!! :D

    AIYO! The little boy abit tiko hor~???
    *Wahaha*! Kiss your lips~
    And Tou Kang camera somemore!!!
    Professional yeh him! *WAHAHA*!!! :P

    The Husky is Beautiful!!! :D
    But I very scared of big-size dogs!!!

    The black rose is really well-drawn!!!
    *impressed*! Looked like the real thing!!!
    Nice-Nice!!! :D

    Take care always, Jolene dear!!!

  11. Hi Vivien,

    Ya lor... cheeky little boy rite? But it's a classic moment la.

    Haha the husky beautiful but tiko.

    Thanx for your compliment. I hope to get the real thing.. Hahaha...

    You take care too! *HugZ*


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