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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Two incidents yesterday

Please bear with me for I’m gonna yak non-stop.

First incident happened when I was teaching my favourite P2 going on P3 class.

It was a relaxing lesson for me with not much teaching to be done as there were lots of Math addition practices for the kids. Hence, I was walking around to “supervise” them and stopped beside this boy.

Let’s call him 吳鎮宇 since I always feel that the expression of his eyes reminds me of that HK actor. 吳鎮宇is a playful boy with huge, ugly handwriting that I often like to pick on him and ka jiao him to improve his handwriting. He looks very cute whenever I pick on him.

Just as I was being a bitch pointing at his paper and instructing him to practically erase his whole paper, the girls in front turned around and shouted to me that somebody outside the door was snapping a picture of me.

When I turned around, I saw nobody snapping pictures. I told the girls that they had probably seen wrongly. I continued being a bitch and told 吳鎮宇 to carry on erasing. The girls kept on insisting that somebody was using his handphone to snap pictures of me.

In my heart, I was thinking it might be the older secondary school kids. I calmed my kids down and assured them that the person may just be taking photos of the whole class. I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea.

Then, it happened again and the girls started yelling for me to turn. They had this shocked expression on their faces, as if wondering why would somebody be secretly snapping a picture of their teacher.

The whole class became disorderly and many turned to look at the glass panel on the door. This time, I caught the red light flashing on the handphone but I could not see the person’s face. The person quickly inched away from the glass panel. I didn’t open the door to confront the person coz I didn’t wanna make a scene in an educational environment.

The girls told me that it was somebody’s father. I was quite taken aback that it was a father and not some adolescent.

As I was teaching a young class, I did not want to scare or worry them so I casually exclaimed, “Wow! Whose father is so interested in our lesson? Please go and see if it’s your father.”

Some of them ran up to check, each claiming that it should not be theirs. 吳鎮宇 also ran up and said it was his dad.

As shocked as I was in my heart, I turned it into a joke and told 吳鎮宇, “See, you are so untidy that your dad is taking a photo of me scolding you.”

The whole class burst out laughing and soon the matter died down. They didn’t look as frightened anymore and everyone resumed doing their Math.

After the class, I started to feel uneasy. Even though those shots were of my back views, I kept wondering why anybody’s dad would be snapping a photo of me. I was all the more disturbed that it was my own student’s dad. I wasn’t wearing anything revealing-- a high necked top with asymmetrical skirt that goes from knee to calf length. Very decent what.

Maybe he was trying to snap a picture to show his wife how their son's teacher looks like… But it’s not possible as I’ve talked to 吳鎮宇’s mum a couple of times.

Maybe I looked like somebody else he knew… but why snap my back view?

Maybe he was trying to snap a pic of my large bauble bead choker… Which teacher wears large bauble beads choker?

Maybe he was really trying to snap a pic of me scolding his son, so he could go and complain… But his son would know that I wasn’t picking on him.

Or maybe it was indeed an older kid who was snapping my pic but 吳鎮宇’s dad happened to be there which explains why 吳鎮宇 would announce that it was his dad.

Yes! That should be the case and I would prefer to believe in that too.


Second incident happened after work when I went to meet my er jie in town. I was stalked by somebody from the same mrt carriage.

It was at Raffles Place interchange that I managed to get a seat. I plonked myself down and started reading. This guy sat next to me but I took no notice of him.

At City Hall, a couple stepped in. The girl sat next to the guy beside me and he immediately gave up his seat to the girl’s bf. The girl’s bf kept insisting it was alright but that guy also insisted he should sit. In the end, the bf thanked him and took the seat while the guy who was initially sitting next to me now stood in front of me.

I’m one who doesn’t really bother to look at people when I’m alone outside. However, I thought that the guy was quite nice to have given up his seat so the couple could sit together. I stole a glance at him. He was looking at me! He looked like an uglier and very short version of Nakata Hidetoshi with glasses… very si wen though.

I continued being engrossed in my book.

We got down at Orchard, “Nakata” stood next to me on the escalator. I thought nothing about it.

After I tapped my card, I whipped up my hp to call my sis to ask where she was. I was walking in a zig zag manner as I had to change direction when my sis told me she was at Taka Zara.

When I stood on the long escalator that led to outside, Nakata was once again beside me. I continued yakking on the hp. As I clamped my hp shut, I could see from the corner of my eye that he was facing me.

Once we reached outside, it was really crowded. I walked very quickly and squeezed my way through the throngs of people. “Nakata” would always either be beside me, diagonally in front of me or behind me by a mere few steps.

It was highly probable that we might be heading the same direction but somehow I got the feeling that he was following me. I could zip from left (nearer to the road) to right (nearer to the shopping malls) but he would always be a few steps away from me. Even if we were both heading for taka, it can’t be so coincidental that our paths were exactly the same right?

There are many ways to cut to the right to Taka building but when I made a sharp turn to the right in between Wisma and Taka, he did the same thing. Instead of using the main double glass door, I pushed the smaller one closer to LV and he followed me too!

Inside Taka it’s damn obvious liao. From every reflective shop windows and glass panes, I could see him following behind.

I met my sis outside Zara and headed for Watson’s. As we walked, I told her about the guy and that I was pretending I didn’t know just to see how far he would follow. Each time she turned, she said that he would siam4 away so she concluded that he was indeed stalking. She also concluded that nobody who wanna go to Watson’s would take the same winding route that we took inside Taka.

We spent a long time inside Watson’s. I told my sis that if I saw him outside Watson’s when we came out, I would go up and confront him.

Boy was I glad that he was gone when we came out.

I really wonder what’s up with him but all I wanna say to him is this:

..\................. /........\................../


Being pissed aside…

*Hollers out to all good frenz of mine reading this*

Anybody interested to go MOS by this month? I've still got an unfinished bottle of Chivas there.

MOS would throw it away end of this month. I don’t really bother since it’s free but allowing Chivas to go down the sink is a SIN!

Beep me beep me!


  1. wah.. a stalker? maybe he finds you attractive? n heck, a incident too in the class..

    Wayne is 7months now. My wife called him "little monster". Me busy with work and bringing the family around when I am free on the weekend..
    Monday coming again, got to work again. :(

    Well, nowadays a lot of weirdos, including me.. haha.. I like to take candid shots, but nothing that hopefully do not outrage anyone, esp ladies.

    have to give your student's dad, benefit of doubt, but then to protect oneself.

    The hero chap, must have recongise you from your blog, just shy to tell u so.. heh.

  2. I say you should have confronted both when the incidents happen. Scold them and embarass them.

    To the person up there. Nakata is the footballer la! Not the Hero actor in Gatsby.

  3. Such happening incidents in a day. I wonder if should feel honoured or angry that it happened.

    Nakata is not bad looking. Maybe he just wanna make friends but too shy to say.

    Please take care.


  4. Oh manz! I am terrified of stalker too!!!
    Send a cold down my spine~

    If it's really the father of the kid~
    I said he's sick in his mind if
    he really taking yr photos for
    don't know wat purpose!!!

    Gotta be careful, dear Jolene!!!

    Don't be alone with this father
    just to play safe~
    All kind of sick in the mind people around!!!


  5. Hi bwilly,
    Ya lor… 2 incidents in a day! I’m really giving my student’s dad the benefit f doubt. I don’t even know how he looks like. Maybe next time can peep outside to see how he looks.

    Hero chap??? You mean the stalker huh? Oh Nakata is the footballer leh. Well, if he recognize me from my blog then he should at least come up and tell me instead of stalking me lor. Puts me off.

    Hope your little monster is also your little bundle of joy.

    Enjoy the week ahead!

    Hi anon,
    I’m afraid if I confront them, they’ll deny and there’s really nothing I can do. They’re not committing any crime. Also, for the one that happened in school, I didn’t really wanna make a fuss in front of the kids.

    Hi Yen,
    Definitely not honoured. Trust me, that one isn’t good looking.

    Hi Vivien,
    Ya lor but I’m giving him the benefit of doubt. Well.. read about that tiki uncle who even tapped you on the shoulder. So daring lor. Kick his balls ah!


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