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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Staycation at the Tree Top Lofts Part 1 - Virtual Tour

For our wedding anniversary last month, the hubz booked a 2D1N stay at Tree Top Lofts RWS Sentosa Singapore coz of a really sweet deal in July.

I shared a video tour of the Tree Top Loft in one of my post here but just in case you've missed it, you could also view it on my YouTube account. I've attached an audio clip to the video this time round so instead of hearing the incessant chirping and screeching of insects, you would be greeted with jazzy tunes.

Join me for a photo tour in Part 1 of Staycation at the Tree Top Lofts - Virtual Tour!


I love this roomy bag a lot. It saw me through my short trips and beach getaways.

We did not know that the Tree Top Lofts was under the exclusive check-in and waited quite a bit at the reception counter before somebody directed us to the correct counter. See, there is no sign of "Tree Top Lofts" on the signage at all.

Once the check in procedures were done, we hopped onto a buggy with our personal butler and soon reached a nondescript opening to a pathway. There was just a small little sign pointing to the lofts and if I were walking along that road, I would not even have known the hidden treasure along that path. We were told that it was part of the hotel's marketing strategy (or the lack of) not to publicize excessively on the Tree Top Lofts since there were only 2 lofts available and they wanted the lofts to remain exclusive. I hadn't quite expected a "tree house" to have a lift so imagine my surprise when I saw a lift.

That was the other loft viewed from our outdoor platform. We enquired if there were anyone staying and the butler answered that he was not supposed to reveal. We guess the answer was a "yes" since kh opted for the higher storey but we got the lower one.

Welcome to Angsana Loft!

The main door opened to a spacious living room. That's Kh noodling around with his iPad and watching cable channels.

To the immediate right of the main door was the "bar counter".

A passageway linked the living room to the bedroom.

To the right of the passageway was where we placed our bags. Isn't that quite a bit for just a 2D1N stay? It is always a hassle to prepare for water activity... sets of clothes... sets of shoes...

It was the first time using this Coach sling bag and I love it to bits. My usual sling bag is more ruggard looking and so I'm glad I got this at a huge discount for occasions when I need a slightly dressier sling bag to complement my outfit.

To the left of the passageway was the wardrobe.

Panning right from the previous photo was the humongous bathroom-- my favourite place of the whole loft!

I adore the elegant feel on one side...

...blending in unison with the woody rustic feel on the other side.

A personal dislike was the lack of power points in the bathroom and that there were no other mirrors in the whole loft except the ones in the bathroom.

A mirror selfie shot with kh photobombing.

Though I wouldn't get one for my own home, I love canopy beds.

I love the canopy so much that by nightfall, I realized I did not have a shot of me with the bed that I insisted kh took one for me.

There was a simple but sleek area for work.

Such a unique lampstand.

We could never quite escape from modernity and technology even in such a rustic place.

Being atop a tree with the buzzing and screeching of crickets, we felt like we were immersed into nature. As much as possible, the Tree Top Lofts is a sustainable project as evidence from how the lofts are built around nature and accommodating it.

Exploring the platform that surrounded the loft, we realized that we were not too far off from modernity. We could see another hotel just opposite, hear the screams from the patrons at the Adventure Cove...

... and even espied cable cars above us...

... as we waved to the people up there wondering if they could see us.

I would usually finish those fruits which are easy to eat but this time round, we only touched the grapes.

I did not like the slippers provided. They made slappy noises. I prefer a pair of snug bedroom slippers but I guess these were made for walking on the outdoor platforms too.

This outfit is available from my shop Fleurfaerie.

Since this is a wedding anniversary staycation, how could kh and I not have a proper photo together right? These were taken using the Wondercam app on my iPhone without any manual editing. While they look great on the small iPhone screen, I cringe when they are this big. Urgh... it looks super edited when enlarged.

Perhaps an anigif of fun shots taken using my camera's multiple shots mode makes a better couple shot. We did the poses spontaneously but I tried very hard to see what kh was doing from the corner of my eye and mimicked.

Part 2 would be about our amazing dinner at Forest 森. My mouth is watering right now as I recall the delicious food.


For more information:
The sweet deal consisted of a special 2D1N package at $800 nett inclusive of 2 Adventure Cove Waterpark day passes and 2 adult tickets to Dolphin Discovery! On normal days, the rate for the loft is at $3000++ per night.

This sweet deal is available for the whole of 2014 so for those who are interested, do check out RWS blog where you could view aerial and under view photos of the Tree Top Lofts. Read more about the lofts at the RWS page too.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gerra's Super Unconventional Wedding Part 2

A month ago, I blogged about Part 1 of Gerra's super unconventional wedding which featured the pre-wedding detail shots. (Gosh... can I buy a truckload of Time please?) Part 2 would feature what happened during the sit-down western style dinner at Skyve. It was anything but a sit-down dinner.

Presenting the bride and groom.

Finally, I managed to capture a shot of just Clement and Gerra.

Let's take a swing while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Fashionably late as a couple is dear Xtina and Lester and they have a new status as Mummy and Daddy-to-be. Congrats! I'm truly happy for the both of them!

All dressed up.


Nerdy Kh acting cool and nonchalant after acting stupid in the previous photo.

All my bob hair Bimbo Sisters. I love Tiff's black and white wig which reminds me of Cruella De Vil, the villain from 101 Dalmatians.

Look who's the odd one out? After wearing a wig for one Halloween, I realise that I absolutely hate the feeling of having so much heat accumulated right above the scalp not being able to escape. Actually I lost my wig but that isn't a bob wig too.

All my beloved bimbo sisters.

Lester Presley being flanked on the right and left by twin nerds Jimson and Kh.

Afro meets electric blue. Hmm... Xtina looked like she was cupping a really gigantic red wine glass. Perspective.

Dinner was served buffet style and the food was really good. The fish was so delicious that I could just sit there and eat fish the whole day. Most of us visited the buffet table again and again.

The wedding favour packaging reminds me of Hello Kitty.

There was an illusionist who went round the tables to perform his sleight of hand tricks. I really like close-up street magic tricks a lot and this illusionist is really good! All of us got to experience his little magic with coins, rubber bands and even my iPhone! For our table, he did some coin tricks which I was personally involved and was befuddled when extra coins could appear in my clenched fist. Equally befuddling was a rubber band trick. Though we could roughly explain the logic of the trick, we just could not believe our eyes even after watching and pausing the video a few times.

Tiff and Paul were most probably analyzing the rubber band video here.

The rubber band trick video is on Tiff's phone. What I have on my camera is the iPhone in balloon trick. Yup, that's my iPhone there and he simply smashed the balloon into my iPhone and presto... my iPhone went into the balloon.

Here's the video. While I was uploading this video, I started watching some videos on YouTube and finally know how this trick is done. Still, I find his sleight of hand really deft.

Zhou Chong Qing 周崇庆 is a personal friend of the couple and we just had to take a photo with him before he made a move.
(For my non-local blog readers, Zhou Ching Qing is a local radio deejay, actor and host. He is a humorous and down-to-earth person and is rather popular and well-loved among the parents generation.)

While Gerra was busy entertaining her other groups of friends, we accosted Clement for a group shot. We had to make use of the photobooth and the props right?

Tiff and Paul with Gerra and Clement.

Lester Presley serenading Xtina with his baritone voice.

Me and Kh shooting them with guns and arrows. As I said, we had to make use of the photobooth and the props right?

When we saw the setting of the photobooth, we thought that the backdrop was gaudy. However, it looked more professional in the actual photo.

The Primary 6B gang. I've known them for as long as 21 to 25 years. That's how old we are but hey, we don't look our age at all! (⌒_⌒;)

Um... We were trying to do the sign "6" and "B" but apparently, Jimson did a mirror image and ended with "d".

Good old kh knows I love this kinda shot in shot photos.

Gerra joined in for a more complete 6B shot. I love how candid this photo is. That's all of us waving bye bye spontaneously to her friends whom we didn't even know. We were just waving them away for fun so that we could have a shot with her. ( ^_^)/

Who's the bride?

Why did all the gals pout and purse our lips here? Telepathy of the bimbos perhaps.

And when the party was over, there was clearing up to be done. Like removing the disco ball.

Removing the colourful pinwheels from the reception table.

And frantically trying to distribute all the remaining wedding favours.

Ending off this post with an anigif of the Pri 6B gang that evening.


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