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Monday, July 30, 2007

1.5 years later, tf and me met again

Yay! Met up with tf Last Sunday after about 1.5 years yes? The last I could recall was last February.

The constant “when-are-you-free-to-meet-up” smses, the double date that never materialise… It was just sooooo difficult to find a common time to meet up.

That was the first time I see the sporty tf sporting such long hair!

Tf had wanted to eat at HK café but since we were at Far East Plaza, we/I were/was too lazy to walk in my new and pretty pointy shoes and so went to this Jap ramen place (which she said was not too bad) for dinner.

Walking in my shoes…

The only pair of pointy shoes which can hold my narrow feet securely and doesn’t give me blisters. But it gave me cramped toes and aching nails. I hate my feet! And then somebody in the background would go, “Cut it off. Cut it off.” (You know who you are) "Cut off your toes. Cut off your toes." (You know who you are has corrected me.)

On the topic of that restaurant, I wouldn’t visit it again. Forgot the name of the place but it is located at Level 1. The food was so so and the service was damn slow. If I’m not wrong, we waited 45 minutes for the food. Luckily we were too engrossed in our conversation to feel impatient and pissed off. Ok, at least that was what we feel but apparently tf’s tone to the waitress proved otherwise. She was curt and sounded pissed off when asking why our food was taking so long. Haiz… what has t**c***g done to you? So bitchy and so fierce now. Haha… You know ah after our meet up, I was super bitchy and fierce to my noisy classes for a day. But they really deserved it la.

To add on about not visiting that restaurant again, there is something about the whole environment that is not agreeable coz both of us started to have achey heads after sitting there for some time. It must be the combination of lighting and music that caused the achey head.

Huge portions food which we greedily finished…

We adjourned to Lido for a change in environment. I was surprised to see such an empty Lido. The last time I saw an empty Lido was during JC time on a weekday.

Tf got a polaroid for her birthday and she was so excited about using it that she brought that bulky thing out.

So we took photos of us with the polaroid as well as of us and the polaroids.

On our way to the loo
We bumped into Lord You-Know-Who
Saved we were in the nick of time
By the courageous Harry Potter and Sirius Black too

Next, we dropped by the Simpson’s living room for some Itchy and Scratchy show.

In a time when computer animation brings us worlds of unsurpassed beauty, one film dares to be UGLY – The Simpson’s movie in 2-D.

That night, they were pretty much 3-D like you and me and they were really ecstatic about that. Homer was downing is Duff beer and yelling away, “Doh! Do we look 2-D to you? We have character and substance! We’re definitely not flat!”

Can’t wait to watch the movie. I heard from my sister’s friend that “You haven’t even laugh finish then you will laugh at the next one”. I love the subversive wit, the satire and the morbid humour of the Simpsons. The cartoons never fail to crack me up. Tf also likes Simpsons. High-5 man! You are the first friend I know who appreciates Simpson’s humour.

It was a great evening catching up with you my dear. There is never an awkward moment of silence with you. Although we are both not as siao char bor as before, we will always be so buddy buddy and 38 38 with each other. Anytime you wanna rant about your job, you can find me coz I’ll perfectly empathise your situation and angst. I won’t get sian of listening to all your stories. I learnt about soooo many things which I never knew.

Hope everything will go on smoothly on your side and hope to hear happy news from you. In the meantime, gambatte to all workaholics in this world!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sleep, Slack, Sit Around, Surf

I just kept sleeping and sleeping till 2+pm. I really hate to sleep till afternoon but I just could not pluck myself outta of bed with stuffy nose, clouded mind and backache.

Sick? Lethargic? Or sheer laziness? I think it’s a bit of all combined. My body must be instructing my mind to continue sleeping and to replenish all the lost hours while at the same time misleading me to think I’m sick.

No tuition the whole day coz I postponed the first session and the second one was timely cancelled by the mum as tutee was bz doing his project.

Managed to finish marking a stack and then slacked, sat around and watched the last episode of CSI. Simple pleasures but so heavenly.

Oh, I got to earn some meez coinz from a random newsletter and so my Little meez Consicence is sporting an almost complete look from Halloween 2006. YAY! I’m just lacking the Halloween background so continue TRYING to support. Eh gera and tiff ah. It’s very easy to sign up mah. How come you all spent so much time trying to figure out? Really live up to your bimbo status leh. I’ve helped kh signed up for an a/c from that url.

Hehe he made a meez that really resembled him a lot. But some stupid items have to be bought so I didn’t save it.

Presenting Little MEez Conscience...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She/ I look kinda retarded carrying the big Trick or Treat bag and blinking non-stop. The animation is supposed to be much longer when she/ I would swing the bag here and there very innocently.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I prefer the new flirty Conscience. Once again, the animation is supposed to be a lot longer which is viewable when you click here.

Photobucket is GREAT! I'm slow to jump on the Photobucket bandwagon but I realised the reason I took so long to sign up for an a/c was because the nicknames I always used have all been taken up. I was too lazy to think of a new username that I simply didn't sign up till now.

Wanna blog about the meet up with tf too. That will have to wait. Hope none of your students know of my blog. BTW babe, the photos have been uploaded onto Multiply. Go and check it out. Pweet pweet you back. So sweet of you to pin up our polaroid on your noticeboard. I'm gonna stare at you everyday so you better not eat snake. Wahaha…

Note to frenz:
I've read your comments. Thanx a lot. I'll reply them another day ya? Have a great day ahead! =)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Deardear's Birthday

When it comes to planning something for kh, I’m really a bad gf.

Unlike a few years ago when I had the time to make cards, write letters, do cross-stitch, paint boxes and basically ruin every hand-made stuff, I totally left everything to the last minute this year.

I didn’t even get him a present coz whenever I asked him what he wanted, he would just say,

“I don’t want any present, I just want you.”

To which, I would simply answer,

"Ok. I’ll tie a ribbon around my head.”

Don’t scoff and roll your eyeballs. I can see that k.

Anyway with not much planning done, I decided to treat him to the best steak in Singapore-- Morton’s.

I heard that the bar’s happy hour was worth checking out. They had martinis going for about 10 buckeroos with free flow of fillet mignion steak sandwiches.

Being very yao kwee, we decided to head for the bar for some free sandwiches.

Had lychee martinis on empty stomachs and after what seemed like eternity, the free sandwiches were still nowhere in sight. We then ordered some fries. Those were pretty good. One of the best-tasting fat fries I’ve ever tasted, Crisp on the outside and steamy on the inside.

Oh yes, the fries cost a freaky fifteen buckaroos. Yes… $15. So don’t order it on occasions when your stomach isn’t empty.

Just when the fries arrived, the steak sandwiches also arrived. Mmmm… heavenly! I swear I could just sit there and eat steak sandwiches the whole damn happy hour.

Everyone was really very happy during happy hours. Laughter from every table filled the air. The whole place had a very classy appearance but the atmosphere was casual and comfortable.

After two rounds of sandwiches, I was secretly wondering if we would be able to finish the main course later. We transferred the bill down to the main restaurant and plotted to run away.

The wooden door of the main entrance was tucked away inconspicuously at the corner that we almost thought that was the back door.

Instead of being given the menu straight away, a waitress came along pushing a food trolley with the different cuts of steak, together with a live lobster, and started an introduction of the dining experience. I thought that was rather interesting.

The service was impeccable; the waiters and waitresses personable. It was a pleasant dining experience.

After the introduction, we were presented with a piping hot loaf of bread. Damn it was a huge loaf. We could have done away with the fries before that.

The bread was delicious. Some may wonder how delicious bread could be but it was indeed delicious. We felt really guilty for only nibbling a morsel of it but we had to save some space for our steaks… medium rare of course!

Kh’s prime steak

The serving was really huge! His steak was larger and twice the thickness of mine. So thick, succulent and juicy although I very much preferred the taste and texture of mine.

Mine… I forgot if it was the Porterhouse steak

1st bite… Mmmmm…

2nd bite… Mmmm…

3rd bite… Mmm…

Halfway through my steak, I was so full and my wisdom tooth was aching from all the chewing that I felt I could not force myself to finish.

I thought the piggy kh could do it but he also did not finish his.

Judging from the unfinished food, we wasted about $30 to $40 worth of steak.

Needless to say, we had to forgo the sinful chocolate desserts. How can one end a meal without desserts??? Sigh… Next time, I’ll head for the bar when chilling out with yao kwee frenz who don’t mind having martinis and steak sandwiches for “high tea”.

The bill came up to $280+.

Food: * * * * 1/2
(Would have probably been a 5 if we were hungry to begin with)

Ambience: * * * *
(Pricey but not snobbish. I didn’t have to fret about which utensils to use and felt totally at ease. The place was crowded with mainly business associates and couples. )

Service: * * * * *
(Warm, friendly, attentive and sincere. In a place like Singapore where we have to hold smiling campaigns, this place is a gem.)

Price: Higher end but you get what you pay
(Most expensive meal ever but it was worth it.)

Inside the nice loo

I love my outfit that day.

Yiz, if you’re still reading my blog, see… I pei4 your goldish medallion-looking bling with my beadies pearlies necklace. I love the necklace so much. Good taste. Thanx babe!

Testing out the flash and suppressed flash mode…

This is so not perfect but I like it anyway.

Back at his house to cut cake…

More photos from kh’s bro’s side to come… the same bro whom I kop this laptop from. Hope he doesn’t ask for me to return it or I’ll start to physically personalise it by adorning it with jewelled bling bling stickers or Hello Kitty or My Melody or Little Twin Stars or Care Bears or My Little Pony or anything girlish.

It’s the return of the horror movie of the countless little us!

Once again, we played around with double unflashed and flashed mode.

The night ended quite early and by 1am I was home. I haven’t seen him for only 3 days but I miss him. He has been quite busy with work and hall stuff. Saturday is usually our nights out but for these 2 weekends, he’ll be very busy preparing for hall camp and stuff.

Time to meet long lost friends for updates and gossips or stay at home and spend some time with myself. I really miss quality me-time.

Gosh I didn’t do much work today. Will do some later and sleep early coz it’ll be a long day of tuition. I’m going for my very first IPL and meeting tf after that. I miss that xiao zhar bor who always calls me xiao zhar bor. It’s been almost one and a half year since we last met up... or was it? Let’s xiao together later. =D

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To be updated: Deardear's Birthday on 18th July

No time for updates now. Got tonnes of work to do.

Entertain yourselves with an overload of our handsome and pretty faces for now...

Wahaha... =D

WHAT? It's like watching a horror movie?


Ok... how about a photo of something tantalising to the tastebuds?

The best steak in Singapore sure isn't a horror movie. Unless of course you're a vegetarian... or an animal activist...

Or else then you're a cow.


coachie coachie coo

Sam came back from the States with a bad news for me -- She didn't buy my moo moo coachie. "The factory outlet only has the older designs... The boutique has that but it's totally not worth it after conversion so I didn't get it for you... ..."

That may well be a good news for now my heart is itching for the hobos.

Just can't decide if the

small brown hoho...

large green hobo...


small scibble hobo...

is the best.

My heart is also fluttering at the sight of the bumble bee signature pouch from a few seasons back.

All these are brand new and priced reasonably.

And this is JUST the coach list. I'd better stop or I'll behave like Little MEez Crazy below...

One insomnia night-morning, I was happily trying to make another meez, intending to call her Little MEez Boh Liao. Then, I spotted red devil horns and lo and behold, a few clicks more and out sprouted a pair of white feathery angel wings and I thought it was totally cool to recreate a Little MEez Conscience from last year's Halloween's get up .

Black dress... CHECKED
Black shoes... CHECKED
Black nail polish... CHECKED
Big black eyes... CHECKED
Faux eyelashes... CHECKED
Blondish hair... CHECKED
Angel wings
Devil horns
Halloween background


The angel wings plus devil horns, together with the Halloween background, would complete the whole look. I gleefully clicked "save" with a smirk on my face, thinking about how cool the whole thing was.

ALAS! The angel wings and halloween background were premium items and had to be purchased with meez coinz. So long for the complete Halloween 2006 look! *pouts big time*

Of course I was not silly to purchase these coinz with real money but I was silly enough to try to earn coinz by following their instructions and played a pirate's game till 6am. Luckily that was my off day but unluckily, I didn't get any meez coinz! I played the game many times and earned lots of pirate coinz but still no sign of meez coinz ringing in.

WASTE MY TIME! It was good that the puzzle games were fun.

So now my Little MEez Conscience look so incomplete.

I'm iamjolene!


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

Make a Meez

Please help Little MEez Conscience to earn coinz by clicking on the above link to sign up. We'll both get to earn.

Pretty please?

BIMBO SISTERS... WHERE ARE YOU? Please support support yi xia. We can make 5 little meez Consciences.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Reply to Tags

I LoVe the TRANSFORMERS movies so much too,dear!I also think it better than all the other movies I watch this year! "300" movies is also good though! Oh! The *hiding* part of TRANSFORMERS so funny!!! It heartwarming!Action-Packed! And Funny all at the same time!Great movies!My LaoGon and me plan to buy its DVDs to rewatch and keep! As always,do take care while working so hard too!!! If we fall severely sick *touch wood*~ The company still continue without and can re-hire someone to replace us loh *touch wood*~ But it yourself who 'suffer' and feel unwell coz of poor health in the end!So Yeah!HEALTH most impt of all! And yr colleague sound really irritating~ I think sometimes we have no choice,but have to go tell her nicely tat can please don't sing so loud or don't sing?As u need to concentrate?Why not the other colleagues go tell her too? OhYah! I v SLOW!But I super LoVe the how the tables and how the ballrm looked like at yr friend's wedding at Shangri La!So Grand and Beautiful!OMG!*droolz*!!! OhYah!I open the *COMMENTS* in my blog especially for u le! Gan Dong ma (touched ma?) *WAHAHA*! Take care my friend!!!

Jo to Vivien,
I always love to read all your long long tags. I agree with whatever you’ve said about Transformer. My bf also wanna buy the dvd. I enjoyed 300 too! Just caught Harry Potter. For someone who doesn’t read the books, I’ve always enjoyed the movies.

I wish the co could hire like a perm person to help me out in my Pri English dept too. But things are beginning to look brighter. At least they recognize my efforts and are trying their best to alleviate my workload. I haven fallen really sick yet so still ok. I wish I were easily replaceable… haha den can just go MIA.

Something has been done abt the singing-mumbling colleague. Hehe… my colleague talked to her and for the past few days, we had great peace.

Wah!!! I’m soooo gan dong that you included the comments section! Yay, den I can just type longlong liao. Will drop by your colourful and cheerful blog soon and leave a longlong comment. Oh yes, if you don’t find it a hassle, next time do comment in my comment section so I can preserve the memory ya? Coz cbox doesn’t save the tags. So sad!

You take care too!!!


Canny~: hI BABE! Its me again. wahaha! Like for the lack of time, mayb u can jot down the list of things to do, eg. from wat time - wat time: Do what, then i guess the time management will be better this way? Have you try out b4? Last time when I work, I always write down the list of things i need to do, to complete by the deadline, and i can manage my time better! Rem to rest more & pls dun overwork k!! Take good care~!!

Jo to Canny,
Hmm… I do jot down the task to do but can never finish on time unless the day has 36 hours. Thanx for your suggestion though. And oh…. Thank you for your ecard! It’s really sweet of you. It made my day to see something so simple but sincere. I will rest more and take care. You must too. I’ll drop by your make-me-envious-and-wanna-go-US blog soon.


sherin: you look good in aniting lah~ *envy* the bubble dress brings out a different you. kawaii~~

Jo to sherin,
Haha thanx! The bubble dress really very bubbly and make me look like a present with the huge ribbon and puffed look.


reg: hey gal, take care leh..u sound very overworked and stressed up..try to rest more while u can ya?? hehe i cried in public too..just last sun for the same reason as u..ugh.But I've decided to quit!

Jo to reg,
Heyhey… You’re alive! I dropped by your blog every now and then but only see cobwebs. Hope to see some updates. I think you’re also seriously overworked too. Let’s learn to relax relax. Hope everything’s going well for you! Take care!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Most Accurate Horoscope I've Ever Read

“It’s certainly a busy time, but you seem to be under the weather, or at least in danger of succumbing to emotional stress. You may not see eye to eye with one particular colleague. The handy astrological advice: relax and see to it that you have sufficient time to yourself.”

– Taken from the horoscope page of the latest 8 Days issue

For the first time, every single line of my weekly horoscope matches what I’m undergoing.

It certainly is a busy time. My temper is getting shorter and shorter as the days go by and I fear that I may not be able to take it anymore. I don’t wanna cry to relieve myself coz I don’t even have the urge to cry. I fear I may not be able to take it anymore. I don’t understand why. There is already a new full time staff to help me out. Why is it that I still can’t finish my work? Why is it that I still bring home paperbag full of work and do till the wee hours? It’s not like I’m some auditor or some highly paid professional or holding some high post or something.

My family members feel that I spend too much time on my work too. My two sisters do not even bring work home. Whenever I see them relaxing at home, I feel kinda jealous. But during this period, I discovered that my sisters are actually very good to me. Once when I had that headache-puking syndrome, my 2nd sis actually wanted to go out and buy any food I asked for. In the end, she wanted to cook for me when I told her I had no appetite for anything except home-cooked food. Haha…

On another occasion, I came home at 11+ and had not eaten my dinner, only to find out that my 1st sis had finished off all the food. She felt so bad that she immediately cooked noodles for me, adding lots of ingredients to it.

Many a times when I came home looking so tired and grumpy, they didn’t even snap at me when snapped at them. When I asked them help me do the dishes coz I’m simply too tired, they helped me without even a hint of complaint. It’s quite unlike them.

And they make me laugh too.

On the topic of not seeing eye to eye to a certain colleague, it’s not entirely the case but it’s somewhat relative. Since my temper is getting shorter by the day, I feel kinda irritated by this singing-mumbling colleague.

This particular colleague is someone who is quite friendly, helpful and with no ill intention, only some bad and annoying habits like singing and mumbling the whole damn day. I used to be able to tahan her, (of coz can tahan la… I’m considered sitting a distance from her as compared to my 2 other colleagues. I really wonder how they can do their work in peace) but last Thursday, I nearly wanted to scream my lungs out. That day, only the both of us were left in the room and I cancelled my tuition to stay back to finish up some work. Having my peace and concentration disrupted when I was trying to finish work certainly didn’t sit well with my nerves. She sang quite loudly and hummed all kinds of tunes. She mumbled so audibly that I thought she may be speaking to me but she wasn’t.

Throughout my mind, I kept telling myself to pick up the courage to tell her in a very nice manner to stop it, However, I could not bring myself to do it. I just imagined myself telling her to stop, only to have the reality of her singing and mumbling bursting the bubble. I tried telling her once long time ago in a joking manner and she actually went “Huh?” very innocently and looking very blur at me. I couldn’t bring myself to repeat to her what I had said.

Tell me… How to deal with this kind of situation??? I don’t want be a meanie coz she isn’t a bad person at all. Nobody knows how to tell her to stop singing and mumbling her every thought out as it’s really difficult to tell someone to stop something so harmless.

Last Thursday night, I engaged kh’s help in marking my K2’s work while I did the rest of my Saturday’s class marking. Instead of increasing productivity, he was constantly asking me how to mark this and what to do with certain mistakes. And that idiotic boy kept laughing at what my students wrote. Laugh till 3+ then finished marking.

Then on Friday night, I asked for his help again for I really could not finish marking my sat's class work. He was so sweet. I could see he was very sleepy but he even offered to help me mark more after he had finished with what I've asked him to mark (and finished making his meez doll.) I thought he would find the meez doll dumb but he actually created one which looked quite like him. Haha... He was like "If I create the doll then I don't have to help you mark is it?"

I completed everything at 5.48am and felt like crying as I looked at the brightening sky and my hp clock and marked the last 5 worksheets. My insomnia wasn’t working that night and I was constantly nodding off to sleep. I slept at 6am and woke up yesterday with an achy head. I asked for a relief tutor just in case I could not take it. Even though help had been found, I decided to teach the 3 classes myself.

My very naughty and noisy 10-12 P1 class was surprisingly well-behaved that day. The few trouble-makers were absent and I thanked God that they weren’t around to aggravate my head. However, I was really quite taken aback when my 12-2pm class suddenly got an addition of 7 new pupils with 2 more doing make up lesson that day. That was my well-behaved P1 class and all of a sudden, it became too crowded and a little disrupting to the whole class dynamics. On top of my achy head, I felt this sudden rush of blood throughout my body and my heart went palpitating rapidly. I just could not calm my heart down.

I used to be able to tahan the noisiest and naughtiest P1 class, just an addition of new pupils made me feel so stress? Oh purleez, wake up my idea man.
“I can handle it. No worries.” I reminded myself constantly.

Next was my favourite P2 class and they are alwiz very cute as usual. It was fortunate that the classes weren’t too naughty that day and instead of getting intensifying my headache, the pain slowly subsided.

By the time I knocked off, I was well enough to watch Transformers. It was a real FWAH!!! Better than all the 3s – Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Carribean 3 and Shrek 3. It was action all the way peppered with bits of hilarious scenes here and there. I love the scene when all the huge autobots went into hiding around Sam’s house, plastering themselves flat against the walls and under the shed to prevent themselves from being spotted by Sam’s parents.

After the show, feeling very lame, I told kh that his car may be a robot in disguise. He actually played along with the lameness by replying, “Ya then maybe when I rub my steering wheel the autobots logo will start to appear. And for the rest of the walk to the car, we kept making those cool transforming sound.

I’ve not done any work today. I will do so later. I wanna try to finish as much as possible these days. Aiming to go for a short break before kh’s starts school. Now could that come true?

Look what I’ve received in my email…

GSS Specials at Derma Image for Popular Card members

What’s Hot: Harry Potter
What’s Not: Hairy Underarms
Solution: Derma Image IPL Underarm Package

From now till 31 Jul, sign up for a 10-session package at only $388 (UP: $900) when you flash your POPULAR Card! With Derma Image's Intense Pulsed Light hair removal system, expect to see desired results in just one to three treatments and minimal or no discomfort at all.

The way they advertised is damn funny lor! Sounds like a good deal right? I’m so gonna call them up.

BTW I've added some pics from zanne's friend hp onto the Sweet O May post. Do check them out. =)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stress, De-stress, Work, Play

Work has been quite busy for me the past few weeks. BUSY plus STRESSFUL.

I know I can handle it and will always mange to do it eventually but I really cannot stand the grueling process. There was this week when the work was so overwhelming that I could not see half my table. I had to come back on my 2 off days just to complete them.

When I do fall asleep, I have very weird dreams. And for the 2nd time, I dreamt that Simba died. In both dreams, I was crying and screaming like mad and my voice just disappeared.

Amidst the pressure, I was quite surprised that I hadn’t lost myself and vented my anger on my family members and on kh.

I was quite surprised that I haven’t cried to de-stress coz crying always makes me feel better.

I was quite surprised and thought that I had grown stronger. (I’m actually someone who tears and cries easily)

With all the extra commitments from being in charge of kindergarten curriculum and opening a new class which required preparation of materials, I would just have to endure till last Saturday and most of the major stress would be alleviated and I needn’t have to cry. That day happened to be the last day of June and I thought of going crazy doing last minute shopping before the GST hike. I even reminded kh that I needed to de-stress after work that day and warned him not to restrain me. He was such a sweet boy the whole evening, accompanying me to shop with nary a hint of complaint and even offered constructive suggestions when asked.

Then, just an innocent remark over MacDonald’s breakfast broke the fuse. He asked me not to read my magazine at the same time and to finish up my food quickly.

The next moment, the tears flowed down my cheeks uncontrollably and my nose just went all runny. Yes, in public.

In between sobs, I just let it all out. “Do you know that I’ve been really stress at work? I eat in front of my computer and only take a break to go to the toilet. Can’t I just sit down and eat my breakfast slowly and read my magazine?”

I dunno what else shot out from my mouth but kh thought that my reaction to such a small remark was downright ridiculous. He understood the stress I was going through at work but he thought that his words didn’t warrant such a huge and ludicrous reaction. Also, he actually meant for me to finish my breakfast quickly so that I could go home and take a really good rest.

Misinterpreting his intention and visibly upset by the fact that he made me cry in public, I could not see it in that way of course. All I felt was that he was restraining me from relaxing myself and I was seething with rage.

After I got home and cried myself silly, I began to see things more clearly and realised that I had just released what was bottling up inside all along. I was not as strong as I thought I could be. SIGH… in the end still must cry.

For now, things are beginning to look brighter. The co just hired a full-time staff to help me out for the time being. Even though, it’s only for the time being, she is quite efficient and she did lighten my workload quite a fair bit. See, now I can blog long long and with photos some more.



Touched by this little gift from my favourite P2 boy…

No student has ever given me gifts after returning from a holiday and I feel all the more happy and touched coz it’s from my favourite boy. I wouldn't in the right state of mind think of buying things for my teacher is I were to go on a holiday. Oh and I just found out that his birthday is one day after mine! Such a coincidence. I hope he remains and doesn't withdraw.

My tutees got these from HK. [Click to enlarge]

Such a practical gift. It’s a gold medal winner red pen with revolutionary design. The little tortoise handphone accessory is from his sister. Remember my cutecute C? Now I’m also teaching his P1 sister. They’re just so cute sometimes la. Naughty and cheeky at times but very cute.


Lelong lelong day at HH

Last Wednesday, the hh babes gathered for another “Exchange Your Clothes Day”. The event was proudly organized by my. It was good that my cousin postponed the tuition that day, leaving me with only 1 tuition session and a whole lot of time to do what I wanna do OTHER THAN WORK. I purposely forced work outta my mind that day.

Being overambitious, I planned lotsa stuff on my imaginary itinerary that day:
1. To visit a dentist after procrastinating for the past 11 years and after my wisdom tooth gave me problems
2. To thread my eyebrows
3. To do manicure and pedicure
4. To upgrade my sim card
5. To clear my wardrobe and meet the hh babes.

Maybe I could even shop at TPY and go for facial (the bioskin people haven’t seen me for a year since my 2nd session).

Alas, all I could accomplish was the clothes exchange. Oh well, the rest could be put on hold. My teeth aren’t painful for now, my eyebrows aren’t that thick for ticks to frolick in, my nails are painted haphazardly in an ugly shade by myself. Yes, these could wait.

I was so thrilled to be able to clear some wardrobe space yet again. I don’t mind not exchanging as long as I could give my clothes away. I would rather exchange and give my clothes to my friends than to have yahoo auction people haggling for prices of my clothes when they are already priced so reasonably and at times so cheaply.

We started introducing and “advertising” for our clothes, which is so hilarious cos they are all gonna be free anyway. It was really like a “lai ah lai ah” kinda flea market.

We were all frantically trying to give away our clothes. It was so fun trying to see which clothes suits whose style and holler together “Oh that’s so XXX’s style!” “You should really take this, it’s so you.”

Lelong Lelong

Trying out some clothes…

Before changing

I actually wanted to include this top in the clothes exchange but I tried it on again and changed my mind. I even took it off my auction. Luckily nobody bidded for it.

my’s bubble dress

It’s cute, it makes me look like a present but I can’t forsee myself wearing this dress on any occasion. Had to give it a miss.

Some T-shirts…

I think wy looks damn cute popping her head in the background.

I love the bright yellow scribble-drawing Beatles Tee. The drawing looks so amateurishly ugly but so quirky and unique.

We are just trying to take a good shot of the visitor and the visited. In case, you’re wondering, I’m flaunting my visitor’s pass. Haha so tacky to have a visitor’s pass.

Finally wy sported a different and much shorter hairdo, is not wearing the same sports shoes and not carrying the same white bag. She always laments that she is still the same in everything. Love her heels! I feel so short and stumpy in my birkies. my can really capture good candid shots. I don’t even recall doing those actions but doesn’t wy look so sweet in the 3rd picture?

Fwah fwah… Big metro bag.

Dear wy,
I didn't talk to wy much during the wedding dinner so it was really great that we could talk more that day. I was really happy to see you. I saved your sms! It's so heartwarming.

Oops I just realised picasa cut off wy’s heels. Here goes…

It's so good how everyone isn't selfish when it comes to exchanging, giving and receiving clothes. We do not even bother who is getting more, who is getting less, who is getting brand new with tags clothes or worn clothes, expensive clothes or cheap clothes. There were so many good clothes which fitted nobody. Such a waste! While some were carted to The Salvation Army, those with potential are up on my auction for $1 Clearance Sale.

Before: My huge paper bag was tightly-packed, squeezed out of any unwanted air and filled to the brim.

After: It was slightly less than half full with loosely packed clothes.

It felt so good to come home with a lighter bag!

Even though I feel kinda stress not doing any work that Wednesday, I was glad to be able to exchange some clothes and meet up with the hh people again. So happy to see "auntie" too. The few times I went back, auntie wasn't around. She still remembers me and even asks if I still suffers from headache as often. She is one of those who is always so concern about the teachers, sometimes buying snacks for us when she doesn't even earn much. Such a nice auntie!


Simba’s visit to the vet

Simba had lots of scabs and wounds all over her and she was getting really thin so my 2nd sis brought her to a vet. Damn that on a fine Sunday morning when I was having my tuition, the vet had to be good-looking. I’m so gonna bring baba to the vet the next round.

Anyway, it turned out that baba had mites. My sister thought there was something more serious than some minute mites and reminded the vet that she has really lost a lot of weight. The vet replied, “Yes, senior cat will definitely lose some weight…” He paused, looked at the weighing scale and continued, “But it’s ok to lose some weight coz she is already fat.”

Wahahahaha… For the whole day, we just pointed at Simba and said “You’re fat.”

We threw her collar away and she became a domestic hazard. She is those kind who would suddenly dash in font of us or walk between our legs and without the bell, there was no warning of when she would dash into our way. Really very dangerous.

Simba's medicine

Q: How many people does it take to feed a Simba her medicine?

A: 4. One to push the plunger, one to hold her down, one to hold on to her paws and one to open her mouth. It would have been 5 if only I was around to film the whole process. Luckily that was only on the first day.

Night shots of Simba under dim orange lighting using my Z5.

One of Simba's unique features: 1 black paw and 1 white paw

See baba so pretty, got eyelash.

Beady eyes peeking between her black and white paws.

Looking surprised...

Looking like an idiot with her head cocked to one side…

Fatfat being forced by my dad to stare at the arowana.

Check out my sis's reflection in the tank. Ugly baby top. I wonder why she and the aussies like it so much.


I love my super chio Z5...

coz it is the only digi cam that is able to capture Simba's Big eyes w/o flash. Flash makes her eyes very ugly. So far, all cameras weren't able to capture her big eyes under low light. And the best thing is, I don't even have to switch to night mode! It was on auto mode and it automatically balanced the lighting itself. The background lighting is actually that kinda dim orange light but from the pic, you can’t really tell right?

Can’t believe that I didn’t even know such a good fashionista camera exists until one fine day, I saw it, thought it looked like the pink Sony T20 and decided to do some research on it. It turned out that many camera enthusiasts agreed that it is a really good point and shoot fashionista camera.

Those who asked me about the Z5, this is all I could say for the moment as I've not really played around with it yet. Oh one more chio factor would be the Z5 words at the front of the camera would illuminate when the shutter button is pressed. Such a headturner! Enuff to make wy and my go "WAH!"


All I bought on the last day of June was this magazine...

I felt like it could nourish my soul for months. My mother scolded me for not buying more before the GST hike. Very funny mother I have. Well, at least the mag had a 20% off at Kinokuniya.


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