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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Raine and Ronald’s Wedding

The wedding was held on 16 June 2007 at Shangri La. The color theme was black and red with the décor tastefully done.. It looked like a fusion of modern with Chinese and was remarkably elegant. The ballroom décor reminded me of one of the rooms which I liked and found unique at the wedding fair last year.

Disclaimer: Photos taken from raine’s photographer’s online album. Raine, let me know if there are any copyrights issues.

The wedding favour consisted of classy-red rose petal bath soaps and L-O-V-E wine charms for alternate guests. Damn me for choosing the seat with rose petal bath soaps! (I’m sure all the other rose-petal-bath-soap-guests had the same sentiments too.) That was the first time I saw all wedding favours being wiped clean from the table. Why, of course all snapped up la! They are not one of those pink and blue salt and pepper shakers lying idly somewhere in the corner of everyone’s house… next to ten other pairs of pinkies hugging blueies.

My favourite traditional Chinese character is “ai”. What is life without love? Check out the card, it looks so “new age cheena”. And aww… the wine charms had their bottoms sliced off by picasa.

Looking at the wedding favour shots and comparing with photos taken from other cameras, I realised that my old fuji cam, which I always complain about, could really capture great colours. I just like to complain that it is lousy just coz of the dark screen. No wonder all camera enthusiasts who deem fuji good all cannot stand me,

Raine looked so gorgeous that night. I especially love her in the stunning ethnic green dress, she looked just like a mermaid. Love the shade of green and how it flatters the figure. She was damn sweet lor. She totally serenaded her hubby with a song she wrote. I never hear her sing before, except those [insert ex company’s name] greeting and Japanese and children’s song whereby you act cute and sing like a kid. Ronald is also very sweet. Even though I don’t know him personally, I have a very good impression of him. He is such a humorous guy and a “sweet talker”, in every positive aspect of that label.

The sweet couple RR


Hey babe, when will little R come? When the time comes, you all can be the 3Rs family. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… Hahaha.. ok not funny. I’m like a non-practising Christian but may the Lord bless the both of you with love and joy always. =)

RR’s wedding also brought about the reunion of many Shi babes –HH branch, SP branch, TG branch- (BTW, Shi is the short form of ex co’s name.) I was really happy to see so many ex colleagues that night. No matter whether outta the co or still in the co, we always have so much in common to talk about. It was great fun reminiscing the good old days too. I didn’t manage to talk much to the TG and SP people at the other table. Aiya… “1 year old team da jie”… we only talked for a brief moment!!! Sobz… Why your blog no updates wan?

I finally saw my mentor after more than a year. All those times I went back hh, I din manage to catch her at all. I sure miss her a lot to even dream of her. Although I can’t say for sure that the feeling is mutual.

After I wrote about her, she did the same on her blog (which I only found out after quite some time) and I was touched by some things she wrote coz yeah, I didn’t know that she feels this way. Anyway, her blog is private so I’ll have to paste that entry here:

I think it's my turn to write about this person who thought about me suddenly.
I am not sure why she seems somehow different to me than the rest, and I thought it is because:
(1) We are both IJ girls
(2) We both like Ambercombie and Fitch
(3) She looks like a baby finger while I look like a thumb on a hand
(4) We enjoy "suaning" each other for no reason.
(5) We love taking photos.
On the other hand, I thought maybe it is also because:
(1) She was my first "mentee" to mentor
(2) She helped me with my ever first and embarassing magic show
(3) I cannot understand how she can be so skinny even though she eats so much.
(4) She tells me everything about herself.
(5) She can blog so much about herself
(6) I always wonder how come this girl is so vain
(7) She is never afraid of herself.
In fact, I like to see her at work a lot because there is always something for me to say about her to her. I will make talk of her coloured hair, her big balls around her neck when that kind if necklace was in fashion, her students, her boyfriend, her private affairs and happenings with her tuition kids, and I seem to care more for her than any other staff when she had her headaches and vomitting spells (as though she is pregnant). I think I treat like my "xiao mei mei".
I remembered there was one time she asked me this: "
Why do you talk like that???

Me (In order to irritate her):
"Because I am an 'ah lien'"
And guess what she said???
"Ah lien? Not ah beng?"
SO there I was keeping silent for a looooong time...........what was that supposed to mean ah?
This conversation took place about 2 years ago. I guess at that time, I was bloated like a blowfish that makes me look like a hulk and a half boy and girl.
A pity this "xiao mei mei" have not get to see me "toned" down.
But anyways, I am still the same person I was. If you want to look for someone who can talk to you till your tears come pouring down like storm since you probably never cry for so long, come and talk to me, and I will entertain you till you do not need to see any Korean dramas to make you melt.
I think after reading this, this person gonna say:" aiyoh, why is this person so thickskin ah?"
By the way, now we know that she is skinny. But if you notice in my old blog, she is none other known as "eateateat".

I finally got to see how “toned” down you are liao!!!!!!!!!!! Haha no offence about the Ah Beng thing. Nohing about being bloated and a hulk la. I said that coz you looked so spunky in your short hair last time. Ah lian no spunky spunky wan wor. So no choice, must be Ah Beng lor. You still talk the same way and words can't describe the way you speak Mandarin... even I have to stop laughing at myself to laugh at you.

Mentor-Mentee shot 2007. To think it’s possible.

HH babes are just so crazy… I love all of you manz! And only that night then I discovered that almost all of you still read my blog. It’s damn funny the way I realised it lor… Don’t mention ems, hs and wy coz I know you babes always read and always offer your words of encouragement; your care and concern over msn and sms. Then, one by one the confession came. The ultimate one was when sd suddenly blurted out, “So you’ve decided which bag to get?” (referring to my latest coach entry at that time) I was really speechless. How come you all can just read silently wan? Whack you all ah! Eh continue the Multiply tradition leh. Love to look at photos! And all of you were really so sweet to try your best in posting up the photos asap. *HugZ*

I think we were really damn crazy lor, even sang the Shi greeting song and some other songs together.

Then the real crazy moments came up when we decided to take wacky shots. I swear it was really a spur of the moment kinda thing. We were so crazy that even the professional photographer and video cam man came to our table to snap and film us. They were like “Wah, first time see people take photo like that.”

We played Simon says…

Stick out your tongue

Pull your hair

Cover your mouth

Now our side…

Listening intently, awaiting for commands

Squeeze your face

Suck your thumb

I dunno why I sucked my finger.

Pinch your nose

Act like a T-rex which had just been tickled

How the heck does a T-Rex act when it's tickled? Command was given by my.

my really gave very weird commands that night. When she said, “Simon says do push ups”, I was the only one who pretended to push up my boobs, the rest did commando style push ups action. Nobody understood my!!!! Haha my said we’re in the same league. I can’t find a photo of that! I think you all only managed to capture the seconds after that when we were all laughing like crazy.

Squeeze your pimple

Command must be from my again.

Act crazy

Table shots with RR

Some group shots…

btw, this photo is trying to depict push up boobs and push up butts.

We may kiss the bride

I know some of you are waiting to read about that night's happening. Thanx to everyone who uploaded the photos on Multiply so promptly. Thanx to all those who acceded to my request to trf the photos when I managed to catch you on MSN. I'm so glad to have gotten the photos from all the different cameras. I still chuckle when I think of all of you carrying lumix. The pioneer of lumix holder in this group has resigned to her unfortunate fate. You all can be spokespersons for Panasonic liao.

Yet more updates and photo blogging to come... The insomniac me is feeling sleepy so must faster sleep! Nitez nitez for now.


  1. Hi, I oso wanna ask u where u get ur red outfit from?

  2. Hello,
    I haven't been commenting in a while. The groom really look like someone I know but different name. He has a brother or relative who look like him?

    You look fabulous in that matching red dress and boots. You ladies are just so funny. I enjoy looking at all the funny pose. It's really cute to take photos like these. But don't steal the limelight k. Now the last sentence is a joke =D

  3. Hi anon,
    Are you the same anon as the one who asked about Z5? Anyway, I got my red dress from a shop in Toa Payoh.

    Hi shakara,
    It's great to see your comment. The groom has no brother. Only 3 sisters. I dunno about other relatives looking like him but me myself do find him familiar. Haha... Haha and thanx for the compliments. No la, didn't steal the limelight. =)

  4. I love the way you write about the wedding ballroom. Sounds very professional then suddenly can make me laugh when you added in those parts about the wedding favour. I never known it is called wedding favour. I always thought its souvenirs.

    I really like what you are wearing. The red dress and boots is so sophisticated. Very nice! It’s so sweet how you write about your friend the bride and the groom. They must be so touch.

    The Simon says photos are so CUTE. I really never see people take this kind of photos at wedding before. So crazy girls all of you. I cannot see some very small so I click and can enlarge very big. You purposely put your photo can enlarge when people click or you don’t know? Your friends are so funny to read your blog secretly. Why they can do that? When I read something, I must surely comment, I cannot keep inside. Hahaha… that’s y I so long winded.


  5. Haha... I should have replied you the other way round. I went to reply your last comment 1st.

    My friends touched? Haha... they are either too busy to read or all silently reading and not leaving their mark. I'm like you.. Will comment alot. Very luo suo. Wahaha. Yup, I realised can be enlarged when clicked but too lazy to redo the photos settings.

    Thanx for your sweet words always. It's great to read what you've written. See you around and take care babe!


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