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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

This is a scheduled post and at this time later, I would most probably be in the cinema watching the film version of one of the greatest English book to be written in history. You've guessed it-- The Great Gatsby. I do hope I would be enthralled by the film.

It feels just like any ordinary day. In the morning later, I would be having a medical appointment and going through some tests. When the nurse fixed the date a week ago, I said "But it's my birthday." She knew and sounded apologetic for that was the only available slot left. I hope I would still enjoy my day later. In case any of you worry for me, please do not be worried. Nothing can get me down. =D

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ghost Followers on Instagram

[Picture credit:]

Well, I'm not too sure if I've used the term "ghost followers" accurately and assuming I have, I'm getting ghost followers on my Instagram. I'm not sure how or why this happened.

After I started posting some older holiday pictures, I've been getting more followers. Today was the ultimate. I had a total of 21 new followers but when I tapped into their profiles, all I see are photos or rather, images of how to get free followers with step by step instructions. Bogus accounts or ghost followers would be what I call these "people".

When I jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon, I came across websites and instagram profiles on how to get free followers by downloading apps or by entering usernames but I did nothing of those. Am I getting "free" followers just because I started tapping into these profiles? I tend to return favour to my "likers" by visiting their pages and liking some of their photos which I really like. I find that there is a pay-it-forward mentality among some of these like-minded users and some ended up as genuine followers. Often, I do tap into bogus accounts. It is funny how these ghost followers could actually "like" photos too coz according to the definition on the web, a ghost follower on instagram is "an anonymous person who follows you but will never like or comment on your pictures".

Some users might wonder why am I griping about this. Isn't it good to have more followers? Yes, it probably is good if one is merely into the physical numbers. However, I would prefer to interact with actual people with souls and feelings. It is great connecting and getting to know other genuine Instagram users in this way and I'm glad that I'm connecting with some of my blogger friends via Instagram as well since it is so much faster and more convenient to update photos on Instagram than write a post on my blog.

Are you on Instagram too?
Do you have ghost followers and what do you feel about them?
Feel free to share your views in the comments section.

This is my Instagram page. If you like my pictures, do follow and drop me a message so that I could check out your page too!


On a side note, I'm suffering from one of the longest tummy pain ever. The pain has been plaguing me from dinner time till now so that makes it about close to 10 hours. It was so painful that I lay in bed and fell asleep since I got home and now I'm wide awake at such an unearthly timing.

Will reply to comments soon!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Solution to Oversleeping

I need this... I really do.

[Pic credit: 9GAG]

Thursday, May 16, 2013

F4 Meet-up Sessions from 2012 till Present

I wonder if the title up there would be misleading. Fortunately we are way ahead of 2001 when the F4 band craze was at its peak.

The gist of how my clique of three ex colleagues (Em, Hs, Wy) from my first job turned very close gal pals became known as F4 goes like this:

Since I started blogging, I made it a point not to address my family and friends and whoever who appears on my blog by their real names due to privacy issues. Even cliques of friends were given names to be used on my blog. I jokingly called this group of gal pals "Fantastic Four" during the heydays of the movie and shortened it to F4 on my blog. Since then, this name stuck to us. Our friendship continued to blossom even after each of us went our separate ways. We became even closer as the years passed with life-changing events in our lives like career, marriage and family.

There are simply too many backdated photos in my folders that in 2013, I decided not to continue the backlog writing but to start blogging about current happenings instead. Yes, there would be lapses in contents here and there but I figured I could choose the events which hold dear to me to be sealed on my blog for the keepsake.

This posts chronicles all the meet-ups and pig-outs with the F4 from 2012 till the most recent meet up last month. Be prepared for a post packed with photos and food porn. Click the x-button if you do not want to wait for the page to load or if you are dying of famine.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Spices Cafe Buffet at Concorde Hotel*~

We met up at Spices Cafe for our very belated 2011 random-gifts-of-the-year gift exchange last February. I call them random gifts as there was a mixture of Christmas gifts and a mish mash of gifts for no reason.

 photo IMG_9108e.jpg

 photo IMG_9085e.jpg

I would usually commence my buffet with the cold food like slices of sashimi and shucks of oysters.

 photo IMG_9068e.jpg

And more shucks of oysters if they are very fresh. I usually cannot take too many oysters at one go due to the metallic taste and the compelling need to retch but fresh ones are just so good especially with lemon juice and tobasco sauce.

 photo IMG_9081e.jpg

These were the hot food available at the buffet counters.

 photo IMG_9061e.jpg

I forgot what soup this was.

 photo IMG_9062e.jpg

Some of their specialty dishes could be ordered à la carte so that they would be served freshly prepared. However, each specialty dish is limited to one per pax. Since there were 4 of us, we each ordered 4 different kinds of cooking styles for the crabs to share.

 photo IMG_9063e.jpg

 photo IMG_9067e.jpg

 photo IMG_9075e.jpg

 photo IMG_9077e.jpg

Slipper lobster aka crayfish

 photo IMG_9065e.jpg

Hs was trying to pretend that she ate so little.
Wy was figuring out how to eat the crayfish before this shot.

 photo collageSpicesCafe1.jpg

Em with her hot and cold plates.
Me with my hot and cold plates as well.

 photo collageSpicesCafe2.jpg

Desserts were all in a mess. Hmm... whose plate was that?

 photo IMG_9074e.jpg

Healthy fruits with chocolate fondue marshmallow and some unknown pastry.

 photo IMG_9078e.jpg

HS's sinful but delicious chocolate drizzled fruits.

 photo IMG_9079e.jpg

From Wy-- cute illustration books from Taiwan. She said the colour pencil style illustration totally reminded her of my drawings.

 photo IMG_9087e.jpg

From Em-- gourmet treats from UK and USA.

 photo IMG_9088e.jpg

From Hs-- a mixture of stuff from Japan

 photo IMG_9089e.jpg

From Jo -- similar key chains for 4 of us.

 photo IMG_9091e.jpg

Time to open our presents!

 photo collageSpicesCafe4.jpg

After that, we posed with our loots.

 photo collageSpicesCafe5.jpg

All the gifts, souvenirs and snacks I received from the gals.

 photo IMG_9095e.jpg

Souvenirs from Hs's trip. These bookmarks were made from patterned wood sliced paper-thin. How exquisite!

 photo IMG_9090e.jpg

OMG I tell you, the Simpkins Strawberry and Raspberry Chocolate Centres are to die for! I really love it!

This collage sums up our night.

 photo collageSpicesCafe3.jpg

Here was what I wore that evening.

 photo IMG_9111e.jpg

Outfit of the day:
♥ No label translucent kaftan top with inner laced spaghetti top
♥ FleurFaerie Tiered Layer Crochet Shorts
♥ Fleurfaerie Korean Style Pearls and Ribbon Necklace
♥ Prada Tessuto Gaufre in Pomice
♥ Spinel cork shoes

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Cafe Biz Buffet at Traders Hotel*~

Some time in May last year, the F4 met in between Em and my birthday for a belated and an advanced birthday celebration for us respectively at Cafe Biz.

 photo IMG_9819e.jpg

The cold food for my share that night.

 photo IMG_9761e.jpg

The small amount of hot food I took. If you know me long enough, you would know how much I usually eat. The "bottomless pit" is just one of the nicknames coined by a bestie to describe my insatiable appetite. My appetite wasn't very big that evening as you could see from the dainty morsel of food I took.

 photo IMG_9756e.jpg

I don't know who took this sashimi platter!

 photo IMG_9758e.jpg

Passadors would appear at our table to ask if we wanted any meat from their skewers. I forgot what meat this was.

 photo IMG_9763e.jpg

Giant crab legs

 photo IMG_9776e.jpg

Hs had an ingenious way of pushing the crab meat out of the shell with a single chopstick.

 photo IMG_9760e.jpg

This collage depicts 1) how huge the crab legs were and 2) how we finally managed to get the flesh out, intact.

 photo collageCafeBiz2.jpg

Cafe Biz has good laksa. I love the rich, creamy and spicy broth as well as the fragrant laksa leaves. However, I could never consider a laksa dish complete without "humps" (aka clams). Hence, this laksa failed my mental laksa test.

 photo IMG_9784e.jpg

Random not-so-candid shots of us eating.

 photo collageCafeBiz1.jpg

Untidy desserts on a plate.

 photo IMG_9762e.jpg

Much neater.

 photo IMG_9764e.jpg

I'm beginning to think that our colourful desserts are just for photography purpose.

 photo IMG_9765e.jpg

It is a tradition for this F4 clique to give one another birthday cards with handwritten notes on them. Since we do not have the time to do prior meet up to write in one another's cards, we usually just pen our love notes on the spot. Em snapped this pic coz this lucky gal had got TWO hand-made cards from us last year and so we had double the writing to do while she slacked after writing in my card.

 photo IMG_9787ee.jpg

I was trying to do the childish "don't see what I'm writing" action when I hid the card in the library book which I borrowed that day.

 photo collageCafeBiz3e.jpg

I like this random shot of me penning Em's love note. Yes, I know my thighs look fat here, can?

 photo IMG_9798ee.jpg

The story behind why Em had 2 hand-made cards last year was because she WHINED that I drew cards for Hs and Wy the year before but not for her. Hence, I drew her a card that year. At the same time, Hs felt that Em seemed to be always receiving store-bought cards from us instead of hand-made ones so she made a quick one for her. Hs thought hers was too plain and simple but we all, esp Em felt it was a lovely hand-made card. It's all about the thoughts! In this picture, Em was laughing at the cheesy touristy hand-made "envelope" depicting our iconic MBS hotel while Hs showed a disgruntled look.

 photo IMG_9802e.jpg

Em with two cards, voucher and cash.

 photo collageCafeBiz4.jpg

Jo with her card and Watson's gift card of $60,000 (yeah right!) enclosed.

 photo collageCafeBiz5.jpg

My hand-drawn card for Em. I modified from a drawing I chanced upon. Not so much the artist after all eh?

 photo IMG_9813e.jpg

Disclaimer: I'm showing the back of the card here with permission from the gals. I censored some contents though.

 photo IMG_9812e.jpg

Hs's handmade card for Em.

 photo IMG_9815e.jpg

Same disclaimer as before.

 photo IMG_9814e.jpg

My "baby" card. Wy was apologizing that Watson's only had the baby design left and she had no choice but to buy that card. She felt the baby theme was befitting to me anyway. Lol!

 photo IMG_9818e.jpg

Parting shot of us!

 photo IMG_9820e.jpg

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*10 at Claymore at Pan Pacific Hotel*~

Hs and Wy's birthday fall on August and we would definitely meet up in the July-August period to celebrate the birthdays of these 2 babes. Presenting the 2 birthday gals.

 photo IMG_0431e.jpg

And the 2 un-birthday girls.

 photo IMG_0430e.jpg

10 at Claymore was undergoing a face lift at that time. The restaurant temporarily relocated to another part of the hotel which lacked the classy ambience and the size of the restaurant was reduced by more than half its original size. The last time I dined there with my family, we all felt that it was one of the better buffets around. With the reduction in size, I personally felt that there was a reduction in the quality of the food too.

 photo IMG_0413e.jpg

The desserts counter looked exactly like those candy shop in the expression "I felt just like a kid in a candy store".

 photo IMG_0414e.jpg

The ice cold counter.

 photo IMG_0415e.jpg

Their oyster standard remained the same. Fresh and non-metallic, just how I like them.

 photo IMG_0416e.jpg

The sashimi and sushi counter was a disappointment.

 photo IMG_0417e.jpg

Our food spread.

 photo IMG_0418e.jpg

3 was enough for the night.

 photo IMG_0419e.jpg

What I took from the cold counter.

 photo IMG_0420e.jpg

Hot food that we got from the buffet counters.

 photo IMG_0432e.jpg

 photo IMG_0433e.jpg

 photo IMG_0434e.jpg

Besides the food from the buffet counters, we could also order from the Plates of Pleasures menu.

 photo IMG_0412e.jpg

The various meat dishes from the menu.

 photo IMG_0421e.jpg

 photo IMG_0422e.jpg

 photo IMG_0426e.jpg

 photo IMG_0427e.jpg

Succulent lobster.

 photo IMG_0423e.jpg

A healthier version.

 photo IMG_0424e.jpg

Desserts time!

 photo IMG_0436e.jpg

There did not seem to be any SOP for the macarons with the vast difference in sizes.

 photo IMG_0437e.jpg

Sweet berries crepe.

 photo IMG_0438e.jpg

After dinner, the August babies were presented with their gift vouchers and cards.

 photo IMG_0440e.jpg

Wy with her requested shopping vouchers and "peanut" card. It is not a peanut ok? I was inspired by some cute alien slots game back then.

 photo IMG_0442e.jpg

Hs with her specially requested gift and "green card". Ok bad joke. She was relocating together with her hubby for work but not to America. And her specially requested gift was cash as it was the most practical for her situation (of leaving Singapore) then.

 photo IMG_0443e.jpg

Em said we had to snap Hs's gift close up for people to spot. It was so well-hidden, I didn't even notice. I thought the cash was in the Winnie the Pooh packet.

 photo IMG_0444e.jpg

Wy smiling at our love note.

 photo IMG_0446e.jpg

Likewise for Hs.

 photo IMG_0450e.jpg

Disclaimer: I had permission from the gals to show the contents.

Besides meeting up to celebrate the August babies' birthday, it was sort of a farewell dinner for Hs too. It would be our last meet up with Hs as she would be flying off in two week's time then. All of us were more excited for her than she was for herself. I guess there were really too much logistics to handle and plans to make. Touring Europe during the holidays would so totally make the stay worth-while.

 photo IMG_0452e.jpg

Another highlight for that evening would be that all of us had secured jobs that were in a totally different sectors from where we came from previously. During the last meeting, we were talking about switching careers. Then all of a sudden during this meet up, we had all been selected for what we had applied for and starting on our new job almost during the same period. Was that a coincidence or telepathy of close gal pals with planets aligned to our stars?

 photo IMG_0451e.jpg

A parting shot through the mirror as we could not find a place without renovation works in the background.

 photo IMG_0454e.jpg

And then we found the stairs that led to the basement. The person who was helping us to snap the picture was no photographer at all. The first shot was blur with people in the background and she went "ok!" We politely requested for a retake when there wasn't anyone in the background. The second time she went "ok!", she actually snapped at the moment when Wy, Hs and I unanimously turned to look at the people walking up the stairs.

 photo collageClaymore1.jpg

Finally after 3 takes, we had a more decent parting shot of us!

 photo IMG_0457e.jpg

Here was what I wore that evening. Picture from FleurFaerie.

 photo BottomsBandagedLeggingsBlack4-1.jpg

Outfit of the day:
♥ FleurFaerie Embellished Mesh Tank Top
♥ Cotton On black inner spaghetti strap top
♥ Denim shorts
♥ Fleurfaerie Bandage Leggings in Black
♥ No label black boots from Bangkok
♥ Agnes B lock and key necklace

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Prego Restaurant and Deli at Swissotel*~

The meet up at Prego last August was a farewell for Hs. Hs's hubby was (has) posted to Switzerland for work and so Hs had to move along with him. What an exctiting life for her! As I'm typing this in May 2013, she is expecting a baby boy. So happy for her but so sad that she wasn't able to fly home together with her hubby earlier in March this year.

That was the first time Hs had a ribbon hairband on and she looked so sweet with it.

 photo IMG_0516e.jpg

Yummy breadstick.

 photo IMG_0508e.jpg

I loved how it looked like a western marketplace.

 photo IMG_0510e.jpg

This gave me a market-by-the-street feel.

 photo IMG_0513e.jpg


 photo IMG_0511e.jpg

Finally found an empty section to snap a picture of the decor.

 photo IMG_0512e.jpg

Dinner set menu for that evening.

 photo IMG_0509e.jpg

We started off the meal with bagel. I usually do not like bagel as it is too hard.

 photo IMG_0527e.jpg

Interesting presentation of sauce.

 photo IMG_0529e.jpg

Soup of the day.

 photo IMG_0528e.jpg

The salad looked more like cow's food than how it sounded on the menu.

 photo IMG_0526e.jpg

All of us ordered the fish mains instead of the beef. My fish was fine but I forgot was it Hs or Wy who had a half-cooked fish. It was disgusting. Upon giving the waitress our feedback, she apologized and gave us free desserts that was out of the set dinner menu.

 photo IMG_0532e.jpg

The eggplant pasta was good.

 photo IMG_0530e.jpg

Caramelized Granny Tart with Apple Cake, Cinnamon Gelato was the only dessert offered in the set dinner.

 photo IMG_0536e.jpg

If you look closely not only were the presentations different, the one above was strawberry and the one below was raspberry.

 photo IMG_0535e.jpg

Complimentary dessert #1.

 photo IMG_0534e.jpg

Complimentary dessert #2. We had sugar crush... I mean sugar rush that evening.

 photo IMG_0533e.jpg

Funny moments.

 photo collagePrego2.jpg

The let's-get-serious-and-pose-for-candid-shots time.

 photo collagePrego1.jpg

Hs gave us each a keepsake before she flew off. It was a picture of her wedding day with us as bridesmaids which is also our current Watsapp group chat profile picture. Check out the words she wrote on the flap. She was so LAME and could even think of different sentences for each of us! Fast forward to May 2013, she could not even remember her lame work.

 photo IMG_0517e.jpg

 photo IMG_0518e.jpg

 photo IMG_0519e.jpg

 photo IMG_0520e.jpg

 photo IMG_0521e.jpg

 photo IMG_0522e.jpg

So this was what we got when we lifted the flap. Pretty lame but creative. It really got all of us cracking.

 photo Usanigif.gif

Parting shot through the mirror. It was really difficult to find one where all of us looked fine.

 photo collagePrego3.jpg

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Bye Bye Hs*~

Last shot with Hs at Changi Airport.

 photo collagehsme.jpg

Miss you so much!

 photo IMG_2929e.jpg

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Em and Jo's Birthday dinner 2013 at Antoinette*~

Yay! I've finally reached 2013 updates. In April, the F4 minus 1 met up for Em and my birthday dinner at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery.

 photo IMG_5834e.jpg

We could sip tea in this like the atas French ladies.

 photo IMG_5835e.jpg

The April and May babies.

 photo IMG_5836e.jpg

Hs if you are reading this, just visualize that you were there with us.

 photo IMG_5838e.jpg

All the descriptions sounded so yummy that we did not know what to order.

 photo collageAntoinette1.jpg

When in doubt, always order Aglio Olio. That could never go wrong.

 photo IMG_5840e.jpg

After we apportioned out, we felt like we were dining the French way (with the small plate and small portions). Delicious delicious delicious!

 photo IMG_5842e.jpg

Traditional French Style Pork Belly Confit. I really love this! I usually hate eating fats but the fats in this dish melts in my mouth with a delightful savoury aftertaste.

 photo IMG_5841e.jpg

Nordic Crepe which unveiled smoked salmon, red onion, capers and dill cream cheese.

 photo IMG_5843e.jpg

Nordic crepe unwrapped.

 photo IMG_5844e.jpg

Em and I started writing on each other's cards while waiting for our desserts.

 photo IMG_5850e.jpg

 photo IMG_5851e.jpg

Pavlova which comprises passionfruit banana sorbet with French meringue, almond crumble and dark chocolate.

 photo IMG_5858e.jpg

We forgot to snap an individual shot of Lámour in the background. Rose petal ice cream with raspberry swirl, rose meringue and lychee pieces sounds so romatic.

 photo IMG_5859e.jpg

Poor Wy. Without Hs around to spread out the effort, Wy had to settle both our cards and gifts. 辛苦你了! *hugz*

 photo collageAntoinette2.jpg

Em and I posed nonstop with the desserts as if they were our birthday cakes. What you did not see behind the scenes were how we soon got tired of the sweetness of meringue. Also, what you did not see were our half finished desserts for the air-conditioning was so cold that if we finished the ice cream we would turn frosty.

 photo collageAntoinette3.jpg

Birthday babies with our gifts and hand-made cards. The Chloe Eau de Parfum smelled so comforting, like something from our childhood yet all of us could not put a finger to what it smelled like. The round thing that Em was holding was a souvenir from Wy. I had one too but I forgot to pose with it. Guess what it is? It is a pouch with mini compartments for watch, rings, necklace and the likes which is good for times like facial, spa, gym etc when we have to remove all these and keep them all safely and tidily.

 photo collageAntoinette4.jpg

Hs, we definitely felt your love and presence with all your goodies from Switzerland! Do you know how heavy these are? I had to collect them from your home, bring them to work then bring them to meet the girls. I really FELT your presence. =P lol

 photo IMG_5868e.jpg

I wish I could fast forward the time to Hs's return such that we would be reunited and this time with the addition of a baby boy!


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