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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rewind: Meet ups from February till April


Meet up with my best cuz, dia
Saturday, 23rd February 2008

As I mentioned in my cny post earlier on, an annual cny gathering is never enough for all our updates and gossips. Hence, we had to specially set aside some time from our busy schedule and do some cousin bonding.

We went to TCC for dinner.

Dia on the Goldheart boat

It was late in the night. We secretly lifted the barricade and planted ourselves onto the boat. Luckily no security guard caught us in the act.

It was a great night catching up with so many backdated updates. It was a night of sharing thoughts and feelings and food, laughing our guts out, finding more similarities between our character and judgment and just plain hanging out with one of the people I’ve always missed.


Meet up with “F4” at El Sheik
Sunday, 16th March 2008

For that whole week, I was only looking forward to this meeting.

Let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

What we ate…

Advance birthday prezzies for em

Wall of wus want wa leetle beet of em’s woodoo wabbit

[Aside: I freaking sound like Elmer Fudd]

2 by 2

I really love these gals!

Till the next time we meet.


Meet up with evan at Ambrosia
Saturday, 22nd March 2008

It was meant to be a belated birthday meet up with my crazy bestie.

Cozy ambience at Ambrosia

Who's the pig?

Our food… shared.

The food was tasty upon first bite but diminishing marginal utility soon crawled in.

The apple tea (or was it?) was so diluted, it tasted like apples in water. Maybe that was how it was supposed to taste.

Went next door for shisha (seesha?)

The place was so dark that I had to fiddle around with my night mode to get some good shots.

Well, this was one of the best shot I could manage in that darkness. That’s our shisha on the left.

We opted for mango flavour coz the strawberry smelled cloyingly sweet.

I dunno how to describe the taste but all I can say is that it reminds me of preserved mangoes gone wrong.

We could never quite get it right posing with the pipe

When we looked good, it was too dark…

When we had flash, we looked bad…

Something went wrong with the night shot. I guess it was the slow shutter speed. I like the accidental effect.

I got this for her coz it’s just so her and I know she would definitely like it!

The book is full of crap… just like her! Wahahaha…

We should meet up more often for updates! Each time we sms-ed, it would be a whole sms conversation ending with a sore thumb.


Mini farewell lunch for Joyce
Tuesday, 8th April 2008

The people in that room at the end and the ex people in that room at the end had a mini farewell lunch for Joyce. I’m so excited for her and her new life ahead! All the painting of house and cycling and gardening and growing strawberries in a place that I’ve always dreamed to be... I shall just live vicariously through her updates. =)

We hid in one of the classrooms and had Pasta Mania on delivery

Majiam school magazine manz

So we started jumping… the camera man really dunno how to snap the up in the air moment wan. So we just kept jumping and he just kept snapping hoping that he could randomly capture some good shots. Well, he did capture our laughters and the joy we had and that was good. =)

Ok back to sch mag shots… Must take with all the different departments…

As I was typing the text onto the photos, I realised Pris and I were the only ones from Pri Dept to infiltrate into the Sec Dept, once again sealing the fact that I didn't belong to that room and hence my reason for moving downstairs, together with the other 2 el dept people.

3 angels?

From 4 to 3 to 2…


Last farewell to Joyce & Happy Bird-day April
Sunday, 13th April 2008

For 2 special frenz…

Nice mah? I think they’re so pretty… Hahaha… not zi kua coz it’s a combined effort from viv and me with viv doing most of the work and the “saving” of my ugly craft.

Flip the name section to reveal a nonsensical poem

[Click to enlarge]

Took 1 hour to come up with rhyming nonsense!!!

The inside…

She’s touched k…

Hope she likes our useful presents!

Got her a vegetarian cookbook so she can cook the whole damn day and a pinky Fila visor cap to shield herself from the glare of the sun during cycling.

Hope they come in handy and you must think of us whenever you whip up some mean vege meal from there and wear the pink fila visor k?

April’s card looks like a sweet little coaster

She’s too tired to look touched… haha… Anyway, hope the bitch and goddess book would be of use to her.

I’ve never seen you look soooooo tired before. Please take care of your health and stop working 7 days a week! I want to see a gorgeous bride!

From Joyce

I click your blog link whenever I go online. You’d better keep your promise of photo blogging about your life there k?

A parting shot


To be continued with more updates...


Really very busy recently but I thought that if i don't post this before May, I'll just procrastinate.

Company's team building event from Tuesday till Wednesday.

I think It'll be fun but I'm just so sleepy... Slept at 6.30am the previous night/morning and I haven't slept till now.

I'm assigned to be one of the photographers for the event too. Gotta use this huge black canon camera from company which is not even a digital SLR and doesn't work as pro as those professional cameras. I'm so afraid I screw things up.

Feeling a little bit sian coz like that I won't be able to use my trusty z5 to capture my personal memories.

K.. I'm beginning to type w/o using my brains... my eyes are shutting involuntarily too. I wonder how many mistakes I've made up there.

Watch this space...



Updated from 3rd May – 7th May

The day I looked forward to with great anticipation… Meet up with cyn
Wednesday, 16th April 2008

I was thrilled that our solo meeting had materialised. Whenever, I met up with cyn, the kids would be fighting for attention which left us with so little time alone for chats and updates. I do love the kids so much, but I really wanted to catch up with cyn at times too!

We had such an enjoyable day, didn’t we?

High tea at Equinox…

I ate quite little for my buffet standard...

delectable desserts

However, cyn thinks it's a lot and called me "Skinny bitch".

It’s really not a lot. You should see how I ate in the past.

The views from atop...

Not a good day for scenery photo-taking.

We'd wanted to take a photo of the luminous fountain in the background but was unable to capture it well.

tru the looking glass...

Silly pose

I really missed cyn so much and had such a great time catching up with her that we could not bear to part. Hence, I postponed my tuition just to spend more time with her and my godchildren of coz!

Back at her home…

The kids were so eager to show off their toys…

Jase started telling me how he knew how to play a saxophone while char was so enthusiastic in showing me her doll and the magic milk bottle.

Playing together…

I thought it was really cute and sweet to see them playing together as they used to be always fighting for attention and toys. =)

Look at how char char squeezed her face

Unflashed and flashed mode...

Within a split second of the unflashed and flashed mode, char char could change her hand signal.

The following shots were taken by Jase. I allowed him to handle my camera as he promised to take good care of it. After putting the strap over his wrist just to be safe, I noticed how careful he really was. Such a good boy!

Jase snapped char snapped us

So random...

Cyn backed away to answer a call and I told Jase to take a pic of char and me... It turned out like this...

Little char char told me to pose with my hand but I didn't know she meant squeeze the face.

Jase's finger always covered the screen

"Dun take me! Dun take me!"

Peace to the cam w/o knowing that Jase had zoomed in.

The kids were so hyper that they refused to sleep. Finally, we managed to bluff them to sleep and hurriedly bolted off to do our lash extensions. It was a spur of a moment thingy when I saw past photos of cyn with the drama mama lashes. It really defined her eyes such that they looked as if they were lined.

By 1 am, we were done and bade each other goodbye… Boy I would miss cyn and the kids.


Let’s take a commercial break now.

ADVETISEMENT – For those interested in lash extensions

Carol Li
BLK 541 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #02-2322
Far East Plaza, #05-127A
$70 (Really affordable considering $90--$100+ being the market rate)

For northerners, it would be good to drop by her house at night as you need not queue. Also, she accepts late night appointments as she’s an insomniac like me. Great for busy working ladies. Oh yes, of coz you have to fix an appointment before dropping by.

She is highly raved by cyn’s friends and their friends. I would think that Carol does it quite well and at a reasonable price.

By the time I update this post, my lashes have all gone messy like spider legs. I’ve dropped over 20 lashes together with my real lashes. So probably you may wanna consider going for extensions.

My views:

- Extremely troublesome to remove eye make up
I’m those kinda lazy people who wipe off eye make up with cotton pad soaked with eye make up remover. With my new extensions, I’ve to slowly use cotton bud to remove the eyeliner carefully. Removing eyeliner now takes a few minutes per eye instead of the usual 1 minute.

- Unable to apply eye shadow
You wouldn’t wanna try removing eyeshadow from your eyes and spoiling your extensions. This is not a problem for me as I don’t use eyeshadow on a daily basis.

- Unable to apply make up normally
I’ve skipped applying foundation as I do not want the hassle of removing it and accidentally touching my eyes with fluffy cotton pads. It’s very difficult to clean the whole eye area and no matter how hard I cleanse, I still feel that my skin isn’t that clean.

- Unable to wash face normally
Just within the first day, I washed my face as per normal, running water against my face from the shower nozzle. My lashes never got back to their fan-like shape again. They got a little tangled and messy. No amount of combing helps. Up till now, I will always try not let the lashes get into contact with water as far as possible. However, most of the time, I would buay tahan and just aim the shower nozzle at my face.

- Unable to do lots of daily stuff
I cannot wear glasses as the long lashes would be touching the lens (Yes! That’s how long they are!) and when I blink, it’s very uncomfortable.
I cannot sleep on my side coz twice I woke up on my side, twice I saw lashes on my pillow.
I cannot rub my eyes
I cannot manja my deardear face to face… so far he has crushed and bent so many of my lashes.
The list goes on…

- Collapse of double eyelids = ugly eyes
This only happens to me. For cyn, it actually gave her normally single eyelid a slight double. Ok to give some credit, the long lashes would take the attention away from my single eyelids. Hence, not so much of ugly eyes.

+ Save the hassle of applying mascara
Together with not applying all other make up except eyeliner, my make up routine is quick and fuss-free

+ I like how my face look made up even w/o make up

+ More natural-looking after some time.
Now that they’re not too drama mama, many of my colleagues actually thought these were my real lashes and didn’t believe they were extensions. They said not much difference from my usual thickly mascara-ed lashes.

I’m getting quite used to them that I wonder how I would look w/o them next time. It doesn’t look fake anymore and it isn’t that troublesome as well now that I’ve gotten used to them. The initial hassle was off-putting and I’ve known of many people who swore never to do extensions again. However, I think you have really gotta try it to know how you would feel.


Yeah! Finally xtina & I could meet up on our off days
Sunday, 27th April 2008

Update sessions with one of my besties!!

This was one meet up that was so difficult to materialise as well due to our clashing schedules.

A short 2-hour meet up at Mac’s became more than 4.

She refused to have her pic taken coz she was in a homey state with no make-up, undone hair and home clothes. (I was too, just that the power of extensions made me feel unhomely.)

She got this for me!!!!

Little Miss Chatterbox. How niceeeee!!! So very me! It’s from aussie Mac’s.

Little Miss Chatterbox posing with Little Miss Chatterbox

Opening Little Miss Chatterbox

Wah! So many different expressions of Little Miss Chatterbox. Damn cute lor! They are actually namecards where there are lines to fill in your name and contacts.

Picked this to imitate

"Aiya cover the hand liao."

"Got meh?"

Smile, Little Miss Chatterbox!


Other random stuff

My last nail art before I washed my hands off DIY manicure

That was the loooongest I've ever kept my nails.

I've to keep it that long in order to have nail space to paint lor.

Mum’s nails…

She didn’t know that they charged for every nail art and told them to paint for all ten fingers and toes. How she regretted it. She even said I painted nicer than them. Hahaha… No la.. me think it’s coz mine is free so she kua1 me.

Books Spree

After reapplying for the membership card, I’ve been buying a lot of books from Kinokuniya recently. Books for myself… books for my friends… Whatever interests me I’ll just buy.

Humourous reads

For my frenz…

The Japanese have a way of thinking that is infused with equal parts practicality and efficiency, with a defining dose of quirkiness. The results are URAWAZA, a Japanese word for secret lifestyle tricks and techniques.

A simple physics logic but I don’t see anyone (myself inclusive) applying this knowledge of stacking bigger boxes on top of smaller ones for ease of carrying when moving house.

A real interesting read! Made me feel like trying out their tips. It was meant as a gift but I secretly read it without opening the book too wide. Oh no, now I can’t give this book to anyone who reads my blog.

Absolutely love Guy Browning’s style of humour!

I had to place an order for this after waiting for more than 2 years for it to reappear on the shelves.

I love how the book looks without its jacket-- sleek black fabric cover, just like a bible (sense sarcasm).

A brilliant compilation of everyday matters skewered with deadpan style and deadly accuracy. There are lots of British references and inside jokes. However, I liked how Browning managed to take everyday situations and spin them into something thought-provoking and hilarious at the same time.

Note: Ability to understand sarcasm is a must to enjoy the book. This factor… I really got no problem as attested by all my victims of suan-ing and and targets for sarcasm.

Another batch of book spree. This time, the literary ones.

Wooh! I was ecstatic to be able to lay my hands on Tim Burton’s morbid poems featuring…

The Melancholic Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories

Yes Tim Burton as in that director who always works on morbid films with Johnny Depp like Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare before Christmas and most recently Sweeney Todd.

Introduced by a friend a few years back, I’ve never seen it in local bookstores till now.

Although the hypertext version is available here, I prefer to own the classic-looking book with its black fabric covering and all.

Burton is indeed talented! I love the brilliant rhythm and rhymes, along with the twisted tragic tales of physically deformed outcast kids that begs comparison with Gorey's style.

One of my faves

Short, sweet and straight to the point.

Another favorite would be Roy, the Toxic Boy.

Do take a read. Love the ending. Wicked!

For those whom I introduced the book to, they would never fail to LOL when they reached the ending of Toxic Boy.

A splash of water colours to detoxify the toxicity of the tales… I really love the illustrations.

The Little Prince

So whimsical! I like such illustrations and oh, they’re all painted by the author himself.

Prince Charming

One day, I spotted a brown thing on the floor of my dining room.

As I wasn’t wearing any contacts, I bent real close to take a look at it after being very sure that that shade of brown wasn’t like that of a cockroach.

It was a frog!

Not like any other frog but a cute cute frog!

In any case you’re wondering why there was a frog in my house… my da jie would occasionally buy frogs as food for her arowana.

I really hate prison-break frogs.

They sometimes jumped outta nowhere and gave me quite a scare. It’s a dread catching them back. I really hate to deal with them and would leave them alone, only to find their dead, hard and dried up carcass somewhere. Most annoying I say!

This one is sooooo CUTE and so damn guai1 lor!!!! It must have jumped outta its tank and was dehydrated. Due to its dehydration, it must have lost all energy to escape. It was pretty easy to catch this one. I dun really fancy frogs with wet-looks. Not my type. Hence, I really grew quite fond of this little froggie which is so guai and un-wet.

My er jie and me started snapping photos of it. It was standing on a magazine when we snapped. Each time we turned the angle of the mag, the frog would follow suit.

The above photo was taken w/o zoom. That was how close my camera was to Prince Charming and he just stood there looking at the camera w/o hopping at all.

My er jie calls it her “Prince Charming”.

It looked like The Dog from The Dog Collection

All this while, Prince Charming merely stood there for a few minutes. Then, when we decided it was enough, we put it back into its tank.

It was the only one left.

That night, my dad dropped Prince Charming into the arowana’s tank. I was so upset but what was meant to be food was meant to be food, I could do nothing.

I hurriedly grabbed my z5 and showed my dad the photos, he thought it was a dog at first glance (attesting to the fact that it looked like it came from The Dog). He also agreed Prince Charming was really cute.

Just then my da jie came back so I related to her the story about the prison-break-frog as I showed her the pictures.


All of us ran to aro’s tank and saw aro’s mouth closing with a huge air bubble.

That was the last we saw of Prince Charming.

I started wailing and pretended to cry.

Er jie came back that night and after learning of the sorry end of her Prince Charming, changed her MSN nick to:

“The arowana ate my prince charming”

The next day, da jie bought a new batch of frogs.

Putting the plastic bag full of wet frogs right in front of my face, she tried her best to pacify me…

“See these are nicer. They are green and healthy and not dehydrated. They look so wet and energetic. Which one you like? This one? This one look like your frog right? How about this one?” Or this one?”

I stared at her blankly and in a deadpanned tone answered.

“All not cute. Only that one is the cutest. I hate green and healthy and wet and energetic frogs.”

I showed those colleagues who were present at Joyce’s mini farewell lunch the frog photos and related the whole incident to them.

They laughed!!!!

Dammit, they can laugh. I know It’s very funny la, but poor Prince Charming can?

Then when colleague S came in w/o hearing my story before that, he said,

“Oh, you have a pet frog? So what’s its name?”

Almost unanimously, the whole gang chorused,

“Fish food.”

LOL manz!

P/S: As I’m typing this, the arowana had since died mysteriously. Although I hated the arowana for eating Price Charming, I do feel pity for it and for my da jie. She’s damn suay. Whenever she went overseas the past 2 times, her arowana would die the day before she left. Let’s mourn for it. It is currently located in the freezer. Don’t ask me why my dad put it in the freezer manz. All these fish people are really weird at times.

Hairy Chest?

Pris is damn funny.

She loves to place her black cat in all funny positions with my rabbit once in a while. Then one fine day, I saw a note across the rabbit’s chest which read :

This rabbit has hairy chest

I love this cute frenchy carrier from lver

However you pronounce “lver”

Love the cute illustration.

I think lver clothes are nice however, it’s not a lver item but a BCBG Max Azria dress inside!

Pris gave it to me after buying it on impulse for about USD$100. She scrolled trough her list of friends and felt that the dress was very me and decided to let it go to a better owner. It took me quite a while to accept the dress due to the price and due to the fact that she’s my colleague/subordinate. Will take a picture of it one day. It’s very beautiful!

This is so random…

A great-tasting healthy cheese cracker

It’s really good!!!! Taste a little like garlic bread w/o the aftertaste.

Rough drafts

I felt so bad for drawing an april which doesn’t look like an april.

Tried to enhance the eyes with her luscious lashes and impeccably lined eyes but still… no saving grace… April deemed she looked like another person for the drawing in the card. Guessed my “old april” drawing looked more like her.

old drawing of 4 of us

If there is a next time, I would draw you more beautiful ok? =p

Rough drafts for our team building “props”

Our lamb (lame) plot:
A dispute between two triad gangs, namely the qing long bang (Green Dragon gang) and the bai hu bang (White Dragon Gang) which later settled their disputes and merged to become Qing Long Bai Hu Bang (Green Dragon, White Tiger Gang)

For comic effect and to make it even more lamb, we thought of taming down the long2 (dragon) to cong2 (worm) and the hu3 (tiger) to mao1 (cat)

However, when I showed the pictures to my group members, all felt that the cat very cute and my gang deemed that our worm pales in comparison to the bai hu bang. (My gang is qing long bang.)

Hence, I decided to change to this…

Cute ma? A dragon, albeit not a fierce one but a cheeky one.

"I dunno why I still like this one best”

My 14-year-old pencil case looked like it was in a real bad state…

The zipper finally threw in the towel. No matter how I pulled, the zipper could not close up the two sides any more. It could still slide up and down, just not able to close. Hence, I’d to keep it in the centre to prevent my stationeries from falling out.

Notice that the nonexistent zipper (as in the part where you pull) has since been replaced by a very old, discoloured, torn and tattered friendship band. Yeah, the zipper broke a few years back and I hurriedly looped a simple spiral friendship band as the holder which tore over the years as well.

Then last week during tuition, the zipper thought it had enough of tugging and pulling and gave up on life totally.

Tutee C: Teacher, I think you seriously need to change pencil case.

Me: I’ve got enough animal pencil cases at home to make a zoo. All given to me over the years by friends who thought that I really should change pencil case but I dunno why I still like this one best.

Tutee C: [Shaking his head like a mature adult] Ok Teacher I help you get rubber band.

Me: [Pulling the zip up and down] Hey, good idea!

Tutee C: Haiz…

I just like my old and ugly stuff sometimes.

It’s the little things that brighten my day

There was a Friday when I was really quite sick in bed. Remember I said I was coughing a few entries ago? Yeah it became hacking cough which made me puke.

I hate Fridays as they are my busiest day of the week. Also, I dislike the 3 classes in a row with 2 very noisy and naughty classes. Furthermore, my P1 class’s parents are not very understanding. While my lower primary classes parents in HQ often sing praises of me and are very understanding, the parents in this class seemed to think that I’m always on mc or leave even, which is so totally untrue! There were so many times when I came back to teach even tough I was sick and I only took leave twice on a Friday for my entire time I’ve taught them since they were K1!

Still feeling sick, I went back the following Friday to teach. I had such a throbbing headache and hacking cough that I kept running to the loo to puke while asking a temp staff to stand in whenever I was outta the class.

I really could not take it anymore and thought of going home but persevered all because I was afraid that my P1 class’s parents would start making a din. Some parents complained about the class being very rowdy when I was absent the previous week.

When that class became noisy as I was teaching, I gave them a huge lecture and had no choice but to tell them that I’ve been running to the toilet to vomit and was so disappointed in them whenever I came back seeing them so noisy.

They looked so shocked and innocent when I was shouting at them. Then, they became quite quiet. Not long after, this little gal (whose mum is always one of those complainers) gave this to me.

It’s all these little things that touch me and puts a huge smile on my usually dao bitchy teacher face. =)

Just when I was having very bad thoughts about the parents, a few of them came to look for me after the lesson, asking if I am teaching P1 classes for other time slots or branches.

I told them that the class was my only P1 class and they decided to continue with me, saying that their kids like me a lot (KNS lor, after they became P1, they became very naughty) and that I’m able to control the class well (I’ve always thought I had one of the worse control over this class as I’m much kinder to them and try as much as possible not to morph into my bitchy teacher mode for lower primary)

You may think that I am very happy to hear all these. I don’t deny that I am. However, I’m in a dilemma now as this was the class I was supposed to give up according to the new company’s policy that Pri EL teachers should teach lesser classes due to our heavy marking.

For the past 2 weeks, the students have been a lot more well-behaved and we even had time to have spelling and math quiz on the whiteboard. They were so happy that day that they promised to be good and finished their work on time if they could have more quizzes on the board.

Well, I’ll see how it goes.

My insomnia is getting worse
Upated on 7th May

Worse as in, I average 4 hours a night. In a way, it’s good. In the past, I had difficulty falling asleep and waking up in the morning subsequently. I would feel very lethargic in the day during work and sometimes not able to concentrate.

This time, I could wake up very easily, quit the habit of snoozing for till the alarm rings 5 times and am able to punch in early at work. I feel very energetic during the day too.

I hate and love my new body clockwork at the same time.

It’s a love-hate relationship… just like with this company.

I hope to be able to update on team building soon. The memories of team building were all I could think about for the whole week. SO much so that kh wasn't even on my mind. Ha!

He was so bz with exams. However, I’m glad to have spent some time with him last night when he fetched me home from work. =)


Replies to tags

22 Apr 08, 01:47
canny: Ooops!! Have complete reading the entry!! Cant help not to read!! Heee... *cheeky smile* Will try to update my blog soon, so u can have some entries to read too! =p
Same for me! =) I can see that you’ve been doing your updating.

23 Apr 08, 22:04
adele: yo!!!
Yo back! You’re here! Ooi… leave something more constructive la… Haha…

27 Apr 08, 18:31
Missy T: Hahaha... U realli scare me with the "short hair". Your lash extensions are beautiful and looks ntural from the photos to me.
Haha… Sorry about that. Yeah I did feel bad for tricking my readers. My lash extensions were anything but natural back then. Now they’re fine as you can gather from this post.

28 Apr 08, 13:18
sherin: your eyelash = meimei ! but issit troblesome when you bathe and wash face? i heard from my fren that she almost wore goggles when bathing to 'protect' her newly extended eyelashes. LOL
Thanx gal! Ooh… goggles? After I read what you typed, I actually borrowed goggles from my sis but decided it was even more troublesome. The goggles are still lying on my table. Oh to answer your queries, you can refer to my pros and cons of the extensions on this post. Hope they’re useful!

29 Apr 08, 14:40
xtina: i din fell for ur short hair trick! but my xiao mei did. she told me u waste money go perm ur hair den now went to cut short. haha!
29 Apr 08, 14:43
xtina: my colleague say u gotta call SN to ask abt the SN doll.. its is sold by the admin office
Haha.. you’re smart lo. Wah laueh.. Your xiao mei also reads my blog? Eh you all no good la. Alwiz must wait for your sisters to tell you all what they read then you all read. (Zhu also) K la k la… I understand… BZ auditors! Yep, I’ll ask my colleague to ask her student if she could help us buy the doll. =)

1 May 08, 22:53
fred: hi there. am looking for the MediaCorp/TCS/SBC show that used 谭咏麟 - 让爱继续. wonderin if you know?
Hi fred. Good to know another person who likes the song. Did you get to my site from search engine? Did it lead you to this post? I also dunno what show was that. I even asked my very pro in SBC/ TCS shows fren and she can’t remember too. I hope that this site from Wikipedia would be helpful to you. In any case you managed to find out. Could you drop me a tag too? Thanx! =)


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