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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to 2 Gorgeous Babes

especially for one of my besties & my best cousin...



  1. Copied and pasted from tag box for remembrance...

    3 Apr 08, 01:26
    zanne: thx dearie! i juz saw ur post... sorry was rushing work tdy.. replied ur post maybe weekend.. heehee.. next week onwards shld be more relax, upd u again... =) hugz
    3 Apr 08, 01:27
    zanne: and i really like ur handmade cake.. haha.. 1st bd cake for me cuz no time to really go cele..

    jo: You’re most welcome! By the time I reply to this, I hope that you would have had many celebrations. You haven’t updated me when to meet. No good you. =P

    4 Apr 08, 02:56
    Lydia (ur cuz): HI girl!! Thanks for the handdrawn cake!! HA. am honoured just to have my name on the blog. HAHAH. Anyway I see ur bkgrd as maroonish.

    jo: You’re most welcome! I hope you had a blast of a time that day with all the meet ups.

  2. Very creative handmade cake Jolene!


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