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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Teachers’ Day Celebration at Carlton

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Mum's birthday cake. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August Babies Photos Galore!

Happy birthday to the August babies!

Photos from wy’s birthday…

All of us  Posted by Picasa

Wy and em Posted by Picasa

wy and hs Posted by Picasa

wy and rc Posted by Picasa

wy and me Posted by Picasa

wy’s BEE-OO-TEE-FOOL card
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Photos from hs’s birthday…

hs and her presents. Posted by Picasa

Erm… and that’s me in the background being an extra, trying to hide my face behind the menu. =P

hs and her BEE-OO-TEE-FOOL card Posted by Picasa

It's rare to have so many colleagues from hh joining us for lunch. hs ought to feel privileged... ha!  Posted by Picasa

hs's ge1 ren2 zhuan1 ji2.
Doesn't she look so much better w/o glasses???  Posted by Picasa

Style consultant #1, lv, says, "Don't wear glasses... your hair too black liao... go and dye... you’ll look a lot better."
Style consultant #2, jo, says, "Don't wear so aunty... don't carry da4 bao1 xiao3 bao1 so aunty... you’ll look a lot better."
Style consultant #1 and #2 echo together, "Actually you are very pretty one!" Haha... Hope hs doesn't kill me when she reads this. Ok to prevent you from killing me, I have to tell you that my mum says you look very nice w/o glasses. Look like some HK actress. Haha... I'm sure I'm spared now.

me and hs posing with cute dollies!!! Cut them up individually and you can go and da3 xiao3 ren2. Posted by Picasa

Once again… it’s an unspoken rule that everyone must take a shot with everyone. So here goes,

hs and wy Posted by Picasa

hs and em Posted by Picasa

em and wy Posted by Picasa

I don't know why I can't take a decent shot with em. Either her eyes would be closed, or I would look ugly. So me thinks this candid one is actually the best. Posted by Picasa

me and wy. I like the jaundiced look on both of us. Posted by Picasa

4 of us on self timer... Final product after so many tries. Posted by Picasa

Talking about birthdays... tomorrow is my mum’s birthday and it is coincidentally the end of the month. I suspect I would be a lot poorer by then.

Remember the cute and dumb kitty from a few entries back? I wasn't able to upload the video due to "persistent abuse" from "[our] region"? #%@&$*##^@! Singaporeans.

I got my dear friend all the way from Virginia to help me upload it at her region. It worked!

Click here to watch 'Dumb kitten'


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