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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Blissful Bundle from A Better Florist

I love flowers.

My love for flowers started when I was in an all girls' secondary school and gal pals gave each other flowers on Valentine's Day, a day we affectionately termed as Friendship Day.

Groups of friends and classmates would buy tickets and support you when you perform in a concert (I was from the symphonic band) and then present you with large bouquet of flowers and balloons at the end of the performance.

It was all really heartwarming back then in school. Hence it is an irony that instead of being swooned when my then boyfriend (now husband) bought me bouquet of flowers twice early in our relationship, I told him not to waste money. My mistake. I've not received any flowers from him since then.

I still love flowers though I seldom receive them now. A Better Florist made by day when I received this vase of Spring Breeze at my office last week.

I absolutely adore fresh flowers in glass vase. I love pastel, romantic, vintagey flower theme. I love the burst of floral fragrance when I sniff at flowers.

My pastel theme flowers from A Better Florist came in a glass vase with vintagey twine all bursting with floral fragrance. It was no wonder my kitty cat Miyo stepped into the doorway of my room, lifted her head and sniffed the air with a cute little pink nose going up and down before running to the flowers.

The Blissful Bundle is the ultimate bliss-pack for a stress free season which includes the Spring Breeze - gorgeous pastel blooms to brighten anyone's home or work space. I feel so happy looking at them by the TV every day!

Even though I love flowers, I am a flower idiot. My Instagram friend told me that I have got Roses, Lisianthus, Gerbera daisy and little green Chrysanthemum pompoms. Now I suddenly feel so enlightened about flowers! *LOL*

The Blissful Bundle also comes with a relaxing lavender candle for bedtime, and an energizing lemongrass candle to start the day.

I am one who absolutely dislike Lavender -- one of the most popular scent in the world. I find that many Lavender products have got a salty base note that could sometimes smell like saliva.

I am utterly amazed that this Lavender soy candle smells heavenly. There isn't a hint of the salty saliva smell I often associate with Lavender. It just smells like fresh Lavender. I'm slightly addicted to it as I keep opening the lid to sniff it. The Lemongrass smells just like strong Lemongrass and fortunately, I'm fine with Lemongrass so I would say it smells great too. I wonder what Miyo thinks.

Look, there is even a flower care guide!

The customer service from the lady handling my order till the courier service was great! It was a breeze communicating with them.

A Better Florist also conducts Flower Jam Sessions every Saturday. Visit them for more details!



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