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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When was the last time you stepped into the Science Centre?

When you were in primary school or secondary school? When you as a parent or teacher brought your kids there?

Last Tuesday, instead of our monthly meeting, we had a company outing to the Science Centre! It was quite a fun learning journey. Imagine an entourage of about 50 adults and 2 kids (big boss’ kids) going for an excursion to the Science Centre!

Did not take any photos there as we were busy playing. Moreover, I’m not really used to the low ISO of my old fuji cam. It cannot capture indoor shots well w/o flash.

Some cute drawings on the walls of the renovated branch…
Figure them out.

Simple mathematical equation

8 - 5 = 3

Family life equation

Blissfully married couple = Not quite blissful family life
Mummy gets angry when the kid is lazy and naughty and refuses to study. Daddy has to bear the weight of it all.

After that, we went to Kinokuniya at Taka. I was so excited to see the lovely xmas decorations in town, It really puts me in a festive cum shopping mood. =)

Photos with my colleagues…

Next we went to Sakura for buffet. So many of my colleagues agreed that Sakura sucks but we still went anyway. It’s not the food, it’s the company. Those who had yet to try Sakura gave an immediate verdict that night that Sakura ISN'T great too. Some of them are suffering from stomach problems up till now! Indigestion, flatulence, bloatedness, diarrhoea and all.

Our table

Our ice-cream

Cyn, Apr and I went crazy scooping the ice-cream. We wanted to make an earthquake ice-cream to share with the whole table.

No photos of food coz they are not worth snapping. The ice-creams were good though. Love the mango ice-cream. YUM!

Next informal activity would be to catch “Prestige”. I had wanted to watch as I heard it was good and it was ending it runs at cinemas then. However, those people I hang out with all didn’t want to go. In the end, big boss whispered to us that he would pay and so we managed to attract more people to go. Upon buying the tickets, there were only the 1st 2 rows left. We were all so bloated and nauseous that we couldn’t possibly sit through a show of magic at the front row and not puke. They settled for Plan K instead.


I really marvel at how the people here love K-ing so much.

I always waste money at ktv as I only know how to sing those older songs from the 90s. But since big boss agreed to pay for us, I couldn’t care much. Heh…

They called us S-H-E-S

We sang so many old songs in unison and nobody could differentiate our voices. They were almost stupefied at how well our voices blend in. Not bad leh, considering chris and me don’t really know how to sing, while mich and jac were the champions in different years for the company’s karaoke competition. Now, chris and I dunno to feel flattered or for mich and jac to feel insulted. Wahaha…

Those who survived till 3am

A lizard dropped on me while I was about to enter my house. Stupid lizard was the same colour as my jacket! I felt something dropped on my chest and couldn’t find anything. It was only after I transfixed my eyes onto 2 black dots on my jacket that I realized they were the lizard’s eyes! Is it good luck or bad luck to have lizard dropping on you manz?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Work vs Tuition

This is my only off day with no tuition whatsoever. It is the only off day which I can have some me-time. My favourite tuitee has just finished his exams so I’m giving him and myself a 2 weeks break. My sweet cousin tuitee is basking in the Australia sun now. My playmate tuitee’s mum is fine with me taking an off.

Yay.. I finally got time to go for my facial appointment liao. I signed up a package at Bioskin last year and got a major lecture from my mum, went for the very first time in May 2005 and never did go for the second time. I find it a waste of time to simply lie there and not do anything for 2 hours while I could have shopped, marked my worksheets, blogged, read for that 2 hours. However, I must learn to relax and not think about the amount of time wasted. Looking at the state of my face, I also think I seriously need the facial!

From this week onwards, my off days are changed to Wednesday and Sunday. No more consecutive off days. Boo Hoo! I’ve gotten so used to working weekends and having offs on weekdays. However, my superior says a Sunday is very valuable and I will soon realise the importance of it.

Right now, I’m wondering how to arrange my tuition schedule around this new work schedule. I told all my tuitees’ mums about the change in off days and how difficult it is to arrange their sessions but none of them was willing to let me go. A part of me also can’t bear to let them go coz I really enjoy giving tuition.

I like my cute C. He is so cute! I’ve been teaching him since he was in Pri 2. He is going to be Pri 5 next year but he still looks as cute as he was the first time I saw him. He is not only physically cute, he always does cute things. He loves to tell me boh liao stuff. He loves to tell me cold jokes. He loves to ask me lame riddles. He loves to spin yarns and tell tall stories which are so obviously untrue. Nevertheless, no matter how boh liao his stuff are, how cold his jokes are, how lame his riddles are and how fake his stories are, they never fail to crack me up.

He is very cheeky and mischievous and often makes me angry with his carelessness, loss of marks, undone homework and gasak gasak attitude in studies. But he always brightens up my day with all his cute antics. His family members treat me very well too. His little sister and cousin love to go into the room and “disturb” me. When his grandma know that I have not eaten, she would bring in bowls of soup, snacks, biscuits and even offer to cook instant noodles for me. His mummy once offered to share her zi char bee hoon with me. His mummy does sales on fashion merchandise and she would hand me an Abercrombie or Hollister every now and then as she knows I like those brands.

One week plus and I’m already missing that cute boy manz.

I enjoy teaching my cousin too. Nope, not that hellish and psycho cousin brother who once used a knife on me and I still tahan him for 3 years but another cousin sister. I’ve been teaching her English and Maths since she was in Pri 5.

I love going to my aunt’s condo. Tucked along Bukit Timah Road, I love the nature theme of their condo. Whenever I set foot in there, I feel very relaxed. Lush greenery, swishing waterfalls, rocks surrounding the edge of the pool… It is like a tropical paradise. I always tell myself that one day, I would just go and bask myself by the poolside and use the sauna facilities. I’ve been telling myself for 2 years but I still have not done it.

I love to eat at my aunt’s place too. She loves to stuff me with lotsa delicious home-cooked food and she always serves dinner with impeccable style. If she has prawns, she would arrange the prawns facing one direction along the side of the bowl. If she has pieces of meat, she fans them out. She knows how to arrange the various dishes on the rice bowl such that I would not have difficult eating while teaching my cousin at the same time.

My aunt is also that kind of mummy who would cut different kinds of fruits after dinner. She cuts all the fruits up into bite sized pieces and not wedges which makes munching and talking much easier.

My cousin is a joy to teach. She was very quiet and not at all like all my talkative students, but she has slowly warmed up to me. She is that kind of tuitee who does all her school homework and tuition homework religiously and scores many As. I’ve lacked the confidence to teach Maths at secondary level (check out all my F9s) but when my aunt insists on me continuing to teach her when she promoted to Sec 1, I read the textbook and practiced my Maths really well. Maths became her best subject.

For Teachers’ Day, she gave me a pink Guess watch. I didn’t open the gift in front of her but you can be sure the very next session, I went to scold her for giving such an expensive gift.

She will be Sec 2 next year. I really don’t have the confidence to continue teaching her Maths and told my aunt about it. I told her my Maths at sec level is very lousy and that for the past 1 year, I’ve been reading up her text before I teach her. My aunt said, “Read the textbook and refresh your memory. Should be no problem. She got A for your Maths.” Me thinks she got A coz she is good, not because I am good.

See how it goes…

I also enjoy teaching my “playmate”, C. Why playmate and not tuitee? Coz she’s only 3 years old this year. She is a student in my ex co but not my student. Basically, I flash cards to her, read with her, do writing and drawing and play educational games. Sounds fun eh? But it’s not relaxed. The younger the kid, the more energy I need. It was supposed to be a temporary try out thingy till I got a job at that time. However, instead of stopping, her mummy says I can come as and when I’m free.

Both my playmate and her brother would scream and jump for joy, each rushing to open the door for me whenever I ring the bell. Their grandma would beam and say in Mandarin, “See, once you come, the whole house is filled with joy.”

There was once it was raining but had since stopped by the time I reached C’s place. When she saw me, she screamed, “Jiejie Jolene are you ok? It is raining. It is raining so heavily. I scared you don’t have umbrella.” Later, her grandma told me that for the whole afternoon before I arrived, C has been asking if I had brought my umbrella and whether I’m “ok”.

On another occasion when I didn’t appear for 2 weeks, C hugged me very tightly and said “Jiejie Jolene I love you!” I was so touched. I was already planning to break the news that I was unable to continue anymore.

I really missed all the little “I love yous”. In my previous job, I would hear them almost everyday and not get tired of hearing. Now the only little kid who utters that is C.

At least thrice, I brought it up to her mummy that I feel bad not being able to commit twice or even once a week constantly and she maintained that it is not an issue. Her grandma then said that their door is always opened for me and that I’m welcome back anytime.

I hope I’ll be able to work out how to arrange my schedule soon.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good service goes a loooong way

Updated (8th November):
The Sony's are no good. Other than their sleek design, they have nothing much to offer. Very basic camera with a hefty price tag.

So now, Canon Ixus65 or Panasonic Lumix FX01?


I’ve always boycotted Canon due to their sucky service. From small fry promoters to big boss to the service centres, Canon had proven that they sucked big time over and over again. And it’s not just me, a few other people I know find Canon staffs very cocky. However, just now, a promoter by the name of Catherine and another guy who I forgot to ask for his name really changed my image of Canon.

Catherine was really very sincere and she went out of her way to serve her customers well. I wanted to test the darkness of the pictures taken without flash. Often, many cameras on auto mode w/o flash capture the objects much darker than the actual object that we see under the light. So I was trying out with the ixus65 as somebody I know uses it and his shots looked brighter than mine. Catherine offered to bend down and take a few shots of the dark corners. It seemed like nothing really praiseworthy, but she was the 1st Canon person to do that. Usually, people find my requests very weird. She also answered all my funny questions and demands very patiently with great enthusiasm and a big smile of course.

I was so wowed by her attitude that I decided to pay her a visit again after my dinner to tell her that she really changed my bad impression of canon people. Alas, she was busy attending another customer and this other canon guy attended to me. I made sure they were from canon and not Harvey Norman before rattling off. Haha… I think I’m so super zek arp that he was trying to defend why the canon staffs behaved as such with each bad experience I narrated.

I decided to lift my personal ban on Canon and now Canon ixus65 is on my list.

My choices:

Canon ixus65

Price: $569 at the Canon-Harvey Norman roadshow till next Sunday 12 November.
Freebies: 2 x 1GB card; 1 x 512 card; 1 battery; 1 leather case; 1 7in1 bag
Functions: WOW
Fashion scale: 6/10

Sony T10 in pink or white

Will “test drive” tomorrow and update.
Fashion scale: 9.5/10

Sony T50 in red

Will “test drive” tomorrow and update
Fashion scale: 9/10

Panasonic Lumix fx01

I still like Lumix very much.
Fashion scale: 8.5/10

Views and recommendations? Professional shutterbugs, please don’t suggest those bulky SLR please. Looking for a handy one. =)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Conscience – Those dreaded angel & devil that sit on my shoulders

Hey a little late. This must be the shortest photo blogging entry ever. Blame the idiot who stole my camera! Here are the shots from darling zanne’s hp and the mos photographer.

The 5 of us were dressed as… …


Check out the angel wings and devil horns… something different from the usual angels and devils. =)

jq, geral and tiff were making the horns the day itself. I think they’re really cute. The horns I mean… haha. The clubbers there kept plucking our feathers and pulling our horns that by the end of the day, some of our horns came off! So pissed!

We really LURVE the way one of jq’s friends labelled us. He was trying to guess what angel + devil means.

His verdict:
Tian1 shi3 ban1 de4 lian3 kong3. Mo2 gui3 ban2 de4 shen1 cai2.
(Loosely translated to angel’s angelic face, devil’s devilish body)

So impressed by his wit…. And ahem… compliments.

zanne was the 1st one to finish dressing up and making up and have a lot of time to take photos

I purposely asked geral for big eyes contacts to look create the Ju-On effect. But they made no difference to my eyes!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Before we cheong mos, the whole lot of us tropped over to a private party organised by elvin.

Hey elvin, if you are reading this, thanx for organising the party! I can see all your efforts. Love the drinks, especially that spanking rose vodka! And apologies if we seemed a lil off at times when playing games. If we knew the people well, it would have been great fun. ;P

The best coordinated team!

Over at MOS...

zanne da vamp

Jo da i-dunno-wat

zanne looks like she wanna suck my blood

Do we look like she-ghosts?

3 conscience(s) guiding the mad prisoner

Of course, there were many photos of the make up process, at the party, at mos etc… But that’ll only be etched in our memory for now. Well, at least we had great fun, built closer bonds and made new friends.

I've pieced myself together


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