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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Conscience – Those dreaded angel & devil that sit on my shoulders

Hey a little late. This must be the shortest photo blogging entry ever. Blame the idiot who stole my camera! Here are the shots from darling zanne’s hp and the mos photographer.

The 5 of us were dressed as… …


Check out the angel wings and devil horns… something different from the usual angels and devils. =)

jq, geral and tiff were making the horns the day itself. I think they’re really cute. The horns I mean… haha. The clubbers there kept plucking our feathers and pulling our horns that by the end of the day, some of our horns came off! So pissed!

We really LURVE the way one of jq’s friends labelled us. He was trying to guess what angel + devil means.

His verdict:
Tian1 shi3 ban1 de4 lian3 kong3. Mo2 gui3 ban2 de4 shen1 cai2.
(Loosely translated to angel’s angelic face, devil’s devilish body)

So impressed by his wit…. And ahem… compliments.

zanne was the 1st one to finish dressing up and making up and have a lot of time to take photos

I purposely asked geral for big eyes contacts to look create the Ju-On effect. But they made no difference to my eyes!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Before we cheong mos, the whole lot of us tropped over to a private party organised by elvin.

Hey elvin, if you are reading this, thanx for organising the party! I can see all your efforts. Love the drinks, especially that spanking rose vodka! And apologies if we seemed a lil off at times when playing games. If we knew the people well, it would have been great fun. ;P

The best coordinated team!

Over at MOS...

zanne da vamp

Jo da i-dunno-wat

zanne looks like she wanna suck my blood

Do we look like she-ghosts?

3 conscience(s) guiding the mad prisoner

Of course, there were many photos of the make up process, at the party, at mos etc… But that’ll only be etched in our memory for now. Well, at least we had great fun, built closer bonds and made new friends.

I've pieced myself together


  1. Aiya... why is there a fan in Zanne's pic? Why is the 'suck blood' pic so blurred? Hand shaking?

    Ok, ok, now the good part - you gals are really, really pretty.

  2. You have very big and bright eyes! I love your mersmerising eyes

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  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Omigosh! You and your friends are so pretty! And I think 5 of you wear the same is so cool. No wonder the clubbers went to steal your camera. The 2 small photos of your contacts look very pretty. But I also think no difference.


  6. My my, don't all of you look gorgeous? Such pretty ladies! I like the thematic approach in your dressing. Conscience? That is surely an innovative way to dress as both an angel and a devil.

  7. By the way, anonymous up there is really disgusting. You make me sick to the core.

  8. khengsiong,
    Erm... there's a fan in the pic coz it's taken in my room and with 6 people in my room, there isn't much space left to take photo w/o anyone or anything in the way. ;P The other pic is taken using hp that's why it's blurred.

    Yup. I think it's very innovative too. But actually, we really didn't have any idea so this was quite a spur of a moment thing thought up the night before. =) Tiff just came up with this angel devil get up and "conscience" immediately came to my mind.

  9. I think I saw you ladies at MOS last year. You all really stand out from the crowd that all of us cannot help staring.


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