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Thursday, June 25, 2009

我要记得结婚 (Wedding prep updates)

It 3am. I’ve just finished writing all the invitation cards to be mailed out. Yes I know, we’re kinda late as people usually send theirs one month before the AD. However, there simply were just too many things going on in my life that lots of stuff are half done or else then put on hold.

Just now we were at Whitelink to have our fathers’ measurement taken as our package included free rental for fathers’ jackets. I also did a final fitting on my gowns.

My WG was really tight… so tight that I can’t breathe. My EG too. In fact, kh had a hard time pulling the zip up. Finally when I decided to take a deep breath, a crack sound was heard as the hook flew off.

In a way I’m happy coz I really really really cannot stand it when people comment that I’m too skinny. However, I just don’t understand why the gowns are sooooo tight. I kept asking my coordinator if they’ve been altered after the photoshoot when I asked if it was possible to make the gowns more secure and he insisted they hadn’t been altered. I remembered that my measurements were taken again back then. However, the nice aunty wasn’t around just now for me to ascertain the fact.

Oh yes! We collected our album last week – two heavy albums.

We really love the layout. Both sets of parents like our photos a lot. My mum loves the photos so much that she wanna bring the album around to show [Aside: off] to people. Haha… We tried to convince her that nobody does that and that the album would only be displayed at the hotel. I wasn’t too pleased with our big 3-in1 portrait and wondered why we chose those 3 photos. Anyway, it’s not a big issue too.

We managed to settle lots of stuff during the weekend. We were both doing our rounds of cake and invitation cards delivery to our relatives’ homes. Speaking of which, I’m really very pissed at the insensitivity of some of them. I’m so pissed that they gave my mum so much trouble, worry and stress which clearly upsetted her so much.

Hello? It’s MY WEDDING. Who are you to direct my mum what we’re supposed to do? If all of you have issues, come and talk to me straight. Don’t upset my mum. We’ve already been very respectful to everyone.

Shan’t complain anymore. Dunno who’s reading but I don’t really care.

We have more or less dealt with the overflow of guests on our side. The table arrangement is still a headache but well at least we had one less thing to worry about after solving the overflow problem.

I’m supposed to be choosing some more photos for my sis to continue the photo montage… can I ask my clone to do it?

I’m supposed to be doing something additional to the photo montage… can I ask my clone to do it?

I’m supposed to be replying to the 50+ emails sent to my personal email with regards to Charmaine… can I ask my clone to do it?

I’m supposed to be sleeping so that I can go to work earlier and leave earlier… can I ask my clone to do it?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"你要记得结婚 hor?"

quipped a colleague to me yesterday.

Haha... That's cute. Of course I will. =)

The guest list and arrangement of tables are a major headache especially for maternal side which consists of 4 generations. Not enough tables yet if we were to limit who to invite, there would be unhappiness as well.


I'm only 10% into writing on the invitation cards.

Damn sleepy.

Can I sleep for 24 hours?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost dying from excessive heart palpitation

Cloning and fighting

I'm taking a little time off from everything to blog. I've been wanting to update with lots of things but the time can really be put to better use.

These few days have been really hectic. Charlene, don't scold me when you see me here blogging instead of replying to mails. =P

If possible, we should clone a few Cynthias, a few Charlenes, a few Josses and a few Jolenes. Then we would be able to manage everything all with ease.

June is a really bad time too as the 4 of us are occupied with our own stuff. The publicity brought about by 12th June's Wan Bao and 13th June's The New Paper certainly caused an email explosion.

Read Electronic TNP here:,4136,204956,00.html

It's really heartening to read soooooo many emails with words of encouragement and request to help out. There are really many kind people out there reaching out to us, praying, believing in Charmaine, offering to lend their hands in various ways etc.

I've been busy with settling lots of wedding stuff and I haven't been visiting cyn and the kids for more than a week. I do wanna see and play with Charmaine before her surgery on 18th June. Her surgery involves risk and I WANT her to pull through it all.

I haven't been crying for quite some time and I dunno why I'm tearing when I'm typing this.

Fight on my dear Charmaine!

You can do it!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A couple of pre-wed shots

We are very happy with how the photos turned out and even happier with how they look after the layout editing.

Here are a couple of photos sans layout editing sent to us via email. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed the whole photoshoot process that day!



The guy I’m marrying…

is someone with such a HUGE ego.

However, he never fails to make me laugh.

Some examples during the photoshoot…

When he put on the white suit, he declared,
“I am 白马王子.”

When he donned his black suit with blue tie, he admitted,
“Wah… can’t stand it. I look like 偶像.”

So just the other day we were inserting the mini photos meant for some guests into the paper frame, he told him mum,

“妈妈, 这张照片简直是鲜花插在牛粪上。”

As I was inserting the photos, I gave a puzzled look wondering why he was so humble all of a sudden. Just when his mum wanted to open her mouth, he said,

“我是鲜花。Jolene 是牛粪。”


Monday, June 01, 2009

The Great Rewind

Watch this space

Nyeh... no time... =(


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