Saturday, June 20, 2009

"你要记得结婚 hor?"

quipped a colleague to me yesterday.

Haha... That's cute. Of course I will. =)

The guest list and arrangement of tables are a major headache especially for maternal side which consists of 4 generations. Not enough tables yet if we were to limit who to invite, there would be unhappiness as well.


I'm only 10% into writing on the invitation cards.

Damn sleepy.

Can I sleep for 24 hours?


  1. I think this tables arrangement thingy is always a problem for most couples.

    You must take good care & be a pretty happy bride that day. I know nowadays you have to be busy with so many things! Hugz...

  2. Thanx June!!! I really hope to be a happy bride but with so many bad news coming in each day, I really have to try very hard. =(

  3. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    22 Jun 09, 07:08
    Joyce: Take things easy! Maybe can get family members to help with invitation cards. My aunt is helping me fill them up!

    9 Jul 09, 03:20
    Jo to Joyce: Haha... Very very difficult to put into action. We've been slapped with 1 bad news after another even up till tpday. BTW, dora is so cute in the video and in John's arm like a baby!



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