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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cloning and fighting

I'm taking a little time off from everything to blog. I've been wanting to update with lots of things but the time can really be put to better use.

These few days have been really hectic. Charlene, don't scold me when you see me here blogging instead of replying to mails. =P

If possible, we should clone a few Cynthias, a few Charlenes, a few Josses and a few Jolenes. Then we would be able to manage everything all with ease.

June is a really bad time too as the 4 of us are occupied with our own stuff. The publicity brought about by 12th June's Wan Bao and 13th June's The New Paper certainly caused an email explosion.

Read Electronic TNP here:,4136,204956,00.html

It's really heartening to read soooooo many emails with words of encouragement and request to help out. There are really many kind people out there reaching out to us, praying, believing in Charmaine, offering to lend their hands in various ways etc.

I've been busy with settling lots of wedding stuff and I haven't been visiting cyn and the kids for more than a week. I do wanna see and play with Charmaine before her surgery on 18th June. Her surgery involves risk and I WANT her to pull through it all.

I haven't been crying for quite some time and I dunno why I'm tearing when I'm typing this.

Fight on my dear Charmaine!

You can do it!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

1 comment:

  1. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    26 Jun 09, 19:10
    Terence: We at ECO-VERDE Pte Ltd,have started a fund raising campaign for Charmaine, we are selling our 50 ml non-alcohol based, foaming hand sanitisers at S$ 5.50 and S$ 1.50 will go to her fund. (Have sold i
    [Incomplete tag]

    9 Jul 09, 04:22
    Jo to Terence: Thanx for doing this for Charmaine. Really appreciate it. BTW, could u pls remove my personal blog url from the links? I'm fine if u put up ourfeistyprincess url on Facebook but not this blog. Thanx


    16 Jul 09, 16:43
    Affandy Senawi: Hi Jo, Academy Of Rock is going to use photos from your blog to add to our facebook page. We are co-sponsors for the Saving Charmaine event so i hope u don't mind we use some images?

    17 Jul 09, 02:38
    Jo to Affandy Senawi: We'll communicate via email.



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