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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A couple of pre-wed shots

We are very happy with how the photos turned out and even happier with how they look after the layout editing.

Here are a couple of photos sans layout editing sent to us via email. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed the whole photoshoot process that day!



The guy I’m marrying…

is someone with such a HUGE ego.

However, he never fails to make me laugh.

Some examples during the photoshoot…

When he put on the white suit, he declared,
“I am 白马王子.”

When he donned his black suit with blue tie, he admitted,
“Wah… can’t stand it. I look like 偶像.”

So just the other day we were inserting the mini photos meant for some guests into the paper frame, he told him mum,

“妈妈, 这张照片简直是鲜花插在牛粪上。”

As I was inserting the photos, I gave a puzzled look wondering why he was so humble all of a sudden. Just when his mum wanted to open her mouth, he said,

“我是鲜花。Jolene 是牛粪。”



  1. Hey Jolene =) Your pictures are gorgeous! I really mean it... Very Nice! I like the 2nd last pic very much! Haha...

    You "kicked" KH very well huh! Great shot & the 2 of you looked very cute.

    Btw the one of you in the white gown with black gloves, is that your AD gown?? Lovely beadings & details =) KH looks very good in his matching suit!

    And i like how your MUA style your hair for the 1st outfit. Mini "bee hive" & the overall look is nice & quite chic actually!

    Sorry for the long comment! Haha... I always like weddings & to see the gowns! =)

    Anyway congrats to U & KH!!

  2. Hi Jolene,
    After reading your thought provoking post without commenting, I felt I really have to do it for here.

    Your photos are really beautiful. You and KH are such a pretty and handsome pair. It is fate that put both of you together. I can see how blissful you look with him and I sincerely wish you all the best and have a blissful marriage. Have cute babies soon.

  3. is the outdoor photos in singapore? thks

  4. Hi June,

    Haha.. yeah that's a cute pic. It's his mum's favourite too. She said, "Ti de hen hao." Haha...

    Yes the black sash and black gloves gown is my AD gown. Love it to bits. But ah... I lost so much weight that day that it was drooping on me. Same for the EG. Didn't like how both turned out that day. I must eat fat fat till my AD... haha... Ya lor that bu yao lian kh said he is bai ma wang zi in that white suit. -_-|||

    No worries. Always love reading comments long or short.

    Thanx thanx thanx!!!


    Hi Cindee,

    Thank you. AH??? Babies??? I do love them but eh... no plans. Let nature take its course.


    Hi anon,

    Yes. They're taken in Singapore.

  5. if you don't mind revealing, which part of singapore? i mean the one with the long tree branch and tall grass. thks.

  6. which part of singapore is the one with the long tree branch and tall grass? thks.

  7. haha you 2 look great.. the first few are hilarious..


  8. Hey babe, you look gorgeous! KH totally looks the part as well haha..few guys are able to pose like him!

    I like the jump shots. They are very well-taken and the expressions are priceless! Love the retro outfit in your first 2 pics too. The hairdo was very nicely done! I like beehives! Haha

  9. Hi anon,

    The long tree branch and lallang-like grass is somewhere in Punggol which had forest fire sometime in February this year. The razed trees give an autumn feel. We were fortunate that there was lallang-like grass growing abundantly too for our photographer said they weren’t there when he recced the place a few days before.

    The grass may not always be there but the tree branch definitely will. =)


    Hi sy,
    sy as in sy mummy rite? Kick ass photo more hilarious. Haha…


    Hi Reg,

    Kh is a chao poser… he can get into character as quickly as you can say cheese. Haha… he jumped till very tired. Luckily all the times he jumped, the PG managed to capture quite well so his efforts paid off. I jumped in my 6-inch too! Haha…

    Yup I’m glad we chose that agogo theme too. We decided to ditch the traditional Chinese, Jap, Korean costume and opted for these instead. I like the beehive too coz I haven’t seen one on myself before. =)


  10. How much did you pay for your whitelink package and what does it include? Did you top up for any additional service or charge? Thanks.

  11. Hi anon,

    Hmm... I'm afraid I won't be of much help. My Whitelink package was signed in 2006 so it's quite different from the recent ones. It would be better to get the quotation and package details from them directly. Yes we did top up a bit. I won't be revealing any values publicly though.

  12. Dear Jolene,
    Your photos are so gorgeous and cute. You and your KH look so good together and look like you two have alot of fun. You two look like on magazine cover for wedding for the white background with black belt and gloves photo. That gown is pretty. The photo you kick him is it edited?


  13. Finally the 2 of you are getting hitched and I have been waiting to attend your wedding for a long time. I know you have been helping your friend and her daughter recently. Hope you are coping well with everthing in your hands my dear friend. I look forward to seeing you and soon to be husband next month.

  14. Hi Yen,

    Thanx. Indeed, we had lotsa fun. That gown is my actual day gown. The kicking photo is not edited. I pretended to kick him while he jumped so it turned out like that. Some pple asked if kh was superimposed into the picture. Haha...

    Hi anon,

    I dunno which friend of mine you are. Are you WQ?

  15. Hi Jolene, Your pics r super nice and u look gorgeous!!! Pretty gal and handsome !! so envy u~~~

  16. Hi L ee,

    Are you lee ivybnn from WL?

    Thanx a lot for leaving a note here. I'm sure your pics would be beautiful too. Every bride is beautiful in her own ways. =)

  17. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    4 Jun 09, 09:30
    Vonne: Hi there Your photos are so cute. I read your wedding posts and found out that you are from WhiteLink. Who is your photographer and I also saw photos of your wedding bands and they are gorgeous!
    4 Jun 09, 09:33
    Vonne: And can you tell me where did you have your outdoor shoot? Is the tree trunk photo in studio or real outdoor? Its really very beautiful. Your black belt gown is pretty. Is that your ad gown?

    5 Jun 09, 00:01
    Jo to Vonne: Are u a BTB too? Coz I see abbreviations. PG is Vincent. Outdoor PS is Punggol & Jalan Kayu. Long tree branch photo is actual outdoor PS, not screen. Yes black belt, gloves gown is my AD gown.
    5 Jun 09, 00:03
    Jo to Vonne: My reply sounds choppy. Some1 asked me similar qns in my comments section too. I will reply there later in greater detail. You can read from there. =)


    4 Jun 09, 14:13
    melgrace: hey babe, love ur wed shots... very nice wor~

    5 Jun 09, 00:04
    Jo to melgrace: Thanx babe! =D


    5 Jun 09, 13:35
    Justina: Hey Pretty! The pics r great! Which outdoor places did u chose??

    7 Jun 09, 00:42
    Jo to Justina: Thanx. It's Punggol and Jalan Kayu. For more detailed reply, you can click on the comments section for this post coz I've replied some1 there too. =)

    11 Jun 09, 16:49
    Justina: I am so gonna go Punggol for my fotoshoot!

    14 Jun 09, 23:59
    Jo to Justina: Must ask your PG recce the place first. Which bridal studio are you from?

    15 Jun 09, 22:45
    Justina: Mine is Jazz Bridal... Worry not, I believe Charmain will pull through!

    9 Jul 09, 03:18
    Jo to Justina: It's the faith of people like you strangers to Charmaine that help her to pull overcome the many obstacles in her cancer journey.


  18. Cont...

    8 Jul 09, 13:20
    fruityzee: Hi jolene! Can I ask if the polka dot dress is from your bridal studio or u bought it yourself?

    9 Jul 09, 03:24
    Jo to fruityzee: Haha.. I wld love to own such retro outfit! Sadly, the whole outfit is from my bridal studio except for the shoes. They're bot last minute before the photoshoot. HTHs!

    12 Jul 09, 12:31
    fruityzee: Yup they are nice outfits! Hope your wedding went smoothly.

    15 Jul 09, 21:45
    Jo to fruityzee: Yep, we were glad it went quite smoothly (i hope) despite all the initial glitches. Thanx!


  19. Cont...

    10 Jul 09, 15:58
    Bib: Hi Jolene, Congrats to your on yr wedding.. Enjoy yrself..nice bridal shots..

    15 Jul 09, 22:42
    Jo to Bib: Thanx!


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