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Thursday, November 08, 2007

SBC Shows & Songs are Solid + Mark Ryden Mysterious Works

Just now over at work, viv and I had a ball of a time reminiscing the good old SBC shows and songs.

She told me that she has 3 CDs of SBC and TCS songs and asked me if I wanna listen to them. I was like “bring it on man”. I can do a guessing game with the songs.

I used to be a TV fanatic.

Ask me ANY 6.30 cartoons theme song of the 80s and early 90s and I can either sing it or hum it for you.

Care Bears, Gummi Bears, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Captain Planet, My Little Ponies, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dennis the Menace, Ducktales, Dark Wing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Transformers etc etc etc… …

Armed with an old but trusty walkman recorder, my er jie and I used to rush to the TV speaker to tape cartoon songs.

Same goes for all the SBC shows 主题曲 and 插曲.

Last episode night would always be frantic coz it would be the last chance to tape the songs.

Yup, so back to the topic.

Viv is good. She really wins hands down. She should go and take part in games and quiz that test the participants’ knowledge of Channel 8 shows.

Wanna do some reminiscing of old shows and songs? Wikipedia has them!

I only remember from 咖啡乌 and 青春123 onwards.

As we listened (and worked), we would sing and hum and recall what the shows were about and who acted in them. We also started talking about other shows and songs which weren’t in her CD. Then we talked about all the so called handsome actors at that time. She is the 1st person I know who knows all the names of the past artistes and even know which artistes I was referring too just by describing their pattern.

Do you all recall these names?

Lin MingzheLin YishengCao JianpingShen JingxingWu KaishenChunyu Shan Shan.

These are actors we find not too bad looking and who can act too but we don’t see them on screen anymore. There are also some actresses whom we don’t see onscreen anymore but we can’t really remember their names. Only could recall Ye Shumei, Tang Miaoling and Huang Peiru. The actors were definitely more prominent than the actresses.

Her song list was pretty impressive. She has the very old songs like:

● 青春123
(du du du du du…青春123 la la la)
● 边缘少年
(the wayward kids have since morphed into the likes of uncle like Li Nanxing and aunty like Yang Libing)
● 窈窕淑女
(that happy fair ladies show with Zoe, Aileen and Jazreel)
● 生活歌手
(NICE songs! Chen Liping with 3 handsome guys singing all the way. Who are the 3 guys ah? Chen Jianhui? Lin Yisheng? Li Nanxing?)
● 牛车水人家
(I can’t really remember the plot)
● 舞榭歌台
(NICE song!)
● 金兰结
(I super hate that show coz Ye Shumei’s reel life was so sad!)
● 飞跃巅峰
(That one that got everyone liking volleyball)
● 出人头地
(My ultimate favourite!)

While I could remember most of the songs, my ultimate favourite is 出人头地 theme song 生命过客 by 童安格. Great tune. Meaningful lyrics.









Listen here.

I also like all the songs from 生活歌手. It was one of my favourite shows. I will never forget that xtina lost my tape in primary school. I was devastated. She was so apologetic that she replaced it with another xin yao ge shou tape. Haha… I bet you've forgotten about this incident.

Here's the 主题曲 titled 黎明的心.

VIV I FOUND THE HE2 CHANG4 VERSION!!! Must click muct click!

The 插曲 titled 你的倒影.

I had this impression that Chen Liping's voice was very high pitched and sweet because of this show.

Another favourite is 谭咏麟’s 让爱继续. I forgot what show was that. Any of you remember?

锦绣前程 (I forgot if that's the song or the show's title but it's sung by 关德辉) and Purple rain anyone? Those were good too.

70s and 80s babies… Do all these songs ring a bell?

Gosh I feel so nostalgic now.

Were the shows and songs really better back then or what?


I’ve been sleeping at 5am, 6am and 8.30am for the past 3 nights/ mornings because of Mark Ryden.

Mark Ryden’s morbid paintings repulse yet attract and I was really enthralled by them. They filled me with awe and wonder that I just had to spend the time unravelling their representations and doing my own interpretation.

Some of them spooked me. The expressions and mystified gaze of the cherubically evil children seem to penetrate deep into the heart. I looked away, only to find myself staring back into their eyes again.

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to his works. All I know is he is one artist who has successfully blend the cute and the creepy and takes it to a whole new level.

I smsed kh:
I’ve officially idolised Mark Ryden. If you dunno who he is, go and google. You’ll wonder if your angelic darling is actually a devil in disguise.

His reply:
Oh is ryan [sic] the one who is into the morbid arts?


Somehow I felt it sounded like “Oh is Sirius the one who is into the dark arts?”

The most un-morbid painting of Ryden which happens to be my favourite is ‘Saint Barbie’.

Barbie worshipping? Idols and celebrities worshipping? Literal or metaphorical? The values that youngster place on nowadays are certainly frowned upon and is brilliantly portrayed by Ryden here.

And this is just one of the slightly morbid ones. ‘Butcher Bunny’.

Feminine bunny butchering meat? Jesus on the counter top? I've spotted tons of implications in this painting but I shan't say them out.


  1. Next blog button.

    People think he is talented but I don't liek such art. They are too scary.

  2. Thank you for all the links jo!!!!!

    I enjoyed listening to these oldies. Do you know where to find such music? Those old sbc and tcs songs.

    I know ALL THE ARTISTES that you mention. The males and females alike. ^_^

  3. HiHi dear Jolene!!! :D


    I was just listening to Tong An Ge song these few days too!!! :D

    I just thinking about putting the song on my blog too!!!
    And here u are talking about it too!!!

    OMG! HiGh 5^!!! :D :D :D

    Great minds think alike eh??? :P

    I super like the lyrics of this song!!!
    Very meaningful! And nice music too!!!

    I like the volleyball show of Chen Liping and Chen XiuHuan alots too!!!
    I super like Chen XiuHuan when I was growing up!!!
    Find tat she's super pretty!!!
    She looked like spoiled rich brat,
    and always acted as rich girl in drama too!!! :P

    After your recommendation,
    I think Mark Ryden's works is v nice too!!!
    Wat u said is very true! Cute plus Creepy!!!
    Interesting leh his paintings!!! :D

    The Nine West heels looked gorgeous!!!
    LoVe the blingbling on it!!! :D

    Wah! The CK hood jacket v ex hor!!!
    But looked really nice on !!! :D
    LoVe the furry part!!!

    Take care of your health while working hard, Okie???

    I hope the little girl's mama did read all her letters too!!! :)

    And hope u feeling all better about SIMBA by now~
    Take care dear Jolene~ *HUGS*!!!

    And u trimmed your fringe shorter hor??? :D
    So cute! LoVe your wordings with your photos always!!!
    Like the "Let our Powers combine" etc!!!

    Take care always, Jolene! Keep in touch!!! :D
    I gtg sleep liow! Sleepy! Nitez!!!

    LoVe, VIVIEN!!!

  4. I have the same feelings.
    The shows were really better back then.
    It's good that you link up these songs.
    How did you find them?
    Do you have more links to other old show theme song?
    I like the Tong An Ge's song too!
    Great drawings from you anyway, it's not amateurish.
    Hope to hear your reply soon.

  5. Hi anon,
    Seems like we belong to different camps but it’s alright. To each their own. =)

    Hi Reese,
    Ooh.. another one who appreciates old songs and WOW…. You know all the male and female artistes too? That’s rare!

    Don’t mention. Good things must share! I dunno where to find them specifically. I actually copied the Chinese characters and pasted into Google and managed to find these links.

    Hi Vivien,
    Looooooooooooong time no hear from you!!!! And as usual, I always love reading your long comments!

    On Tong An Ge… I really think sometimes we got telepathy leh! High 5^ back. The tune and lyrics for sheng ming guo ke is really nice and meaningful. Great minds indeed.

    On Chen Xiuhuan… I also like her. Ouuta all the actresses from last time, I think Chen Xiuhuan and Pan Lingling are the prettiest. She’s the only actress from the 80s who look good with curly hair too.

    On Mark Ryden… Haha.. I tot such a sweet person like you won’t like Ryden’s works. Interesting right? You should go to his official website. Some are really quite spooky (maybe you might change your mind) but it just keeps attracting you to look and unravel the underlying meanings.

    On all the apparels… I also say… the heels and jacket super chio. Haven’t worn the shoes out yet. Hope it won’t be too painful. My lousy feet cannot take many types of shoes.

    On taking care of my health… Well… lalala… Work hard yes… take care of health.. dunno why so difficult to take care. Hehe…

    On the little girl… I also hope so too. I would have been touched if my daughter wrote such heart-warming letters.

    On Simba… Yup.. much better. Still will miss her but cannot be sad 24/7. =) Thanx for your huggies!

    On my fringe… Yep… so observant! I cut it though.. not trim… It wasn’t meant to be like that so I’m trying to grow it out.

    Same to you… Take care always and keep in touch!!! :D

    Hi Tracer,
    Yep I agree. Oh for the finding of songs, refer to my reply to Reese. =) And thanx a lot for the compliments for my drawings but seriously, it’s nothing compared to those professionals “artists”.


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