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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dear Santa, Could you fill my stocking with TIME?

I've decided to start a new entry on back dated entries, instead of updating the previous one.

So many so many things to write. But so little so little time to do so. To those who sms or msn me asking how I am, thank you very much. I’m very much alive. I realised a certain pattern, that is, almost everyone assumes something must have happened or that I’m really so very busy since even my blog was neglected. Nothing serious happened la, just that I have no time. SIGH… I wish time could be bought. Thanx for all of your concern!!! I’m so touched. =)

Back-dated entries.


2nd December 2006, Saturday
Geral’s birthday

Steamboat at ______________.

I forgot the name of that restaurant. I’ll fill in the blank some other time. Anyway, I don’t have a favourable impression of that place. It’s the one opposite Parco Bugis.

Aside from the not-so-tasty food, Tiff found a nymph in the chilli oil. And it wasn’t like those newly hatched size.

It was as big as this!

Ok, this isn’t a very good way to start a happy post. And fine, I exaggerated. It’s merely the size of my pinky nail. You know how small my nails are?

Whatever the damn size was, we just could not stand the way the waiter handled the situation. It was like apologise for the unfortunate nymph which drowned in the oil, maintain it’s not their fault but the kitchen’s fault and finally giving some discount grudgingly.

Xtina the Prawn Peeler for the night!

The only female who shells prawns for me…. Haha… she shelled for the whole table too. Shame on the guys! We are firm believers of guys shelling prawns. Yes, and she requested that I state on my blog that SHE WANTS HER FUTURE BF TO SHELL PRAWNS FOR HER.

There was a festive xmas mood at Bugis. I was so fascinated by all the bling bling ornaments which creates rainbow tinge here and there. It beats Orchard Road hands down which was all bathed in golden light.

We wanted a shot of the whole tree and us…

Resulting in this…

Birthday gal and the guys

All of us

All KTV rooms were fully booked so we settled for midnight shopping at MUSTAFA.

Quite an experience I would say. I never knew it was so happening and teeming with people of all races at such unearthly hours.

Advertising for OSIM massage chairs for free [massage, of course].

Crawled back to bed at like 5+am. How to go tuition the next morning? How to play the whole day after that?


3rd December 2006, Sunday
Mama Mia! It’s time for the beach!!!

Wooh Hoo! The outing I looked forward to after setting the date two weeks before. For two weeks, I just kept wishing and hoping and praying that it would not rain. It had been pouring every single day without fail, especially in the late afternoons. That was the only Sunday which did not rain. With fluffy white clouds veiling the scorching sun, the weather was indeed imperfect for suntanning but perfect for healthy fun! No uneven tan lines! Thank you God for answering my prayers!

I really missed cyn and my cutie godson. For the longest time, we kept mentioning that we had to meet up and finally my off day on a Sunday materialised and so did this outing! And thanx cyn for all the photos! You know I can’t wait!

The look-alike family.

I sure hope I fitted in.

Char’s smile was super adorable here!!! Too bad we were too far out.

The close-up didn’t have her smiling

Step by step, left right left, on the sand

That was the first time she felt sand and it must have felt very strange to her feet. Her little hand was clutching mine so tightly, so afraid to let go.

Soon, the feisty little girl was ready to walk stably on the soft sand all on her own.

Aunty all smiles, Jase trying to smile.

Taking a bite of Baby Bites

The adults were trying to build a sandcastle while the kids enjoyed destroying them.

Check out what Jase was doing. He simply enjoyed filling our watering can with sand! The outcome looked something like the canned Nescafe I drink for perk-me-ups.

Jase doing his Chandler smile

Jase has a Chandler-smile. You know Chandler-Matthew Perry from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Chandler is unable to smile properly at the camera. When conscious of any camera shooting him, his charming smile would automatically switch to a very ugly Chandler smile where both upper and lower teeth can be seen. It’s the same for Jase. He was always smiling and laughing so happily and when conscious of any camera, he’ll do his Chandler-smile.

Char was patting the sand but her pose here looks quite cool.

Cyn, when she started building her fort.

The kid’s ‘aunty’ dug a tunnel.

“Jase! Look at the tunnel!”

“Can go in? Can go in?”

“Jase, do you like the tunnel?”

“Can go in? Can go in?”

Rosy cheeks Jase

The 2 mummys

Chandler smile again and look at what he did to the watering can for the umpteenth time!

I had to wash that container at the sea so many times. One of the times, as I was washing, I vaguely heard someone shouting from a distance but thought nothing of it. The person shouted louder and I heard a trill of “Godma!!!!! Where are you going???” A shout. A soft, muffled, faraway shout. A very heart-warming shout.

He really loved playing with sand very much.

When he was using a spade to dig the sand, I asked, “Jase, what are you doing?”
He answered, “I play sand. I play sand.”

When he was using the rake to scrape the sand… … “I play sand. I play sand.”

When he was patting the sand into the pail… … “I play sand. I play sand.”

When he was picking something out from the sand… … “I play sand. I play sand.”

When he was pouring sand into the watering can… … “I play sand. I play sand.”

Every answer would be “I play sand. I play sand.”

You mei you geng xin xian de?

“I’m Jase, the great architect.”

“I am building a tunnel.”

“Phew! This is hard work!”

“Godma, help me dig.”

Ya that great pretender! After the tunnel was dug, he merely pretended to help.

He kept wanting to smash the cyn’s “sandcastle” and so I could not help cyn in the building but to lure him away. He was so happy that somebody was willing to play with him.

He tried so hard to be a good and helpful boy. I was trying to write our names on the sand when he said, “Godma, I help you.” He stood beside me and dug some sand into his pail. Only that those ‘some sand’ was taken from where the words were.

“JASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You destroy my work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed and hopped around madly.

He thought that was very funny and up til now still thinks he is being helpful.

After some screaming and laughing, I ‘erased’ the half written names on the sand and proceeded to find another spot. Each time I switched position because he was near me, he would follow closely and plonk himself at most 1 metre away from me and started pretending to mind his own business. I had to move so many times, and he, plonk so many times nearby that I just told him to keep far away from me.

Second one was almost done when he once again said, “Godma, I help you.” Next moment, he whipped out his rake and started raking my writing.

Cyn suggested I drew something else for him to destroy. I drew a crab. That should distract him for quite some time.

“See Jase, what is this?”


Ok fine… He could only see the eyes and not the full crab.

“Yes, these eyes belong to a crab. Can you see the pincers… The legs…” I said as I traced the drawing. Before I could finish, he excitedly let out a “Xie xie godma.” and started raking the crab.

The crab wasn’t enough. He soon got tired of it and ran after me again. Cyn said that he wanted to be close to me. Haha… That cute boy.

This “Godma, I help you.” thingy went on two more times. At the fourth writing, the end result was this…

Such a coincidence that there are 2 Cs and 2 Js in our names.
I was so proud of my work and warned Jase not to touch it. He listened.

I tried to help cyn with her by-now-no-longer-called-sandcastle fort. She regretted starting so far away from the tunnel. I chipped in by building a longer mountain range so she had lesser border to build. Haha…

Our fort was completed at 7pm

Check out the sand on my thigh.

Notti JaseJase kept putting sand onto my thigh while ‘aunty’ was trying to get a decent shot of us seeking shelter in our fort. After the whole thing, he sat on that same thigh and went rubbing his butt to and fro and giving me an exfoliating thigh scrub. My thigh hurt, I wondered about his butt.

CJ fort

Corny name but we couldn’t think of anything else.

JaseJase eating ice-cream

Dirty dirty mouth

Char eating ice-cream

Even dirtier mouth

At the Turkish café, everyone kept looking at us. I think the 2 kids in tow were really making such a din.

A video of the 2 little cuties

Some cute Jase photos from cyn

Jase is sooooooooo cute!!! After half a year, I really really miss him. Being able to talk more added on to his cuteness. And I was really glad that we built a closer bond that day.

When I arrived at cyn’s place, Jase was crying very loudly and looking outside the window for mummy. He was crying so badly that no amount of consolation could soothe him. Then all of a sudden, he turned to me and let out a little “godma” before reverting back to bawling loudly. I was shocked, more of pleasantly surprised and just could not believed what I heard. It was so soft and only for that fleeting moment. “Jase, were you calling godma? Did you just call godma?” But all I got was more uncontrollable crying.

That was the first time he called me “Godma” and after that, I heard that term of endearment the whole day. Maybe to him, “godma” simply means “aunty”. However, to me, it means everything.

It was a very happy day for all of us. It was a happy day for me, in a very different way. I just can’t find any word to describe that kind of simple little happiness.


4th December 2006, Monday
Muscle Ache Day

Building sandcastles proved to be such a great full body workout. I’ve never ached everywhere for any sport before.


5th December 2006, Tuesday
Attended a "POWER" course

I attended a full day 8.30am - 10+pm "Power" course as a facilitator for the kids. This course was organised by my company and I really learned a lot from there that I hope to write about it in another entry when I’ve the time. Is there a possibility?


6th December 2006, Wednesday
Sucky Mambo Night

The same people from Saturday wanted to go mambo. Despite feeling that my energy level wasn’t as high as usual, I still went to look for them after my 2 tuition sessions and movies with kh.

I don’t know if it was a bad choice or whether I had regretted or not. It was the first time I had to f***king queue at Zouk on a mambo night…. FOR 1.5 F***KING HOURS SOME MORE!!!!! And after 1.5 f***king hours, it was full house and nobody was allowed to go in. WTF?! I bet all the underage people are inside wasting space. It didn’t help that my friends were inside merry-making and not bothering about me. This is what I call zhu1 peng2 gou3 you3.

Luckily I made a new friend while in the queue and we hopped off to squeeze our way to the front through lying and sweet-talking. While at the front of Velvet’s queue, we made another friend. I think the whole queuing incident was quite comical. Luckily got some entertainment manz, if not I’ll just storm off lor.

The door bitch specifically stated that we were NOT ALLOWED to go into Zouk through that Velvet queue but I don’t know how we managed to squirm our way towards Zouk entrance. Fortunately for us, we were quite near the entrance. The rest of the people behind were forbidden to go in. Whoa! Machiam some forbidden place eh.

My new friend at zouk

Her bunch of friends was quite friendly too.

I didn’t particularly enjoy myself that night. However, if I had not gone, I would not have made new friends. There is always give and take in every decision.


10th December 2006, Sunday
Precious Moments

Sooooooooooooo BUSY!!!! But no matter how busy, must always make time for all the good ol’ friends.

Met up with evan to update our lives

Last time, everyday, every hour, every minute also update because we see each other almost everyday. Same course, same modules, same timetable. Now, finding a time to meet is so difficult!

There was a Precious Moments performance at J8. And golly! Those people have names!!! Debbie and Mikey.

Presenting MIKEY!

who reminds me of Jase. Or rather, Jase reminds me of him.

Both of them dancing

Very cute!

I think all their actions are so cute. I wonder if the people inside are guys or girls.

Those who spent $50 and above on Precious Moments products were entitled to take photo with them on stage.

We spent $0 so how?

So like that lor.


I'm feeling really very lethargic. But, I still can’t sleep early! I hate the feeling of not being able to fall asleep when I’m supposed to. I hate the feeling of feeling soooo weary when I wake up in the morning, like I’ve not enough sleep. Where will all these lead to? Where do I get my energy from? How come I have yet to collapse till now? This is not right. Something will happen soon. No amount of powerful positive thinking will help.

Dear Santa,
Besides filling my stocking with TIME, can you also fill my stocking with deprived sleep?

The 99.99% good on your list,


  1. the C and J names on the sand is a great creation!!

    like the precious moments pics!

  2. Your god children are so cute. I enjoyed the clip. Charmaine looks like Jase. In May's photos, she still looks like a baby. How fast she has grown! Your writing on the sand looks very nice. Does your handwriting look like this on paper?

  3. It's disgusting to have cockroach in the food! The cockroach toy is one of a kind but why would any factory manufacture such toy?

    You are 24 right? Is your friend Cynthia the same age as you? Jase sounds really cute from the way you describe him. Like a very active and mischievious boy. He is not as photogenic but very telegenic. The youtube video makes me smile when I see them laughing ;)

  4. thank you Jo, reading your blog makes my eyes tear... am really touched by your love for my little ones... and am very happy that they have gotten themselves such a wonderful godma... i really couldnt ask for more... a million thanks!!! Really look forward to growing up with them along with your blog... the blogs will definitely be a very precious piece of their childhood memory... when they grow up and when i grow forgetful, i will always have your blogs to remind me of those wonderful days that are priceless... (already sobbing)
    for those interested, i am not Jo's age but still very young at 26!!! :)

  5. Sorry for the late replies!!!

    Hehe. Thanx! I also think it's a great creation too! Wahaha BHB. You should see the Precious Moments characters real life. Damn cute!

    Thanx a lot for your compliments on the kids. They are cute indeed. I agree with you that Charmaine has really grown since the last time I saw her. She is beginning to look more like her brother! And my handwriting looks slightly different on paper. It was quite difficult to write on the sand so have to take extra care in being neat. =)

    Thanx becky for all your comments. I also wonder about the cockroach toy too. Why would anyone produce such toys. Haha. Oh ans cyn has already replied you regarding her age. =)

    cyn mommie,
    You have no idea how I feel too when I read your comments. *BiG HuGZ to you* Don't tear liao ok? We'll go out more often!


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